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Ronnie Brown's contract plus Sparano's words

It had been widely reported that Ronnie Brown is a free agent after this season, but I kept looking at numbers sent to me by a source that insisted the Dolphins running back had originally signed a six-year and not a five-year contract.

So today I decided to go straight to the source and end the little mystery. And now we have an interesting (at least to me) answer.

It turns out Brown signed a contract that was for five years plus an option year when he was the second-overall selection in the draft in 2005. And according to Brown himself, the option is tied to whether the NFL and players reach a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the 2010 season. Currently, the CBA is scheduled to expire after the 2010 season with that season being an uncapped year.

"The way it works," Brown told me, "is if they reach a new agreement, this is my last season under contract and I become a free agent. If they don't come to an agreement for 2010, I'm under contract to the Dolphins for another year. I have to play another year under the old contract because it becomes a six-year contract."

So if the players' union and the NFL do not reach a new collective bargaining agreement, Brown's option kicks in and he is scheduled to make a $5 million base salary in 2010. Brown is scheduled to make $3.608 million this season.

And once again, if the union and league work out a new CBA, Brown becomes a free agent able to sign with any team he wants, he said. So I asked Brown if he's been keeping abreast of the news of the labor negotiations because the stuff directly impacts his status?

"I haven't thought about it a lot for the most part," Brown said. "I worry more about things I can control. I mean, I'd obviously like to stay here. I like it here. The way I see things is if I continue to care of business, everything else will take care of itself."

Brown's status is unique because he might or might not be in a contract year. That affects talks between his agent and the team -- which obviously are not very heated right now. And it might affect the manner in which some players are motivated.

"A lot of time that's where guys put a lot of pressure on themselves," Brown admitted. "I just want to go out and improve on a daily basis and I think the main goal is to stay healthy for the whole season. If you're healthy and you can go out and improve each week, everything else will take care of itself."


Today marked the final day before Thursday's nationally telecast preseason game that coach Tony Sparano talked to the local media. 

Sparano said Chad Pennington will start the game against Tampa Bay and play through midway in the third quarter. Backup Chad Henne would play about one-and-a-half quarters to finish the game. The starting offensive line, Sparano said, will play three quarters. Pat White is apparently not scheduled to play.

Sparano confirmed the Dolphins have still not settled on a starting receiver opposite Ted Ginn Jr. "It's still uncertain to me right now," he said. "It's starting to clear up a little more for me, but it will take a little more time."

Well, the clarity is apparently coming from rookie Brian Hartline, who started the Carolina game. Hartline has continued working with the first unit in base offense and with the first unit in the three-wide package that also includes Davone Bess and Ginn.

Sparano said the fourth and fifth receiver on the roster "have to be special teams players." Obviously, Patrick Turner, Brandon London, and Hartline have been playing special teams. Greg Camarillo, by the way, cut his teeth on special teams before earning playing time.

Speaking of special teams, Sparano said you will probably see Bess, Ginn and Hartline returning punts against the Buccaneers. Ginn, Cobbs and perhaps Lex Hilliard will be returning kicks.

Hilliard will work on special teams regardless of whether he returns kicks or not. It is the way he either makes this team or not. So far, Hilliard has carved a roster spot for himself. That can change. But in game one against Jacksonville, Hilliard did a "tremendous job on special teams," according to Sparano. In game two against Carolina, Hilliard "did a nice job. He kind of made a few mistakes but it was a million miles an hour."

Still speaking of Hilliard, Sparano said coaches will "put a bunch on his plate," with the starting special teams units this week so they can see him against Tampa Bay's starting special teams unit. And, of course, Hilliard's likely to get some carries also.

Hilliard is clearly more in than out as far as a roster spot goes. How he plays Thursday determines if he stays that way.  


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Apperently you forgot about the 3000 innocent americans(including 209 firefighters and 185 police offercers) that we lost that tragic day NC please get some help...


You're 100% correct that the current CBA was extended in 2006. At the time of the signing it was also scheduled to run through the 2012 season. The only reason its set to expire sooner is because the owners "opted out'. So my best guess would be its more of a standard clause in contracts by agents or at the very least standard by Browns agent. Other than that good question =)


God will bless him for the same reasons that god will bless you. This family has endured enough heartache. Let the dead rest in peace.

Now on to Dolphins football and the game thursday nite. Go Dolphins!

to all farmers .....PLEASE ONLY FOOTBALL

Dolphins4life. will you be around for the dolphin game tommorrow night ?

NJ, Cuban:

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Tom. yup ! I agree . the people speaking out all across the country and the poll numbers say it all. obama will end up like the other far left nut job, jimmy carter. A total disaster. It's all good , this country needs to be reminded every 30-40 years of what disater the far left can do.

NJ Phin fan,

I might be around on the blog after the game.
I won't watch the game and blog at the same time...I mean I can walk, talk, chew gum and text at the same time but I just want to relax and watch the starters play into the third and then evaluate.

Odin must be having trouble pillaging and burning down the store huh....

Nationally televised right???

NJ Phin Fan has selective memory. He forgets the "disaster" of the previous administration that destroyed this country and made it a laughing stock world wide.

NC PHINFAN Isnt Olbermann or that lisbian rachel Meddow on now? Maybe Mr Left winger Chrs Matthews, one of those leftys must be on????


shouldn't you be stuffing your face with o doughnut or something?

Nah, off duty...

NC, Whats your take on tomorrow's game any why??

