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Dolphins-Jags live blog starts here and now

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment since the clock ran out on that playoff game against Baltimore last January.

Yeah, I know it's only preseason. But it's our preseason darnit!

By the way, Davone Bess is in the starting lineup ahead of Greg Camarillo. Shawn Murphy will open at RG. Rookie Sean Smith will open at RCB. and Jason Ferguson, who may only get a series or two, is expected to start nonetheless. Randy Starks starts at RDE for the Dolphins.

Matt Roth is the only scratch for Miami. WR Mike Walker, WR Maurice Dupree, DB Don Carey, FB Montell Owens, CB Scott Starks, WR Mike Thomas and DT Jonathan Lewis are scratches for Jacksonville.

The Dolphins are wearing their aqua tops and white pants. The Jags are going with their white tops and black pants.

And all the noise you've heard about JLo and Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Buffett this offseason? Haven't seen any of them on the field prior to the game.


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Our secondary can't do anything!

12-9 fins

Our 3rd and 4th string BLOWS!!

what do you expect the scrubs are in

thats right thats why they are practice dummies

Yea but God damn this is the NFL.. 3rd and 4th team should be OK.

2 nice plays in a row by the "dummies"

Great play in the red zone.

They did get a stop!!

Next time u have a "live blog" please call it what it is, a random spattering of user comments that gives one no cohesive idea of what is going on on the field.

we take the w and in the season we take it to


Cefelo just said the game is over with 2 minutes 39 seconds left. What an idiot.

Go Pat!!

idk if winning this game is something to be proud of it was pretty pathetic in the latter part of the game

The conentators keep calling plays " a bit like the wild cat " ugh how annoying

umm, have u ever watched preseason games B4? This is what you get.

Gotta love Pat. The whole stadium knew what he was gonna do and it didn't matter

Of course I have!!!

i can think of two words to describe this game BARN BURNER

"What can Pat White do that Jay Fiedler can not?"

--- Dave Wanndsteddouche

Let him throw it here. Who cares?

It's the pre season. Come on let's see a 2 minute drill!!

Um, everything

Fins to the left. Fins to right. We r Pat happy!!

Every time I see White running and not heading for the sideline, I worry he's going to get broken in two.

WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We WIN!!

My overall feelings on the night:

It's good to win!
The starting OL did not impress.
Sean Smith good.
Eric Green bad.
Defense very good.

A defensive struggle. My type of game. If only Jay was at quarterback. Ah, the good old days...

-- Dave Wannstache

Vontae remind me of Jamaar Fletcher tonight. Ugh.

31 looks emotional

Jamar Fletcher - Defensive Back - First Round - bust

Jason Allen - Defensive Back - First Round - bust

Vontae Davis - Defensive Back - First Round - bust - you heard it hear first.

Attention Dolphins!! Quit using first round picks on defensive backs! Find them later in the draft or free agency.

Im glad that none of the so called dolphans have anything to do with drafting or signing players cause u dnt kno S#%T.

Give papa a hug


What's the score.


I agree with your overall feelings on the game. Sean Smith was good to see him playing well.

Would all Jets fans please leave the blog. Your comments about draft busts after one pre season game shows an ignorance which can only be attributed to a Jets fan!!


dln 265 Vontae will replace will allen in 2years so he should have time 2 develope the way surtain did b patient were not contending for a superbowl yet. It gonna take at least 3years 2 get your roster correct u dnt go 1-15 and 2years later win the sb.

Anyone that labels a player a bust during the first preseason game is obviously someone with a very low football IQ.

Mando wil u post ur column in the blog??

What a life for gopats sits on dolphan blog during preseason game total loser. r u a senior citizen go play scrabble or bingo leave our blog.


Chris Williams: Good
Sean Smith: Good
Chad Henne: Good

Ps: White and Wake were not bad either.
Pss: CUT Brandon Frye


gopats brady looked good against 2nd stringers. henne recovered after a bad throw. bout time we see something from wilford! white looked good passing pick not his fault. needs ta learn to slide tho. ricky is back! receiver williams had shaky start but man did he recover! nice returns. Odinseye did the site work out for you?

What is this lame Jimmy Buffett song I heard playing on scores? What happened to the traditional fight song? Grrrrr

BRUCE SHOULD LEARN HOW TO SPEAK BY LEARNING FROM ODINSEYE AND SAMMO.two people who never hurt any one's feelings .

Gopats. You will need a wheelchair for old as galloway,taylor,ur key offseason moves give me a break or maybe u can call junior seau out of retirement for the 8th time already.

All the crybabies can kiss my behind.
The Starting D looked great.
Ginn and Bess looked good.
Bell and Wilson, FLAWLESS.
Even the youngsters had their moments. It was the first the pre-season game of the year, and I liked what I saw!!!!

the name bruce is for babys ,some names just don't sound good for babys.you can't call 3 years old bruce .this name should only be allowed for any who wants to change his name at 43 years old .

Everyone understands they don't game plan for the first two preseason games, right! So if the games look a bit sloppy it's alright. I don't think I've seen a great 1st preseason game ever. Just be happy no one got injured when the game means crap.

I live in ATL and the Dolphins games are few and far in between - I get no respect. The game won't even play until 11pm. Therefore, I will digress because it is coming on now as I speak. Peace

it's all about karma gopats. unlike some miami detracter's who post here at least you acknowledge our players. i agree with bruce you guys do have some old players who might produce in the first 8 weeks of regular season. after that they (older players) tend to start slipping .


It worked great, Thanks bro.
I agree with you on White. He's a gamer.
I think Williams just increased his chances of making the roster. I think he's a keeper.

Ok . Im here. Let the real live blog begin. thank god i didn't participate in the other live blog. 2 words : Amatuer hour !

I live in atl too. Tonys in Roswell. Look it up. Huge dolphin fan club. Off 400.

Correction. It's in sandy springs now. Full of ex floridians like my self. It almost feels like home.

even a win in preseason builds confidence guys our oline will cometogether it just takes time.

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