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Live blog -- too bad no Tampa WRs will show

Joey Galloway is playing for New England and neither Antonio Bryant nor Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay's starting wide receivers, are playing for the Buccaneers tonight.

So the Dolphins rookie cornerbacks may have to wait until the regular season for their first serious NFL test.

(Yes, I know New Orleans is a great passing team and Miami finishes the preseason there next week. But let's face it, the Saints aren't going to let their starters play too long in the final preseason game.)

So this is bad news. But it is also good news.

At minimum, both Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are getting broken in sloooowly. Remember that last week the Panthers kept both Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad -- their starters -- on the bench.

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section below. Let's get to it.


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Is Long more of a pass block or run blocker?

Hey OK, where are you hearing hartline tore his acl?

Can we be honest here...Pennington gives this team THE best shot to win right now. I know he is not perfect, but come on folks. He is the team's most important player.

Bring in white. So I don't look so bad

Walked into the sack??? He was SURROUNDED by Bucs defenders, dude!

Johan, with all due respect, these guys are pros and they know when they play well and play poorly.

In the preseason its more about playing well and improving than winning. So morale depends on playing well not winning.

The starting oline getting rung up by second stringers.


My guess is armstrong is chopped next and maybe R. Wright on D-line gets the walking papers.

So Armando, in your professional opinion, have the Fins played as badly as I and some others think?

Whats the deal with Hartline

if we could give cp hennes arm we would be SB bound for sure!

I just want to see one nice glimpse of greatness from henni just a deep pass anything I need hope!

Where did it get aired that Hartline got hurt?

Lets get a look at Camerillo

Hartline has not been in since the knee injury...great.

Thank God for senseless Bucs penalties.

Reply @LOL that would be lime creating a man-bear-pig!!! Totally cereal!

Nothin like dolphins football and good Wisconsin beer!!!

that's a nice run, that's what we need, right up the gut

Future looks bleak friends...

Henne has never looked this bad, and the play calling doesn't help. Our offensive coordinator may be a genius, but their conservative calls leads to every game being one possession nightmares like last season.

More Cowboy talk.

Hilliard - coming back to earth

damn starting o-line is still in

I just want to see Henne complete ONE PASS. Is that really too much to ask? Just ONE!

damn did that just hit bess in the numbers?

How do you sprain a collar bone, Aikman?

OL Line has been a big dissapointment!

hartline hasnt been in because 2nd stringers are in dipsh!ts.....has ginn been in since pennington left?

I love how Aikman can update us on WR injuries from other games but can't say a word about Hartline.


I agree...the Rod Wright project is complete. Rod Wright = Cut

They should just keep Henne in for the rest of the game, let white play against New Orleans.

pleeeeze say hartline didn't tear anything

Brandon Fields = ugliest person in the entire NFL. I think the reason his kicks are so good is that his leg is trying to get away from his hideous face.


I think Long is solid all around.

This games been a frustrating waste of time.

Oh goody, another first down so Henne can throw 2-3 MORE incompletions!

J-roid, Hartline went out before Pennington...came off limping...

Nice call OK...I thought the same thing.

AND whoever said on the blog thank goodness for dumb Tampa penalties was also right on.

Can we run a 5 RB set?

hahahah young that was hilarious

This ref sounds like Mush Mouth from Fat Albert

nice second effort

Oline is struggling badly.

Looooooooouuu !

yes hartline walked off after his 55 yard catch then came back....then he left with the rest of the starters....plus even if its nothing who would want to risk it on a preseason game....quit freaking out.

Nice Ayatollah...or the ball is trying to get as far away from him as quickly as possible

C'mon rage...no Mush Mouth references at 11:30 at nite. ha ha ha

On bright side, Lou Polite still picks up first downs on fourth down.

They actually converted a third and short with a run, will miracles never cease? LOL

Notice how Henne didn't throw a pass in 3 plays.

The O-line play has been the most worrisome part of the night, other than the Hartline injury

Nice chest pass by Henne

lex cut or to the practice squad

Hillard is gone

bye lex

Lol. This game keeps getting better every sec

Sloppy sloppy

ruh roh lex with the fumble...

By hillard

Hilliard gets put on practice squad

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