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Ronnie Brown's contract plus Sparano's words

It had been widely reported that Ronnie Brown is a free agent after this season, but I kept looking at numbers sent to me by a source that insisted the Dolphins running back had originally signed a six-year and not a five-year contract.

So today I decided to go straight to the source and end the little mystery. And now we have an interesting (at least to me) answer.

It turns out Brown signed a contract that was for five years plus an option year when he was the second-overall selection in the draft in 2005. And according to Brown himself, the option is tied to whether the NFL and players reach a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the 2010 season. Currently, the CBA is scheduled to expire after the 2010 season with that season being an uncapped year.

"The way it works," Brown told me, "is if they reach a new agreement, this is my last season under contract and I become a free agent. If they don't come to an agreement for 2010, I'm under contract to the Dolphins for another year. I have to play another year under the old contract because it becomes a six-year contract."

So if the players' union and the NFL do not reach a new collective bargaining agreement, Brown's option kicks in and he is scheduled to make a $5 million base salary in 2010. Brown is scheduled to make $3.608 million this season.

And once again, if the union and league work out a new CBA, Brown becomes a free agent able to sign with any team he wants, he said. So I asked Brown if he's been keeping abreast of the news of the labor negotiations because the stuff directly impacts his status?

"I haven't thought about it a lot for the most part," Brown said. "I worry more about things I can control. I mean, I'd obviously like to stay here. I like it here. The way I see things is if I continue to care of business, everything else will take care of itself."

Brown's status is unique because he might or might not be in a contract year. That affects talks between his agent and the team -- which obviously are not very heated right now. And it might affect the manner in which some players are motivated.

"A lot of time that's where guys put a lot of pressure on themselves," Brown admitted. "I just want to go out and improve on a daily basis and I think the main goal is to stay healthy for the whole season. If you're healthy and you can go out and improve each week, everything else will take care of itself."


Today marked the final day before Thursday's nationally telecast preseason game that coach Tony Sparano talked to the local media. 

Sparano said Chad Pennington will start the game against Tampa Bay and play through midway in the third quarter. Backup Chad Henne would play about one-and-a-half quarters to finish the game. The starting offensive line, Sparano said, will play three quarters. Pat White is apparently not scheduled to play.

Sparano confirmed the Dolphins have still not settled on a starting receiver opposite Ted Ginn Jr. "It's still uncertain to me right now," he said. "It's starting to clear up a little more for me, but it will take a little more time."

Well, the clarity is apparently coming from rookie Brian Hartline, who started the Carolina game. Hartline has continued working with the first unit in base offense and with the first unit in the three-wide package that also includes Davone Bess and Ginn.

Sparano said the fourth and fifth receiver on the roster "have to be special teams players." Obviously, Patrick Turner, Brandon London, and Hartline have been playing special teams. Greg Camarillo, by the way, cut his teeth on special teams before earning playing time.

Speaking of special teams, Sparano said you will probably see Bess, Ginn and Hartline returning punts against the Buccaneers. Ginn, Cobbs and perhaps Lex Hilliard will be returning kicks.

Hilliard will work on special teams regardless of whether he returns kicks or not. It is the way he either makes this team or not. So far, Hilliard has carved a roster spot for himself. That can change. But in game one against Jacksonville, Hilliard did a "tremendous job on special teams," according to Sparano. In game two against Carolina, Hilliard "did a nice job. He kind of made a few mistakes but it was a million miles an hour."

Still speaking of Hilliard, Sparano said coaches will "put a bunch on his plate," with the starting special teams units this week so they can see him against Tampa Bay's starting special teams unit. And, of course, Hilliard's likely to get some carries also.

Hilliard is clearly more in than out as far as a roster spot goes. How he plays Thursday determines if he stays that way.  


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yo first off all these rejects the dolphins are bringing into as owners ain't big owners! they are only buying a little stake in the dolphins! that means less then 5%! most likley the williams sisters probly bought like 2% a piece! probly only 1 a piece. which that means that they don't need a billion dollars! they probly will only spend about a couple hundred thousand a year on the dolphins and get back a million! so they will spend about 250,000 and get back a million! so u don't need to be rich! also if dan marino wanted to buy stake in the dolphins he probly could afford about 25% stake in the dolphins the man has alot of money! he owns resturants,dealerships like maroone,insurance companys a hole bunch of crap! plus his pension from the nfl every year plus the couple hundred million like 200 million plus he made from the nfl! his salrays and endorcments he made from being in the nfl he probly had a net worth of like about 200 million!

i think the dolphins will give pennington lots of action till they have there WR depth figured out.

I think Sporano already knows who will start opposite Ginn. Realistically what choices does he have?

go hilliard!!!!

GO FINS!!!!!


Pat Turner had a good career at USC and lead his team in TD's with ten and catches.

Matter of fact he leads the Dolphins with 6 catches for 58 yards. And yes has gone unnoticed, even if Hartline starts the season as the third reciever, Turner, by the end of the year will have that position.

