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JT back with team; live chat at 6 p.m.

Strong side linebacker Jason Taylor, who missed practice Thursday to attend to an illness in his family, is back with the team today, according to team spokesman Harvey Greene.

Greene does not know if Taylor will play Saturday versus the Carolina Panthers but another source said Friday afternoon Taylor is scheduled to start in Miami's second preseason game of the season.

Right guard Donald Thomas, who took over the starting job this week for the first time since training camp opened, is also scheduled to start for the Dolphins. It would mark the first game Thomas starts since he suffered a foot injury in the regular-season opener in 2008.

I have written an advance column for Saturday's preseason game versus Carolina. The column is about the Miami offense. In it, coach Tony Sparano tells you his vision of Miami's 2009 offense. Let's be honest, guys, the Dolphins cannot win 11 games this year, with this schedule, riding last year's offensive production.

It's like entering a goat in the Kentucky Derby.

I trust everyone agrees with me on that. 

One more thing: Live blog chat at 6 p.m. tonight.

Yeah, I'm calling all Dolfans to convene here and discuss what they're expecting from the team Saturday night, what they've seen so far, and whatever else is on their minds. I will be here at least 1 hour to answer your questions and take your abuse exchange ideas.

So be here at 6 p.m.

If you cannot be here then, feel free to leave your comments now and I'll get to them first when I come back for the live blog.


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"Finally, what has dolphins mngt done to get Penningtons arm stronger?"

Posted by: David Meshel

David, The coaching staff has implemented a program called J.U.S.T.I.N to increase the speed in a QBs arm. JUSTIN stands for


How is it, that one can muff a punt, then field one inside the ten yard line then retreat and get tackled at the one yeard line, and still be getting so much hype from fans and some media? Am I the only one not impressed with Chris Williams? Yes, he had some good returns but he also couldn't avoid being tackled by the kicker. So, am I seeing things correctly, or should I be expecting him to make the roster and fielding theopening kickoff of 2009?


I think Williams showed enough to warrant a closer look. But I think it will be tough for him to make the team if he can't also play receiver adequately

I think wake and white will have a monster game


Do you think Pat White will get any time behind the first-team o-line? Don't you think it's a little unfair to judge the guy and label him "skittish" when he's being protected by a bunch of scrubs that flop more quickly than the French did in WWII?

Hey Mando:

I think one of the areas of this team that we're going to have to start figuring out soon is the nose tackle, considering Ferguson social security age for a football player.

That being said, how has Soliai been doing and what are the long term plans for him? Assuming Ferguson does not return next year, will Soliai be looked upon to start or will we be looking at someone like Wilfork next offseason?

Tomorrow I want to see:

1. The explosiveness from Ronnie Brown that he did not showcase vs. Jacksonville.

2. The O-line open up more holes.

3. Sean Smith keep holding his own and for Vontae to step up a little.

4. Channing Crowder making plays

5. If Chris Williams is the real deal

6. Pressure from LB's

7. More consistency from all QB's

Hey Mando:

I think the next big thing the team will worry about is NT, considering Ferguson is ready to join the AARP.

That being said, how is Soliai doing? Assuming Ferguson does not return next year, will Soliai be counted on to start or will we be taking a long, hard look at Wilfork next year?

To expect Williams a UDFA to be perfect in his first preseason game is asking alot. The impressive thing to me is he was able to come back from making mistakes to avg over 30 yds a return. I am looking forward to Sat to see if this kid can take it to another level.

Sorry for the double post, if you see it. Can someone fix this damn "Post a Comment" box so it doesn't make you look like an idiot who likes to repeat himself?

i want to see Henne step up or shut up. Show us something already. I want to see the herald get of the henne bandwagon pending real results, report the facts henne has done nothing!!!


Quick quetsion on greg Camarillo who was one on my favorite players last year... Has he slowed in training camp or are they just experimienting with other recievers? And is he in trouble? He is probably not as naturally talented as the rookies but I think it would be hard not to have him on the roster or even not play a lot if his healthy. Pennington went to him often in the clutch last year.

Hey Mando,

This is my first time posting but i was wondering whats going on with the receivers....sure teddy bear ginn looked decent but isn't that what we should expect from our so-called number 1 receiver? I really believe he needs to step up big time and any news on the how the other wr's have been doing Turner, London,etc.... i think penny can get the ball down the field with an decent wide out crew!!

Hey Mando.

How has Patrick Turner looked in Practice?


