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JT back with team; live chat at 6 p.m.

Strong side linebacker Jason Taylor, who missed practice Thursday to attend to an illness in his family, is back with the team today, according to team spokesman Harvey Greene.

Greene does not know if Taylor will play Saturday versus the Carolina Panthers but another source said Friday afternoon Taylor is scheduled to start in Miami's second preseason game of the season.

Right guard Donald Thomas, who took over the starting job this week for the first time since training camp opened, is also scheduled to start for the Dolphins. It would mark the first game Thomas starts since he suffered a foot injury in the regular-season opener in 2008.

I have written an advance column for Saturday's preseason game versus Carolina. The column is about the Miami offense. In it, coach Tony Sparano tells you his vision of Miami's 2009 offense. Let's be honest, guys, the Dolphins cannot win 11 games this year, with this schedule, riding last year's offensive production.

It's like entering a goat in the Kentucky Derby.

I trust everyone agrees with me on that. 

One more thing: Live blog chat at 6 p.m. tonight.

Yeah, I'm calling all Dolfans to convene here and discuss what they're expecting from the team Saturday night, what they've seen so far, and whatever else is on their minds. I will be here at least 1 hour to answer your questions and take your abuse exchange ideas.

So be here at 6 p.m.

If you cannot be here then, feel free to leave your comments now and I'll get to them first when I come back for the live blog.


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What do I think about Ronnie Brown? At this point, he's not an elite back in my mind. Maybe this year it will be different-certainly hope so. :o)

NJ, I don't know where you read the Miami staff is down on Merling. I wrote that Sparano and his coaches want more out of Merling in practice and are trying to get that out of him. But down on the guy? It's not that bad. Trust me on this.

Perspective: I see Bess as the starter next to Ginn.

I'd rather see Anquan Boldin. But I see Bess.

Had to say that, couldn't resist.

Alright alright I will give that too u but it is always fun to predict the future to just see how acurate u are in the long run.

Folks, as always, I appreciate you keeping me company for the past 90 minutes or so.

I thank God you guys spend some time on this blog.

We'll have a live game blog Saturday nite. Please come back.

God bless.

I'll second that about Boldin.


I think when you look at the roster cuts the WR position and OLB are most competitive. I look at two starters from last year in Roth and camrillo and i think both of them should be worried. Of course everyone has been following roth and his injury but frankly even when healthy he is a marginal player with little upside because he has athletic limitations and is playing in the wrong system.

Im excited to watch Moses, George, Anderson, and wake get reps in the game and see what they can bring. I rather carry young unproven talent on a growing team, then keep a roster spot for roth who evry1 would agree wasn't a parcell's pick and won't have a future contract coming next year.

1. Roth should be cut, and I dont even think it is a hard decision if you are considering the teams future past this year.

Mando. good i hope that the coaches can get on merling to wake up. as far as thomas staying healthy ? that's the million dollar question.

I put Ronnie on the doorstep of elite with him taking that step this year. He was leading the league in yards from scrimmage in 2007 until he tore his acl. With a better o-line, a year and a half passed since the injury, and Ricky seemingly starting to show his age, I see 1300 rushing yards and 450 receiving yards. That sounds elite to me.

Buenos noche mando....

Camirillo is a tougher decision

2.Camirillo i actually feel is a solid pro, and has done everything you can ask in a player on your team, but sometimes that isn't enough.
Call me crazy but when you have Davon bess in the slot, ginn on the outside ande then you draft Turner----it looks like that is the top 3 moving foward in my mind. But if they didn't draft Hartline i think camirillo would be safe. If you compare the two they are very similar, but hartline is younger, bigger, more athletic and is a parcells pick. Its a better carbon copy of camirillo.

Some people might argue wull you can carry both of them because camarillo is a proven target and you can cut chris williams or Brandon London.

London and Williams give you special Teams---Bess, turner, Ginn, Hartline will only be better moving foward with more reps as soon as possible. Camirillo is a pro and its a tough cut but i think it should be done for the Teams future WRs.--His injury doesn't help the situation either


The defense seemed to have more success generating pressure with their inside pass rush in the first preseason game. I've heard that was a goal this season. What have you seen them working on in practice and who are the primary defenders they are using to accomplish this?

Thanks for the info!


he was asked about his arm strength and the four interceptions in the ravens game , he answered by saying that all 4 interceptions has no thing to do w/ arm strength ,2- the coach wouldn't put out if i wasn't good enough to lead this team.



By the way im all about Quintin Moses i think he is goin to be a stud that can cover, batt down balls, play the run and generate pass rush with his hand technique---Wake looks really raw, but his speed and pad level truning the corner remind me of Freeny---i think we have to future pass rushers, behind two hall of fame OLB ----excited for saturday

lex hilliard looks alot better than lousaka who can't block. his (lou's)claim to fame is last year he made some 4th and 1's. that doesnt seem like enough. london looks bad too. i'd give wms. a shot based on his potential to be a spark plug. alot of these other guys disappear in games.