God bless Edward Tedd Kennedy and his family. May you rest in the heavens with your brothers and family from above.

Thanks Teddy

God will not bless ted,he will rot in hell.Everything was good till that last post.

nj why dont you bless Ted Kennedy also?

Teddy was a lover of the pats...

How could anyone call Ronnie Brown second rate! Do even watch the Dolphins play? Your an idiot! Brown was pretty much the focal point of the offense even with his limited carries. And oh ya he pretty much ran the Wild Cat offense. I'm sorry but I don't know many second rate players who make the Pro Bowl!
Ronnie Brown will have a tremendous season, due to what I think is a way better O-line.

I laid in bed one night after the last game against carolina, thinking about hilliard returing kicks....hmmmmm and I couldn't sleep for hours. I hope they give him a chance...he seems quick and powerful and may be a surprise to those who wouldnt think of his potential.
And, if hilliard becomes that powerhouse rb it seems he can be, then dont expect parcels to resign brown next year. afterall, brown would expect a lot of pay, something parcels likes to pass on when someone can do the same job just as good or better, for minimum pay. love brown, dont wanna see him go...but we will see.

Landshark, in answer to your ("Why is Ross bringing in so many celebs") question, Ross is an idiot.

BTW, have the "sisters" ever had a test to determine if they were in fact, female? Too many Y chromosomes if you know what I mean.

Ronnie Brown is an outstanding running back.Size strength speed shiftiness,hes got em all,and great hands on top of that.Mark showed his ignorance with his post.I like Camarillo too Sammy but I think Hartline is going to be even better and I'm glad to see him starting.

Mark are you kdding when you call Brown 2nd rate? The guy has a great YPC average as he did even behind that horrid line a few years back. When a team can not get yards through the air it allows the D to stack the box. Ronnie has made his living running against a stacked box for most of his time in teal and orange. Look at the bigger picture and I think you will agree.

Mando are you thinking the Camirillo will be cut? I do not think Hartline will push greg out of his starting position. Greg is being babied until he is more needed in the regular season.

Our special teams play is starting to scare me.That's the one area we needed to see major improvement over last year and it aint lookin too good so far this pre-season.

brown, if given the bulk of the PT, would be an elite back. he has size, power, speed, and great hands. i think this year will be a huge year for him.

why would the fins trade ricky?? he's playing for peanuts!! who cares he is a free agent next season. let him test FA at the end of the season. i doubt he is a fin next year. resign ronnie and give young guys the back-up role.

dangle hilliard out there for a draft pick. only to an nfc team!!!

Turner was the #1 rank High school prospect at one point, he didn't wow anyone with his speed pr lack of seperation at USC, but he steadily improved and was a fave. target for Mark "dirty" Sanchez. Turner i like. Im impressed with Hartline, he's tough and holds onto the ball, i hope it's because of how well he's showing up and not because of Bess underperforming or getting a case of the "dropsies". i'd like to see Turner more involved in the redzone with his size

We's wishes we had sources that new what the hecks they's talking about. We'lls be riting this ronnie brown contract infoemation sometimes soon and act like we got it exclusive style.


Cacajoe like to say Ross is stupid, but how many football teams you think cacajoe owns?

maybe he play tecmo bowl in his trailer with no a/c in west cocoa.

I can tell he have no class when he say these bad thing about good, successful people like a Williams sisters.

Gotta love Ronnie's attitude. Just go out and do it and everything else will fall in place.

Ever notice that since the present brain trust took over that we have been getting more and more guys like that have either brought in or emerging to higher roles?

I'm thinking Cobbs, Cammarillo, Bess, Ferguson, Ayodele, Long, D. Thomas, Polite etc.

must....have ......new......posts......tweets......news.....helpppp

rob, my dear 250,000 rent you a luxury box in the new cowboys stadium only for few years .
to have 200 million liquid you have to be tiger woods not marino .


why would the fins trade ricky?? he's playing for peanuts!! who cares he is a free agent next season. let him test FA at the end of the season. i doubt he is a fin next year. resign ronnie and give young guys the back-up role.

dangle hilliard out there for a draft pick. only to an nfc team!!!

Do you even think when you type?
According to you why should we trade Ricky when we could just let him walk away in FA!
Why try and get anything in return, Duh!!!!
According to you we should let Ricky go, who cares, give the young guys a chance. Then you say let's trade away our best probable replacement for Ricky(Hilliard).
I think Cam Ca-Moron's posting here under the alias Jaison!

you have angered the norseman.


It sickens me(LOL).
I rather see the "flameouts" and the "Goofing", than straight up retardation!
The same people that whine about cut downs and fighting here turn right around and post some ridiculous stuff.
I'd rather argue with Flim Flam 13. At least knows a Little(very little-lol) about football and the Miami Dolphins.


I googled Golfito after you told me where it is. Then I watched Crocidiles of Costa Rica. It does look like the garden of Eden.
I've been dreaming of playing Tarzan with a beautiful Latino Girl ever since!!!!


how you you like living in the garden state ?

