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JT back with team; live chat at 6 p.m.

Strong side linebacker Jason Taylor, who missed practice Thursday to attend to an illness in his family, is back with the team today, according to team spokesman Harvey Greene.

Greene does not know if Taylor will play Saturday versus the Carolina Panthers but another source said Friday afternoon Taylor is scheduled to start in Miami's second preseason game of the season.

Right guard Donald Thomas, who took over the starting job this week for the first time since training camp opened, is also scheduled to start for the Dolphins. It would mark the first game Thomas starts since he suffered a foot injury in the regular-season opener in 2008.

I have written an advance column for Saturday's preseason game versus Carolina. The column is about the Miami offense. In it, coach Tony Sparano tells you his vision of Miami's 2009 offense. Let's be honest, guys, the Dolphins cannot win 11 games this year, with this schedule, riding last year's offensive production.

It's like entering a goat in the Kentucky Derby.

I trust everyone agrees with me on that. 

One more thing: Live blog chat at 6 p.m. tonight.

Yeah, I'm calling all Dolfans to convene here and discuss what they're expecting from the team Saturday night, what they've seen so far, and whatever else is on their minds. I will be here at least 1 hour to answer your questions and take your abuse exchange ideas.

So be here at 6 p.m.

If you cannot be here then, feel free to leave your comments now and I'll get to them first when I come back for the live blog.


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What souljahbeats, you don't say hello? You just hit me with the question right off?

Anyway, Tony Sparano did not specify how long Pennington will play. I would assume he'll get two, maybe three series, depending on how many plays they last.

Henne will get most of the work again, folks. As it should be. They need to get him ready to play.

2184: The Dolphins will not use the franchise tag on Chad Pennington. It will NEVER happen.

Tommya: You're depressing me, dude. I want to kill myself after reading your post.

Pennington's preformance was disapointing last Monday. Can you say "game manager"? Hope we don't get the typical off year that Pennington is known for.

Armando, do you think the offensive line will earn the money they are being paid?

Oh yeah, how rude of me....

Whats up Mando?


(section 412, row 1)

tommy, I think the Roth thing is whack. I think it will blow over because he's likely to practice next week -- I think.

And I think if someone offers the Dolphins a second-round pick for Matt Roth right now, they do it.

hi mando .....have you heard if they are going to keep v.davis in the game for extended play time and see if he makes the same mistakes or if he corrects them

Sammo, Lex Hilliard runs HARD. I'm not sure he's very fast. I'm not sure he's very quick. I'm not sure he's anything but a hard-charging son-of-a-gun that you do not want to take on head-on.

Having said that, it's hard for him to be on the roster because which of the following do you cut: Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams, Pat Cobbs?

See what I mean?

I want to see Henne's adjustments from the 1st game. I like to see Chris Williams break one for a TD. Any word on Fasano? They've said so much about him, but I did not see anything on the first game. You watched film Armando, what did you see from him?

Hello Mando , I'm waiting . Quentin moses Question was asked at 6:22 pm

NJ: If you asked me before training camp if Moses was going to make the team, I would have told you, "No."

Right now, I think he's on the bubble and if he continues to improve as he's done the past three weeks, I think he's in.

tzey, It doesn't matter what I think of Henne or White.

What I have reported to you guys is that Henne is the successor. Period. The Dolphins are invested in that and going down that road bigtime.

White is a project guy. The Dolphins will be drafting or signing another QB next year.

true Armando true.

mando, with the off season conditioning that chad p. hows his throwing during pratice???

Hey mando, how does the 3rd string QB rule affect playtime for P White? Does he have to be 2nd string?


Do you think we will see some improvement by Vontae by the next gane or two?

Keith in PDX: When I asked Pennington if his arm is stronger, he said it was. Sparano has said the same thing.

My EYES tell me there are still some throws he does not have the arm strength to make as well as the elite NFL QBs. You EYES said the same thing about that one you referenced to Ginn.

So who do you believe? The QB and the coach. Or your eyes?

Randy Starks showed alot of push in the game, do you think he got the end spot & whats up with Merling? Didnt he get Sparanos message?


The Dolphins should have drafted a quarterback every draft since two years before the departure of Marino.

perspective: The OL didn't earn their money last week.

Look, this line is more expensive than a bailout package. It's now at $156 million now that Donald Thomas is settling in at RG.

They MUST dominate in the run game. That is a MUST. The Dolphins MUST run on anybody at anytime they want. They must be like the Hogs used to be or how Denver used to be.

Otherwise the offense is lost. That's not me saying that. Read the column I wrote on offense and check out what Sparano says.

So they have to get tons better than they were Saturday. Will they? They MUST.

What up Souljahbeats!

Mando (press box and sometimes outhouse)


have they ever tried Hillard at FB? He is a bruiser of a back it would seem to me he might make a nice tranistion to FB.

NJ: I answered your question. I'll double check.

Right on with O-Line, Mando. I can be patient until Week 1, but they must be a factor in the run game against decent to very good run defenses.

Mando . the light could be coming on for moses , who's in his 3rd year and was switching froM De to olb in the 3-4. It takes about 2-3 years to make that switch. Moses is a very talented pass rusher who wss viewed as a possible to 10 pick after his junior year . Year 2 in the 3-4 and better coaching could lead to big things. Right ?

