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Live blog -- too bad no Tampa WRs will show

Joey Galloway is playing for New England and neither Antonio Bryant nor Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay's starting wide receivers, are playing for the Buccaneers tonight.

So the Dolphins rookie cornerbacks may have to wait until the regular season for their first serious NFL test.

(Yes, I know New Orleans is a great passing team and Miami finishes the preseason there next week. But let's face it, the Saints aren't going to let their starters play too long in the final preseason game.)

So this is bad news. But it is also good news.

At minimum, both Sean Smith and Vontae Davis are getting broken in sloooowly. Remember that last week the Panthers kept both Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad -- their starters -- on the bench.

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section below. Let's get to it.


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Thank god for the lightening

If the bucs should be killing us Sean smith Isnt playing that good they need to put vante in... And keep te starters in untill we can do something positive... This game I officially call cursed as the three plays that should of went miamis way didn't... But I'm not surprised it always happens to them

Alright, bring in Henne. Penny is spent.

The good news is that I should be drunk by the time the game restarts! Hell ya

It only took me one year,Mando....but now I have the incentive to keep trying.

what the hell does a farmer have to do with turning on a dime??


IT IS ALL MY IN LAWS FAULT! If I could watch the game it peace this never would have happened!!!! lol!

First National game is sept 21. A night game 8:30

What the hell does this game have to do with Football?

the Dolphins sometimes ask both JT and Joey Porter to rush from a three-point stance. it typically happens when they are in a four-man front in the nickel package.

It is one of about five different looks the team uses. it doesn't ALWAYS happen.

This is the best time to announce usain BOLT as a fin.

Thank God for preseason!!! Enough time to train the wife into not talking during games! At this point I think I'm putting her through 2 a days lol! idk if I should be happy she is trying to learn the game and watch with me...or annoyed due to all the questions.

Why didn't we sigh Vick again?

Dolphan 0421 it is Allen thats getting burnt not Smith.

Please I need another drink phins look like crap

What the hell does football have to do with this game??

man I take back my prediction. we would be lucky to get 7-9. Tampa was suppose to suck this year. ouch. can you say regression. damn I'm depressed

Relax it;s pre season... playing it very vanilla we play the Bucs in the regular season. We will come out score 14 keep them to 9 with starters. Then Henne will win game during mop up. BOOK IT

"What were you hoping to see that you're not seeing?"
Uuuuh, football you dumb b.....!!


Not yet. However I'm starting to think my current stock will not be enough.


Pam Oliver with a wet shirt. Yeah baby!!

mando, looks like it is clearing fast here

Please, the game needs to start back up! I can't have this image of the dolphins sucking in my head much longer! They must fix it!

cool out soul

Guy's I just checked the local radar and it doesn't look good...a very large thunder storm moving towards the stadium with real heavy rain.

with fans like you guys who needs ......

the coach looks happy.he's going to trick every one this coming season the same way he did last year .




It's only preseason

Any you hickory guys have Twitter? Maybe we can get together for a game sometime? Look me up under

Ztemde. don't wanna give out much in here would hate to hv to Jack some smelly jets fan well maybe not "hate" it

I can see the headlines tomorrow

"Hundreds of intoxicated dolphans incite riots across the nation"

Its only 6-0. Relax people

missed us and it our time now

Put the drink down. Or jump off the Phins wagon and stay off


joe buck is pessimist. have you read the posts on this blog. one guy is calling for a 2-14 season. dont have to go far for pessimmisim

this game has been pitiful so far. the touted newly tooled offensive line can't get a push. chad is spending every play on his ass. and this greatly improved secondary looks awful. isn't tampa supposed to be a bad team? what am i missing here?

It's early people. We had some bad plays, bad weather, bad luck.
Were only down 6. Get some perspective you wussies. Grab your boot straps and pull. It's a good test. Now watch us bounce back from a little adversity.

Joe buck is pissing me off right now! Shut up dude, we want more Pam Oliver! Yea baby!!!!

Miami gonna win 17-9

Tampa bay fin
So what's bad about a large storm coming towards the stadium ?

you guys go ear some pork and drink cheap beer and relax

How long does it take until they cancel the game? Or do they wait forever?

tampa, my radar says smaller cells east of tampa

Yes "enough already whiners"...because we are all like farmers who turn on something or other...uh, nevermind.

i am with odin I on that point

What is up with our intensity in this game?? We can't be regressing guys... We've got the falcons colts and chargers to start the season!! Enough with this mediocrity already!!!

Mando, what's up?? Give us an update or some more insight.

Lol@odinseye, you're to much.

so what did Sparano say on national TV? I have no volume in the press box.

OK, thanks Mandy, but, umm...Someone should probably remind them that Porter and JT don't do well as DE's, lol...

My Doppler reveals a long dry spell heading our way.

Our defense started looking better but man hardly any pressure and their 3rd string WR caught 6 passes for 79 yards on our first team D...wtf!

Our offense looks offensive-the Bucs are rerouting our receivers and again no frekin passes to Ted Ginn

I hope this turns around fast when the game resumes because my wife is terrified to come in the living room with me shouting at the TV.

the offensive line looks umm bad


he said some special team mistakes, but early

This is going to be a tough evaluation for the team.

Sparano said...Blah, blah, this is embarrassing. I can't believe that I have to coach these losers, blah blah...Notice he avoided eye contact the entire time? I don't really think he wanted to talk. I think he wanted to go chew some a$$

Did Cadillac go to class at Auburn? No doubt.

see what team comes out ready

Mandi, Pam asked him tough ??and Tony said that Bill Parcells trust him for doing his coaching duties. Talk was about Parcells

Finfan23, we get alot of lightning with our storms so it could delay things longer, but the good news is it looks like it's falling apart so maybe we'll get started again soon

Cadillac Williams: "Its da bess I done felt..."

Between Cadillac and that ref...we have some serious ebonics going on.

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