You don't look like an idiot that likes to repeat himself.

You don't look like an idiot that likes to repeat himself.


I'm very worried about the dolphins this year. Their defense always seems to be able to hold opponents to very few points, but their offense barely beats them. If an opponent puts up 9 points, you should be able to beat them by more than 3 points(Mia-Jac). If the dolphins are going to win this season they need a better offense, because they will be going against some very good offenses and their defense will not always be able to save them.

Give me some offense! its that simple. Over the years, all we see is field goals, field goals or turnovers. If we cant score in the redzone, then dont take it in there. Score from outside of it. Somehow, we must get more than 15-20 points a game. Id like to see an average of 24+ a game. it would help a lot of course.

Some of you are seriously missing the boat on Williams----mistakes & a muff or two? yes. In the first preseason game. Field position & big play potential & ability ? HELL YES! "Can't make the squad as "only" a returner".....please! yeah, let's give up field position & big plays to save Brandon London's job. Does he have to continue to produce & learn in the pre-season? yes--but it sounds like some of you would cut him, fer crissakes. Take a breath & enjoy the posibility that we may be developing a return threat. I seem to recall a time when the fans wanted an explosive return specialist.

What happened to WR Armstrong they were so high about?????

looks like Armstrong was this year's OTA All-Star; funny how it whittles down form OTAs to Camp,then Camp to Season.

Remember Charles jordan & Derek Hagan, former All-Camp All-Stars?


Somebody mentioned earlier that they do not think Williams could make the team unless
he can also play receiver adequately. What are your thoughts on this?

Gentlemen, I'm here. First of all, thanks for coming by on a Friday evening.

I'm sure many of you have families and wives and girlfriends and could be doing any number of things. But I appreciate you being here.

And to the ladies here, I'm sure you have boyfriends and family and all that good stuff, too. So thank you also.

Let's get it started.

How is it going Armando do you see Miami signing a guy like Mckenzie to play CB and what are the chances of Chris Williams sticking for the final 53.

tedhill, I totally agree with you Chris Williams did not make the team by any means based on what he did Monday night. He made a lot of mistakes.

But ...

He didn't disqualify himself from making the team, either. He showed promise and, it being his first game, he'll get another shot Saturday to field all the punts and kickoffs. If he does well, he's got a great shot. If he blows it, well, he blows it.

Billy, Sparano said yesterday Williams can make the team without making it as a receiver. He can make it playing special teams and then they'll work with him at WR.


I know we upgraded at basically every position, so WILL TEAMs STILL PUT 8 men in the box.......is that how they will defend our OFFENSE, is Ginn the only one who spreads the field???

Armando how do you think Miami feels about their Dline depth.

Ochocinco booted the extra point in the game last nigh vs new england and after that he said " i am the man and i am back ".

Pitying the PatCat: Funny analogy.

I do not think Pat White will get much, if any time, behind the first team OLine. He has gotten some time behind that group in practice.

By the way, who labeled him "skittish?"

Also, one thing to consider: When he's in the game, he's usually playing with a third-team line. But he is also playing against a third-team defense.

Armando in your opinion who wins the final TE spot. Also any updates on Miami possibly extending Ronnie, Fasano or Pennington

Ricky, I will be closely watching soliai on my day-after-game video replay. I'll let you know how he did. He seems to be maturing. Is he there yet? No.

Is he as good as Ferguson? No.

Will the Dolphins need to address the position for 2010. You bet.

Robi: The Dolphins have not talked to either Fasano nor Pennington about an extension. They will get around to Fasano. I don't think they'll do Pennington anytime soon based on their 2010 plans for Henne.

Brown is a mystery. They talked to his agent early on but I haven't heard of anything going on of late.


What does Pat White have to do to impress you?

How are London's chances of making the roster with the emergence of Williams?


How long do you expect Pennington and the first team offense to play tomorrow?

Salguero do you think that if Miami signs Ronnie before season end, could they use their franchise tag on Pennington if he has another season like he did last year.


Don't you think you're article is asking for too much from this team?
1.) Ted Ginn runs out of bounds or lays down EVERY TIME he catches the ball: won't be too many TD's coming from him.
2.) Relying on D. Thomas to stay healthy is iffy at best: without him that right side is a disaster. Won't get much on the ground that way.
3.) Sparano named all the WR's except for BRANDON LONDON! LOL! So their air attack is depending on a QB that can't throw the deep ball, and a group of tiny or inexperienced WR's that either can't get YAC or refuse (Ginn) to go after YAC. Oh, and bye bye Brandon.

