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Game review: Miami Dolphins 10, Bucs 6

The good: Brian Hartline earned a starting WR job. Well, he wasn't actually annointed by the coaching staff, but trust me, he's going to be a starter in the regular-season opener at Atlanta in two weeks.

The kick return team also did a fairly good job, averaging 30.3 yards on three returns.

The bad: A much, much longer list for the Dolphins during Thursday night's 10-6 victory over Tampa Bay. 

"I would assess it this way," coach Tony Sparano said. "Our defense was on the field too long and our offense wasn't on the field long enough."

You think, coach? The Dolphins, ineffective on offense much of the first half, ran a total of 54 plays. The Bucs, relying on an offense that looked good-not-great while Byron Leftwich was in the game, ran 74 plays and was electrifying by comparison.

During the time Leftwich was in there, the Miami defense looked terrible. Miami defenders mounted precious little pressure on the quarterback. And the secondary blew a couple of coverages some times, while failing to make plays at other times even as defenders were draped around receivers. Luckily Leftwich is a mediocre QB so he didn't make the Dolphins pay for their problems.

"They converted too many third downs," Sparano said. "I have to watch the film and reserve judgment on that. But I thought they missed a few receivers at times during the course of that thing. I thought our guys battled hard and kind of bent but didn't break. We came up with a few good rushes and hit the quarterback a couple of times in certain situations in the course of the game."

This is where I remind you the Bucs did not play their two starting receivers. Antonio Bryant is recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery. Michael Clayton is recovering from a hamstring injury. Some dude named Stovall torched the Miami secondary for 73 yards on six catches in the first half. 

"We have to get off the field on third down," strong safety Yeremiah Bell said. "A completion is a completion no matter who you're against, no matter who's in the game. Like I said, the concepts stay the same, it's just that the first guys are normally better receivers. At the same time we have to make the plays and get off the field."

The ugly: Chad Henne may indeed become the starter at some point this year and more likely in 2010. But he's not ready for that baton to be passed quite yet -- not if this game was an indicator. Henne completed 2 of 8 passes for 55 yards with one interception.

Let me give you some perspective on Henne's night. His passer rating was 16.1. He completed only one more pass to his teammates than to players on the other team. It was a struggle.

"I wasn't excited about how we threw the ball as a whole tonight," Sparano said when asked specifically about Henne.

The Miami defense was disappointing in that it seems a step slow a lot. The rush gets there just after the passer releases the ball. The cornerbacks stick a hand in just after the receiver pulls in the pass. And there was too much shoddy tackling.

One more thing on the ugly. Lex Hilliard did a lot of things well the last seven months to earn a spot on the Dolphins' 53 man roster. And he might still earn that spot. But Thursday night did not help. He was ineffective running the ball, gaining only 32 yards on 11 carries for a 2.9 yard per carry average. He also fumbled, which is a transgression Sparano detests.

Did I mention Brian Hartline played well? I'm telling you he's the starter after he caught three passes for 79 yards. I asked Sparano if Hartline is the starter, because it sounds better coming from the head coach than a goofy columnist. But the coach wouldn't give up the money quote. 

"I got to watch the film," Sparano cliched. "I like what he did, OK? He did make some big plays, which is critical. One of the things we have to do a better job of on offense is we can't take 15 plays to score every touchdown. We have to get some chunk yards and Hartline was able to make some chunk yards tonight. [Greg] Camarillo was able to make a catch out there one time, too, but Hartline was able to get down the field that way, so that was positive."

Well, the head coach didn't give me what I wanted to hear. So I asked Hartline if he has adjusted his goals from simply making the club to winning himself the starting job. And ... bingo!

"Absolutely," he told me. "There's no reason why I can't ... I'm going to try to set goals to maybe so high I can't reach them. I have high goals and I'm always readjusting my goals. But as you saw tonight, we have a lot of good receivers on this team and any rotation or how we're going to use them, that's going to be the coach's thoughts. But I'm changing goals. Probably daily.

"There's a lot of things I know I'm going to learn from this film going against guys like ronde and other guys. There's stuff that I see that maybe you guys might not that when I get a chance to watch the film, I can correct and do better on."

