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Dolphins-Jags live blog starts here and now

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment since the clock ran out on that playoff game against Baltimore last January.

Yeah, I know it's only preseason. But it's our preseason darnit!

By the way, Davone Bess is in the starting lineup ahead of Greg Camarillo. Shawn Murphy will open at RG. Rookie Sean Smith will open at RCB. and Jason Ferguson, who may only get a series or two, is expected to start nonetheless. Randy Starks starts at RDE for the Dolphins.

Matt Roth is the only scratch for Miami. WR Mike Walker, WR Maurice Dupree, DB Don Carey, FB Montell Owens, CB Scott Starks, WR Mike Thomas and DT Jonathan Lewis are scratches for Jacksonville.

The Dolphins are wearing their aqua tops and white pants. The Jags are going with their white tops and black pants.

And all the noise you've heard about JLo and Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Buffett this offseason? Haven't seen any of them on the field prior to the game.


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I caught the last half of the 3rd quarter and the 4 rth in the internet. sean smith was good , so was jason allen. Lex hilliard was tough in the hole . Pat white showed signs. Big td for wilford on a nice pass from henne.

I enjoyed the game. Good chance to see how the team is doing. I'm more excite to see Pat White in action as well As Sean Smith. Hope to see some good play on Saturday!

Reed was a gapping hole the secondary... Looked lost And had poor coverage. Jags picked on him over and over but smith and Davis looked good


I agree. I have to give Armando credit for trying, but the live blog idea was a bad one. I thought it was bad when he was on vacation. That was nothing compared to this "free for all".

Not a problem Odinseye. always willing to help a fellow member of dolphin nation. williams will be the next dante hall. not just fast but has moves too.

seven pages of bad idea ?

Odinseye . Who were some of these posters ? I had 1 guy saying miami was still 3 years away from being in the super bowl . LMAO ! I'm watching the game now and i'll give my thoughts at the end of the 1st quarter.

Sammo, who's next going to have a live chat ? NJ FAN ?

Gopats.Whats wrong with bruce its a strong name like wes or vince.But i dnt want to talk about a name especially on a night were my dolphins in my opinion showed the league that gem called sean smith ask tory holt about that jam off the line, and he is one of the best route runners in the league. Not bad 4 a rookie and you cant tell me galloway is better than holt. And #99 owns tom brady y do u think they were tryn 2 sign him.GGGGGGGOOOOOO FFFFFIIISSSSSSHHHHH

Dolphins4life. Yup ! LMFAO !

remember pro bowl and superbowl in miami this year. if you don't think that will motivate the dolphins to perform you shouldn't be here. good day sirs. I said good day!

cubano nj says he is up to blogging while he watches so yes. overall i enjoyed the game. gave up some passing yards but made stops when they needed to.

bruce , after this nice civilized post about S.SMITH the great i like to be your friend , let's not fight ever.

Q, where did they find these people on the jacksonville team ?somalia

i was surprised jax made so many penalties. granted it's preseason but still....

penny and bess are well , they are who we thought they are. Ginn Nice hands. good to see d. thomas in the game early with the 1st team. Coverage sack because of sean smiths good coverage . Nice. The ol struggling in the run game , but good pass protection. Ricky tough running .

sammo, this team needs a lot to compete w/steelers/ pats/ indiana and ravens .

Sammo and the rest of You guys , you can still talk about the game.

good night to all

gopats you never know what will happen in the nfl. nobody expected miami to do squat last year and look how that turned out......

Sean Smith very good. Ginn played well too. Good gane for Chad P and Davone

nj fan our return game looks to be in good hands. white has vick like jukes. ricky looks like he could start again. and yes he has bulked up. davis plays with alot of emotion. smith wow! porter and taylor are going to wreck havok this year!

Defense looks solid. nice blitz packages. n jones with the sack. terrible decision by williams on the punt.


Wake got some pressure a couple of times as well.
He did get pancaked by a TE early on though.

will return around midnyt or so. gotta go get smokes and celebrate with a shot!

wake looked good. can't win 'em all my viking friend.

Ace, if your our there, Did you see that great arm strengh from penny on the pass to ginn that was called pass interference ( insert sarcasim ) . LMAO ! Justin , what did you think of the improved arm strength . Idiot 1

I like this app but the blog could be smoother. A lot of randomness but not bad just could be better. Found it hard to follow. Wish I could just scroll through in large mode like when in mail my two cents go fins

Spoarano wasn't game planning. He was getting guys reps and evaluating talent. It's always good to win, but that wasn't the main objective.

PS: NJ I read the post talking about 3 years. I would like to get my hands on some of what that guys smoking. Wait a minute.......on second thought.........I better not(LOL)!


I saw it. It is all good. We will take an interference call any time as well. Moves the chains you know


Have fun and smoke one for me.

Ace, yeah i'll take the interference call but somebody with a better arm would have hit ginn in stride for a td.


That would be great to see...in time ...in due time


Your right on the money again. I got nothing but love for Pennington. But I think It's time for Henne.
When Pennington's in the game opposing safties automatically cheat up. They know his strengths and weaknesses. This makes it tougher on our running game as well.
As much as I admire and respect Pennington, Henne's our future. Our future should be now.

Odinseye. I call them , as i see them. I think penny should definitly be given the chance to start this season and we'll see how far he can bring us , but if it's the same old same old , then it's time for henne.

Henne looks good so far. Ricky williams should have had that catch for a td.

Henne could have had a TD pass if the usual sure handed Ricky would have held onto the ball.

Cameron wake bringing the heat , yeah baby. What was that justin idiot, who's cameron wake , he's nobody ? just shows your low football IQ.

Wake is a strong dude.

OK , half over, The defense was solid . The OL pass protection was solid. The OL run blocking sucked. I already gave you my thoughts about the last half of the 3rd quarter and the 4rth,. New mando blog up. join me there LOL !

Ace , remember when justin bufoon was busting me about wake ? Look who's the fool now.

You are right. Wonder why we have not heard from him

if you look to next year and penne is gone, don't automatically make henne the starter. i'm telling, pat white is a gamer. his arm is every bit as strong and he go wheels like randall cunningham in his prime!

only one bad pass in the dirt. the rest should have been caught. 64% in college. 4400+ rushing yards. i like henne too. but i love pat white, in a non-gay way. he is the future.


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