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Game review: Miami Dolphins 10, Bucs 6

The good: Brian Hartline earned a starting WR job. Well, he wasn't actually annointed by the coaching staff, but trust me, he's going to be a starter in the regular-season opener at Atlanta in two weeks.

The kick return team also did a fairly good job, averaging 30.3 yards on three returns.

The bad: A much, much longer list for the Dolphins during Thursday night's 10-6 victory over Tampa Bay. 

"I would assess it this way," coach Tony Sparano said. "Our defense was on the field too long and our offense wasn't on the field long enough."

You think, coach? The Dolphins, ineffective on offense much of the first half, ran a total of 54 plays. The Bucs, relying on an offense that looked good-not-great while Byron Leftwich was in the game, ran 74 plays and was electrifying by comparison.

During the time Leftwich was in there, the Miami defense looked terrible. Miami defenders mounted precious little pressure on the quarterback. And the secondary blew a couple of coverages some times, while failing to make plays at other times even as defenders were draped around receivers. Luckily Leftwich is a mediocre QB so he didn't make the Dolphins pay for their problems.

"They converted too many third downs," Sparano said. "I have to watch the film and reserve judgment on that. But I thought they missed a few receivers at times during the course of that thing. I thought our guys battled hard and kind of bent but didn't break. We came up with a few good rushes and hit the quarterback a couple of times in certain situations in the course of the game."

This is where I remind you the Bucs did not play their two starting receivers. Antonio Bryant is recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery. Michael Clayton is recovering from a hamstring injury. Some dude named Stovall torched the Miami secondary for 73 yards on six catches in the first half. 

"We have to get off the field on third down," strong safety Yeremiah Bell said. "A completion is a completion no matter who you're against, no matter who's in the game. Like I said, the concepts stay the same, it's just that the first guys are normally better receivers. At the same time we have to make the plays and get off the field."

The ugly: Chad Henne may indeed become the starter at some point this year and more likely in 2010. But he's not ready for that baton to be passed quite yet -- not if this game was an indicator. Henne completed 2 of 8 passes for 55 yards with one interception.

Let me give you some perspective on Henne's night. His passer rating was 16.1. He completed only one more pass to his teammates than to players on the other team. It was a struggle.

"I wasn't excited about how we threw the ball as a whole tonight," Sparano said when asked specifically about Henne.

The Miami defense was disappointing in that it seems a step slow a lot. The rush gets there just after the passer releases the ball. The cornerbacks stick a hand in just after the receiver pulls in the pass. And there was too much shoddy tackling.

One more thing on the ugly. Lex Hilliard did a lot of things well the last seven months to earn a spot on the Dolphins' 53 man roster. And he might still earn that spot. But Thursday night did not help. He was ineffective running the ball, gaining only 32 yards on 11 carries for a 2.9 yard per carry average. He also fumbled, which is a transgression Sparano detests.

Did I mention Brian Hartline played well? I'm telling you he's the starter after he caught three passes for 79 yards. I asked Sparano if Hartline is the starter, because it sounds better coming from the head coach than a goofy columnist. But the coach wouldn't give up the money quote. 

"I got to watch the film," Sparano cliched. "I like what he did, OK? He did make some big plays, which is critical. One of the things we have to do a better job of on offense is we can't take 15 plays to score every touchdown. We have to get some chunk yards and Hartline was able to make some chunk yards tonight. [Greg] Camarillo was able to make a catch out there one time, too, but Hartline was able to get down the field that way, so that was positive."

Well, the head coach didn't give me what I wanted to hear. So I asked Hartline if he has adjusted his goals from simply making the club to winning himself the starting job. And ... bingo!

"Absolutely," he told me. "There's no reason why I can't ... I'm going to try to set goals to maybe so high I can't reach them. I have high goals and I'm always readjusting my goals. But as you saw tonight, we have a lot of good receivers on this team and any rotation or how we're going to use them, that's going to be the coach's thoughts. But I'm changing goals. Probably daily.

"There's a lot of things I know I'm going to learn from this film going against guys like ronde and other guys. There's stuff that I see that maybe you guys might not that when I get a chance to watch the film, I can correct and do better on."

Can I throw this out at you guys without starting an insurrection? Miami's two most productive receivers now, today, as you read this, are Brian Hartline and Greg Camarillo. Camarillo is still not at the level he reached just prior to his ACL injury last season. But he's progressing and he finds a way to make a play almost every game.

