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Dolphins-Jags live blog starts here and now

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment since the clock ran out on that playoff game against Baltimore last January.

Yeah, I know it's only preseason. But it's our preseason darnit!

By the way, Davone Bess is in the starting lineup ahead of Greg Camarillo. Shawn Murphy will open at RG. Rookie Sean Smith will open at RCB. and Jason Ferguson, who may only get a series or two, is expected to start nonetheless. Randy Starks starts at RDE for the Dolphins.

Matt Roth is the only scratch for Miami. WR Mike Walker, WR Maurice Dupree, DB Don Carey, FB Montell Owens, CB Scott Starks, WR Mike Thomas and DT Jonathan Lewis are scratches for Jacksonville.

The Dolphins are wearing their aqua tops and white pants. The Jags are going with their white tops and black pants.

And all the noise you've heard about JLo and Marc Anthony and Gloria Estefan and Jimmy Buffett this offseason? Haven't seen any of them on the field prior to the game.


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Wanna see red zone touchdown

Actually, Jax has a couple of third-teamers in the game on the Dline.

mental error by henne....shouldnt have let clock get so low....dipshit

i think you go for it on 4th

aw, ricky u had it !


that should have been a TD

Barth gets the chip shot 27 yarder off the dirt.

14 plays. 55 yards. 7:01 off the clock on scoring drive.

good throw by henne though....just missed oppurtunity

nice throw by henne

Some real good coaching moments for this game...

Would like to see the replay. Did def get his hand on it?


carpenter with a SHORT kick!

Not impressed at all by the o-line.

Nate Hughes catches a pass on Eric Green.

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Ya this Jacksonville station is killing me with the player interviews.

eric green is getting picked on every pass play

on green again....geez i think someone on the jags has a personal vendetta against him and want to get him cut!! hahah. that guy is a joke

Tony called up del rio and "put a hit" out on green

What are our RB totals? Pass protection looks great. I'm still not sure we can run between the tackles, but J-ville does have a good D-Line

hahahaha yea he must of....maybe someone will put a real hit on him so miami doesn't have to pay him and have an easy out....haha

does anyone know when we will see pat white for the fist time, 4th qtr?

Wake got dershed!

Troy Williamson uses Vontae Davis. hey, it happens.

Prob see white in 4th

yea tony said 4th quarter....

Hey, how about Surtain instead of Allen and Green?

BIG A.........here's the million dollar question, how in heck could these guys sign GREEN don't they know talent or what? I wanted McFadden from pitts

Run D has been swarming though

I'm at the game by the looks of it our defense looks great 1st string that is but offense still struggleing

Pat White in late 3rd or 4th Q.

Davis burned again

David Carr is playing!

Eric Green is getting abused out there!

Vonte Davis is going to make a some unreal plays and break our hearts with others.

that was just sad...but right on review

davis wasn't burnt... the ball was tipped

Rhino, if you remember, Green was signed kind of last minute in free agency when there was a big run on corners who got lots of money -- money the Dolphins didn't want to spend on the position because they knew they were going to draft at the spot.

he's insurance. But that kind of insurance I can do without.

Vontae Davis keeps getting burned. And Eric green is horrible!!!

revoke the policy Mando

Green misses his redemption!

OMG eric green shoulda picked that....his head was in the clouds again!!!!!! i can't believe how bad this guy sucks!

Chad Henne after that first soft touch throw that should have been intercepted, really seems to be dialed in.

BIG A......I'm thinking we need a NT RIGHT?? I'm hoping for WILFORK next year, will the fins pony up, or do we see a bunch of mediocre backup free agents like usual

Sketchy game when the backups come in.

Green saves by the false start.

Jaguars now imploding with consecutive penalties.

Eric Green say thank you God!

Jimmy Cephalo has no idea what is happening. I can hear whistles over the internet killing the play yet he is calling the action.



WAAAAKE!!! CFL rules

Cameron Wake with a pressure. Yeah!

wake there u go baby! the "WAKE QUAKE"

Hey Armando,

I actually live two houses down from your Father-in-law in Orlando!

What do you think of Pat White and do you see him as possibly becoming the QB of the future?

I love his iPhone app, but it doesn't post that quickly.... Nice job Cameron

6-6 at half....what an exciting game, NOT!

Nice penetration by Wake

guys can you listen to WQAM on the radio or what.........this happened last year too.........

Liking the defense on the fence about offence. Chad Pennington still sucks!

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