Can I throw this out at you guys without starting an insurrection? Miami's two most productive receivers now, today, as you read this, are Brian Hartline and Greg Camarillo. Camarillo is still not at the level he reached just prior to his ACL injury last season. But he's progressing and he finds a way to make a play almost every game.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Almost invisible for the second consecutive game. He had one catch for 19 yards.

"The coverage was dictating where the ball was going and [Hartline] was able to make some plays for us and the ball was going his way quite a bit," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "We're just working on trying to get better. We got some things we have to clean up, polish up and get a little bit better which is disappointing. We've been doing pretty well on third down, made that an emphasis and tonight we didn't do a good job. And that's how you keep your defense off the field and how you keep drives going and create some momentum so we have to do a better job there."

Pennington started painfully slow, missing on five of his first nine passes, which is like a personal disaster for a guy who completed 67.4 percent of his passes last season. But Pennington recovered nicely and finished the night 9 of 16 for 128 yards and one TD. His passer rating was 103.1.

Finally, I've been hearing a lot this morning about how the Dolphins are excused for looking bad in the areas where they struggled because, well, they didn't prepare for the game. They didn't game plan. They didn't have much time between games.

Fair. But ...

They played an opponent that didn't prepare for the game, that didn't game plan, and didn't have much time between games.


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man, where to start with this game and team...

"Henne completed 2 of 8 passes for 55 yards with one interception."

maybe spoiled after all my years watching Danny Boy and we DO NOT have a pro bowl and/ or championship QB on this team. Henne, after 5 years at Michigan, 1 full year learing in the pros, does not have any semblance whatsoever of a winning caliber type QB. and no where near any glimpse of a game changing QB.

Pennington can not throw the deep ball. this is the preseason and after being down by 6 pts, with 3 ill fated drives, the Phins come out throwing to TE's and RBs, again and again. For a team that puts its belief in the running game and OL, we are not helping ourselves with a QB that can not throw deep. If Chad P is not our superbowl QB what is the point of investing time in him? to eek out games?

Ginn, now this man has improved. constantly he beats his man down the sideline to only have to slow down to wait for the ball. he looks bigger and is making pin point cuts. how much longer will Ginn's skills go underutilized by our lack of a strong armed QB?

how long will Phins fans wait for a pro bowl or superbowl QB?

9/11 was an inside job

WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos.

so glad this was a "nationally televised game". here in scranton, pa. all i got was the michael vick show against the jags. wonderful. the 2nd half that i did get to see was worrisome. seemed like everything gained in the offseason and 2 preseason games were lost tonight. still have faith, still believe. just a matter of time.

Extremely distressing game. First, Re-raises the not drafting Ryan issue on two fronts, one major:Henne struggling, one minor: the possibility that some draftniks were right that Long has trouble w/ speed rushers.

Second---Jake Grove vs ex-Ravens center ---maybe we should have "overpaind" for that Jason cat thatplayed for B'more last year; where's the O Line push.

Third--the safety play was, and has been all pre-season, very weak.

4th--no pass rush.

Um, where was Mr. Patrick Turner who is supposed to be the big red zone threat?
The Phins got Gibril Wilson who the Raiders let go because he was suspect in coverage, gee what's going on with him now?
We let Bartt Scott go to the Jets because it was better to re-sign Crowder because he has no int. and a few sacks in FOUR years.
Instead of taking Matt Ryan they took Long and the knack on him was he can't handle speed rushers, gee guess what's happing with him now?
Last year's draft we had the first pick in the second round in which EVERY reciver was still on the board in the draft, what happend? Took Phillip Merling who had a sports hernia, gee how is he doing rushin the passer now?
Chad (the joke) Henne? Miami took him instaed of Flacco, gee how did that work out?
Any other reciver would have been gone in the end zone tonight on the pass that was caught by Mr. Cameriilo.Look the Bears, Falcons, Vikings all have an offensive line that is good not great, notice what happened to them when they drafted a real running back? The running game emerged, point is how many times has Ronnie broke the big one? Not consistently enough.The Phins need a good Q.B and recivers then we have a chance, if not this season is gone. What is going to happen when we face New England,Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan,etc.if our starters can't contain the Buc's 3rd string garbage players?
To many questions and not enough answers.....

