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First official depth chart plus Classic Moment

Below is the depth chart the Dolphins released Monday evening in advance of their preseason opener against Jacksonville. Look at the depth chart, study it, memorize if you wish.

Then consider the fact it is already obsolete.

True enough, the depth chart below is meant to meet NFL guidelines concerning the release of a depth chart. That's it. Coaches aren't even paying it any mind. It is not even how the Dolphins are truly lining up these days in practice.

Consider that Sean Smith moved ahead of Eric Green for Monday's drills. Consider that Randy Starks and not Phillip Merling is getting first-team snaps at RDE. Also consider I believe that was done to send Merling a message because he's a gamer but not, shall we say, a practicer -- a player who excels during practice.

Consider that Cameron Wake is buried on fourth team when, in fact, he's getting some second team repetitions in practice these days.

Also consider that Brandon Frye is getting snaps at offensive tackle. And that Donald Thomas is expected to shoot up the depth chart starting by next week when the next one is released. (That's me predicting that based on what I've been told.)

So is this depth chart a waste of valuable Internet space? Am I filling up the Internet with Dolphins propaganda?

Not completely.

Check out where Ernest Wilford finds himself today. He's fifth among five tight ends. Now you tell me, what chances you think he has of climbing out of that hole?

Check out Ikechuku Ndukwe mired at right tackle despite the fact he was a guard all of last year. Ndukwe better play like a man these next three weeks or something tells me he'll be job hunting in early September.

Finally, you see how Courtney Bryan is ahead of rookie Chris Clemons at SS. Don't pay attention to that. Clemons is making this team and, as I wrote in the previous blog, he's got a chance to push for a starting job in the dime package.

So have fun with the "official" but very tentative depth chart.


 WR 19 Ted Ginn, 82 Brian Hartline, 11 Anthony Armstrong, 87 Chris Williams, 14 James Robinson

 LT 77 Jake Long, 63 Andrew Gardner

 LG 65 Justin Smiley, 76 Brandon Frye, 60 Mark Lewis

 C 64 Jake Grove, 67 Joe Berger

 RG 61 Shawn Murphy, 57 Andy Alleman, 66 Donald Thomas

 RT 72 Vernon Carey, 68 Ike Ndukwe, 75 Nate Garner

 TE 80 Anthony Fasano, 88 David Martin ,81 Joey Haynos, 86 John Nalbone, 18 Ernest Wilford

 WR 15 Davone Bess, 83 Greg Camarillo, 17 Brandon London, 84 Patrick Turner

 QB 10 Chad Pennington, 7 Chad Henne, 6 Pat White

 FB 36 Lousaka Polite

 RB 23 Ronnie Brown, 34 Ricky Williams, 38 Patrick Cobbs, 26 Lex Hilliard, 45 Anthony Kimble



 LE 70 Kendall Langford, 94 Randy Starks, 90 Rodrique Wright, 79 Ryan Baker

 NT 95 Jason Ferguson, 96 Paul Soliai, 93 Louis Ellis, 62 Joe Cohen

 RE 97 Phillip Merling, 78 Tony McDaniel, 71 Lionel Dotson

 SLB 99 Jason Taylor ,74 Quentin Moses, 49 Tearrius George, 98 Matt Roth

 ILB 52 Channing Crowder, 53 Reggie Torbor, 48 Orion Martin

 ILB 51 Akin Ayodele, 58 William Kershaw, 59 J.D. Folsom

 WLB 55 Joey Porter, 56 Charlie Anderson, 50 Erik Walden, 91 Cameron Wake

 LCB 25 Will Allen, 24 Vontae Davis, 32 Jason Allen, 22 Joey Thomas

 RCB 21 Eric Green, 31Sean Smith 33, Nate Jones, 27 Will Billingsley

 FS 28 Gibril Wilson, 29 Tyrone Culver

 SS 37 Yeremiah Bell, 47 Courtney Bryan, 30 Chris Clemons



 P 2 Brandon Fields

 K 5 Dan Carpenter

 KO 5 Dan Carpenter, 3 Connor Barth

 H 2 Brandon Fields

 KOR 19 Ted Ginn, 87 Chris Williams

 PR 15 Davone Bess, 87 Chris Williams

 LS 92 John Denney


Today's Classic Training Camp Moment is more about a former Dolphins player than about the Dolphins themselves. Guard John Bock played gritty, sometimes ornery dude who was undersized but endowed with a big heart. He played with the Dolphins from 1996-2000.

 But he didn't start his career in Miami. Fact is, it started with the Buffalo Bills 15 years ago. Well, I asked him for a Classic Moment and he sent me the following e-mail on Monday:

 "15 years ago [Sunday] I was playing in my first NFL game for Buffalo on Monday night. Late in the 3rd quarter Marv Levy called for me. He let me know that my wife had just gone to the hospital and was in labor. He asked me if I wanted to play or go right to the hospital. I told him it wouldn't do my daughter any good if I didn't have a job. He put me in and I played really well. After the game one of the equipment people gave me his old pickup truck and I received a police escort to the hospital. The officers were going so fast that I couldn't even keep up with them.

