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Dolphins get day at the movies -- UPDATED

Tony Sparano has a big heart. No, really.

Rather than put his team through another day of practice today, the Dolphins coach took his players to the movies. They went to see GI Joe.

"A lot of popcorn, big smiles and rested bodies," Sparano said. "The reason I do that is first of all, so the guys get to know I have a heart. But second of all is you appreciate what those guys have done right now. Yesterday was a very hard practice, a good practice, a lot of energy. So it's a way for me to say thank you and give those guys a chance to bond a little bit.

Last year Sparano took his player to see Express, which was about football.

GI Joe, as you can see in the clip, is mostly about, well, explosions and wars and rumors of wars and a babe or two -- Academy Award material for sure. At least one player wasn't thrilled with the choice of the move.

"Just saw GI Joe," cornerback Sean Smith said on his twitter account. "Top 5 worst movies ever! It's so predictable, and [just] horrible. Glad I didn't pay for it."

The Dolphins did conduct a walkthru practice, but otherwise it was a slow day out at camp.

On the New Orleans front, coach Sean Payton said today that Reggie Bush is expected to play against Miami, at least for a couple of series. 


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I don't know about the rest of you, but even though I like Henne, I am pumped to see Chad Pennington come out and put the haters to rest!

I think he is primed for a big season... not only is he healthy, he is stronger and in better shape than ever, not to mention the chip on his shoulder from hearing everybody say how he can't have back to back good seasons...

I jumped up and almost spilled my beer everywhere when he chucked that 55 yarder to Hartline... never seen the ole' boy heave one like that...

Truth hurts.

NJ should run for Congress as an indep in sheeps clothing

souljabeats . you' re lmao to the idiot cuban menace ? i thought you ere better than that.


I agree, exactly, thats one side of the coin.

There is another.

I will LMAO whenever the mood strikes... I thought you were all about the freedom, there is no turning this blog into a dictatorship...

You guys talking about politics and GI Joe movies is hurting my head. I will need a drink in a minute if this keeps up, right Odinseye.

... unless armando decides to ban us all (sprovo) or delete all comments that do not agree

You know who is missing in all this?
My dear friend Gopats/aloco/whatever. Wonder where he has been?


I like to think I'm picky about who I would go to war with.
Chad Pennington seems to be the type of guy I would trust in the trenches anytime!


I'm a seasoned veteran.

I had a drink before I got on! LMAO!

Let me guess Dark Bacardi.


At the risk of sounding like a rightwing paranoid extremist. I think Aloco/Gopats is just another facet of "team schizophrenia".

Dark Barcardi?


Odinseye, (About gopats)You and i know who this is and he knows we know who he is. You ever wonder why he continues to use this alias?

Soulja , what the hell are talking about ? Freedom to talk to whoever you want ? What ? this is guy who rips you you every chance he gets in many different names.

PARANOIA personified

odinseye . you alcholic you ! you crack me up. LOL ! you sound like a cool guy to hang out with. I owe you some drinks for making me laugh.

Political "views" aside, all true DolFans are alright by me.
In the old days(yikes)I went down to the bookstore on Mondays to buy a Sunday edition of the Herald. That's the only way I could get news and notes.
Then came the Dolphin Digest. I had to pay first class postage so I could get it before the game.
Today we are truly blessed. I don't care if Saddam Hussien ran this blog. As long as he was a TRUE DolFan!!!!

its just a football blog... you can't take it too seriously...

I don't think its all one person either, yes one person is responsible for most of the nonsense, but it is quite possible there are 2 or 3 many me's that feed off each other's shannanigans...

ace , he uses aliases so he can have a conversation with himself , because he has no one else to talk to. LOL !


It is common knowledge that Saddam was a Jets fan. Why do you think he was hiding in that hole? He was waiting for them to:


Souljabeats, you're naive my fine friend . There's only one sad man doing this. when there's nobody here , he drifts over to the SS to do the samething.

LOL@Soulja. Good one !

Odinseye , EAAAAAASY ! with the i don't care if saddam was a dolphin fan stuff. I think the bacardi is hitting you hard.

Kim Jung iL's is a raider fan, he tries to model his country after the raiders franchise...

NJ, aliases? What gives?

Nj has used aliases before, even though I'm sure it was either to be funny or to try to annoy many me (this doesn't work, I've tried it myself, it gets him excited I think)...

Ace What do you mean ?




Free Drinks? I'll make you laugh all day!


I've been blessed enough recently to actually help a shut in. She's a/WAS a strong willed independent old lady. She's to proud to ask for anything, and she needs help with everything. It's not a pretty sight.
I've thought about the imposter here many times. I can only imagine that they're suffering similar circumstances. This is why I often choose to just humor him/her.
Sorry if this is a downer, but it's all I can figure????

Hey its officially september!!!!! Time for some real football!!!!


I threw in the Saddam reference just for you(lol).

Damn you guys are all weird tonight. I have not been drinking, but feel like it. F'n weird

Odinseye , gee thanks. NEW BLOG UP !

Ace, I would like to think I'm weird every night. Much like Tony Sparano, I value consistency....

the reason for the movie was a double meaning. The movie had a great deal of hype before it came but then it turned to a dudd. Thats what Sparano does not want from the team. The team has a great deal of hype due to last seasons record....

WHO CARES?!?!?!?

This should be a twitter tweet, not an article in the freaking Newspaper?

Maybe they're gonna practice the moves from the movie to get them to the superbowl.

I like this Sean Smith kid a lot. First, he can play some football. (Better than Vontae Davis) And second, he knows a horrible movie when he sees it.

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