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Dolphins get day at the movies -- UPDATED

Tony Sparano has a big heart. No, really.

Rather than put his team through another day of practice today, the Dolphins coach took his players to the movies. They went to see GI Joe.

"A lot of popcorn, big smiles and rested bodies," Sparano said. "The reason I do that is first of all, so the guys get to know I have a heart. But second of all is you appreciate what those guys have done right now. Yesterday was a very hard practice, a good practice, a lot of energy. So it's a way for me to say thank you and give those guys a chance to bond a little bit.

Last year Sparano took his player to see Express, which was about football.

GI Joe, as you can see in the clip, is mostly about, well, explosions and wars and rumors of wars and a babe or two -- Academy Award material for sure. At least one player wasn't thrilled with the choice of the move.

"Just saw GI Joe," cornerback Sean Smith said on his twitter account. "Top 5 worst movies ever! It's so predictable, and [just] horrible. Glad I didn't pay for it."

The Dolphins did conduct a walkthru practice, but otherwise it was a slow day out at camp.

On the New Orleans front, coach Sean Payton said today that Reggie Bush is expected to play against Miami, at least for a couple of series. 


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Man I hope this movie gets them where they need to be. Come on Phins.

I hope they left the media behind.

Sparano should have taken Matt Roth to see Halloween II.

"You see that guy Roth! You see that Michael Myers! He plays through pain! Why can't you!"

Even this movie is hijacked by the left wing looney hollywood. Notice ,to be politically correct , g.i. joe isn't a american/us hero soldier like the way he used to be , for everybody growing up. He's a international/U.N soldier .

Wait a minute. Inglorious Bastards is in the theatres and he took them to see the biggest piece of crap movie made this year, possibly this decade? Did we trade all of our players for a bunch of 13 year old boys?

I would take them to watch Chainsaw Massacre! LOL

that movie was horrible! should have went to see inglorous bastards

Boy am I glad I won't be seeing that movie.

Nice now we are copying the Bucs who did the same thing weeks ago.

NJ wishes they had viewed a screening of Leni Riefenstahl's 'Triumph of the Will.'

You can tell Nj Phin extreme right wings fundamentalist who support torture, invasion of privacy, and lies. He only like mandos fear tactic report articles.


You want too see some consistency out of Henne? I don't think you're exactly alone on that one. Pre-season games are anything but consistent. 1st team o-line 3rd team o-line, this reciever that reciever. What are you saying, you want to see him start?
To all the Henne haters. Listen up, he's had 2, let me spell it out for the retards T-W-O camps. T-W-O pre-seasons. You got it?
Ryan Leaf had more shots before they called him a bust. Let's not afford HENNE THAT MUCH. Let's get rid of him now. Sorta like Atlanta did with Brett Farve. Yeah you guys are geniuses, I can tell.

PS: In the regular season I would take the win against Tampa and praise the defense.

What Carlito Said!!

LMAO ! at all you guys . Inglorious basterds was real good. Go check it out. By the way , what i said is true.

no more politics douche . I MIGHT ! take your advice if you had the balls to post under your real screenname. Maybe by your accounts they should've been brought to see fahrenheit 9/11 or sicko Right ? .

"You can tell Nj Phin extreme right wings fundamentalist who support torture, invasion of privacy, and lies. He only like mandos fear tactic report articles."

Ummmm...what? "extreme right wings" Dude, he said nothing extreme...but that Gi Joe is misrepresented in that movie...if you hate America so much...you should simply leave. Good god man, you speak of invasion of privacy, but no mention of the current invasion of your freedom taking place right beneath your ignorant nose! Just go away!

I never say I hate america, why all extreme right wings fundamentalists think if you not with them you hates america. I love america country and people and I love the president. This more than you can say, you are what they call arrogant and also ignorant.


NJ Phin Fan is very passionate about the fins as well as with politics and freedoms ofthe US. It may come across as harsh to some. He is just passionate about these things. I too am passionate about the fins and other ideals as well. Torture has its place. I wish I could torture some of you here.

Carlito I believe everybody loves this country in different ways. Some good and some not so good. Look at the politicians. Need I say more. NJ is proud, just like we are all proud to be Dolphin fans.

