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Dolphins need to get a scent for nose tackles

While the most obvious conclusion to draw from today's four roster moves -- the waiving of K Connor Barth, WR Anthony Armstrong, NT Louis Ellis, and the waiving injured of FB Joe Kowalewski -- is to understand that Dan Carpenter has won the kicking competition, I'm thinking slightly different thoughts.

I'm thinking the Dolphins are now officially thin at NT.

Yes, Carpenter is the kicker, having fought off Barth's two-week challenge.

But with Ellis gone, the Dolphins have only two nose tackles on the roster -- starter Jason Ferguson, who is 34 years old, and reserve Paul Soliai.

And unlike last year when reserve end Randy Starks could be called up to play nose tackle in a pinch as he was against Baltimore in the regular season, this year Starks is a starter at right end. So if you need him to move over, you're now playing with a backup at two positions, not just one.

It must be said that Soliai has had an excellent camp. He has also played well in the preseason. So from that perspective the position has been strengthened, assuming Soliai doesn't have a brain lock as he's been previously been known to do. Remember he was suspended for a game last year for being late to a team event.

But having only two NTs on the roster tells me the Dolphins will be looking in the coming days for a player to plug in for the practice squad at minimum. Keep in mind Ellis might be brought back for practice squad purposes. Also, Anthony Toribio, who was in camp last year, might be such a candidate if he's cut by Green Bay.

[BLOG NOTE: Tony Sparano will talk to the media soon so check back for the update.]


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No She-it Sherlock.

Of course we'll never know, but as I watched the 2009 draft unfold, I could not help but wonder by Miami reached for two players at least somewhat ahead of their projected draft slots.

The first was Pat White at round 2/12. In order to put this into context though, it is important to consider that at 2/8-9, the Patriots selected first Ron Brace, then Darius Butler. I've often wondered who Miami might have taken had either or both fallen to them at 2/12.

I would say they had a "nose" for a NT, yet in a draft exceedingly weak at the position (as most seem to be), the most viable candidate eluded them by 4 picks.

Yeah, I'm thinking Louis Ellis should be called for the practice squad. I remember him saying that he had several teams interested on him, but he chose the Dolphins because they would give him an opportunity. What he failed to say was an "opportunity to compete". And he didn't compete with the likes of Ferguson and a much improved Soliai.

Louis ellis will be signed to the practice squad and tony mcdaniel can play NT in a pinch along with starks. no worries here.

Watson, get your nose out of my butt.

If ellis was in our plans to put on the practice squad he wouldn't be on the road today.I agree we will add a dt to the practice squad.Nothing of a surprise about the news so far on these cuts.Guys that should be seeing the axe?charlie anderson,jason allen makes team but not for long.courney bryant,rex hillard.brandon london,jay thomas,billinsgley,nate gardner,ryan baker,mark lewis,joey hanos,j.d. folsom.sign practice squad.I also think we cut andrew gardner to pick up better depth but sign him to practice squad.

Our defensive line needs to get younger.... No more old vets strictly young studs....

Lionel Dotson I beleive was a DT in college as well and could possibly play NT. After this year, Will Wilfork is a FA - that's why Pats drafted Brace - so Wilford can walk - they have his replacement with a little experience and then the Pats will also get a 3rd round compensatory pick because Wilford was a 1st round pick - that's the way the Pats do it - that's why they are so good - always retooling.

Soliai has looked very good this preseason, he was one of the bright spots in that horrible game on thursday, coming up with a monster sack

starting a fantasy football mock draft, my real draft is tomorrow, I really want to get Ronnie Brown, but don't want to pick him in the first round. In a 12 team league I don't think he will be around in the 3rd, but I don't know if he's worth a 2cnd rounder...

NTs are hard to find and we have two NTs with Ferguson and Soliai. Starks and McDaniel can play there in a pinch. How many do we need? I'm sure we will try to address the NT position again next year.

If Ferguson or Soliai goes down and Starks has to move over and play some NT, then Merling will play RDE. That's what happens when you have injuries. It's part of the game.

Actually if Starks has to play NT there are a couple quality players that can fill in at the vacated DE spot (Merling, Mcdaniels, etc)

but you remember what happened last time Starks played NT.... ravens ran the ball all over us in the reg. season!

The Ravens are a good rushing team. They ran the ball more than any other team in the league last year. Starks was still getting the feel for playing in the 3-4 defense at the time. Soliai was suspended and we were facing a tough rushing team. That was one game and it doesn't mean anything this year.

actually... it does mean something this year... it means that either Starks or McDaniels needs to be ready to play NT if they need to (which Starks wasn't last year...)

I thought they should have picked one up in the off-season/draft THIS year. Ferguson has to stay healthy...Please

I am so pleased that Soliai appears to have taken the lessons of the past & the coaches instuctions to heart. One of the big pluses of camp---let's hope he continues to learn & improve.


mando the man....

can you get us the "new" depth chart so we can debae the future cuts/practice squad members/final roster? that mihgt be fun.....

i know who i don't want to let go....

It's pretty obvious that I meant what happened in the Ravens game last year doesn't mean anything this year.

This might be beyond anyone here, (and thats not a cutdown, its just very difficult to know) but which players around the league might the fins pick up on the waiver wire before the season starts?

souljabeats ronnie lasted till the 4th round in my league. you should be able to pick him up.

Good call on Toribio. I think he would be nice late pickup with a solid upside. I watched him a little bit last night on nfl network and it looks like he's filled out physically, plays with an attitude, and made some nice stops.

hmmm.... I seem to remember Armando saying not too long ago that Armstrong would make the 53 man roster and me saying no freakin way. Maybe I should start a blog.

McDaniel will be the third nt. He was very disruptive at nt vs Tampa. On one play he pushed the center 5 yards back into the QB.

I was pulling for Shaw U product Ellis because I'm a North Carolinian. He's a big dude. I think if someone doesn't snatch him, he'll end up on the practice squad.


I agree with you on Tony Mac. He has the size & I saw the same thing that you did. I'd rather keep Starks for pressure downs.

Living up here in Pats country, the lack of talks between the team and Vince Wilfork is interesting. If there is one guy to throw the farm to it's this guy. One , he is the best interior lineman in the league and two he's out of our divisional opponet. Knock on wood we stay healthy this year and next year Vince to Miami will seal this defense for years to come. Fins 09!!

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