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Dolphins-Jags live blog starts here and now

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment since the clock ran out on that playoff game against Baltimore last January.

Yeah, I know it's only preseason. But it's our preseason darnit!

By the way, Davone Bess is in the starting lineup ahead of Greg Camarillo. Shawn Murphy will open at RG. Rookie Sean Smith will open at RCB. and Jason Ferguson, who may only get a series or two, is expected to start nonetheless. Randy Starks starts at RDE for the Dolphins.

Matt Roth is the only scratch for Miami. WR Mike Walker, WR Maurice Dupree, DB Don Carey, FB Montell Owens, CB Scott Starks, WR Mike Thomas and DT Jonathan Lewis are scratches for Jacksonville.

The Dolphins are wearing their aqua tops and white pants. The Jags are going with their white tops and black pants.

And all the noise you've heard about JLo and Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Buffett this offseason? Haven't seen any of them on the field prior to the game.


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Bubble screen to Bess gains only 4.

Carpenter nails a 48 yard field goal.

Get it?

Carpenter ... nails.

scary kick but it counts

That was almost wide right!

carpenter wants to keep his job i see

I hear a different fight song on tv did try drop tpain?

huge delay watching the game on cable hd

Dbromo that's the country song we have that's all

that was not almost wide right... it was a straight kick

I don't think Sparano is gonna like that red zone performance.

O-Line protecting the pass well but getting blown up trying to run the ball...

Tpain fight song in the house. I'm frankly not giving a crap about what fight song they play.

Sounded like Buffett?

I like the tpain fightsong

Thanks Celiyah now I don't have to wait until 11pm on NFL Network. You are the WOMAN!!!!

it cleared the right post by ONLY two feet! On a straight on kick!

i hate settling for field goals, we need more discipline down there.

defense has looked composed so far

this d is looking good... bottled up the screen

Its Tpainful to hear...worse than the original...if thats possible

I think that's all you should see from Pennington. He played two series, got a FG and isn't injured.

Good enough for me.

Agree? Disagree?

our d looks really good people.

Will someone please steal the stadiums t-pain's fight song and destroy it.


The Jags obviously have not game planned. They haven't thrown to Sean Smith's side yet.

How can I watch it on my iphone???? Help???

Time to sit Penny

Defense looking solid

Allen is ready to be retired.

yeah pennington has nothing left to prove out there now... btw, the FG was from 48 yardsand was started on the right hash as bess went out on the right

wow tory holt in a jag uni, now thats weird

they went to holt as soon as smith wasnt covering him

Taylor looking good

garrard hit again!!! 4th down!

JT! Let's go!


wilson better watch that spearing crap

DB blitz by Nate Jones hits Garard and incomplete pass.

WTF was that by Chris Williams?????

Why is he running backwards!!!!!!

Ugh rookies!!

Oh boy. Bad choice there rook

Chris Williams almost gets tackled for safety on the punt return. It's like he's trying to get cut.

this guy is clueless, u let it go, i know , wow, bonehead.

Can you say first person cut?? Williams!

chris williams=OUT!

Totally disagree with keeping Pennington in there now. Not smart.

I think Williams just got cut...doesnt know it yet

Armando: I agree. Get henne some exposure since pennington is fragile. :\

Pennington going DEEEEP. And it results in a pass interference.

But let's be honest. The ball was underthrown.

34 yard penalty.

Ginn had his man beat for a big gain... Pass Interference anyway

Ginn is lookin good boys. If Pennington would have leaded him that's a quick 6

Oline getting nothing in the running game..

Penington needs a stronger arm!!!

I must say I am thrilled they are throwing to Ginn so often. That's really how you establish a No. 1 receiver.

You throw to him a lot.

i was one of the few that cheered like craqzy when we drafted Ginn, i'm glad im slowly looking smarter each yr, i've been taking a beating for the last 2 years, from fans who aren't fans of Ginn.

Draft Ginn now fantasy players!!

Ginn is lookin good!! Looks stronger!!

Ginny being aggressive. I like it

O-line will mesh. It's early. Go Ginn.

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