The players were treated to a crappy movie to say thank you? One would think the salary these guys earn would say thank you...

I wish carlito could speak coherently , Amen to that . May god bless you , god bless america keep up the good fight for our freedom. By the way don't pat attention to carlito , he's just the cuban menace being his idiotic self.

The Cuban Assassin. Thanks ! Well said. You're the man !

NJ, I'm not Cuban Menace. Most Floridian know that most cubans republican. Nice to see you being you normal stupid self, acuseing me of be cuban menace.

Anyone know a link to watch the Dolphins vs. Saints game on Thursday? I can't find one anywhere.

Carlito where in Florida do you live? Just curious

Funny, I thought Ross would want them to see Yentl. lol.... Everytime they lose a game they should have to watch J'Lo's Jersey Girl. ugh !

alot of movie critics on here today.

Coconut Grove

If they are watching that drek, either sparano is gay, or he is sending a message to the girls......He must be doing the latter based on the Tampa game.



cuban & nj, i love u guys !!!

fins win....3 & oh baby

A bunch of guys in a dark theater bonding?
Say it aint so Bill, WTF.

I don;t even want to think about it, double WTF.


I think were already 3 & oh baby.....

Shaggy went to see it 5 times and contributed to the $100m opening weekend it had.


ya think? i am not reading the future....its here and now 4 me

I always watch J-Lo movies.

However, her acting abilities are not the ASSets I keep my eyes on!


and its we are not 'were"

just saying

at least we agree on J -Lo


Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were giving us a late news flash.


Thanks for the english lesson. Seriously.

English was always my worst subject. School for me was more about making money and playing the honeys

Oops I did it again.

I meant to say english is always my most baddest subject!


u r a funny guy, but i can work with ya as long as u love the fins like i do. might even buy ya a beer ot 2.

school for me was learning how to make money..... not selling something to school kids.

i have my honey.....so don't need schooling on that

They should of watched Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon.

Sho Nuff!


I became a Dolphin fan when they hired Shula.

The first jersy I had was No. 22 Dolphin jersey.

For me the Dolphins aren't just a football team, their the ONLY football team.


I wish I could have been more like you. But I was a po keed. I had ta fend fo myself since I'as 13.
Making money came naturally. I paids fo my grades!!!!


How are ya? How did you do at the casinos?


I didn't do as well as I would've liked.
I won enough to pay for my trip, and all "exspences".
Long story short, I got a free vacation, and chased some hotties around.
All in all, I'd say it was a sucess.

the mighty pats lost what 7-6 or some crap, so ill take an ugly 10-6 win. not happy, but then 3-0 looks good to me. even though i have a concern with henne's ground balls.


Are we talking baseball "ground balls"?


Doing alot of chasing. Did you get any?

Odinseye, I just cant wait for the real games to start. I am real tired of the we should have or he should have.

ace, so you didnt see any hit the turf? i wasent that buzzed, lol. maybe rain, ill buy that for now, but it rains alot in fla, sooooo.


I would like too tell you a great big lie, but, as a Viking Warrior I have to tell the truth.
The only getting I got was trashed:(

odinseye answer ACE with a yes. even if you pay for it it still counts. what's going on guys? gritty wins like in tampa build character and confidence that they can pull out those tough games.

Jaksin, just pulling your chain. Rain is always a tough thing.

Hey sammo how are ya? From what Odinseye talks about himself. I doubt he has to pay for it. LOL

ace, listen i still carry complete faith in the henne pick, just wish we could see alot more of him. want to know we got our guy is all.


My entire life I've always been at my best when my back was against the wall.
Henne has looked good and he's looked bad.....in pre-season. I want to see the guy play when it's SHOWTIME.

i'm good my friend. just sitting around catching up on the blog. finally got madden 10 in the mail from sports illustrated. it's the wii version but the wildcat is pretty fun. odinseye knows i'm clowning around.

Jaksin I too would like to see more of Henne when the time is right


Amen. If Henne's the future, the future's now.
He's had two camps, two pre-season's put the guy in already. If it's truly a 3 or 4 year plan, it's time to find out what we got. We might as well find out now if the guy sinks or swims.
Keep him on a short leash, if he falters, put in our saint and savior Chad Penny!

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