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Live blog -- too bad no Tampa WRs will show

Joey Galloway is playing for New England and neither Antonio Bryant nor Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay's starting wide receivers, are playing for the Buccaneers tonight.

So the Dolphins rookie cornerbacks may have to wait until the regular season for their first serious NFL test.

(Yes, I know New Orleans is a great passing team and Miami finishes the preseason there next week. But let's face it, the Saints aren't going to let their starters play too long in the final preseason game.)

So this is bad news. But it is also good news.

At minimum, both Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are getting broken in sloooowly. Remember that last week the Panthers kept both Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad -- their starters -- on the bench.

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section below. Let's get to it.


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Laters everyone

Well this game was a snooze so thanks all for the entertainment on the iPhone! No better way to watch a game than with the fins app!!! Funny as hell!

g'nite all.

Methinks the dolphs held back because they're playing the bucs in the for real season... at least that's what I'm clinging to.

i know we dont tackle in practice but that not a good idea anymore. the last two weeks of training camp should be off limits but we need some form of live tackling in practice to stop all the big hits without wrapping up

3-0 baby. superbowl bound. HAHAHAHA. honestly not that great of a game for us. Bad weather..didnt see the startign offense much until the second half. Pennington had a few nice throws that didnt end up counting for much. Sean Smith looked like a rookie in the first half, which makes sense. Defense bent a lot and Leftwich couldn't break it. 6 points given up is good but the way the first team played wasn't. Shoulda been more like 14 points there, 10 at least. Blocked punt mistake was unlucky and unfortunite. Hartline had a good game in my opinion. Ginn wasn't targeted...shocker. Ronnie and Ricky are both the grind you down types so preseason doesnt do them justice. We will see how well prepared they are in the regular season. Thats about it. I say we start Greg Camarillo and put Bess in the slot. Hartline should be our next receiver. Everything else remains the same after an uneventful game.

That was the ugliest I have seen us play in a long time. Miamis major problem is never talked about, and that's during the season our offense is so conservative we never go up more than one score, it is too much for a team to be one score away from losing the entire game every game! Our offense doesn't do our defense justice, play calling and passing is way too conservative. It's time to open up the field and get ginn in the effin game!!

Here are my thoughts on what I just saw:

The good(not much):

1. Sean Smith. He had great coverage all night, even when they completed passes on him it was a good throw into good coverage.

2. Vontae Davis: Got away with a PI at the end of the game but he looked good. Good coverage, good physical play. However, he is not as good as Sean Smith. (Sorry NJ Phin Fan)

3. Pass rush. It started slow but they started to add some blitz packages and then the pressure just kept getting better and better all night. Q. Moses was really impressive.

The bad:

1. Offensive line. This group stunk it up in all phases of the game. They didn't run block nor did they do a great job protecting the passer.

2. 1st team run defense. The bucs starters where averaging 6.0 ypc against this group. Enough said.

3. Chad Henne: He did not have a lot of opportunities to do anything and there was some pretty conservative play calling but the int in the red zone was inexcusable.

4. Chad Pennington: Yes he did lead us on a touch down drive but for most of the night his play was pretty lack luster. His normal pin point accuracy was off.

5. Special teams: You know it is bad when you block a punt and still manage to give the kicking team a first down. There was also some poor coverage by the punt return team early on in the game.

The so-so:

1. Lex Hilliard: Bad fumble, it may have cost him a chance to make the team but I still like him, he runs hard and does not shy away from contact.

Last thought from 5150...we passed on Joe Flacco!

after watching this debacle, I cannot believe the nfl charges full prices for glorified scrimmages. Quite a crowd out there at the "big sombrero", lots of people masquerading as empty seats!

phinfan from birth, I think the Fish stunk it up for real tonight! Back to the drawing board......


I dont think they call the stadium big sombrero anymore, you low IQ fool.

Ken, it ok. Vontae davis played well for the 2nd consecutive game, sean smith played well but had some bad plays. The 2 rookie cb's are real nfl players, that's good news. Davis is still better then butler, FOR MIAMI !

Hey Gopats,
Why don't you (fill in the blank)

Speaking of LowIQ,you shouldn't be so hard on yourself!


'Big Sombrero' was demolished well over a decade ago. And, Tampa Bay is the lightning capital of the World. Hence, smart fans left. Also, 'fish'...please....don't you have a CC class tomorrow. Work on biology.

All right

Just a pre season game lets not go overboard but...

Bucs have a good O-line as I said before the game and proved it early on.

I think our defense eventually found their stride, but I think we need to step it up against the run a little bit. Pass rush is there and defensive backfield will only get better.

Pennington looked late on some of his throws and his timing was a little off. But had a great play action fake/pass and looked like he was in control most of the time in there.

Game showed that we still need alot of work on Offense and some on defense but this team will get better as the year goes on, because we are a young team but there is lots of time to hit our stride to acheive this.

Qurious but I didn't like the way Ronnie Brown ran tonight i didn't feel like he gave much of himself out there on the field. Any one see that too?


Q Moses had a good game and was close to coming up with a few sacks, so did Taylor and Anderson, we will be a good pass rush team and we will eclipse the 40 sacks we put up last year.

it late see ya all tomorrow.

Dolphins4life. The OL gave brown nowhere to run, Also long got beat by the speed rush for the 3rd game in the row. Not good ! Good night all .

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