Thought that Langford showed a little more pass rush that we saw last year which is another positive.

That Offensive Pass Interferance on Hartline in the 1st half stopped what little momentum we were gaining. And it was a poor call also, but still a very good catch.

Hartline looked like he needs to seriously get bulked up (off season) he was getting pushed around a little out there on the jam.

Inside backers - was pleased here to a degree, and feeling more positive about the back ups.

Sean Smith looked lost and was allowing a lot of separation, Davis looked better when he was in, at least he was locked up more with the WR's

OL - where was the push from last week?

Are we missing Matt Roth more than we realise?

No one has mentioned the poor tackling. Also, the D-line was getting pushed around out there, as was the O-line. Maybe the rain had something to do with their lackluster performance, but it's going to be a long season if we don't see improvement on both sides of the ball.

Oh well, season is over. I guess figure skating is on the other channel.
What is the matter with you guys. The game is over. We beat them. do we honestly think that this is going to be a cake walk. 16 games and 3 more to the house. It can be done.
Better to play poorly now than in 2 weeks. I trust that Sparano wll have it all worked out.

That game was very upsetting. I never thought that after the first two preseason games that we would have that many problems. Although I only was able to watch the first half, I did listen to the rest on the radio due to having to go to work, I lost track of the errors this team committed. I certainly hope the coaching staff can correct these problems and pray this was just a fluke and not an indication of how the season will go.

If a team like the Bucs who are not expected to do much this year can outplay the Fins like they did, we could be in for a very long season with lot's of disappointment. I hope I'm wrong. I also agree Hartline had a real good game and even Camarillo had a good reception with lots of YAC.

I have not lost faith yet, again I just hope this was a fluke.

Well before I go to work I would like to say PENNINGTON didn't even look TED's way. The D doesn't dictate where good QBs want to throw the ball.(DUMB)

O-LINE was the worst I saw in a long time. There was no energy coming from up front at all.Tampa D-LINE man handled us.

That back up WR that out shined us was on WILL ALLEN most of the nite.WILL sucks and I never thought he was that good.

sean smith held his own.

LANGFORD was a beast.

hartline OK nothing as great as you making him sound.

HENNE still can play and we all had bad days. This team is having a bad month.

gotta go.

How can you say Lex Hilliard ran the ball poorly. There were NO HOLES. Jebus, on a pitch, he got the ball and by the time he got to the line the time he fumbled, there were 5 Bucs waiting for him and not a single Dolphin Olineman in the picture. He got hammered and the ball fell loose. The line is extremely weak and the Bucs D put like 10 in the box and we didn't have a QB or receiver who could take advantage of it.

Look Hartline for a rookie? IS A BEAST, what because he doesnt have Ginn speed, because he is white? The man outplayed every wr we had out there, our oline sucks ill just say it over priced, Pennington threw alot of long pass's last night and impressed me with his arm strength CLEARLY INCREASING.

If the o-line looks like that all year give me the under on the vegas 7 wins over/under. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the whole line the most well paid in the league?

I know it's preseason but Henne has not impressed me at all. I think if he's the starter we may need to give him the Aaren Rodgers treatment and have him learn for another 3 years.

not to get off subject of my team(dolphins) but just saw mcnabb and vick on the sideline talking and the manner of mcnabb remind me of when T.O. was there, this is going to backfire in mcnabb's face. i thought he(mcnabb) was a b*tch then and i see why i feel this way still. ps DE'JEVU

Obviously, this was a disappointing game for Phins fans. The 3rd pre-season game is suppposed to me where you find out where your team is at. This Dolphins team isn't anywhere close to where it needs to be.

I'm still puzzled by the Hartline draft choice. I know he had some nice plays in this game(if Rhonde Barber is consistently holding you, you must be doing something right), but Hartline is still a mystery draft pick to me. His ceiling seems to be the same as Bess' and Camarillos'....he's not lightning fast or a huge target. He's a normal sized receiver with normal size - just like Bess and Camarillo. Why not spend that 4th round draft pick on a position that's not as deep and humdrum as the Wr's? Camarillo had a great move that netted about 40 yards that isn't getting mentioned enough.

