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Dolphins get day at the movies -- UPDATED

Tony Sparano has a big heart. No, really.

Rather than put his team through another day of practice today, the Dolphins coach took his players to the movies. They went to see GI Joe.

"A lot of popcorn, big smiles and rested bodies," Sparano said. "The reason I do that is first of all, so the guys get to know I have a heart. But second of all is you appreciate what those guys have done right now. Yesterday was a very hard practice, a good practice, a lot of energy. So it's a way for me to say thank you and give those guys a chance to bond a little bit.

Last year Sparano took his player to see Express, which was about football.

GI Joe, as you can see in the clip, is mostly about, well, explosions and wars and rumors of wars and a babe or two -- Academy Award material for sure. At least one player wasn't thrilled with the choice of the move.

"Just saw GI Joe," cornerback Sean Smith said on his twitter account. "Top 5 worst movies ever! It's so predictable, and [just] horrible. Glad I didn't pay for it."

The Dolphins did conduct a walkthru practice, but otherwise it was a slow day out at camp.

On the New Orleans front, coach Sean Payton said today that Reggie Bush is expected to play against Miami, at least for a couple of series. 


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odin, i hear ya, and u have a point. just looking for that piece of mind knowing we have future with him. i cant take much more with qb swaps the fins have gone through. any way hows life my fellow fin fan?

to all the henne hater's you gotta remember sparano is making him throw to certain receivers and such no matter who is open. they want to see how he reacts to certain game situations.

ace, right!

OK, I cannot help but lawl when I read NJ's posts...He legitimately called out the poster critiquing his conspiricy-fueled Hollywood beliefs as the "Cuban menace" then in a comment right after, graciously thanked the "Cuban Assassin." Maybe this isn't ironic if The Cuban Assassin actually assassinates Cubans, but still, priceless. Thanks for making my day with your comments, NJ, I'll be sure to buy your next batch of Freedom Fries. Jeez.


conspiricy-fueled Hollywood beliefs

Are you implying that the American Government uses.......gasp......Propaganda to "sway" public opinion?

C-bus , in all due respect. what the " f ' are you talking about ? i'm just talking to 2 different guys , it has nothing to do with nationality or race. One guy is a idiot , who blogs on here under different names and starts with everybody . The other is a nice respectful poster. THAT" S all . get a clue . jeez!

C-bus. One more thing. Lay off the oliver stone movies. LOL!

No,that's not what you're doing. What you're doing is trying to hijack a Dolphins blog and turn it into the Glenn Beck show with your radical right wing politics. There are plenty of forums for your politics. There are lots of sites where your belief that GI Joe is part of the vast left wing conspiracy would provoke much interesting discussion. Vent them there, and let's keep this to the Fins. Just asking that we discuss the Fins here, not your political views.

Glen beck ? Left wing conspiracy ? My radical right wing politics. ? Are you f'n kidding me. I said the left wing hollywood. which is true. I'm a registered independent, and because i see the country hijaked by the left/socialists , who basically are Trying to take OUR freedom away ( and if you can't see that , then you need some help my friend ) i'm a right ing extremist ? LMFAO ! The rest of the country sees and so do i. so give me a f'n break if i still want life , liberty and the pursuit of happyness. That's NOT right wing extremist( who i don't agree with either ), that's america . by the way why don't have the balls to post under your real screenname ? Embarressed ? Now we can talk fins.

I am Captain America!


The Cuban Assassin is a Cuban who is also an assassin. Not like you said a guy that kills Cubans. Pretty simple. NJ is correct about two different people the Menace and I.

How can a person start of by saying wiht all due respect, followed by what the " f ' are you talking about?

This country is about to undergo a great shift back to normalcy of conservative politics. Harry Reid is on his way out. Chris Dodd is on his way out. Kennedy is dead and rotting in hell.

Yup, things will be just fine.

You dont like Kennedy?

Bush should rot in hell too becuase of Katrina.


I too was contemplating making an Oliver Stone reference in my reply to C-bus, but thought better of it. LMFAO!!!!