Ted Ginn Jr.? Almost invisible for the second consecutive game. He had one catch for 19 yards.

"The coverage was dictating where the ball was going and [Hartline] was able to make some plays for us and the ball was going his way quite a bit," quarterback Chad Pennington said. "We're just working on trying to get better. We got some things we have to clean up, polish up and get a little bit better which is disappointing. We've been doing pretty well on third down, made that an emphasis and tonight we didn't do a good job. And that's how you keep your defense off the field and how you keep drives going and create some momentum so we have to do a better job there."

Pennington started painfully slow, missing on five of his first nine passes, which is like a personal disaster for a guy who completed 67.4 percent of his passes last season. But Pennington recovered nicely and finished the night 9 of 16 for 128 yards and one TD. His passer rating was 103.1.

Finally, I've been hearing a lot this morning about how the Dolphins are excused for looking bad in the areas where they struggled because, well, they didn't prepare for the game. They didn't game plan. They didn't have much time between games.

Fair. But ...

They played an opponent that didn't prepare for the game, that didn't game plan, and didn't have much time between games.


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Yeah, the play action was working. It's how we marched down field. I also think Ronnie's spin was a decoy flea flicker. I think he was going to pitch it back to Penne, but Penne had a defender in his face.

I agree with a lot of what's being said here. Let's also agree that in no way were the fins running anything other than basic offensive packages. Not gonna show our hand in preseason against the bucs. Playcalling was boring and predictable, which we all know will not be the case come week 1. That being said I think Hartline looked great and showed his outside ability, although he still gets jammed and struggles recovering. Still need Ginn to step up and be a clearcut number 1. Were in a division with great receivers and we have none. Still think a 1st and something other than a 3rd can get Marshall from Denver. He's a pain in the you know what but he can play receiver. Make that trade and all of a sudden the Pats don't look that scary to me. Defensively the db's worry me alot since mediocre receivers look like Larry Fitzgerald against us, which is just another reason I feel this offense will have to score points. Doesn't get any tougher than our first 3 regular season games so hopefully the defense gets it's act together. Go Dolphins!!!

3 games in 10 days
Posted by: y-not | August 28, 2009 at 09:17 AM

y-not, this is the primary reason for the sloppy game last night, which was so painful to watch as a fan hoping to see something more than sleepwalking. The slick field, lightning delay and lack of game planning contributed as well.

for the bucs, this was their super bowl, because they are not playoff material. sorry, Tampa Bay fans, because i root for you to do well except against Miami.

the criticism of Long is so off-base that it is laughable. he is one of the best as his position, and he is only going to get better with experience.

Saint Penny was underthrowing, overthrowing and missing right and left. Why he doesn't look at Ginn is a great mystery.

Hartline is the most pleasant surprise of camp. The guy makes plays. Period. He runs good routes, which is why he draws penalties and extra attention from the defense. I agree with Mando. He is starting opposite Ginn.

Cammy made a great catch, and a lot of yards after catch, but his lack of speed allowed the defenders to catch him.

Bess is not a fast as many suspect. His returns, especially when he tries to spin to the outside, gets him nowhere. If he does not head straight up the field, he is not going to gain yardage.

Vontae Davis seems to be playing smarter each game. Smith didn't flash in this game.

Do we have any safeties that can make any plays? They are always a step too late to break up a pass.

Henne looked awful. Let's pray this was not an omen about his future.

Ziggy it's kind of tough for ginn to step up when Pennington doesn't even look his way. We don't need B. Marshall, he's a headache on and off the field. Go watch the film of him at practice and tell me you still want this POS. Also, who's going to throw him the ball? Pennington won't throw anywhere near the side that the coverage is rolled to it, hell he won't even look there let alone throw there. We have a number 1 WR, who if played with a stronger armed qb could put up some big numbers but as long as Penny is our qb, it isn't going to happen

Even though Pennington started painfully slow, he finished with a qb rating of 103... just sayin...







Pennington had a passer rating of 103.1! I saw some bad thrown balls but i also saw some sweet passes that were perfectly thrown.

Hartline looked SO ordinary. I just don't get this. Camerillo is far better, maybe he is just still hurting or something....

