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Ronnie Brown's contract plus Sparano's words

It had been widely reported that Ronnie Brown is a free agent after this season, but I kept looking at numbers sent to me by a source that insisted the Dolphins running back had originally signed a six-year and not a five-year contract.

So today I decided to go straight to the source and end the little mystery. And now we have an interesting (at least to me) answer.

It turns out Brown signed a contract that was for five years plus an option year when he was the second-overall selection in the draft in 2005. And according to Brown himself, the option is tied to whether the NFL and players reach a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the 2010 season. Currently, the CBA is scheduled to expire after the 2010 season with that season being an uncapped year.

"The way it works," Brown told me, "is if they reach a new agreement, this is my last season under contract and I become a free agent. If they don't come to an agreement for 2010, I'm under contract to the Dolphins for another year. I have to play another year under the old contract because it becomes a six-year contract."

So if the players' union and the NFL do not reach a new collective bargaining agreement, Brown's option kicks in and he is scheduled to make a $5 million base salary in 2010. Brown is scheduled to make $3.608 million this season.

And once again, if the union and league work out a new CBA, Brown becomes a free agent able to sign with any team he wants, he said. So I asked Brown if he's been keeping abreast of the news of the labor negotiations because the stuff directly impacts his status?

"I haven't thought about it a lot for the most part," Brown said. "I worry more about things I can control. I mean, I'd obviously like to stay here. I like it here. The way I see things is if I continue to care of business, everything else will take care of itself."

Brown's status is unique because he might or might not be in a contract year. That affects talks between his agent and the team -- which obviously are not very heated right now. And it might affect the manner in which some players are motivated.

"A lot of time that's where guys put a lot of pressure on themselves," Brown admitted. "I just want to go out and improve on a daily basis and I think the main goal is to stay healthy for the whole season. If you're healthy and you can go out and improve each week, everything else will take care of itself."


Today marked the final day before Thursday's nationally telecast preseason game that coach Tony Sparano talked to the local media. 

Sparano said Chad Pennington will start the game against Tampa Bay and play through midway in the third quarter. Backup Chad Henne would play about one-and-a-half quarters to finish the game. The starting offensive line, Sparano said, will play three quarters. Pat White is apparently not scheduled to play.

Sparano confirmed the Dolphins have still not settled on a starting receiver opposite Ted Ginn Jr. "It's still uncertain to me right now," he said. "It's starting to clear up a little more for me, but it will take a little more time."

Well, the clarity is apparently coming from rookie Brian Hartline, who started the Carolina game. Hartline has continued working with the first unit in base offense and with the first unit in the three-wide package that also includes Davone Bess and Ginn.

Sparano said the fourth and fifth receiver on the roster "have to be special teams players." Obviously, Patrick Turner, Brandon London, and Hartline have been playing special teams. Greg Camarillo, by the way, cut his teeth on special teams before earning playing time.

Speaking of special teams, Sparano said you will probably see Bess, Ginn and Hartline returning punts against the Buccaneers. Ginn, Cobbs and perhaps Lex Hilliard will be returning kicks.

Hilliard will work on special teams regardless of whether he returns kicks or not. It is the way he either makes this team or not. So far, Hilliard has carved a roster spot for himself. That can change. But in game one against Jacksonville, Hilliard did a "tremendous job on special teams," according to Sparano. In game two against Carolina, Hilliard "did a nice job. He kind of made a few mistakes but it was a million miles an hour."

Still speaking of Hilliard, Sparano said coaches will "put a bunch on his plate," with the starting special teams units this week so they can see him against Tampa Bay's starting special teams unit. And, of course, Hilliard's likely to get some carries also.

Hilliard is clearly more in than out as far as a roster spot goes. How he plays Thursday determines if he stays that way.  


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Looks like Turner's slip sliding away into anonymity....kinda like he did at USC. Too bad, love his size.

Is the Pat White decision ominous, or is Sparano just using the fabled third pre-season game for the top 2?

Pat White not playing is unfortunate. We all know pennington is injury prone and I would assume they would want to give Pat as much exp as possible incase he is somehow called upon. Unlikely scenario but it's football people!


I don't know how anyone who has seen Ronnie brown run could call him second rate. He can truck a guy as good If not better than anyone I've seen in a long time. I do agree that cobbs is definitely pulling his weight, but brown is your star. Show the man some respect!

Mark, you may be changing your mind after this season. Keep in mind he is now a year recovered from major surgery and attended all mini camps and lifting sessions completely healthy. Look for a breakout season, if not you then have every right to throw him under the hypothetical bus from speed being driven by keaneu reeves.