NJ: Check out my answer at 6:41. Next one you ask gets moved to front of the line. How's that?
At Burger King, when they blow you off, you get free fries ... Here you get a free question or comment.

Armando, thanks...and I couldn't agree more. Without the o-line being improved, this team will be lucky to have an 8-8 season. If this line is worth their money, no telling how good the team will be.


Do you think ronnie brown has the capability of being an elite running back? He said he wants to be considered one...but the phins don't have enough big plays on offense. With a $156 million O-Line, does the )-line have the capability of giving him the opportunity to e an elite running back?

Mando, Whats your take on the williams sisters joining the "Ross circus", just wondering, with J.lo and the williams sisters i think Mr. Ross has a eye for.... Will for.... will you know BIG BUTTS...Not that theres anything wrong with that...

Hey there menace, welcome to this world where you are king and I am a faithful servant:

Chad P is bigger, stronger, in better shape than he's been previously. If you are asking me if his arm is stronger, my answer has to be, nope. It is what it is.

But he is a good QB.

Hey Mando,

How much playing time is jason taylor expected to get this season now that he,s looked so good and the whole matt roth thing...people said before he was only going to play on pass-rushing downs...has that theory changed?

Jodyzzz, the quick answer to you post is, yes. If the Dolphins want to use Pat White in some package during the game, he cannot be the inactive QB. He must be active. So either all the QBs are active, which I don't think will happen, or White is active ahead of Henne.

Of course, that assumes the coaching staff decides White is ready to play -- not a certainty.


What are your thoughts on Vontae? When you think he might step up?

will DEFENSES stack the box vs the FINS, is this the biggest problem for Fins Offense?? is Ginn our only DEEP THREAT

NJ, Here are your fries:

I totally agree with you the transition can be jarring for a young player. I like Moses for the disruption he creates at the line even when he doesn't get a good rush. He must bat at least one ball every practice.

Jay D, they have absolutely given Hilliard FB reps in practice.

Impetus lets hope not........

LOL@mando. Gee thanks. Jake grove. He seemed to play much better when thomas was in the game last week and not having to worry about murphy. Also D thomas is a freaking bulldozer. Future pro bowler ?


I'm suprised that Camarillo has lost is starting position. Do you think the knee injury has slowed him down or is Bess just gotten better?

Assassin: Vontae Davis is very physically talented. I think he'll get his brain in gear and make fewer mistakes as he gets on in experience.

The fact is the kid never played special teams in college and two of his mistakes were on special teams. The more pressing issue to me is the DB play. He has to tighten up on his technique. Coaches have been on his butt this week.

We'll see what happens. But my prediction is he'll be OK.

NJ, using a bulldozer or snow plow is a automatic 15 yard penalty( except in New England)

DPS1982: I didn't see Merling doing anything spectacular during the game. Nothing wrong, mind you, but nothing that made my eyes pop out of my head -- which is an interesting look for me, by the way.

I think the competition for the DE spot will continue. I think it's a three-man competition and you have to include Tony McDaniel. And I think Starks is winning the deal right now.

Hayden, I think we are of like minds -- which is probably bad news for you.

Mando, follow up to my previous post. Do you think the NFL will rethink that inactive QB rule in light of the up and coming popularity of Wildcats throughout the league? And, do you know the reason for that rule's adoption?



Zack, to me an elite back gets you 1,500 yards. An elite back scares the living crap out of defenses. An elite back does it week in and out.

Ronnie has not been elite in the past. There are reasons for that that are not his fault. But is Ronnie Brown among the best 5 backs in the NFL?

What do you guys think?

Impetus, Ginn is Miami's only speedy WR with potential to be a deep threat. He has not done it consistently yet. And, of course, neither have any of the other guys.

An elite running back is usually running behind an elite o-line, which is why I asked about this line earlier.

Honestly with miamis tuff schedual what do u think there final record will be??? I'm gunning for 9-7 record realisticly

NJ: If you can predict whether Thomas will stay healthy, I would predict he would be in the Pro Bowl conversation in three years.

So tell me? Does he stay healthy for the next 48 consecutive games?

I think I agree with you on Ronnie. I do not think he has reached "elite" status due to sharing the workload or injuries. We would all love to him get 1200 to 1500 yards. Will it happen who knows.

Jake Delhomme has not looked too good in has last few games... I hope he has another turnover fest tomorrow night... I'm pulling for Sean Smith to get another int and really win his position as starter...

Armando, do you think Bess can earn the spot opposite Ginn on a regular basis? Don't get me wrong, I think Camarillo is a great blue collar. I just see something in Bess.

Cuban: I too am Cuban so you have to know that I have no problem with big, well, rumpage.

Mando. always a pleasure and thanks. 1 more question before i go . i read that the miami coaches are down on merling and don't think he has what it takes to be really good and are investing more time on L . Dotson whom they are more high on. Again thanks.

Mojomark: Bess has improved and is quicker. That doesn't mean the competition is over. But Camarillo has to turn it up in games and to do that, the coaches have to give him opportunities.

I think he still might be Miami's leading pass catcher this year. Him or a RB or a TE.

Dolphan0421: Why does anyone give a hoot what I think the Dolphins record will be.

I was really, really, really good at predicting those things in the 90s and early 2000s.

I have totally sucked at it lately. I picked them to be good in 2007. I picked them to be bad last year.

I now officially suck at predicting that stuff. And some of you would say I suck all around. Just saying.

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