We are not winning a superbowl with either of the Chads. we would of seen some something from Henne by now if he was trully a stud QB. For a team based on running the football, Pennington's lack of a deep ball has the line of scrimmage stacked with defensive players...Our D is superbowl caliber, Our O is 8 & 8.

Drafting Long over Ryan was a huge mistake as a foundation pick for this team...

As Brigham young said about women, it matters not how you bring them, just bring them young. In the NFL it matters not how you win, just win!! You guys are 3-0 stop crying!!

I totally agree with what someone said earlier... for a big back like Hilliard to be effective... he needs something that resembles blocking, he's not superman! Oh, and by the way, Ronnie, Ricky and Patrick all sucked as bad if not worse.

Hilliard still led in rushing, so that's pretty bad that the 4th string running back has led the team in rushing in ALL 3 preseason games!!! Any you guys still have the nerve to bag on him! WOW

I was at the game last night. A couple of things I noticed: #1 - from my seats behind the Fins bench, I could tell Miami was lacking a bounce and energy as a team. 3 games in 10 days? Coaches didn't get them ready for the dress rehearsal? If that ticky-tack pass interference is not called on the 1st drive, does the offense get into a flow? Not a paid expert, just a fan but it was noticable how lifeless they looked before the lightning delay. #2 - take a breath and calm it with the Ginn is a bust commentary. Can confirm he was open 3-4 times, but Penny was either not looking for him or was getting rushed (especially on the overthrow in the endzone - should have been completed). #3 - now having typed that, I want Penny as my QB for another 2-3 years. Give us the best chance to win week in and week out. The team absolutely will go to hell and back fighting for him, as he does for his teammates. Just watching him in warmups and on the sideline during the game, he has a command and presence that one doesn't have to be told he is a starting NFL QB. You give me a 67% completing QB, an run-based offense that controls the clock for 32-35 minutes a game and a defense which is fast and hits. Enjoyed the Marino years, they were fun -but still have that pre-ordered Super Bowl champs hat/shirt on layaway for 25 years now. #10 gives us the best shot.

Comon people, what has heene done?????? Nothing! he shows nothing! where is the rocket arm? this is hes second year in the system please give it up he sucks. look around the league Qb whe they are talented it Fuc-ing shows. This is the second bust in the parcells regime. Wilford 6 million, the tuna is not perfect and henne is not our QB

Henne Sucks! What a waste of a draft pick even the 21 year old from tampa looked better. How many rookie QB have we seen come out and prove they can play even in the pre-season. Henne sucks lets get off hes band wagon already. When a QB is good it shows! Stop the henne as- kissing and move pat white up to see what he can do. Henne will be a back up QB the rest of hes life

I just read my post... and I need a little work with my spell check...

Regardless if Hilliard fumbled (Ricky had one in Preseason game 1) If he gets cut, he's going to have a successfull season on a team that knows how to run the ball.

Please cut the following players:

W. Allen
J. Allen
N. Jones

Mondo, can you tell me why the booth was able to call for a review of the muffed punt last night but last week we were told that a similar incident was not reviewable?

Armando.... What are the chances of trading for Brandon Marshall? I just don't think Ted Ginn is going to have much success as a #1 WR. Reminds me alot of Peerless Price in the sense that I think he would be more successful as a #2 the same way Price was with Lee Evans.

Three games in ten days. Dolphins as a team looked to have dead legs. The sky is not falling but the wambulance is on the way for all you whinny sissy la la's.


Is Tony really up on Henne? Brother this QB shows nothing on tape for the past two seasons. This is he’s second year in the system, he cant even run the base offence effectively. He struggles man this is the facts. Passing well in 7 on 7 drills in oractice does not count and even against the third string defense in two meaning less pre-season games this Cat cant finish a drive. Please turn the heat on this issue, after all we the fans who buy the tickets and spend the $20 dollars for the hotdogs at the stadium deserve to have the best product out there. how many good rookie QB's do we have to see play well before we realice this henne Qb of the future sucks!

you know what it was another painful game to watch but it was a win and it was ugly but think how tampa feels that means they were worse...and can we get a game with out rain .... new orleans coming up but i doubt if they play starter for long in it but we wil see god for bid they might need the reps

I've been saying it all along: The Dolphins didn't have a game-changer on offense last year until they rolled out the Wildcat. They still don't have a game-changer on offense, so I hope they are installing some new wrinkles for the Wildcat and working out the new Pat White Spread Package.

