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Dolphins-Jags live blog starts here and now

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment since the clock ran out on that playoff game against Baltimore last January.

Yeah, I know it's only preseason. But it's our preseason darnit!

By the way, Davone Bess is in the starting lineup ahead of Greg Camarillo. Shawn Murphy will open at RG. Rookie Sean Smith will open at RCB. and Jason Ferguson, who may only get a series or two, is expected to start nonetheless. Randy Starks starts at RDE for the Dolphins.

Matt Roth is the only scratch for Miami. WR Mike Walker, WR Maurice Dupree, DB Don Carey, FB Montell Owens, CB Scott Starks, WR Mike Thomas and DT Jonathan Lewis are scratches for Jacksonville.

The Dolphins are wearing their aqua tops and white pants. The Jags are going with their white tops and black pants.

And all the noise you've heard about JLo and Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Buffett this offseason? Haven't seen any of them on the field prior to the game.


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i'm not expecting much tonight.

lets go ASAL! Get us in the game. I want to see the kicking battle off the clay!!
Lets get it on!

Are you guys watching at home or in the stadium with the iPhone or what?

Want to know so I know how much play-by-play description you need.

no iphone here; I'm in california-game not shown out here. I have class tonight but I'm looking forward to blogs, tweets, whatever.

im at beef o bradys

ARMANDO.......why in the heck did we draft PAT WHITE a "PROJECT" with the 2nd rd pick (we took HENNE a QB with a 2nd the year befor) and we don't even know if HENNE will pan out........I thought your 1st and 2nd rounder are your most important PICKs in which you want to find STARTER and the later picks your gems and steals/"PROJECTS"

what the heck I just got some LAND SHARK BEER, not bad.........

are you supposed to put a LIME in this like CORONA??????????

Its been a loooooong time since January. Looking forward to an interesting, if not entertaining season!!


Love the blog Armando..

Smith will start at corner opposite Allen...

Armando, is he really that much better than Vontae?

Mando I am watching at home with my iPhone in hand

I'm at work in Cali please give as many updates as possible! Go Phins!!!!!!!

Rhino LS is good with a lime if u wish but it is def not needed!!!

Watching from home but interested in reading your take on the blog during the game (on the iPhone)

I've never had a Land Shark. I just refuse -- lime, no lime. Not doing it unless they PAY for the naming rights.

Sean Smith has been better than Vontae so far. Obviously, that's the reason he's starting and Davis not. BUT ... things can change very quickly before the season begins. Nothing is set in stone.

thanks Dolphan 0421, I'm not one who usually drinks CORONA to me it's girls beer, but this LANDSHARK is pretty good..............

Section 454
Checking in

anyone know of a website that is broadcasting the game?

I'm in Barry,IL. Need lots of info!!!

To you guys watching the game, please give your opinions on everything you see so that the folks that can't watch on TV get the mental picture.

They're kicking off at 7:38 p.m.

The chearleaders are hot....they just showed a shot of them behind Bokamper.

watching the blog from San Francisco. Play by play is much appreciated

ncfinfan=======try JustinTV.com.....

Welcome section 454! Hot up there?

tjh: http://www.myp2p.eu/competition.php?competitionid=&part=sports&discipline=americanfootball

BIG A..why not sign BROOKS ILB, got to be better than AKIN

Jason Taylor introduced to crowd. Biggest ovation yet from the sparse crowd. I'd say there will be about 40,000 here tonight.

in RI live updates would be great

I feel ya ncfinfan

How's the weather in Miami.

thanks miamirick

Derrick Brooks? He's been an OLB all his life in a 4-3 defense. Doesn't fit. And he's 36ish.

Anybody know where I can watch it online if possible, and if so whats the link

Wooo hoo Miami dolphins football!!!!!!

How come we have to watch this game in Orlando with stupid Jaguar announcers?

Chad Pennington, Ricky Williams, Joey Porter and Will Allen rep Miami in coin toss.

Miami wins toss and defers.

I'm in NC, can't watch.

40,000 not bad for preseason

Why defer in preseason?

showing justintv.com is for sale. The other link worked until i clicked on the link to watch

Carpenter kicking off. Needs to get it deep because Kickoffs also under scrutiny in kicking competition.

Kick is 4 yards deep. Return to 22.

For what DIRECTV charges for sunday ticket, you would think they would include preseason!

"Watching" from work via this blog and NFL Game Center. ***Sigh***

Holt on Sean Smith

Jones-Drew carries up the gut. Gains 4. Langford tackle.

Jones drew bounces outside. Jason Taylor must contain on the edge, but misses.

Penalty (holding) on Jags.

Is Starks starting another sign of the staff being unhappy with Merling, or is he just having a good camp?

Just installed the Iphone app, big dolphins fan, just moved to NY unfortunately, so this is the only info I get!

Look at the rook (smith) asking for cheers before the play.

Garard goes to the other side of the field for incomplete pass.

i am watching the game on www.channelsurfing.net

folks, if you're not watching at home, nat moore is doing the color commentary (along with griese), and he's got a 1980s fade, sweet looking, too.

Chris Williams getting the first shot at a punt return. Only 4 yards. That's not going to get it done.

BIG A...........thats why you put him at ILB, come on

NO Rhino. I know it sounds sexy. But Brooks ain't the answer.

Blitz on second down. Incomplete.

third and 8. third down coversion a focus this night.

Only fair protection. Blitz on Pennington, who steps up but incomplete pass skipped to Bess.

yep, channelsurfing.net... thanks bruce!

Nope I got the shady side!!!

Is Camarillo back from injury?

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