I was stunned by how much this offense looked like last year's offense.

This game was a flat out embarrassment and I am not talking about the score. I am talking about an ineffective O-Line, the mis-tackles, the secondary coverage. Sparano gets a pass because of 11-5 last year and it's still only pre-season this year. But we were flat out embarassing tonight.

relax. this preseason we play/ed teams we have to see in the regular season. It should not matter for the oline but our game planning in offense and defense is very vanilla. This is not the same way we will approach the real games that count. All is still well with the Phins world this morning. Looks like the coaches have really used this preseason to look at the rookies and new talent. That will make the difference.

"WTC 1, 2 & 7 were brought down by controlled demolition.

checkout wtc7.net & watch the collapse videos."

Can we ban political garbage posts like this that are insult to the intelligence of a raccoon, much less a human being? This is a sports forum.


All bow, I have arrived.

Tom by bringing attention to it you make it into a forum for them. Just ignore it. Like Obama does his critics and the American families...

The Phins will be an interesting team to watch... how about that long ball by Pennington to Hartline. TWICE. once when Hartline was called for that BS pushing off and then for 54 yards gain!

So.. Is my post on "Henne" being the big BUST making you all see the light yet???

As I said yesterday boys... here is just two words... JOE FLACCO!!!!

Drafting Henne will go down as a bust for parcells just like Beck was a bust.

Henne is NOT going to do anything for Miami except lose games. Even the ex Jet Ray Lucus was better.

Miami Management... READ MY LIPS... WE NEED TO FIND A FUTURE QB and if you pass the keys to Henne, i will go out on a limb and predict that it will only happen when Parcells departs Miami so it wont tarnish his name for drafting this guy.

JOE FLACCO... Yes, I will rub it in your face because only a handful of us knew that Henne was a wasted pick. Miami should have done all it could have to pick Flacco. He could have been the next Danny Boy but he will somewhere else.

My last prediction... Chad Penny will be the starter for the next 2 years as we don't have anyone that can fill the QB void. Parcells passed on VICK who could have been good for us and stayed with Henne the loser.

All I can say is, from Mando's blog, 'dress rehearsal' we were suppose to 'dominate' the bucs. What I witnessed was just the opposite. Looks like C. Pennington is going to have his down year, or at least that is what his history in the NFL tells us. Hope I am wrong, but if last nights game is any indication, we're in trouble.

Hartline = Fred Biletnikoff
Ginn = Cliff Branch

The good news is that Miami played very poorly, but still won, if you care about the preseason. The better news is that you learn more from mistakes than you do from success - and on the evidence of last night, there's quite a bit of learning to do. Hartline was a definite plus, although why Ginn has been so invisible recently is harder to explain. For me, the worst feature of the night was Will Allen, a longtime veteran, looking so mediocre. I expect rookies to have a bad game or so, especially in the preseason, but not someone who is supposed to be absolutely reliable. Overall, this is a good wake-up call for the Dolphins, and better now than when they start the real season.

I don't think this was the best performance by our Dolphins (maybe that's a huge understatement). The team looked flat to start and out of synch at times. I was really disappointed with the pass rush when Leftwich was in the game. There was nothing. I thought Henne looked shaky when he was in there. I didn't see the poise I am used to seeing from him and his interception deep in Tampa's territory was unforgiveable. I thought the offensive line did a nice job and Hartline looks good. He looks like he has passable speed and he looks like a gamer. I'm not yet worried about Ginn...he will yet get his opportunities. Punt return wasn't there and I was disappointed in Bess' overall game all night. He needs to bring more to the table every game!!
It's disappointing that the Dolphins played liked this in their 'dress rehearsal'. But to be honest, I would rather they play like this now than in the regular season and I'm confident the coaching staff will get these problems ironed out.

I now seriously question the decision to pass on Ryan & Flacco. The truths that no one seems willing to accept: Henne's mediocre & Long is slightly above-average at best--he's no no.1 of 1s/ highest paid lineman in the League stud. Yes, I know he was all-pro, but watch him--he's very good, not great. At that pick, and letting qbs go, we needed him to be better.