I love that you have posited Ted Ginn shouldn't be a starter at WR. His greatest strength so far has been as an effective decoy. DBs give him a wide berth only because they fear getting beaten by him deep and ending up on Sports Center.

Did you see him jog out of bounds on that punt return, again, last night? If Teddy doesn't pick it up, he's going to be a drag on one of the best aspects of the Trifecta, which holds that those who perform best get to play most.

wow I would like to see Penny play with the 2nd and 3rd stringers. Think last night was bad!!.Until the give Henne the tools and script he will have trouble. Penny looked like a scared rookies to take the chance for an interception rather then a 1st down. once again throwing way short of the first down marker. also they are trying to make Henne a Penny dinks and dunks let him show his talent and give him some reps with the 1st team

Perfect example of preseason records meaning squat. Phins are 3-0 and have major issues two weeks away from the regular season opener and a very difficult schedule.

On D we can get after the QB, but aside from that there are some major question marks. Where the hell did these guys learn to tackle? This is two weeks in a row that the starters have looked like fools trying to arm tackle. A key to our run d is busy pouting b/c the team brought in JT and Wake. There are MAJOR holes in the secondary and mark my words we will being crying for Goodman after Ryan and Manning have their way with us in weeks 1 &2.

Despite upgrading the OL this offence looks as inept as it was last year. Can CP10 be as perfect as he was last year? Will the WildCat be effective?


Ginn seems to be the only player on this team that fails to produce, but still lines up with the 1's. Why does he get a free pass? Let's see Bess, Camarillo, London, or Turner given a shot on the other side of Hartline.

its only preseason.

Henne's a bum......A BUM!!!!

Five more to be cut on Monday and a big trade with Arizona by mid week!!

I think after this game Bill Parcell's titties are going to be pretty upset. They might even start lactating, then he can fill up that ginger gm Ireland's bowl of cereal. Dark days ahead if this happens guys....beware.

Luke Hancock,

Right on the money! These guys and Armando over react and have tunnel vision. These Bucs have a good O-line even if there are missing their Prima ZDonnas Mando so covets.

Listen our WR core is gonna be good timing is off for both QB's and WR's. Sharpen Up our skills the next two weeks and SAVE IT FOR WHEN IT COUNTS. The real season.

Souljabeats right on these guys of little faith...I'm glad there is a few Dolphin fans on the blog who know the difference.

Pennington can't throw. He missed wide open receivers and he threw the ball late and super slow (no surprise there). What worries me is that Chad Henne is beggining to have the same tendencies as Pennington. He doesn't throw the deep ball, small gains. Let him loose in the 4th pre-season. Henne played better on his first year. Pennington is contagious.

No pass rush. Langford played well.

Their offensive line pushed everyone around.

Jake Long has problems with bull rushing. He's got to improve his technique?

Is the Bucs uniform slippery? Then why the extreme poor tackling?

Game was s**t. And I mean s**t!

Peace out Dolphin Nation have a great weekend.

I'm off to Tahoe, checking in on Dolphin Nation next week...and someone said "its cool to worry about the Dolphins even if it is preseason" meant exactly that, its preseason these games don't count.


How did Ginn evenearn the 1 position so automatically? Start Hartline and Camarillo.

Sean Smith looked great! Anyone notice that????

Rdiorio75, I did notice Smith, very good but not yet great for this stage in his development. Also Vontae lookded pretty good, more work needed.

Did everyong posting on this site have a brain tumor for breakfast? Did common sense go on vacation? Are you all just frigging dumb? Maybe I'm old school, but I miss the days before internet media outlets, talking heads, 15 different pre game and post game shows, mornonic talk radio, and just learned what I knew about the Dolphins from reading a little article in the newspaper or from waiting patiently for my weekly issue of Dolphins Digest to come in the mail. Times were simpler back then and people weren't as quick to overreact as the spoiled information hungry masses of today. I'm copying and pasting all the Henne must go, Pennington is a fraud, Long is a bust, and defense sucks posts, and will inundate this blog with them after we beat Atlanta to open the season just to prove what a bunch of pathetic, chicken little's populate these internet forums.

