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Dolphins waive five, trade two, terminate one

It was a dark day for a a handful of now former Dolphins.

Aside from the termination of Ernest Wilford (see post below), the Dolphins are announcing they have cut RB Anthony Kimble, LBs Tearrius George and Orion Martin, NT Joe Cohen and WR-Return specialist Chris Williams.

I have also confirmed via an NFL source that guard Andy Alleman has been traded to Kansas City for an undisclosed late-round pick in 2010. He is part of an offensive line exchange to the Chiefs. The Alleman story was first reported by Scouts.com.

The rest of the exchange? Jeff Darlington is reporting that Ikechuku Ndukwe went in the same package to the Chiefs as Alleman. Ndukwe started 15 games at right guard last year but was moved to right tackle this year and was languishing on third team during camp. 

Williams was waived injured as he actually injured his wrist and hand during that fateful punt that hit him in the facemask and he fumbled Saturday night. That play sealed the Williams experiment in Miami.

I'd like to tell you any of these cuts are significant because that would warrant an explanation on how they affect other roster decisions.

But the truth is all of these players were long-shots to make the team -- even Wilford -- and have no significant impact on future roster decisions.

The only sliver of impact out of all this is that, with only three nose tackles on the roster following Cohen's departure, the possibility the Dolphins keep Louis Ellis improves -- even if it is as a practice squad type player.

The Dolphins now have 70 players on their roster, including Matt Roth, who is on the Non-Football Injury list. It will be interesting to see if Miami adds anyone in the coming days as the team is already below the 75-man limit it must reach by Sept. 1. The 53-man roster must be established by Sept. 5.

Check out the post below to get the explanation on what Wilford's termination means to the salary cap. A hint: It's not great news.


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How close are we to our 53 man roster?

The roster spot is more valuable than the money spent on Wilford. The cap space is fine. Anybody they add now is getting the minimum...

They were more than patient with Wilford. Good luck to him.

70 by my count.

Matt Roth, will be traded before the season starts, I have league sources telling me that he is being shopped for a 5th round pick. Book It!! Go Dolphins!!!

Jon..."League Sources"? I'm sure your "sources" are the same as everyone else's, i.e. ESPN, NFL.com, ect. and they just don't have a handle on any of this. Especially when it comes to teams like the Dolphins or Patriots. Now that you can "book".

I stand by my sources, Matt Roth...will be TRADED...he has no injury...that has already been reported...he is unhappy that JT will be cutting into his playing time and wants out. He wants a new contract this year.

Roth will be on Miami's roster, says my sources, who ? My brain, I have one unlike the other dimwit.

Trading Roth for a 5th rounder is a mistake. Even though he has a mysterious illness. He is an intelligent player with a strong work ethic and a huge upside. He was starting to come into his own and was looking forward to seeing him play this year. I know where deep at linebacker, but he's in the top 3. He will have an awesome career where ever he winds up

Jon...My "source" is better than your "source" and he says Roth will stay with the Dolphins and resign mid-year. "BookIt"!

Look for chris Williams to be in the arena football league soon...

Or bagging groceries at the local Food lion near you....

LB - Curious George was waved... The man in the yellow hat cannot believe it!

Dave, weren't you in "Caddyshack"?

You will all owe me an apology when Roth is traded...if he doesn't practice this week, he has no shoot of starting week 1. He isn't even injured, so why is he not practing ...think about it...he WANTS BIG MONEY NOW!!! He is going to be TRADED!!!! TRADED!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!

With Wake showing such strong games it wouldnt surprise me that they shop Roth around.

Shop Roth with and injury, or perceived holdout? Who will take him for anything but a late, Late round? The Phins can put him on IR and sort it out before Oct deadline.

Dolphan, If they "shop" Roth, do you think they'll shop him at food lion, thus reuniting him with chris Williams??, Maybe Chris could bring him to his new team in a shopping cart, you know with Roth sitting in the child's part of the cart?(just picturing it ,I find that amusing, seeing how Roth is just a big baby)

dm...I'm going with your "take" on the Roth situation, it just makes TOO much sense.

Is this what they meant when they said they didn't want to bring Taylor back because it would screw up the development of the young players?


there is no more arena football any more

Oh well, looks like the food lion for Mr. Williams then huh????

Roth has huge upside...wow---based on what criteria....his short arms, his uncomfortable fit in a defense he wasnt drafted for, his lack of pass rush skills, his tendancy to not cover anyone because he is really a 4-3 end. SAY YOU LIKE THE GUY I CAN ACCEPT THAT, BUT DONT MAKE UP LIES LIKE HE IS A TALENTED PLAYER WITH UPSIDE..thats why we will get barely anything in return if traded----5th or 6th round pick--oo yea wat a STUD


as long as he no have catch shipment from delivery truck

Carlito, Have you been back to Costa Rica lately??( I still think The pacific coast of your country is the actual garden of Eden)..

I think Roth is a good player but he isn't an annual shoe in for the pro bowl. He is/was a hard worker. There are many illnesses that don't show up on the radar that cause weakness. Who knows?

If Williams drops the ball a lot, I hope New England picks him up.

roth sucks,always has, and people that have his jersey are his family members. he sucks period.

cuban, I been there a couple months ago, but just for a couple days to see family. Its very different than it used to be. Much more crime and no Dolphins news.

Assuming that we got a 7th for Alleman, that makes two extra ones we'll have in the next draft (we traded our last one this year even-up for a 7th in the next draft).

Thing is...the way this young roster is filling up it looks ike it will be mighty tough for late round picks to make the team in years to come.