With Ryan, or Flacco, we would have had a foundation to build around. Now we're keeping or fingers crossed that Henne will develop, and that seems a dubious propostion at best.

Jake Grove's also a mistake....shoulda spent the $$ for the balto center who went to StLouis; ditto for passing on Bart Scott & spending big-$$$ for Crowder's retention.

& Reynaldo Hill was better that Gab Wilson has been.

Darkness Looms.

I enjoy your columns and blogs armando. I learn stuff. I also learn stuff watching the game. And last nite I learned we're about to be 6-10 at best.

3 games in 10 days

Henne Looks suspect (and that's being kind)

Chowder still keeps running out of holes he should stay in

Soliai Looked good Ferguson didn't

Vonte looked way better than Will

Sean Smith should concentrate on his coverage and tackling instead of celebrating plays he had nothing to do with

Langford is a player

Hartline looks like a keeper

Moses was impressive - Hilliard was not

Can't wait for an 18 games season and the stinking Marlins to get out of our stadium.

Are you Kidding me? It's a freeaaking preseason game! OKAY Chicken Littles the sky is not falling. The so-called fans here now will be the very same ones claiming they knew all along the Fins were playoff bound in January.


Go Fins

This team was not ready to play last night. And the blame can only be placed on the coaches, it's their job and they didn't get it done.

One other thing, Pennington was beyond bad and we can say, it was just a bad day. But Henne was even worse. This is supposed to be the future? I don't think so.

i hope we get to see a lot more pat white in game 4!! he brings more excitement to the game than penny and henne combined. he has put nearly every pass on receivers hands and hasn't been sacked once. he's better for the running game too. everything he does is in a gear that penny and henne don't have. it's called fast.

That was horrible and hopefully just a bad game for the team because if that's the norm they'll be lucky to win 6 games. I think you missed a couple of other "goods" out there like Kendall Langford and Nate Jones. Our backups did a great job of getting pressure on their backups which speaks a little to depth. Also I'm beginning to think Pennington has something against Ginn as I saw him open a few different times and ,completely ignoring him, Penny decided to throw short and incomplete to someone else. Also wasn't he wide open in the corner of the endzone when Penny sailed the ball 10 feet over his head? There might have been an offensive penalty on that play(?) but still, sheesh. Henne didn't have a lot of starters for long but neither did the other team and he was incredibly innacurate. I hope this isn't another Tuna QB who is as tough as nails but inconsistent and mediocre. We'll see.

1.) Hartline was one of the only positives but he's obviously not ready to be a starter, so to crown him as a starter after making one big catch is not a fair judgement. He's not near as consistant as either Bess or Camarillo. Needs more playing time - remember; he is a rookie.

2.) Henne did terrible against a 3rd string defense, to keep mentioning that he will be the starter at some point this year is ridiculous. Pennington is our starter all this year and probably next year too. I'd rather have a consistant, accurate and experienced QB leading the team and stick a wild cat Pat White package to combine with it. Henne is a back up at this point, period.

3.) The secondary needs to step it up. Cutting Green was a dumb move - best nickel corner the team had! Only positive is Nate Jone's ability to rush the QB but can he cover??

4.) a lot of missed sacks, there should have been over 8 sacks last night, lets start converting those!

5.) The most impressive part of last night's game was the coaching staff. Love Sparano's energy, while most coaches think "just another preseason game". Sparano embraces every minute and its that mentality that got us in the playoffs last year.

So, the reason the Fins didn't throw to Ginn more is that the coverage dictated otherwise? Gimme a break. I'm not ready to give up on the guy just yet, but come on dude, get open and make some plays. Hartline played well, but no other receiver has the speed that Ginn has. Or we thought he had.

Also the defensive playcalling was horrible in the first half. I'm blaming more of their lack of success on Pasquolini than the starters. When they ran we blitzed, when they threw we zoned and never seemed to be calling the right play at the right time. They adjusted well in the second half but they won't have that long to adjust in the regular season when they're playing the leagues toughest teams.

oh and I can't begin to comment on how ridiculous the Jake Long comments are...