Yeah, Brown is the man...remember that hit at the goal-line last year when he just pounded that DB to the turf and Brown just walked in? Yeah, that was real...ask the DB if that hit was second rate.

The Pat decision is logic...get your starters 'till the 3rd quarter, then your 2nd team. White will play most of the 4th game, btw.

However, I'll be surprised if Hilliard makes the team. I'd like to see it, but I would have also liked to see li'l Chris Williams not get injured, but that's just me. Hilliard is tough, but he's just not as good as Ronnie, Ricky or Pat (isn't that the line-up for Menudo?).

Go Phins!

"White will play most of the 4th game, btw."

not according to this & the other fin-blogs

Is there a reason they want to get Chad Pennington so much work? I thought all the comments before the preseason was about how Pennington didn't need many reps, and that Henne and Pat White would get extra seasoning in preseason games.

That is great work on the contract, Mando. Interesting. I cannot wait for "The Mort Report" to steal your work. Keep it up...

rose on qam also saying coaches say bulk of game to the chads, little if any to pat.

Super Scout,

That's just for the 3rd game and had little or nothing to do with the 4th game.


How come Ross is bringing in all these "Celebs" most of us could care less and have no history with the Phins. For peets sake when one of the reporters asked the sisters what their favorite Dolphin experience was they couldn't even name the team the Dolphins were playing... Why not bring in folks that fans would care about and at the same time show some true loyalty to the teams history by bringing in people like Say Shula or Marino?

landshark,do you have history w/ fins ? if yes that's good but do you have to spend for the fins to spend on the players and else ? if no .
then you are a farmer .

but do you have MONEY

Shula has no 10 million like venus to spare and marino all his life he didn't make as much money as S.W makes in one year which is ;



Hilliard might make a good return man. All we need is someone to average 30 yards a return, it doesn't have to be flashy, it would give him a roster spot, we might need him in a back up role this season


No sir I'm no farmer lol, I'm not sure where that even came from perhaps just a bad translation. Now back to the question Ross has been bringing Celebrity s aboard and from what I am understanding he's doing this to help enhance the teams image and make it more celebrity friendly. It's also my understanding and I would love to see the numbers (what percentage of the team they get and how much they paid). But from what I have been hearing hes been bringing them in for their name and what they can bring to the organization mainly because of who they are and not what they are willing to pay. Its pretty obvious hes being very selective on who he brings in. So back to my question. Do you have an answer that's not sarcastic and that has some substance?

Can't wait for THURSDAY.

GO FINS!!!!!

Back from the road.

After the trip just want to talk some FINS.

How were the games?I know we won but who shined. WILFORD's gone GOOD.




sean smith won the starting CB?

What does vontae davis look likes?



first you have to have plenty of money to invest 10 mill min to 20 0r 30 each then you have to have money again and not sell your share in 2-3 years b/c you have to buy a house , also you must be in very good standing in society . it happens that people who have a stream of money are the people who don't store corn in warehouses .this talk about the fans is crap . the farmers go watch and eat their hot dog and viva la vita .

"first you have to have plenty of money to invest 10 mill min to 20 0r 30 each"

I'll admit I haven't been paying attention to most of the articles when he brings in new "Partners". But are your numbers correct? and if so what do they get in return? Also can you provide a link to an article that contains these numbers?

Your work is greatly appreciated, 'Mando. You are blending the best of old-style reporting with the new sensibilities found in the blogosphere. Thank you very much.

Cubano, your posts make no sense. Can you write a complete sentence and maybe we can understand you. Landshark was saying these celebrity owners don't really care about the team in football terms. He's right. They are doing it as an investment. I don't know where you get "farmers" from but maybe if your posts were coherent we could get your point!

google sisters plus each one them if you follow tennis, every year they get the most money , the most rich endorsement and S.W makes almost 22 times her older sister with her jewlery line, cloth and more .

what they get in return ?
when buy a share in any biz you get discount arount 15 percent as a start ,then your fan base enlarge selling what you selling nike and the cloth .by doing that your value in the market goes up and the best part is this;

never a nfl team lost money in last 10 years and you can sell your share after certain time w/ profit to any one but must be approved by ownership.

it's not that simple other wise soiled bottom would be an part owner .

makes almost 2 times not 22 times

dolphindad, how they come to you and invest 10,20,30 million and not care ? they represent your team w/their good names every where .

nfl will expand out of the usa and that's why the owner choosing world wide stars w/MONEY.not some one has money but has criminal record.

i hope the farmers learn something

cubano, you welcome for the help


What they earn wasn't my question. While guesses and theories are fun to think about I'm more interested in hard core numbers. Well let me take one step backwards. The only reason that question even came about was someone in this blog told me Dan or Don couldn't afford to buy a piece of the team.

