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Live blog -- too bad no Tampa WRs will show

Joey Galloway is playing for New England and neither Antonio Bryant nor Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay's starting wide receivers, are playing for the Buccaneers tonight.

So the Dolphins rookie cornerbacks may have to wait until the regular season for their first serious NFL test.

(Yes, I know New Orleans is a great passing team and Miami finishes the preseason there next week. But let's face it, the Saints aren't going to let their starters play too long in the final preseason game.)

So this is bad news. But it is also good news.

At minimum, both Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are getting broken in sloooowly. Remember that last week the Panthers kept both Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad -- their starters -- on the bench.

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section below. Let's get to it.


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wide open - bad throw again

it should be 14-0 tb right now

we are going to get torched are cb stinckssssssssss

Blown coverage in the secondary. But that could be a ILB problem also.

This is bull*s*hi*t, our defense looks awful!!!!!

Will Allen getting beat every play

The biggest issue facing this team: pass defense.

I've seen enough. Friggin' horrible. 2-14. At best. If we're lucky.

So did will Allen turn into Jason Allen today


The Dolphins are making Stovall look like Terrell Owens in his prime.

langford is the only positive thing so far

we're making stovall look like randy moss

WTF guys geez

r u kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we cant get off the damn field on 3rd down, thats a big prob.

Who's this 85 , Jerry rice

Anyone at the game?
is the footing bad?
The dolphins looks very slow.

Give them a break. They just started.

Buc/Tampa fan what was the bucs record last year?? You are garbage. You guys will be lucky to be a 500 team.

Wow wow wow, this is atrocious, THESE ARE NOT EVEN THE STARTING WR's!!

Sean Smith, bad coverage, can we get a stop on 3rd down!?!?!

This secondary is gonna get torched by real WR's

man can we please put vonte davis in

They are getting NO pressure right now

+1 on will turning into Jason

QAM: "LAME, LETHARGIC EFFORT"; "NO PASS RUSH AT ALL." 'If Leftwich were any good......'

I'm having nitemares of Ryan.

At least Will Allen didn't bite on the double move...YIPPIE!

Put V . Davis in the game.

he's not a tampa fan, it's a jet fan

Tight coverage insane catches

We can't stop anybody!


Brady is going to have a record day if we take this into the regular season.

We betwe find some secondary players after cuts. Too bad those cut wil be better than our starters.

Speaking of JT...He must be thinking "here we go again". Why is playing as a down lineman?

Nice tackle

make a play please

Another completion with a Miami defender draped all over the receiver. At least TB doesn't get the first down.

Big tackle crowder.

good coverage by crowder there


Is there any reason for this? Sometimes bad footing can make the defense look slow.

Or can you see something else?

finally a stop on 3rd down, maybe we needed a good pop in the mouth after all the compliments for the first 2 gaames, lets see how they respond.

this is a joke or a choke the Fins look horrible and i will have to here about it tommorow bucs 23 plays fins 3 plays.. the coverage is a joke on 3rd down and whatever it is.. We look bad.. no rush no coverage to a team thats supposed to finish last in a division we play this season wow


manny 350 brady 400 ben 300 matt 300 rivers 300 ...............

Very disturbing. To say the least.

Can we trade for Eric Green? :)

Well we got to see more defense in the first quarter this game then we did the first 2 preseason games.... Howd it look folks????

Unbelievable...we may be only down by 6 after that horrible excuse of a defensive unit

After the Fg , miami drives for a td, Bet on it.

My f'n stomach hurts we look so bad! We've made mistakes in every single phase of the game! Do they need two a day again?!?!?!?!?! WTH!!!!!!

Let's get a good drive going on offense

mando one week a player looks good now you comparing jt to jt five years ago, what give?

We have to score a td on this next drive... COME ON!

I can't believe they dont have enough pride to play Better on national tv.

Like to see what the offense does now

I can see the O-Line getting NO pressure, giving a slow footed QB who HAS to set his feet to throw enough time to do just that.

At least they held them to 3

Tampa is just playing at a much higher level.

Buc/Tampa guy get out of here

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