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Live blog -- too bad no Tampa WRs will show

Joey Galloway is playing for New England and neither Antonio Bryant nor Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay's starting wide receivers, are playing for the Buccaneers tonight.

So the Dolphins rookie cornerbacks may have to wait until the regular season for their first serious NFL test.

(Yes, I know New Orleans is a great passing team and Miami finishes the preseason there next week. But let's face it, the Saints aren't going to let their starters play too long in the final preseason game.)

So this is bad news. But it is also good news.

At minimum, both Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are getting broken in sloooowly. Remember that last week the Panthers kept both Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad -- their starters -- on the bench.

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section below. Let's get to it.


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my radar is 12 mins behind, look s good now

What did Cadillac say about Bess? Oh, nevermind.

Cadillac speaks like a souped-up impala on duece-dueces.

While I am going to be tired for work, I think it is funny that Fox has to scramble to get things together in this delay.

getting ready now

OMG, Ronnie is so articulate...what the hell is up with Cadillac...Geez. No doubt and calling Pam Oliver 'Man'. He should never do an interview again. Would have never guessed he spoke that way...lol.

new game when we re start..

no rain here at all...no lighting

Guys, its no mystery... what type of person names their son Cadillac?

ok storm cell died, just rain now....in tampa

Good point drsami, Ronnie comes off very smart and professional in interviews, maybe he went to class.

Mando, do u think they might put Henne in sooner rather than later?

Armando dude...what you doing...how about some insights for the fans during the delay

Who else is getting hammered right now during this delay?

I saw our defense with the backs against the wall twice.
Both times they dug in and kept the Bucs out!


Were good weather wise now, let's get this game going now.

per national weather center

"Im more wiser now" direct Cadillac quote. How did he go to college.

Maybe this break will be good...it's like a restart...it should teach them why they need to come out focused

Mando, what is your perspective on the fins play to this point of the game?

Umm, Souljah...Which is quite ghetto...His name is Cardell...

Mando, here's perspective for you: the score, and for that matter, whether the Phins win, is relatively unimportant. Performance, or lack thereof, is what matters here. Players need to perform, and to the extent they haven't, this is concerning (see Will Allen). The score here doesn't reflect the manhandling the Phins are getting on defense

cadillac did finish middle school but still he speaks like bunglito

joe buck is awesome with baseball...with footbal, not so much

leftwich is out per him

c'mon phins give us a new game!
i took off work for this?

Odinseye, the counter to your point is that leftwhich has been awfully innacurate, he's at fault as much as our D, Brady would have 2 TD's right now.

Wow...Leftwich sounds like an idiot too..."I learnt"

Holy guacamole, the Fins are getting beaten like a rented mule out there. I just downgraded my season prediction from 9-7 to 7-9 based on the first quarter of this game alone! And the scary part is, this secondary hasn't reallky even played against any legit NFL starting caliber WRS yet! And C-Penn's arm looks TWICE as weak as last year!


Marc (which is quite WASPy) his name is CARNELL

Cadillac williams speaks like justin incredible.

marc.....lol but correct

If anything, the terrible first couple of offensive series begs that Pennington play longer, not less.

The coaches have said they have a certain amount of work they want certain players to get. If the offense is only running 3 plays and punting, it doesn't work.

Byron Leftcawitz looks like Fat Albert

I don't care about Ronnie's speech or Caddilac's. I don't give a F if they're ever going to be motivational speakers.
All I care about is seeing ronnie running north and south.

Damn, I've gotta start getting ready for work.

mando is back

Press box announcement is the teams are coming back on the field "shortly" and will have 10 minutes to warm up before starting up again.

AS for the Bucs, if Leftwich can't lead his team to multiple TDs the way the Fins' D is playing he doesn't deserve to be the starter. The Bucs really should be up 21-0 right now.


If sparano is the coach I think he is, it's gonna be a whole new focused team coming out. He has no problem cutting starters.

Marc, you come off like a snob.

weather is cleared per weather channel

Well said

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wo hoo wo hooo

Miami's got the Dolphins the greatest football team...

Cardell, Carnell, it's not Caddilac; and yes, I'm White...Not religious though, so, I guess I'm just WAS

Bucs coming out now.

walking on

Nobody cares how these guys speak, it's just observation, chill

Fins to the left
Fins to the right
Were not in the game tonight

Mando, one more question how is the defensive holding up against the TE's?

Dolphins now streaming back out.

dopphins on now

nj loves all people of all colors .cheep shot at justin

Games about to hit the restart button! there heading outta the locker room.

its football....not race guys

players coming back out.

Let's see how the offense adjusts.

I am also hoping to see the defense respond better to the second QB.

ok, get a beer and get ready for some football

These guys talking race?
This break has gone on for tooo long

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