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Live blog of tonight's preseason-opener at 7:30

Cue the NFL Films music. Cue the hitting. Cue the cheerleaders. Cue the baseball dirt infield.

Preseason football returns to Land Shark Stadium this evening when the Dolphins host the Jacksonville Jaguars. And you will get a chance be in a community of fellow fans tonight -- even if you do not get Ch.  4 (WFOR) or Ch. 34. (WTVX). 

Yes, the game will be on local TV because the Dolphins have guaranteed a sellout.

But if you don't get local TV, this blog will be on live and in living color starting at kickoff. So as in past years, you will be able to gather here, with other Dolphins fans, and talk about the game as it happens. 

You can join the live blog from your computer ... or, if you have an iPhone and have purchased the Dolphins app, you can follow and participate in the live blog from wherever you are -- including the stands, if you so desire.

As thousands of iPhone Dolphins Apps have been sold so far, chances are good we'll have some live blog participants in the stands tonight and during every home game this year. Think about it, how cool is watching the game from the stands, and commenting on what you see on the live blog in real time?

A couple of things you should know:

The first-team offensive line is expected to play an extended period of time in front of quarterbacks Chad Pennington and Chad Henne.

Coach Tony Sparano said last week he saw no reason to hold out Donald Thomas from the game so, if that holds, I would think he'll get some snaps with the starters even though Shawn Murphy is expected to start.

I'm eager to see how Sean Smith does in his NFL debut as a starting CB. I'll also be watching Vontae Davis and his fellow rookies, Pat White, Patrick Turner, and Brian Hartline.

 So see you here at 7:30 p.m. You are obviously here now, so tell me what you want and need to see out of this game. What players need to step up in the battles to earn roster spots. What players intrigue you. Give your predictions, too.

It's football season!


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I am most interested on the growth of Brown and Ginn. The rookies are nice, but we want the team to grow from last year's season and these two need to get close to the top of their positions for this to happen.

Does anybody know if the game can be watched online? or if it will be rebroadcasted on NFL network??


Im interested in our rookie CB,and WR.
(Smith, Davis, Hartline, Turner)

Also, how Cam Wake is looking, and of course Henne at the helm.

11:00pm on NFL Network tonight.

rebrodcasted on nfl network at 11pm and also get nfl field pass radio you can hear it online. living in S.GA you can view it on channel 47 jax. go dolphins! i will watch camirillo and see how his progress is holding up.

Yes is there anyway to watch the game tonight, if you live in say, Indiana

I'm in Texas so I guess I will watch at 11 or actually 9

I'm interested in Jake Grove and how he looks with the oline...also, Sean Smith.

Im most interested in seeing how Chad Henne is going to play.. Like last year, he is still our QB of the future. Will he continue to impress as he did last year?

Finally dolphin football!

I want to see how the rookies DB perform in a real game

I'm interested in seeing Henne also. Prior to Penny being released by Jets henne had earned the starting qb job and I believe he'll have a better careen than Ryan or Flacco.
Also can't wait to see Pat White running the bubble screen.

The iPhone app is awesome, I'm actually at work right now, but still talking to you guys, Go Dolphins!!!

I want to see Merling dominate, Wake wreak havoc, Sean Smith lock it down, Carpenter kick it into the end zone, the Oline hold their own and Pat White do some crazy improv plays. Dolphins 27, Jags 13.

I just signed up for the iPhone app.

anyone know if naples or ft myers stations are carrying the game live?

or the website that bootlegs games anyone?


I would like to see, Henne and White. And the chemistry in the OLine.

It was a fortnight
I love the Dolphins.

I have eaten Dolphin, and it ate me.
Simply the Bess.
Skip to my Lou.

Give me a reach around.

Don't my posts make you want to vomit?

I cant think of anything else nonsensicle to write, so Ill repeat.

Dolphins Home superbowl.
Poetry is nice
Bess is good.
I doubt Sean Smith.

Wipe from front to back.


I am a little worried about the inside LB's and the run stopping ability - how do they look so far.

O-line O-line O-line...
And if Ronnie is running with authority, or dancing with the stars.
Pass rush as well.

definitely hoping to see an improved running game form our dolphins.


Is the Dolphins App. only for Iphone or will it work on other phone/carrier. I have a Sprint phone with internet service and would like to have the app.

Looking for improved secondary and o-line. Hopefully the WRs will improve this year as well.

Unfortunately I won't be able to see the game as I live on the left coast and it's not televised in my area (I also have class). I'm interested to see how the overall team plays. I want to know whether Ted Gin shows improvement or whether he's still the "invisible receiver". I want to know if Henne has improved or regressed 'cause I have a feeling he's going to be inserted as starter sometime this season. I want to know how the "D" plays and the rookie play of course.