I too am truly an Independent, how nice. There have been republicans as well as Democrats that I've respected. Unfortunately, polotics here in America have been reduced to extreme bipartisans.

nj indep lean far right
ody indep lean to the left
Only in America

How did I know when I saw the headline, "Miami Dolphins should go after Brandon Marshall, baggage and all", that this article was written by Greg Cote?

Well, there are 2 reasons:

1. When any player becomes even rumored to be available, Cote writes and article claiming that the Dolphins season is over if they don't get him now.

2. Cote is an idiot

Don King

Independent left.

Independent right.

All you need to worry bout
is the independent lean of yo afro-sheen!!!!

katrina , is a perfect example for saying NO ! to obama care / government healh care. fema is government run and you want the government to run your health care ? LMFAO !


You could have covered it with your second point alone:

2 Cote is an idiot!

Amen brother

Ha, alright, I'll take the same guy with different screennames and I assumed The Cuban Assassin did not mean guy who kills Cubans. Obviously, I misinterpreted "cuban menace" into a racial slur, which I'll gladly retract. Still, your rant on the concept of GI Joe being international fighters does not hold much weight: Who cares where they're from? They're fighting for freedom, aren't they? Isn't that what you value? And if Channing Tatum is not American, I don't know who is (just kidding.) And good lord, the left is not trying to take away your freedoms in their platforms. Sure, the left has self-concerned idiots in office just like the Republicans. They are lazy and individually-oriented like all other American politicians. My beliefs still fall more toward the left simply because this whole patriotic "kill arab terrorists in Iraq" mentality is just macho crap: the well-being of the American people is being destroyed by hardships at home and that needs to be the focus. Armed forces service is essential, but pray for all the troops: not just the American ones.

Greg cote is a buffon and a hack. B. Marshall is the swine flu virus. he'll infect the whole locker room.

Hey odinseye, you are going to get justin in uproar with your afro sheen comment

I think our ball boys would kick Brandon Marshall's ass if he did what he did in Miami... if they didn't Sparano would for sure

Soul Glow is better

"...let your so-ul come shining through..."

By the way, back in 'Phins land, what in God's name is Greg Cote talking about? Can we please end the absurd abstract information and find something I'm legitimately interested in? What's going on with Roth? Which Dolphins are on the cutting board? Are the Dolphins actually monitoring trades for other players? And, Armando, on the subject of playmakers, I've seen Greg Camarillo to be a playmaker everytime he steps on the field. Hartline is also showing the intuition to be the real deal. I say that giving up on the season right now is crazy: ESPN and others have already done it. Remember 1-15? 0-16 happened because previously unknown Greg Camarillo found a seam in the middle and saved the season from the clutches of the evil Cam Cameron. To me, the consistency on offense is what's needed. There is simply little need for a Percy Harvin-type playmaker when you find ways to win like the modern Dolphins: they are willing to adapt to make it happen. The question lies with Chad. Can he pull these pieces that are good enough together to win in the playoffs? If he does, it will be a crime not to resign him and place the team in the hands of the unproven Henne

C-bus. G.I Joe wasn't just made up today for this movie , if it was i wouldn't have a problem with it . G.I joe was an AMERICAN INSTITUTION ! . All kids were brought up with this AMERICAN SOLDIER ! . Ask yourself Why was it changed for this movie and for this period in time. Answer : To be politically correct and to make money overseas. If he as an american soldier people in other countries wouldn't go see it just to spite america . You know it .


Do yourself a favor and disregard anything Greg Cote has written (see my post at 10:36)

If you can learn not to read his articles, it is proven you will add 2 years to your life.

Then that is not left wing, that's business savvy. Hollywood is certainly a bunch of sellouts desperate for a buck, that's nothing new. In America, selling out is certainly not unpatriotic considering its prominence. And the destruction of pop culture icons is nothing new either. For reference, see Batman and Robin with George Clooney. As for politically correct, I just do not see it. U.N. and U.S. has very little difference.