Okay everyone, Ive been reading all these posts that many of you have written and I just want to say come on wouldn't you rather have the Fins make all their miscues now rather than the regular season. I know I would. We actually need to stop blaming the players for the short yardage plays. There's a man at the helm named Dan Henning the OC, he needs to be more aggressive. We complete 2 passes of +50yds. He should be calling plays like that on first play from scrimmage. That will show the def secondry that that make way to back up and watch out. Then we could run it down there throat.

I would like to invite all the Johnny come lately, the sky is falling, fair-weather fans to join a Jets or Patriots blog. It really sucks that the serious Dolfans have to read through the retardation.
I read a lot of posts jumping on Penny for stating the Defense dictates where the ball goes. It actually does you idiots, it called making your reads! Quarterbacking 101. They probably didn’t teach you schmucks that in armchair QB camp. To be fair guys like Marino or Brady get away with throwing into coverage, but we all knew from the beginning Chad aint no Marino. Were going with what we got so get ready for battle or get out of the way.
All you sissies crying about Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan SHUT UP! Taking a marquee QB with the first pick after going 1-15? Please that’s how teams like Detroit do it.
The crybabies are whining like the Dynasty’s coming apart. Reality check! Were one season removed from 1-15.
We have a lot of young inexperienced gamers on this team, like it or not there will be growing pains. One step forward, two steps back. Get used to it punks. Geez I would hate to have to go to war with sissies like this next to me in the trenches.
Finally look at the last two game tapes. It doesn’t take a genius. Against Carolina our O-Line was pulling and trapping. We used a lot of misdirection as well. Last night we didn’t see any of this. No wildcat either. This wasn’t a dress rehearsal for Sporano and the Dolphins. Just another chance for a young team to evaluate what they got and where their at.
Long is a beast. Pro-Bowl rookie season. He just turned 24 in May. According to some geniuses here, he’s washed up, can’t handle speed rusher. Give me a break.
This Dolphin season will be one of progress, regressions and a lot of struggles. If you can’t handle it, go join the Patriots blog…PLEASE!


I think your basically right.
To be fair Henning wasn't game planning for the Bucs. These guys have a method to their madness. They plan out everything.
I think Sporano and Henning were game planning for more talent evaluation. At the same time not giving away anything needlessly to ANY other teams.

I'm embarrassed by being in the same group as some of you moronic fans. Stop hating on Ginn, there is a reason he is starting. He's the only reciever that draws doubles, which opens it up for every WR that plays against him. It also hurts him because Penny won't dare throw near safety help. None of you morons seem to grasp Penningtons MO after all this team is baffling. You make Armando look like Parcells in terms of football knowledge. (no offense Mando). Re Watch the game. Watch how Ginn beats press coverage off the line yet Penny never looks to that side of the field.

Also, to the moron who said Ginn went out of bounds on the Punt return.. Kind of tough to do considering he didn't return any punts. but why let facts get in the way of your ignorant rants...


Start Hartline and Camarillo?
Sure, that would be great. Then opposing defenses could put 9 in the box instead of 8!

Fail fast forward or fail forward fast, or whatever that idiot use to say.


Well said!

Football knowledge, facts? Most of these guys have no idea what you're talking about.

wait til wk.1 at atlanta when we pull out our ACTUAL gameplan w/ pat white and new wildcat pkgs too. jake long is a pro bowler, taylor looked good, ginn was wide open for a would have been TD, Bess made a hell of a one handed catch out of bounds, hartline stepped up, the defense bended but didn't break and had to cope w/ spec. teams giving them terrible field position and gassed them early. the not getting off the field on 3rd downs concerns me and of course spec. teams mistakes. i like pennington in the hurry up spread. it was a miserable game but they grinded it out and did't give up a TD, oh and the fasano TD play was clever. im holding off judgement til reg. season.

The good:
This is the preseason and we have a few more weeks to get ready for the first game.

Hartline looks like a solid WR, something Miami hasn't had in a long time. Starter? Give him a couple weeks of regular season before giving him the job, make him earn it each week.

Jason Taylor is back and he will rally the troops to get ready for the regular season.

Pennington continued to be efficient and showed he is ready for another solid year.

Quantity of pretty good WRs, which is what worked out good last year for Miami.

The bad:
Secondary looked confused, but more practice should bring that group together.

Offensive line has yet to show much power in the running game, but we do have good depth at RB.

Special Teams didn't look very good most of the game, still needs more work.

Jake Long looked human and now has reason to prepare harder for this years games.