Dolphin4life , i will also catch you after the game on the blog. I watched and blogged , at the same time , for the first time last week , and i had the biggest f'n headache LOL, . We'll discuss then.

cuban menace

yes on Fox! Cool we get to see the starters play more than one quarter together. Though Tampa Bay may not be much of a measuring stick, but I have certain expectations that I want to see...

Jake Long not give up a sack (back to back games) and Jake Grove show some nastiness.

Donald Thomas well he's a God send as Parcells states and more of the same...PANCAKES!

Our defense make some plays up front and in the back field and rap-up the ball carrier. We have the makings of a top five or ten defense and we are built to get int's and sacks. We needed to improve our run D and I think Paul Soliai has played better so far and looks good.
I want Soliai to show some more in this game as a run stuffer.

Ginn as Mando called it will probably be featured more, you figure he's gonna play more so, we'll see what he does. Game time at 5pm pst.

Peace out all see ya tomorrow before the game.


excited to see the first team offense for almost 3 quarters. I'm glad Sean Smith is back and I hope Lex Hilliard doesn't meet the same fate as Chris Williams, last game's flavor of the week.


Ncphinfan, you must have a selective memory. This country startedgoing downhill during the clinton days. His lack of foreign policy including being soft on terror and defense led to multiple bombings incuding 2 world trade center attacks ( Yes , 9/11) the 2 u.s embassy's in africa , the covert tower and of course uss cole. Then the genius clinton ( LOL!) started the de - regulation of fannie mae and freddie mac in 1996-97 that started this whole housing mess because it led to banks giving out loans to people who couldn't afford it because the idiots led by barney frank demanded them to do it. Do me a favor , learn about what the " f " you're talking about beforeopening your far left wing loon mouth. Educate yourself before being brainwashed by the left wing media. Think for yourself.


Me too. I will watch first then blog. It drives me crazy to do both

Dolphins4life. I love jake long , but you're wrong. he got beat badly in 1 by quentin groves on a that got stuffed for a 2yd loss on a run blitz. Then in game 2 he was beaten badly by everett brown when henne got sacked. He's struggling a little on the speed rush. he'll be alright.

Dolphins4life. OOPs! sorry ! read it wrong. i got what you meant. I'm out be back later.

OK guys i too will watch the game and blog afterwards, till then have a PHINTASTIC nite....

Ncphinfan, we've had a far left wing loon congress led by pelosi and reid since 2006. They've also been there for the recession . what do you say about that smart guy. plenty of blame to go around.

NJ Phin,

You're the one that sounds like he's been brainwashed by the media. You sure love to whine, you sure you're not a pats fan?

don't you have some sort of tea party to go to with the other fixed news losers?


Hindsight is 20/20 everyone thought at the time this was good including congrass.
When Clinton was promoting homeownership, real estate values had barely begun to rise. He was long out of office (and oversight) when the crap hit the fan. Yes Bill Clinton should share in the blame.
C'mon people. The issues are not just housing related but common sense related. Purchasing as much as possible on credit. Leveraging ourselves with debt beyond the tops of our heads in the name of purchasing houses, cars, things for our children, etc. is the main reason for this. And now we scream over which party is responsible.

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But I hope not...

God bless the US of A

dolphins4life now singing diff tune because nj nice to him, clowns

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Alright Dolphin Nation,

I'm out till tomorrow and no more politicn'
and blaming guys lets talk football and have football talk and debate like Mando said, just a bunch of friends talking football challenging (football) each other.

NJ Phin fan catch you tomorrow, Cuban you too.

Tea Bag

Well tea bags we cant live on tea and nightmares.
Peace out.

Hey did mando take the day off today? No blogs today

Landshark and Burger13

I'm telling you Ronnie's agent was on point. He included the option in Ronnie's contract to anticipate a possible opt out by the owners.

If they opt out for 2010(which they did)Ronnie's contract is for 5. Had the CBA ran through 2012 Ronnie's contract is good for 6.

I hope this helps.

I just took a dump on Herdfan\'s head. Sorry herdfan.


I'm back.

Where the hel...heck did everybody go?

The cutie at the corner store was quite co-operative, no need for looting or plundering tonight.

I was however held up by a damsel in distress. I'm hoping that good deed will lead to another.

PS: DD I taint no farmer, least not dis year!

Breaking News

Sanchez named starter.

Wow he must be doing great. He actually beat out Kellen Clemmens. Ah Ha ha ha!!!!

Sanchez will kick your ass and send your fish team back to 3-13

Dolphins4life, well said.

Ncphinfan. you're a comlete idiot . take a lesson from dolphins4life not jeanine garafalo . Go hug a tree or something.

I am goin to git you nj

NCphinfan /complete idiot. what i gave you were facts that even dolphins4life ( who's a democrat ) backed up . They arent't from watching fox news. You see , unlike you , i actually know what the heck i'm talking about. Unlike you i think for myself and don't get brainwashed by the far left like MSNBC and the rest of the left wing media. Also by the likes of rosie o' donnell and jeanine garafalo.

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doesn't help. Ronnie's contract was in 2005, new CBA not until 2006. Option to opt out not until 2008. Even IF there was language regarding a new CBA before 2010....there already was one, in 2006, so the condition would have been met.

Everything will be just fine because Chris(Lefty Looney) Matthews said that "Obama is the other Kennedy Brother" LMFAO
I guess he's the Black Sheep of the family and they've been keeping him in the basement all these years.

maidolph1 iknow it is you nj

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