Hartline has been doing well. His skillset is limited though, especially when compared to Turner. Hartline might make the team, but he'll never be able to fight off Turner.
It's all secondary anyway because Ginn and Bess will start against Atlanta. Write it down.
The only battle at WR is between Camarillo's knee and Turner's learning curve.


I grew up in S W Chicago and E Detroit. I've worked in almost every big city East of the Mississippi, and more than a few to the West.
Now I am truly blessed to be living at the edge of the Hiawatha National Forest. I hunt(with a bow) and chop wood with and axe(Viking style). I wish I did farm a garden as self- sufficiency here is a virtue. I am planning one next spring, though our seasons are very short here.

PS: I do have to watch out for bears, especially at night!

In miami at night we have watch out for bullet!


What's up w/ Turner?.....he seems to be pulling a disappearing act, which concerns me only because he did the same at USC.


I lived/played in Hollywood, Naples, Tampa, Vero Beach, and Jacksonville.

I know what you mean. That's why I feel so blessed to be where Im at.


I used to live in Jacksonville too, that city has a very bad places, but they making it nicer now.

too bad they football team no good.

Super Scout

First of all you have to realize he's a rookie trying to learn a new system and how to become a pro.
Secondly, he's actually grading out well comparatively speaking.
I remember seeing Ginn as a rookie. As far as recieving skills(return duties aside)I think Turner is ahead of Ginn at the same point in their development.

Carlito ,

do you have iron bars on you your windows ?


no I do not have iron bars on my window. Do you have government cheese in your fridge?


Jacksonville's off the hook. I used to love it when we would play there.

For ALL the wrong reasons.


In Detroit and Chicago we had bars on the windows and the doors.

Freakin fire hazard.

This makes ZERO sense.....

The current CBA wasn't established until March 2006...so how was it used to determine Ronnie's contract signed in 2005?


Is Government cheese an embarassment?

When we were kids we would steal it. We would steal it out of your fridge. Eat it, sell it, we were raised on it.


No government cheese not embarssment, I believe it probably don taste good.

I just asking because I dont want my taxes to pay for this cubanos cheese.


There's an established time frame for CBA's
Ronnie and his agent knew when the pending CBA would expire.

Dolphins4life , what makes you think god will bless ted kennedy or he will rest in heaven ? Maybe he'll rot in hell for leaving a young girl to die/drown in a car he drove off a bridge drunk off his rocker. Then using the family name to cover it up. chappaquiddick Ted MIGHT be forgiven by god for some of the good he did.

NJ Phins Fan,

I did not know Ted Kennedy personally (neither did you) so I can't say where he going. It not good to speak bad of dead, regardless of who they are. I will pray for you soul and Ted Kennedy and I leave you with few words of wisdom to make you better person.

"To err is human, to forgive is divine."
-Alexander Pope

Carlito , in all due respect. Give me a F'N Break !. What part of " chappaquiddick ted MIGHT ge forgive by god for some of the good he might of done " is it you don't understand ? Also , you ever the saying you can forgive , but never forget ? Woold you forget if that young lady was your mother or sister, I think Not.


Bad scene for Mary Jo Kopeche and her family.

I pray for her, her family, and the Kennedy's. What a sad chapter in American history.

As far as death and forgiveness that is God's domain.

I judge others as I WILL be jugded. I harbor no ill will(it's too unhealthy)!!!!

Odinseye. amen ! I just want everyone to know if you're going to praise and talk about someone's life , let's not forget what happened and talk about everything in it.

The Menace has arrived, whats the topic today gang??


I am not saying he was good person or bad person. All I'm saying is it wrong to trash somebody when they just die.

Odinseye and others . 1 more political side not. Do you the people want a government who earlier sent out 10,000 stimulus checks to dead people and just sent out 4,000 stimulus checks to inmates , to run our health care ? LMFAO ! I think not. Ok , dolphin talk only.

nj phin is a low life to speak bad of the dead .btw nj , do you have iron bars on your windows where you live in the GARDEN state ?

Who would win betweens Rex Ryan and Bill Parcells in a shaped like a pear contest?

Cuban Menace

If it's going to be the Kennedy's I'd rather talk about JFK.
I have to admire a President that bags the biggest silver screen hottie of the era!

Just saying....

Cubano , no closer to you in Bellevue. LOL


the farmer and nj the plumber are beautiful people .


I offer peace to you and lets talk Dolphin. Ask me any question about Dolphins and I will do my best to give good answer.


Does your house made of plywood, aluminum and zinc oxide panels?


I had serious reservations about the Obama administration from the begining.
However, I thought it prudent to give the guy a fair shot.
Honestly, in light of recent events, I think this man is in serious trouble! Unfortunately that means you, me and the entire country!

Ah Yes JFK, great guy (wasn't born yet ) but read allot about him, and Carlito, dont worry about some one trashing teddy, He's got bigger problems now....

Cuban Menace,

birth and death 2 things everybody have in common. Lets talk Dolphins. Ask me any question Dolphins and I will respond my best.

i am out , odensye starting talking politics to get the hate going ,

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