 "Long story short, I got to the hospital on time to witness the birth of my daughter, Ashley. My wife was beside herself because 15 players showed up and all the nurses were out getting autographs while the guys ate wings and pizza in the waiting room."

The life of an NFL player ... amazing.


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If anybody knows how this regime operates and remembers last year knows This chart means nothing .

Poor poor Ernest in a hole. Should be Ernest goes to camp.

Too Bad Paul Warfield's jersey number is retired. Clemmon's would look good with #42(ala Ronnie Lott).

Dear Mr Armdo: How are you? I am fine.Thank you for depfh chart. I liked it allot. Mr Armdo I don't think we can keep all of theose players on your depfh chart. I think some of them will have to get cut. I am sorry. DOnt be mad. But I think that.
Classic Momets are very funny to read. Thank you for them. Wings and pizza is funny at hopstal, too.
Mr Armado, thank you for all the great writing that you do for all of us who read. You are good writer, too. Thank you.
Juan Huron.

The only thing I see on this depth chart that means anything is Jason Allen dead last. That means something, and it doesn't bode well for Jason.

I still think Jason Taylor would be more effective if he wasnt an every down player and they just unleashed him on obvious passing downs. He would be fresher for the end of the season, be less prone to injury, and get more pressure on the QB. I secretly hope that Matt Roth comes back healthy and is the full time starter, with Jason just being a situational pass rusher. I think that would be the best for this team.

That was the original plan, and I hope they stick with it.

Fake gm. I agree.

Dear fake gem: oops! you just let cat out of the back. It;s not the secret too bad Now everybody knows that you hope Roth is full time starter. LOLOLOLOLOL. NO more secrets for you! We all of us now know.
thank you for sharing.
your friend,
Juan Huron
PS you know its joke? Is right?

Thanks Juan, you are a funny dude.

Looks like you are running out of classic moments.

Guys like J. Taylor need to be everydown guys they get a feel for the games as it goes on.

That's true in theory, except Jason is 35 years old. That is very, very old to play linebacker in the NFL.

I think he's still a stud, but you have to monitor how many snaps he plays. Playing as a full time starter is too many snaps.

I'd say that FB Polite has locked up his roster spot, aint NOBODY getting past him as the resident FB.

BTW, is Regan Mauia still on a team somewhere or is he back to drywall removal?

i could be wrong an somebody correct me if i am but i think mauia plays for the raiders.

Miami linebackers need to have the same juice before game time that L. Taylor had!!!

You mean gin and juice my pal, Leroy

No Elmo i mean Coke and juice my pal, Rufus

I vaguely remember John Bock. One word.


Armando, two questions please:

I heard you on the radio saying if Matt Roth gets healthy soon enough, you agree he'll get his starting job back from Jason and the team will go with its original plan at SOLB. Why?

Secondly, when are you on the radio. Is 790 so effed up as to not have you on regularly during NFL season? Anyway, I enjoy you on the radio -- in a manly way of course.

Bock was one of those guys who played on the Dolphins for years but never really played. I don't remember him ever starting. I don't remember him ever making a block that mattered. But I remember him being quoted all the time, in the Sun-Sentinel. It was like every story, he was quoted. Never in the Herald, but ALWAYS in the Sem-Suntinel. That's about the time I stopped getting the paper.

I guess what I'm saying, Mando, is you've reached your quota with John Bock quotes at the Herald blog. Move on.

Armando, Green is # 21 (not 31), and Smith # 31 (not 33). Don't care about the Buffalo memory, though. How quickly are we running out of classic moments....

I'm more interested in the Haynos/Nalbone battle.
Any insight ... will/can both make the team?

Reagan is currently playing fullback for the Arizona Cardinals

Like NJ PHIN FAN said, this depth chart means nothing. No matter how many times coach Sparano says the depth chart doesn't mean anything at this time most of the media starts harping on it and fans are bewildered by it and complain about it.

One more time. IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!

If you don't like this depth chart, you can make your own.

Wow, good analysis Armando.

Getting anything of value from a depth chart at this time of year is the same as marking wins and losses off the schedule.

It will all play itself out.

Armando, appreciate the classics - keep them coming.

Getter, funny funny with the dry wall removal. By the way, NFL.com shows Reagan with Arizona at this point.

Dear Juan Huron:

Please be advised, Super 8 Motel called and said you never showed up for work this morning. There are several rooms that need to be cleaned. Call them please. Also, don't forget that you are supposed to weed my garden this weekend and wash my car. Be well. Out.

non related fb injury for roth have anything to do with the underground mma fight that was going on at the american top gym in coconut creek a couple weeks ago? word is there has been a couple non-sanctioned fights there and matt was involved in a set up fight where he connected on a flying knee kick that caused an apparent hip injury but also ko'd the guy he was fighting with. just something to chew on fin fans..

I'm loving these classic moments. He played it perfectly..sometimes the universe smiles on you and you get to solidify your NFL career and see your daughter born on the same night.

In other news Karter Jackston was seen in Coconut Creek misbehaving with various farm animals. After being arrested he was asked what he was up to, and he replied, "yo man I just tryin to bust a nut yo!!!"

is it me or does fake gm sound like Drew Rosenhaus?

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