Chad Henne looked like a powderpuff Todd Marinovich. Long way to go for Henne if he is to be future QB. When are we going to re-sign Pennington to an extension?

Fail fast forward or fail forward fast, or whatever that idiot use to say.

Posted by: tom@jax | August 28, 2009 at 03:49 PM

Yeah...what Tom said! ....I think...LOL!

Chad Henne blows. Pat White should be our number 2.

When working with the first team last week Henne marched the offense up and down the field like Hitler through Ploand. That is why he was the player of the game according to CBS.
Penne on his best days marches the team like a school teacher with first graders on a field trip.
Nevertheless he wins more than he loses.
Just relax Isreal.
When it counts we unveil this year's new backdoor playbook on the opposition.

Yeah Henne sucks!

He's had two training camps and a few pre-season games. That's enough for me Billy, let's cut the guy.

Can't we just re-sign Joey Harrington?

What say you?
First put them to sleep.
Then backdoor them with the wildcard.
Can I get an amen?

i see ur point about play action and the linebackers biting, i just hate when we do it in known, obvious passing situations-it gives blitzing LB's and D-lineman that extra sec. to get that much closer to Pennington, he was already having to hurry his throws, every sec. counts, but i hear ya.

that was no dress rehearsal, that might as well been preseason game 1 with that basic vanilla gameplan, and then when they snuck in a reg. season play, like the fasano play, it went for a TD. and of course the refs sucked last night, i know we don't get the greatest of seperation but they were mugging and assaulting our WR, and hartline gets called for a basic hand check which was going back and forth.

After we cut Henne and sign Joey, we can do like despacio says.
Let Ricky walk in FA, and trade Hilliard for another 5th rounder.

Cam Ca-Moron would be proud :-O

Their is something to be said about a receiver who hasn't shown much in his years in the Nfl but he still draws mad double teams. As for the QB's you only get one Manning and one Brady damn stop crying. We had Dan for years and never pulled a ring so maybe having the all world QB ain't the answer. Henne has the arm to make all the throws so chill on his progress. Guys like Young, Dilfer, and even Mark Rypien rode the pine before their day of greatness. So you football geniuses remember this as you cry about our offense our defense will need to be the unit that takes us to the promise land. You suppose to build a franchise buy drafting a QB, Pass Rusher, Shut-down corner, and a left-tackle. I'm not one to say those positions aren't important but for the last few years the defense led by a dominate Strong safety is the key to winning it all. just look at last year......Ed Reed, Adrian Wilson, Brian Dawkins, and Troy Palamalou had their teams in the Championship game. Yerimah Bell better step up his playing status or we should look for someone else. I mean the Colts d was a joke till Sanders came back and they won the whole thing.

After watching last night's game Miami really needs to make a push to get Brandon Marshall or even sign Marvin Harrison. Once a defense clogs the middle and stop the run, we have no other options on offense. Even the wildcat and wildpat will run it's course and defenses will be ready. We do not have enough offensive weapons to spread the field.
On a different note: how about Pennington's 50+ pass?

Want to see more of Pat white for the next game fry Henne he hasn't shown improvement in my opinion

missed the game last night but read comments and thought i'd see a horror show on the replay today on nfl network...

actually, under the circumstances (short week, no serious gameplan, getting looks at positions) i thought there was some pretty decent play and plays made out there...

on bright side we have some really good rooks, young guys, and 2nd and 3rd teamers and i'd bet more than a few of these guys are going to play and contribute this year...

the only thing i'd say is that these guys are gonna need a breather before season starts... sparano's my guy but somebody give this dude a chill pill btwn now and when the season starts

A w is a w i do believe the saying is. 3 games in ten days plus practice has to be exhausting. no pass rush you say? did any of you not see mccown and freeman getting smacked around? and they both are Very mobile. pennington started slow but more than made up for it. no arm strength you say? that bomb to hartline looked good not to mention a pretty pass negated by a bad call. what about when he left his feet threw across his body while about to get creamed and throws a TD? looked strong enough to me.


Don't tell NJ I said so, but I agree, Penny threw deep quite well.
The shot he took on the TD pass says it all in my opinion. He stood in there, never flinched and delivered a strike knowing he was gonna take a hell of a shot.

The pats had a shorty game most trams have had a shitty game this preseason I still think we are a strong enough team to overcome the negative

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