Haha! Yeah, Cote just loves his "What if" questions.

c-bus. we finally agree and it had to do with the dolphins and cote . C-bus has to be either dolphins4life or somebody we know well on this blog. give yourself up buddy !

Wow Nj, you are how you say, paranoid.

People in other country will no boycott movies only because it have America or American Solider in it. The movie is made in America, if they hate America so much to not see movie with American Solider, they wouldn't see any movie made in America.

My point is, all people from other country do not have hidden agenda against U.S.A. or hate America. Most like America and wish to live here.


If Justin has a problem with Afro-Sheen, he should take it up with Don King.

C-bus. C' mon ! hollywood is definitly a bunch of far left wing liberal kooks and you know it.

souljahbeats you are right, that is why I do not read anything Cote writes. Cote is doing what a fool does and I won't waste my time with him.

Ha no, just a guy from the midwest. Columbus, Ohio to be specific, hence the screenname. I've posted just twice before and I figured your comment was just enough to put me back in the blogosphere. I'm a left wing type guy and you won't hear me say that I don't want to live here. I absolutely love this country and the freedom for me to type to kooky guys on the internet is unmatched. Left or right, who cares? We're all blessed with opportunity (speaking of the non-oppressed, of course.)

U.N and U.S has very little difference ? Oh My God ! WOW ! are you kidding me. ?

Come on, NJ, you used kook right before I did? I thought I was creative. I think they're more interested in lining their fat pockets than any sort of real message. It isn't art or protest what they do. They feed a vast mainstream society crap.

did i stutter?

Obviously, the institution of the U.N. and U.S. government have a vast difference, I mean from the scope of the movie. To make the soldiers international or U.S. in a movie such as this is virtually the same: The U.S. soldiers are international people after all.

nj eat liberal and left wings for breakfast

what? how about working on the wild pat package? or putting in more plays for cecil "diesel" collins! enough with this movies BS...

The far left wing types like yourself make up about 5 % of this country. So it seems like you're the kooky one. LOL! Ok . that was fun lets talk about something we agree on . DOLPHINS !

mando do me a favor and smack that fat idiot greg cottex for sugesting we trade for Brandon "Crybaby Wanna Be Gansta" Marshal.

mmmmmm wings

if only 5% how did Obama win smart guy?

Sparano is a communist tool for subjecting the team to a movie that portrays the U.N. as a force for good, and not a part of the Axis of Evil. Next trip, will Sparano take the team to FEMA Death Camps for left wing reeducation? Or maybe Harvey Greene & Stephen Ross were behind the treasonous so-called day at the movies. "Ross," "Greene," you know what I mean? And is the water at the Dolphins hotel fluoridated? Commie plot. No more left wing movies for this team, please. Stop taking our America away!!


Hollywood is a sellout. They sellout to the ruling party. The ruling party governs the media/propaganda/ADVERTISING.
If the denizens of Hollywood do not bow, they are BLACKBALLED!!!!

5%?? Don't make me go find real statistics. I'm just ready for this season to be underway, who cares about this Saints game? It's time for the Falcons!! Two weeks, baby!!

Ody other factions sell out to thier perspective parties.

Exactly my point, odinseye. But more importantly, they sell out to what the public wants to see. Feeling conservative? Let's kill some terrorists!! Feeling liberal? Let's all go vegan! It's all for the money

Horst wessell. Right on ! you're the man. Remember the U.N and food for oil ?

NJ, I don't want to speak for Horst, but I get this vague feeling of sarcasm

here is an example of same person talking to themselves

If not, he may edge you in the political craziness

C-bus and odinseye. Exactly ! To a point. Here's a perfect example. nbc / msnbc were in the tank for obama to win. Who owns nbc/msnbc ? that's right GE. who stands to make billions if obama , a left wing liberal who's all about energy/global warming win, that's right GE.

Oil for Bush,
Remember Halliburton

And that is why you never, ever watch pundits. Fox News and MSNBC be damned, neither have any merit. They just look to fill up 24 hours with useless banter.

one sided politics with NJ is better than Fox and MSNBC combined

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