From my perch here in Cosat Rica the Dolphins look much stronger than they were last year. If Roth doesn't like his present salary, he can work produce at the Food Lion.Thomas is a stud and will be a long term starter. The new brain trust has consistantly brought in bigger stronger tougher and smarter players. The fins will be a tough out every week. SB in our future with this bunch. Carlito

Armando, will there be a new depth chart coming soon?

Unless Kansas City has another 7th round pick this year, the pick will have to be a 6th rounder, as KC has already shipped us their 7th rounder for the pick that they used to draft Ryan Succup.

Good to hear Chris Williams out. I saw nothing in him and he made too many mistakes. I like the decision of keeping Bess back there while starting Camarillo.

Good to see the Fins are moving along with the roster cuts with no problem. I'll be honest, when Wilford was first signed I thought he'd be a potential threat seeing that he did pretty well in Jacksonville, but guess he didn't work out.


when we to find out if sean smith have a swine flu?

Darlington is reporting that we traded Alleman and Ndukwe to the Chiefs.

That should bring at least a 6th. Also probably means that they are blowing more than hot air about liking Murphy's play.

Waived Williams?

Big Mistake!!

whats with all the Food Lion refernces, you guys know theres no Food Lion down here maybe a Sedanos

I still think The pacific coast of your country is the actual garden of Eden)..
Why does menace always sau the same stupid phrases.....how lame

sau = use

chiefs fan here; these guys are former starters but what else can u guys tell me bout em? f the pats.


they not very good. The only reason they were starters was because injury and they could never get pushing. We could never run up middle at end of last season because these guys not beasts.

Can someone please tell Tearrius George that the Stampeders (CFL) need him. The NFL gig is up.

Hey Chief's fan:

Nduwke is better than Alleman. He actually has some upside. I am a little surprised that we traded him. Alleman is pretty much a ham and egger, not much upside but a suitable back up. Nduwke could turn into a serviceable starting OG but do not expect him to be anything more than that.

Wilford was to expensive to keep vs. the limited role he could have played. Hell Chris Williams was cut at halftime during the Panthers game. Only surprise there is they waited until today to report it.

It's all coming together piece by piece lads. BTW I don't know if those Costa Rica refrences are real but I will be in Costa Rica from September 18th through the 28th. So what that means is i miss two damn games! Colts@MIA and MIA@Chargers. I'll be in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica dose anyone know a bar that would be showing American Football!! PLEASE HELP ME FIND ONE!!!

Ken also remember they are clearing out some room for Hilliard on the roster. Hilliards becoming a beast.

Still LMAO:

I was thinking the same thing about Hilliard. I hope you are right, Hilliard has to be on the roster.


go to hotel/bar/casino Del Ray. You will have a great time and will thank me when you back.

(section 412, row 1)


Hotel/Casino Del Ray is whorehouse, I was just kidding. The best sport bar in San Jose is All Stars right across from Mall San Pedro. Any taxi can take you there.

I mean del rey

So if i walk into a local restraunt and ask "Excuse me do you know where Hotel Del Ray is I'll be able to find me some directions?" Also by the way I heard it pretty cheap over there to have a good time drinking and eatings .50cents a domestic beer any truth behind that Carlito? Also assuimg ur in section 412 u tailgate on the east side?



Yes, everyone in the city knows Del Rey. It is Hotel/Bar/Casino/Brothel that many tourist go to and no tell the wife. They would probably actually have the game here, but I'm not sure, I was kidding about that one.

But, no joke, All Stars is a very nice American style sports bar across from Mall San Pedro. It is in a very popular and safe area and will definite have the game. You can look it up.

Actually tailgate on the west side, b/c we come on turnpike and that is closest parking lot.


And beer is really cheap there, try the Imperial, its my favorite. Guaro is the local liquor, be careful, it VERY strong.

They will be looking on the waiver wire for Talent everyone needs to check out Vincetn Redd freak athlete-6"6 260 only 23 years old--and already has some experience in the 3-4 from college and the patriots----he culd be a special teams monster right away----this kid has talentttt

measureables---4.5 speed-39inch vert---not just a workout warrior originally on Virginia but was playing behind Sintim and Long two high draft picks. went to a small school that used him standing up so he has that experience plus showed talent sometimes lining up in the nickel to cover and blitz two ints-8pd-6sacks-2FF-13.5 TFL as a senior---Then spent a camp learning the 3-4 in New England-Billicheck saw the talent---still only 23 just got cut by Pioli in KC----at the least another freak athlete to put on SPECIAL Teams right away---we need help on coverage units-----

Allen Scouting Report

Armando, can you clarify if Roth on the NFI-Reserve list or PUP? If he's on the NFI-Reserve list, isn't he done for the season?


At the Del Rey, you can "rent" women by the hour, day or week.

Excellent move. Get rid of the baggage. Not only have we upgraded our OL our backups are better in Gardner and Murphy.
So Parcell's and Co actually made a mistake in signing Wilford. Let me quote the late President John F. Kennedy:

A mistake doesn't become an error until you fail to correct it.

This F.O. ROCKS!!!!

It's all coming together piece by piece lads. BTW I don't know if those Costa Rica refrences are real but I will be in Costa Rica from September 18th through the 28th. So what that means is i miss two damn games! Colts@MIA and MIA@Chargers. I'll be in the capital city of San Jose, Costa Rica dose anyone know a bar that would be showing American Football!! PLEASE HELP ME FIND ONE!!!

Posted by: Cesar (Section 446 ROW 17) | August 24, 2009 at 01:45 PM


Check out the Blue Marlin Bar at the Hotel Del Rey in San Jose. When you get there, you will thank me. It is Heaven on Earth, unless you are married, or going with your wife/girlfriend.

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