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Friday eve. practice is short, not so sweet

The open portion of today's afternoon practice only lasted about an hour. It was short.

And also short on highlights.

It's not a good thing when I'm going to tell you about the kicker competition first.

In that competition, incumbent Dan Carpenter is looking good. He connected on four of five kicks in kick drills. He missed a 36-yarder to start the kicking drills, but then connected from 40, 41, and 45 yards.

The first team offense didn't do Carpenter any favors in the two-minute drill. Working via mostly dink and dunk checkdown passes, the first-team O put Carpenter in range for a 53 yard winning FG. He missed it as it is obviously at the edge of his range.

Connor Barth, meanwhile, made all his kicks in the kick drills -- from 36, 40, 41 and 45 yards. But at the end of the two-minute drill, after the third-teamers had gotten him a chance at a winning 43-yard FG, Barth hit the left upright and the ball bounced back onto the field. No good.

By the way, the only reason the third-team offense got down the field is because the tipped pass that resulted in a Tyrone Culver interception and TD return the first play they ran in the two-minute drill was seemingly overlooked and the unit continued working.

Pat White then connected on three consecutive passes to Chris Williams and Anthony Kimble to set Barth up for his makeable but ultimately failed field goal.

I would say this practice was interesting in spurts only. The first-team offense scored on a goal line situation when Chad Pennington scrambled and connected with rookie John Nalbone in the back of the end zone for the TD.

The second-team offense also scored in the goal line situation when Ricky Williams rumbled over from 2 yards out.

So let's see if you've been paying attention. Are you not wondering why Barth had to take his shot at a game-winning FG with the third-team offense? Well, that's because the second-team offense was ineffective in the two-minute drills.

How ineffective? First down pass from Chad Henne to Patrick Turner is ruled out of bounds and therefore incomplete. Second down pass from Henne falls incomplete. Then the sack on third down. Then another incompletion on fourth down, which was the good news because Courtney Bryan might have intercepted the pass had he held on to it.

There's no big injury update to give you at this time. Matt Roth ... never mind. And everyone else, including Donald Thomas, Will Allen and Chad Pennington are taking all of their repetitions. Good news.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back later for the Classic Training Camp Moment. It's a Don Shula classic.]


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John Nalbone baby, One tough joisey MOFO ! I told you he's a keeper

Ok kids the cuban is on the web, Whats the 1st Q for the menace??

Poor Sanchito, nobody there to see him suck

What Rex Ryan eat to get so fat? He bigger than the tuna.

Carlto, I think rex eats small animals for breakfast, chows down on larger animals(goats,lambs etc.) for lunch , then consumes a side of beef or two for dinner....N.J, I think mando's having a live blog for the game, do you know how to get the game on the internet for us guys up here in the north east???

Do you think he eat little cuyes (guinea pig) like popping corns?


Pobrecito Sanchito va a tirar 2 int

Yes he sautes them in a garlic and thyme..he eats them like people eat potato chips


What assistant coach you think Rex Ryan going to punch this year like his daddy did?

I think Brian Schottenhiemer

Thats a good choice, i mean if hes(shottenhiemer)like HIS daddy, he'll need to be smacked around..Next Q for the cuban??


Si queries ver el partido este lunes, NFL network va a tenerlo a las once.

Yeah but it starts at 11 on mon.nite

Sanchez moving the jets pretty good so far..

Cuban, I do you un gran favor. I go to be at game. I give updates faster to blog and you don't even have to follow me on twitter.

Thank you carlito..

many people are very excited for Nalpone , Turner ,Hartline and Smith.
still we have to see if they are going to see any action.i can see Turner in as a starter .

Nalbone is looking good. You know cuye is a Peruvian delicacy.

i can tell that carlito loves junk cheap food

Cuban, frogs are good for you cuban, you should try'm

Anyone know if the game will be available on direct tv on monday? I'm up in jersey and I will probably end up going to a bar if it's on direct tv...

I had it when i visited machu pichua in peru, wasnt bad and DIDNT taste like chicken..ps when ever you visit there dont take any leafy substance that the locals say (as they say in america) "will give you wings" its coca leafs....

in italy the number one delicacy is the white horse balls .

Gopats, tommy boy looked good the other nite..

speak english me no understand you know. Dolphins will beat Jax,

Chad P will connect on two long bombs you see.


cuban, i can't wait to see the verdict on Pat White and Chad.Henne on monday .
also ,Turner , smith and hartline not to forget my favorite Vonte Davis

Justin, i hear that chad p. wont play monday nite but instead Mr. 96 inch neck will start and play till mid way through the 3rd and then they'll give White the nod..ps do you dislike pat white cause his last name is white??? just asking ..

cuban , you talking to fake justin

I Know..

quiz for cuban ;
1-who's the boxer who won heavy weight champion of the world and he was gay and he came out of the closet last year ?

Ok kids its time for the cubans "name a nick name" for the dolphins players, coaches, water boys, clip board holders and any one else associated with "TEAM MAMMAL" so lets begain , 1st up Chad ( ? ) Pennington . i'll go with Savior what do you guys think???

Gopats dont know , who???(not that there's anything wrong with that)

i give you a hint , he's really ugly and when he walks he walks very slow and he always hug and kiss the other fighter before the fight.

SAVIOR is a great name for that guy.
JASON TAYLOR.........i name him SCOTT after the ice skate champ Scott.H

another quiz , who's the ex middle heavy weight champ who always loved to hire only beautiful women to clean his house but when comes she never cleans like in J. Sienfield show ?

Gopats, you talking about Iron Mike tyson???

no menace not mike , from the same era .

You do know that iron mike came out last year and says when he was younger(15 or 16) that he had relations with another guy and that he enjoyed it??

YO Menace,

No problem with Pat White, he cool.

good night to all


Since EYEZ iz alwayz on me whas up. Even up here I'm da shi+.

READY as hel=.

Have to work 2morrow.
GOING to WESCESTER MA. SOME thing like that. GOPATS you're from there. MA that is.


HEARD the JETS GAME ON ESPN.mark was on the mark.

I know yur thinkin y the hell this SON OF A MOTHERLESS GOAT is postin so much.


OH YEAH. GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quality of this practice is cause for concern, and foreshadows future ineptitude. When will Ross step in to demand better practices? Stay tuned.

Man, the Henne news is just the same everyday.


Hey, dolfans is there any news on Ronnie brown how does he look so far

Rex Ryan eat a whole prime rib from the prime rib loft at the Orleans in Las Vegas

Who is the only Yankee manager to never manage a game in Yankee Stadium????

i'm going to purposely avoid any sports news or websites or TV channels monday till 11pm then watch the game tape delayed on the nfl channel in glorious HD. it's pretty awesome that they are showing all 65 preseason games!! i doubt this will be any secret by fantasy footballers but philly got themselves one heck of a RB in mccoy. the way westbrook misses games i'd put mccoy high on my watchlist. my pit panthers starting to come to life. hard to believe with wanny but i guess he's better in the college ranks with all his ra ra attitude!! hoping for my small hometown of monessen's product mick williams to have an awesome season and maybe become a dolphin!! not many 6'1 280 defensive linemen can run a sub 4.5 forty.

Atdhe.net has the game on

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