Landshark you are talking to idiots. They are playing you. They are foolish and incoherent.


Once agin you're using the same numbers Cuban threw out

"dolphindad, how they come to you and invest 10,20,30 million "

10 20 or 30 million is Not a number its a guess. If it was a real number it would simply be the dollar amount they invested. If you have seen the actual numbers and are not simply trying to pin the tail on the donkey can you please post the link.

landshark, let's talk mosaka

mark doesnt know his head from his asssshoooolllle

i am using the same numbers b/c these are the numbers since you can't own less than 1 percent which comes to 10 million per share .

the W sisters are making min about 55 mill a year , ok so easy they can afford to dumb 20 mill for life and enjoy life ....back to mosaka

i am out, school shopping


You can absolutely own less that one percent. but that's not even the real question nor does it clear up how much they invested. Ross has been selectively going after celebrity's for a reason. If it was simply a matter of selling of pieces of the team for shear market value he wouldn't be selectively seeking out celebrity's.

Anyway my original post ws directed at Armando so here's hoping he can clear this up lol =)

Solid reporting, Mando.

chris ss,

So its not just me then? LoL =)

Guys , mark is a jets fan. It's so obvious.

Nice work, Mando.

Ronnie's been a great back for us, remember the other 2 backs in the draft that year? Cadillac Williams and Cedric Benson, now 5 yrs later where are they?

And that dude he plowed on the goal line, that was in Foxboro, freakin sweet. He also demolished a Raider same style before the injury....nice mix of power and quickness and defense's have to respect his throw/catch threat.

Hey Mando,

Whats the deal with Camarillo? I thought he was ready, I know he's better, more expierenced than the surprisingly good Hartline.

yea, i love this blog!!! posting here is like jogging threw beirut. you dont know who will blast you.

I like Cobbs. Talented change of pace/utility guy. Still he aint no Ronnie Brown.
It could be argued that Ronnie's the most talented player on the roster.

He runs the wildcat. He runs for TD's. He runs people over. Nuff said.


is a man of integrity with corn ears

Hello everybody,

I like to say that Mark is second rate blogger. If you were running back you would be like a Maurice Claurett.

Yesssssssss ! Odinseye is Blue !

Ronnie Brown is the Man. You shut you stinky pies hole Jet Fan Mark!

Mando, I think I heard Kim Bokamper saying the Dolphins are going to trade Ricky Williams on the Dolphins radio show.

Speaking of the Dolphins show, when are you back on Fins Unfiltered? Listening to Bokamper hurts my ears.

Also, I asked that idiot Lebaturd the question I just asked you about the radio show on his chat and he didn't answer. Please don't big-time me like he did.

Yeeeeeeesssss ! Carlito is here.


Show us your coobs! lol

Why was I cursed with such a name?



Dear Salguero, been reading your for a long time. Don't often post. But I congratulate you on clearing up the issue of Brown's contract.

I must confess I'm now kind of rooting for a new CBA not to happen as I don't want Ronnie going into free agency.

I don't know bunglito, what mark mean?

How many interceptions Dirty Sanchez will throw week one? I says 4, 2 for pick 6.

Good call on Lex Hilliard, Mando. He is pretty much on the team



I really hope Turner steps it up either that or he becomes a big-time endzone threat with his size,speed and soft hands it's such a waste.

Or does it mean most interceptions in the league last year were from a jets qb?

Pennington helped set a record for a team that had the least turnovers in NFL history. Worst game of season was in the playoffs. Where were the Jets?

I smell a new record for sacks and int for Jets this year.


Owner bringing in celebrities because it attracts press, followers outside the region, and enhances value of team. Similar to strategy of LA Lakers. Smart business. Hopefully this helps fill more seats. Miami is a competitive environment. Lots to do. More people cheering in the seats feeds on itself. Eventually some of them will learn to love the game the way real fans do. All in all, owner is doing the right things and letting Parcells and team to the right things in their world. A beautiful thing to watch.

I been a Dolphin fan forever. Here's a fact for you. No matter what Stevie and his entourage does, if the Phins don't win, the fans aint coming.

During the Bears Giants game Erik Kramer reported that 28,000 attendee's were at a Bears training camp practice.
That's a city that loves it's football team!

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