So unless a miracle happens between now and the season opener I don't see this offense being dynamic. Solid? Yes. Maybe one notch above last year.


I'm doing my best to report the facts on Henne. And these are the facts:

He has the second-best completion percentage in camp. He was OK in the preseason opener and had he not thrown that one interception, you might say he was really good. He is the guy the team, not me, the team has identified to succeed as the starter no later than 2010.

Those are the facts. Has he lit the world on fire? No. Has he had a lot of opportunities to light the world on fire? No.

Joel, Camarillo will make this team. He's better right now than either of the two rookies although Hartline is going to get a major look Saturday night.

As you might have read in my previous blog post, I talked to Camarillo who told me he feels fine. He said the knee has not prevented him from doing anything.

But he is not as quick as Davone Bess. He is a better tactician at receiver, but neither fast nor extremely quick.

I still love his grit and desire to get footballs thrown his way. That helps him bigtime.

What do you think about the whole Roth thing? Do you think the dolphins might make a trade?

Whats the likelyhood of trading Roth before his contract expires?

Oklahoma finfan:

It was not a great week of practice for London. He dropped some passes I thought were inexcusable drops.

Turner is inconsistent. Hartline a little more so of late.

And yes, Ted Ginn should be making plays. But that expectation doesn't diminish the fact he actually was active vs. Jacksonville. Now we have to see often -- maybe not every game, because he's human. But he cannot disappear for weeks at a time as he's done in the past.

Armando what are your thoughts on hilliard? i think he could do some damage in the 4th quarter.


Turner=inconsistent so far. It's expected because he's a rookie.

Armando (press box)

Armando. Quentin Moses. What do you think of his play/improvement and chances of making the team . Could he be in the plans for 2010 and beyond at olb with wake. porter and taylor aren't getting any younger. Also ignore albert , he's an idiot.


I totally agree. Check out the column I wrote for tomorrow's Herald about the offense. It is online now and the link is on this blog.

a team who goes 11-5, why would you spend a 2nd rd on a PROJECT QB in White, to me it was a big waste.

Now, we have spent how many 2nd rders on QB's, Cpep, Feely, Beck, White, Henne and even Henne is not a lock to even make it??

I agree with your thoughts re: miami's offense in '09 armando. They need to be more consistent and score points as in TDs vs FG.
Offense was fair in opening preseason game. I hope there's improvement. It is time for this offense to step it up a notch.



I totally agree. Check out the column I wrote for tomorrow's Herald about the offense. It is online now and the link is on this blog.

How's that for repeating oneself?

Yes that is me , i forgot to sign in.

Just read your comments about Henne. Do you think he's worhty to be Pennington's successor? Or you're leaning Pat White?

Amen, Super Scout. But Williams can't keep making the same mistakes. We need to see improvement or it's back to old faithful Davone Bess and probably Ted Ginn Jr.

The door is open for Williams. He has to correct his mistakes and improve to step through it.

Zonk-39: That's a great question. Anthony Armstrong was a stud in offseason workouts. He really flashed.

But he's been kind of quiet since the pads went on. Right now, he doesn't make the team. He does have three preseason games to change that fact, though.

Welcome NJ. Sign in, dude. You look better in blue.

what's wrong with spending 2nd rounder's on qb's to build depth and have quality backups? it's been awhile since miami has had a decent 1,2,3 qb. huard was the last decent backup we had.


Pennington had been talking all summer about how he was working on his arm strength. While the ball seemed to have a bit of zip on it, I noticed the bomb to Ginn (that drew the pass interference) on Monday still wobbled a bit and Ginn had to come back for it. Had it been on the money, ginn would still be running.

Have you seen any evidence in practices that Chad P's arm is stronger...perhaps a dry noodle, rather than the wet noodle?

Go Phins.


Pat White has already impressed me with his quickness running out of the pocket and how his arm has improved in the last week or so -- particularly when throwing from shotgun.

He's not good under center. He is not a conventional QB. I'm not sure he'll ever be that.

But the Dolphins will figure out a package for him to give them six plays per game that could make a difference. If he executes those, I'll be impressed.

LOL@mando . I'm in . The quentin moses question ?

Lo, like I said, Brandon London has to make up in the game for a not great week of practice. He's been hit and miss.

Williams stepping up is not good news for London.

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