Why is everybody so down on Miami not winning 11? Look its nice, but you don't have to have the best rec in the conference or get the bye - just ask Jeff Fisher. All you need to do is beat the teams in your division and you are in. As far as te schedule being tough, that is predicated on last year and a year in the NFL is eternity. Example - does everybody have the Colts beating Miami in week 2? My guess is yes, but is Indy better or worse this year? Dungy gone - offensive line suspect. I like our chances if we can out physical them (and I think we can).
Looking at the schedule - nobody other than NE PITT & TENN are scary. Look at the other teams and you see question marks all over. Carolina? whos your qb? TB? - sorry. New Orleans/JAX - depends which team shows up the good or bad versions... ATL/SD? Maybe... NYJ/Buf? Im quivering... really. The nice thing is no division games the last 4 weeks so we should have a pretty good handle by December. I like our chances and lets be honest... despite the 2 a day reports and minute by minute assesments of Pat White we know absolutely squat about how these new guys will play on Sundays. What we do know is this - Bill Parcells knows players, Sparano can coach, and experts are predicting a losing season (in most cases I'm hearing 7 wins). Good lets be the underdog. Its sooooo much easier to get up for games. I think these guys have a chip on their shoulder and the young guys remember the taste of playofs last year.
I do know this... if the offensive line turns the corner and gels, they have the potential to suddenly be the best in the league and this team may be able to run the ball in the way that NE and Pitt would like to but cant.

uh uh nope Camarillo stays - he's tuna's Wayne Chrebet II and they just signed him to a multiyear prob with bonus which they'd have to eat in a cap hit.

uh huh!

Another weak @ss man. He knew that there's no way that ROTH could compete so he bowed out. WEAK!!!!!

Not only was I one of a fwe calling for 99 back but I called he would start.

So those who watch me I know you remember.

You remember where I live etc.. etc...

so I know you remember that.

SEAN SMITH ROKKIE of the year.


justin my honey, how are the family ?
do you how to make mosaka with eggplant ?

is the cheerleader calander of the miami dolphins out yet ? hope will be few burnets and not dumb blonds

Eric Green'
you asked me if I can make Mouska w/eggplant, let see.

First I call you Lou. Then I mash your moth f'n azzzzz up with some eggplant. I continue mashing your mother f'n body and eggplant to a pulp. Then I serv it up nicely with a "how do you do" or "how are you today" I call my dish Lousaka Polite.

just, what kind of cheap wine you buy to go with that eggplant mosaka ?


I just git some of yo mama wine when icome over to see her, serve it up with your lousaka polite, biotch

Armando is right, that offense got by barely and purely by schedule. My hopes? That we finish gAmes as we start them, agressive! That Chad pennington doesn't throw another 6 yard pass on third and 8, like he did all year last year, and our offensive line is much much better than what they were in Mondays game. Ohh, and Greg cam decides just because he has his contract doesn't mean he shouldn't play like he doesn't.

It would be nice if the Dolphins offense is better, and I believe it will be better, but I know the defense will be better than last year and that my friend usually improves the offense by field position. I believe the only thing that can derail this team is injuries to key positions.





This whats I yell at game tonight

Vonte Davis better come to play like 1st draft pick not as ist draft picnic .

carlito ,how many homes do you have if any ?

I think the Dolphins will have a great season this year they should win about 12 game we are a better team then last year

And wit Bringin JT back the team is gonna b a hole lot better do u feel me

Cubano, I only have one home. I do not buy things I can no afford, this why I never forclose or have problem credit.

At least I not like the Dolphins and have to share house with other teams.

Or rent house like Marlins. Move that damn dirt infield!

Cuban Menace has a 1 bedroom apartment, he has no wife, no kids, he is a loner. Sad

Does anybody know if the game will be shown in Ft. Myers?

"Let's be honest, guys, the Dolphins cannot win 11 games this year, with this schedule, riding last year's offensive production".

How do you know. Would you have believed they would have one 11 last year. This is one of the first times I have to disagree and HOPE you are wrong.

"It's like entering a goat in the Kentucky Derby".

No, it's a good team playing a bunch of other good teams. It's called the NFL. And it always seems the Dolphins play up to the better competition! They beat good teams and lose to teams they should not lose to.

Anybody got any links for the game tonight?
Help your brothers out here in the Hinterlands.

I'm looking forward to seeing how right guard Donald Thomas does tonight. Let's hope he kicks some Panther butt all over the field. :)

jst wanted to know if its true that Camarillo lost his postion or if hes even back this season. Is Jason Taylor gonna start Saturday?

Do you think Zack Thomas is next to come back ?

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