He was a pro bowler in his first year in the league... He's still growing and learning as a player, stop overreacting...

Have faith in your DOLPHINS for goodness sakes!

Last week when he had time with the starters Henne marched the offense up and down the field, like Sherman through Georgia, and was player of the game in the eyes of the CBS broadcasters that labeled him as such. The problem here is not Henne. The problem is 4 consecutive 3 and outs with Penne leading the starters. The problem is that on both Hartline and Besses acrobatic sideline catches (one penalty, one out of bounds)the balls were underthrown. The problem is that if you take out the wildcard plays from last year Brown & Williams both suck.

Everyone just relax. This was good for the phins. They need to get their butts kicked a little bit. How they respond to this flat performance will be the real test. Henne did not play well last night but you can't throw him under the bus yet. Pennington did not play all that well last night either yet you know he can play at a high level. The whole team needs a wake up call and a game like last night just might be that call. The season is not done yet.

Kris, learn the game and especially Penny's game before you open your trap. Re-watch the game and watch how many times CP even looked to Ginns side of the field. Hard to know if a guys open, when you don't even look to see. As I stated in the other post and what was said by the coaching STAFF after last season. Ginn draws double coverage or the defense rolls it's coverage his way.. That's Penningtons read because of his lack of arm strength.. Saftey over the top of Ginn or the coverage rolls to the left... throw to the right. That's his game and again, I don't really have a problem with it, if we are successful, but I just wish you haters would understand this very simple concept and stop banging on Ginn so much.

Can someone name a time where you've seen Henne actually look & throw accurately to his 2nd or 3rd option. Every play he seems to lock on 1 receiver.

also, his 1st pass last night was down the field (and inaccurate), but no other pass went more than maybe 10yds downfield. Even freaking Leftwich was throwing 15-20yd passes.

I counted at least 4 tackles that Joey Porter missed. He is terrible on the run defense. I think he's over the hill. I didn't see any pressure from him either.

Edmunds.....I can't. I have never seen Henne look off a receiver, or go to a 2d or 3d option---a slender reed upon which to base our future.

Right on the money AS, to many Dolfans get caught up in last years success. Are the Dolphins a better team than last year - YES. Are the Dolphins good enough right now to win a playoff game - NO. Not enough play makers right now but they are headed in the right direction - I think Tony will get them there - just not this year.

the dolphin team needs few sofas on the side line for all these who gets millions in salary and never play or catch or defend or the QB the bust or the coach who does not doing a good job getting them ready to play VS lousy teams .

PS, NJ PHIN last night sounded like fins won the super bowl .

Henne always stares down his receivers,,,i dont think he can play in the NFL....he never looks away from the first option... it disturbing...We should have been looking at Vick more...

I had great seats for the game last night. I thought the O-line gave a poor performance as far as creating some holes for the running game. The defense looked tired. Don't know what everyone say but Pennington has more than enough on his arm to win and why is everyone throwing Henne under the Bus? He isn't ready to start but I think he can develop into a great QB especially with Penningtons help. It's pre-season and I guess everyone wants say the season's over LMAO!!!

Ahh. Hartline is a breath of fresh hardnose sweat. Has hands like Wes Welker,,, has lightning speed like Jimmy Cefalo and has toughness like Tommy Vigorito...

the dolphin team needs few sofas on the side line for all these who gets millions in salary and never play or catch or defend or the QB the bust or the coach who does not doing a good job getting them ready to play VS lousy teams .

PS, NJ PHIN last night sounded like fins won the super bowl .

Posted by: GOpats

Ever heard of punctuation retard. It's bad enough you write like a 5 year old crack but at least attempt to make it readable. Does somebody have a retard to english dictionary to explain this part.
"coach who does not doing a good job getting them ready to play VS lousy teams ."

Do you have to wear a football helmet all the time?

....5 year old crack head.

I don't want to use excuses for that horrid performance last night but I will .. LOL.

I really do think the 3 games in 10 days, combined with the long training camp had an effect on a lot of the guys last night. I watched a lot of heavy legs out there. Not much burst off either line. Landford looks like he's going to be an impact guy this year though. It's not the end of the world. I actually think this performance may benefit us in the long run. Coaches and players know they got a lot of work to do.

