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Got plans tonight? Let's do a live blog chat at 7

The Dolphins will go into the twilight for Wednesday's second practice so that calls for some sort of celebration.

Bartender, a live blog chat for everybody!

As I will be at the 8 p.m. practice to tell you what is going on, as I will be at camp at least one hour before that practice, as I have no life today, it seems like a solid opportunity to have a live blog at 7 p.m.

If you cannot be here at 7 p.m. because you're stuck in traffic or having dinner with the family, you certainly are welcome to leave your question or comment now and I'll it at the top of the chat.

I really do hope some of you will come here live, though, as otherwise it wouldn't be a live blog chat.

No doubt, some of you might decide to come to the Dolphins training facility and watch the practice. It is not a scrimmage despite the fact it's happening in prime time. It's a practice. And yes, it is six hours after Miami's first practice of the day.


"Sleep," Coach Tony Sparanao said. "Honestly, it's the reason I did it. One of the reasons I did it was to get out of the heat a little bit and throw a little curve ball to them and see how it went. I'm not sure what the crowd will be like, but I think it'll be good. So that's nice. And it gets them under the lights one time before we play a game.

"And I'm interested to see these receivers under the lights and some of these punt returners under the lights."

Players don't have to report back to camp until 6:15 to get taped and dressed for practice. After working late tonight, they'll have the opportunity to sleep in as reporting time Thursday will be 10:30 a.m. instead of the usual 6:30 a.m.


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Yeeeeeeeeeah Boooooooooy ! Where's Bro and my fellow crackhead justin at ?

We'll be there at 7 Mando. Is Turner edging London now? By the way, is Prisco still in town? If he is, give him the finger for me, will ya'?

Where is the practice at tonight

Denny's parking lot...

The Dolphins practice at their training facility in Davie.

So practice starts at 7?

Offensive line

I am guessing Long, Carey, Smiley, Grove, Thomas, Berger, and Murphy will make the team, I have not heard much about Gardner but like his chances. That leaves Alleman, Frye, Ndukwe, and Garner. Which two are likely to make the team?

Thank you.

Armando - It's If they move the practice to the NSMB, please post it right away on the blog. [Twitter is blocked at work!]


What's the prognosis on Penny's shin?
How did he injure it?

I know its the "other" footbal but "El Tri" are dirty rotten cheaters & scoundrels....the NY Jets of International football.

Armando , I think TE john nalbone makes the team while joey haynos gets cut. Miami already has enough red zone targets in 6-5 turner , 6-4 london , 6-4 fasano and 6-4 nalbone . Next years 2 TE set will feature/consist of my fellow JOISEY ( Jersey ) BOYZ , Fasano and Nalbone. D. Martin will be gone as a free agent. Your Thoughts ? I' m stepping out , be back later tonight to get your answer. Thanks

Mando-- two serious Qs:

Are Sparano & co. having second thoughts about asking/teaching Pat White to change his throwing motion? &
Is Chad P mentoring Pat White in the same manner he did for Chad H last yr.?

I'm not looking for Pat White's a bust, etc.---just wanna know about how Fins are coaching him.

The point is nalbone is a better all- around TE than haynos.


Any truth to the rumor Nalbone passed up Wilford on the depthchart?


Can you give us any info on the Monday night game against Jacksonville? Will Penny play more than one possession?
Will Henne see action against Jacksonville's first teamer's?
Which defensive backs will play against their starters?
Who will start at right guard?
I know Parcell's and Co. play things "close to the vest" so even your speculations and opinions would be welcome.

You people with the depth chart are totally forgetting last year....and Sparano's own comments. Depth chart means NOTHING!!! esp. now.


The Dolphins now have several key players who once played against each other in the Big Ten such as Jake Long, Henne, T. Ginn, B. Hartline, and Vontae Davis. Is this a factor in the locker room at all (does it affect chemistry amongst these players positively or negatively)? I am especially referring to the heated Michigan/Ohio State rivalry.

Or is this something only football junkies like me think about and has no basis in reality?

Super Scout

It's context you troll.

I guess I should have asked Did Nalbone pass Wilford on the way to the store?

How's that super scoot

Fake GM

Good question, I've wondered the same thing. I like to think it bolsters comraderie.

There are alot of good jokes in that question, but I'm going to let you off the hook Armando.


The context is that Sparano himself said that the depth chart is meaningless until after the first pre-season game, and then, he added, it's not truly meaningful until the season begins. So if invoking the coach's words, and if recalling all the crazy changes to the depth chart last pre-season, makes me a troll, guilty as charged. Plus, all the blogs I've read have made it pretty clear that Willford ain't worth a damn, and that Nalbone has looked good so far.

OK, folks as the Who said to Horton: I am here, I am here.

I should report that skies are cloudy and threatening this evening in lovely Davie, FL. But the practice is scheduled to go on as planned right now.

OK, I see that Gian hates Pete Prisco. Did you guys flood his email?

And, Gian, I don't see there being a question on Turner. He's going to make the team. That is pretty obvious.

London has to do something amazing on special teams in the preseason. Kinda like, well, Larry Izzo.

Will Wilford beat out John Nalbone for #3 TE?

Super Scooter

So I guess the answer would be yes?

Save all the condescending attempts at sounding intelligent(ie: you people) and talk football punk.
Other than yesterday Nalbone's been stinking up the joint as well.


Do you think you can take Prisco mano a mano?