Will you be tweeting Armando?

i see things in tonight's game ,

Ted Ginn will start his wonderful season to come

2-Wake will sack the QB .

3-CHAD.Henne will have a great game

4-watch for Ronnie and Long.

5- V.Davis ,enough said

PS..IF YOU HAVE MAC,you can watch live

I'll be out there! Can't wait wooooo hoooo

Gibril Wilson quietly received a ton of money this offseason. He strikes me as a playmaker type. I want to see how he fits in to this defense and how much he is allowed to freelance and make plays

for sw dolfans WXCW-6 will also carry the game. does anyone know the website that boot-legs the game?

sw FL that is

The iPhone app rocks!!! Thanks so much for making this so dolfans out of the area can follow in depth!

P.s how can mac users watch the game live?!

Try Justin.tv someone will be streaming

What about listening online? Where is a good website.

I will be hosting a live blog at 11:00 pm for those out - of - staters watching on the NFL NETWORK. I want to watch the game clean , without knowing anything from the live blog at 7:30. Please feel free to join me on here at 11 : 00 and we can discuss the game while we're watching it's going on. thanks. Here's to Dolphins Domination.

So what LB's do we sit in the preseason since they all are nasty

thanks bocafinfan !!

no armando,
it's not football season, it's football pre-season. boring. and pointless, meaningless games. don't try to make it more than it is. plus this whole NFL season is tainted by the big jerk, Mike Vick. I hope he fade away really soon.

Nj phin fan I going to ruin your party because I will be at game letting everybody know who is pushing.

The whole season is tainted by vick? He's back. Get over it. I sense a lot of hate comin from your direction

Oliver Rubber sound like very sad person. Even in all joy and happyness of first Dolphins football in many months, he still find something to complain about and be angry. I am sorry for you and will say you name in prayer for you.

Anybody can tell me what "tainted" mean? I don't know this word as verb and hope it not what I think.

Carlito. how are you going to be at the game from brooklyn. ? MENTIROSO !


I guess you're saying you think I am Cuban. But I not and never was. I born in golfito and live in south florida. Very simple. Also, I am Dolphins fan not Jet or Pat.

You are very smart with football, it surprise me you don't know this.

I want to see a focus on the passing game so Henne (and White) and the new young receivers get a chance to get a lot of reps!

LMAO@carlito/c.m. YEAH RIGHT ! By the way , who said anything about cuban ? Mentiroso is the same for any latin america country. GOT YA ! MENTIROSO ! hahahahahahahahaha

Oliver Rubber

Pre-season football is for real fans. The ones that are interested in new players and player developement.
Fairweather fans should check back in early December.

See Ya


I'm with you. I can't watch live, so I'm under a self imposed blackout until 11:00.

I like to sit on the sofa in ma dern unnerwear at game time with a spray can of that aerosolized cheese and do shots. That stuff is purty good fellers. Go Chad!

In Cali wont be able to watch game till 8 pst.need to see what henne does.That's the future...

Odinseye. Cool . We can discuss the game as we watch it live ( OUR TIME ! LOL ). I'm going to try and limit on knowing what happened before i watch it . I hope others join me , That includes you carlito .

Will have to wait till 11
Pm EST replay on NFLN, but will be with the Dolfan Nicaragua Club, very excited!

Nj Phin fan,

You think you so smart. It doesn't take a genius... you think everybody cuban...don't be jealous that I'm at the game cheering dolphins and you are in jet land.


How do I find the game on Justin TV?
Any help would be appreciated?


Do you know anything about Justin TV? I would like to watch it live if possible.

Don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I'm getting ready for a Playoff game!
Beers in the fridge. NY Strips for the grill, and all the fixings for Nacho snacks later.

PS: I got one of my favorite Hotties scheduled for a post game "CELEBRATION".

Go Phins!!!!

Odinseye. i tried that justintv bullsh*t last preseason. You have to pre-register and then you have to wait if your eligible or not , if you get or not. i couldn't get sh*T.

Carlito , yeah i'm real jealous of you watching the game from your mommies basement in brooklyn , Ny. Have fun and join me tonight while your watching on the nfl network.

The game isn't on in my area until 10 pm!!! Is there any other channel besides NFLN or ESPN that will have the game on?? I am in the Kansas City area....your help is appreciated!!

I tried justintv last year too, as I tune in from Europe. It was hit or miss, but until somebody tells me of something else, its the best thing going. Unfortunately.

There are a lot of exciting questions out there, but as someone correctly wrote above, Ginn Jr and Brown are the guys who need to raise their game this season. Are they true stars or just posers?

MoDolfan. How many times do you have to told , that the only channel " on TV " the game will be on is Nfl network at 11:00 est.

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