O Yee of little faith!

You guys sure are a group of whiny, fickle little bi-atches. One poor performance in the pre season and the seasons over and all our players suck. What the hell is wrong with you? One bad preseason game and you all know more than Parcells, what a bunch of bandwagon punks!

This was the preseason. They don't really game plan, they don't prepare like they do for a regular season game and... WE WON! Yes, as painful and boring as that was to watch, we still won, and more importantly we learn from the mistakes, that is what preseason is all about.

I'd rather them get this out of their system now than on sep 13

"They didn't game plan. They didn't have much time between games.

Fair. But ...

They played an opponent that didn't prepare for the game, that didn't game plan, and didn't have much time between games."


1. DEFENSE COULDN'T get off the field on 3rd down.

2. SPARANO IS RIGHT, defense on the feild too long and "o" didn't have a chance to get in sync.

3. SECONDARY gave up yds but were in the back pocket of the recievers all night and had a BEND BUT DON"T BREAK attitude.

4. PENNY LOOKS GREAT in the 2 minute hurry up spread, we need to run it more.

5. TAKE LAST NIGHT with a grain of salt because, though we weren't efficient w/ base plays, they r not the plays we will be running in the reg. season, no new wildcat pkgs. or pat white were implemented last night.

6. BRIAN HARTLINE played like his youtube highlight reel, bess had a tremendous one hand catch but was out of bounds( not his fault, ball fluttered a bit) and Ginn was WIDE OPEN for a TD but t=Penny's ball sailed. Plus the fasano scrape left play for the TD was brilliant, so there were positives once we got into a rhythm.

7. AS BAD AS IT WAS, it was only 6-0 and one score and we took the lead, so the "D" was gassed early but they stayed in the game and did't panic.

8. GINN looked good on KR and BESS is almost a lock to hold onto the PR's but he's not taking one to the house, we might as well just fair catch it everytime, but at least he's not turning it over.

9. JASON TAYLOR was getting pressure early and often and played well.

as disgusting, wretched and boring as last night was, im going to reserve judging the offense and secondary until Atlanta wk. 1.

I miss Danny boy and the Marks Bros. I still have a grudge against Shula for never giving him a running game.

You guys are way off base ripping on Jake Long... ITS PRESEASON YOU TOOLS!

That was an ugly performance. Pure and simple. Luckily, there's two weeks left to fix some of the problems (positioning in the different schemes, sticking to the right blocking assignment, etc...)

What is worrying is the WR position. Hartline is a nice addition, but Baltimore really exposed Miami's passing game as its main weakness in last year's wild card, and I haven't seen enough over the course of the pre-season to believe that this weakness has been properly addressed.

But I'm staying hopeful .... can't make too much of pre-season!

hello?...u play....to win....the game...

did anyone else pick up last night, with 20 seconds til halftime and no timeouts, we were running play action, LIKE ANYONE ACTUALLY THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO RUN!? and the 2-yd draw up the middle on 3rd and 9 concerns me, i guess u have to w/ no confidence in the passing game at that point but geesh, at least make it something close to the first down marker.

Ronnie sometimes Play action are also used for a timing. But you'd actually be surprised how many people still hesitate a split second on PA regardless of the situation, it may buy just enough time to get a pass off.

I have to agree the Dolphins looked terrible but found a way to win... Our secondary needs to gell a bit more. Maybe they should keep all the projected starters together the next few weeks to get that cohesiveness and communication down. There were too many missed tackles, separation from DB's, and the Pass rush was just a step slow. Offensive line was pushed around, Hartline did make some catches, but every time he was jammed he was getting knocked 5yrds off of his patterns, Ginn was open a few times, but since Pennington was in so much heat he threw to his check downs. We found a way to win the game (reminds me of last year), but we are still inconsistent. Sparano needs to announce the starters and start getting those units gelling with one another and I think we'll see the improvement in the regular season. Three weeks of pre-season and the evaluations should be over. We'll get it right, it was just one of those off nights plus it's not like they game planned for the Bucs this week too..

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