Gofish, all the guys you mentioned making the team, do in fact, make the team. Add Gardner as well. Sparano has talked about "changing his body," meaning they're going to get him stronger. That means he sticks.

The others: Alleman, Ndukwe, Frye, Garner are all depending on playing well in the preseason to get in. I would say it has been a mighty fall for Ndukwe, who started a lot of games last year and this year got moved out of his position and is on third team now.


Is Wake practicing solely at the weak side LB position or have they moved him around? If so, where is he practicing?


Odineye, been nursing a herniated disk and my left arm feels numb a lot. But I took a kempo course in the offseason so, I guess the short answer is yes, even with only one arm.

lol mando

besea, you're asking me to predict what will happen. I don't have a crystal ball.

but if your question is is John Nalbone beating out Wilford for a spot so far, the answer has got to be absolutely, yes.

I'm betting on you over Prisco in the 3rd Armando.
Eye of the tiger brother.


Could you compare Ted Ginn in his rookie camp to Hartline? How far along is Hartline compared to where Ginn was his rookie year?

any chances of bess staying ahead of camarillo on the depth chart?

Bart, Cameron Wake has been working almost exclusively at WOLB behind Joey Porter. But he has had repetition at SOLB also, just not as many.

NJ PHINFAN, I've been kind of disappointed by the fact Haynos hasn't really shined the first 9 days or so. I mean, the guy is a skyscraper and he moves OK. But he doesn't turn heads, least not mine, least not yet.


How is Ronnie looking these days?


Its early, but do you see anything in Vontae Davis that tells you he is not going to go the way of Jason Allen.

Which rookies do you feel will start opening day if any?


Omar Kelly(?) reported Penny's wearing a shin splint? How did he hurt his shin? How bad is it?

Fake GM: Let me be totally transparent with you.

The media has not been allowed inside the locker room since the end of last year. Parcells/Sparano prohibit that during the offseason and preseason because they want to build team chemistry. So I have no idea what has been going on inside the locker room between the Big 10 guys.

But ...

I'm certain if some heated exchange had broken out, I would have heard about it by now. Also, these guys make friendly wagers (not always money) on their college teams all the time. It has never resulted in a fight or affected chemistry in all my years covering the team.

Does Ginn look like he's ready to be a starting WR?


Recently we've heard that Ferguson has been playing very well against the interior offensive line. Is this a conditioning issue or has Grove been underwhelming?

Penne? Chad Pennington's injured?

Salguero there was a guy identical to you at Bokampers, I thought it was you.

Salguero in your opinion who wins the Battle at RG between Thomas and Murphy. Saw Thomas up close today at camp and he is a Giant.

Sparano said today he needs players that can play ST and another positions, ala London & Cobbs. Do you now see a bigger chance of Jason Allen being traded or released.

BTW White looked horrible today, you were there. Hope when the lights come on this Monday he picks it up.


Sparano has not yet revealed his plan for the game because I don't think the coaching staff has had that meeting yet.

My educated guess is that Pennington plays a series or two at most and hands over to Henne who takes it second and third quarter, with White getting the fourth quarter. That is my guess and nothing more. Let's see how I do.

I left myself open, Ramerstone. And I appreciate you letting me off the hook.

Armando, i know it's early, but what is the feeling in camp so far? do the players seem to have any sense of urgency? do they practice like an elite team? do they seem to want to get over the hump??


If Donald Thomas stays healthy this year, can this be a top 5 Oline?


Salguero I had a VIP tour of the Training Facility today in the AM, and all I could say is that Looker Room smells like something died in there and it is the most messy place I have seen.

AS how do you think this team compares with other AFC teams this year



How are the back up running backs performing?

dphins13, what do you mean by top 5 Oline? Do you mean he starts for the Dolphins or do you mean he's a top five lineman in the league.

If he's healthy and regains his game, he starts for Miami. But he's a loooong way from being top 5 guy in the league.

Fins getting no respect this year. I was listening to Schein/gannon on Sirius NFLradio and I believe Schein picked BOTH the Bills & Jets over the Fins. Pats are #1 of course. I predict they'll go 8-8 myself-I'm a diehard but also realistic.

What do you think Armando?


No the unit as a whole not Donald Thomas. Can this Oline be an elite O-line if DT stays healthy



Enjoy your reports,Do you see a possibility of a rookie safety and at least 1 rookie to start on defense?


I know it's only pre-season, but looking at the talent levels, I'll bet you a steak dinner at Shula's we toy with Jacksonville this Monday.
What do you say?

Robi2184: I think Thomas will eventually win the RG job. I think he's better than Murphy.

I have heard not one peep that Jason Allen will be traded. I know it's been speculated by other bloggers, but how much of that is FACT and how much of it is a guess?

If it's a fact, report it as news. Otherwise, you're throwing stuff up there to see if it sticks. And if it doesn't, no one will remember.

From another paper's blog....or maybe I made it up:

"But which of the two will end up starting for the Dolphins?

In the Dolphins initial depth chart, which came out on Monday, Bess was listed ahead of Camarillo. However, Sparano said that has a lot to do with the fact Bess finished the season as the starter when Camarillo was sidelined by his ACL injury.

Sparano said the depth chart is something he'll solidify within the next 10 practices, which leads him up to the Aug. 22 exhibition game against the Carolina Panthers."

But I suppose it's meaningful to examine who the third string tight-end is on a pre-season, pre-season game, depth chart.

When asked when the depth chart will become more meaningful to him, Sparano said "Atlanta," referring to the Sept. 13th season-opener. "It'll become real meaningful then."

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