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Live blog of tonight's preseason-opener at 7:30

Cue the NFL Films music. Cue the hitting. Cue the cheerleaders. Cue the baseball dirt infield.

Preseason football returns to Land Shark Stadium this evening when the Dolphins host the Jacksonville Jaguars. And you will get a chance be in a community of fellow fans tonight -- even if you do not get Ch.  4 (WFOR) or Ch. 34. (WTVX). 

Yes, the game will be on local TV because the Dolphins have guaranteed a sellout.

But if you don't get local TV, this blog will be on live and in living color starting at kickoff. So as in past years, you will be able to gather here, with other Dolphins fans, and talk about the game as it happens. 

You can join the live blog from your computer ... or, if you have an iPhone and have purchased the Dolphins app, you can follow and participate in the live blog from wherever you are -- including the stands, if you so desire.

As thousands of iPhone Dolphins Apps have been sold so far, chances are good we'll have some live blog participants in the stands tonight and during every home game this year. Think about it, how cool is watching the game from the stands, and commenting on what you see on the live blog in real time?

A couple of things you should know:

The first-team offensive line is expected to play an extended period of time in front of quarterbacks Chad Pennington and Chad Henne.

Coach Tony Sparano said last week he saw no reason to hold out Donald Thomas from the game so, if that holds, I would think he'll get some snaps with the starters even though Shawn Murphy is expected to start.

I'm eager to see how Sean Smith does in his NFL debut as a starting CB. I'll also be watching Vontae Davis and his fellow rookies, Pat White, Patrick Turner, and Brian Hartline.

 So see you here at 7:30 p.m. You are obviously here now, so tell me what you want and need to see out of this game. What players need to step up in the battles to earn roster spots. What players intrigue you. Give your predictions, too.

It's football season!


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Anyone have free tickets for the game Im in Davie but don't have any money to go to the game tonight cuz I need to drive to Jacksonville Tom to go back to school and would love to watch my fins play

neighbor said the fins are on ESPN @ 8

atdhe,net shows all the games on nfl network. i want to see pat white both rookie corners and henne. i want to see ronnie but i don't think he will get many carries tonight.

Tell your neighbor to have fun watching the giants vs carolina on espn .


Where you been?

atdhe,net? Is that atde.net? Do they have a guide? Is it shown live?

Love preseason, all the rookies are fun to see. Can't wait to see Cameron Wake and Jason Taylor. Pat White and Chad Henne should be fun to watch as well. How about the recs like Bess,Greg,Tedd JR,Turner. The offense line with Murphy and his first game. Jake Grove and his nasty attitude. Donald Thomas will play. Big Jake Long should be better than last year. If you know football then you know winning is great but watching individual battles for starting spots and spots on roster.

How does justin.tv work? I just signed up on their website, but how will I find the dolphins game?

odinseye i've always watched live games on atdhe.net when you get on it shows a list of live sporting events and reruns of tv shows. i've been around just haven't posted lately. What's going on? hows the viking life treating you?


I'm ready for some football! Unlike recent years, EVERYONE knows they HAVE to compete for a job. This means we should see some high velocity battles.
In addition to the obvious, I'm looking forward to seeing our safeties and our run D in the middle(ie NT, ILB).

it's refreshing to see miami have guys compete for jobs and like you said unlike recent years where everybody was set in stone to start regardless of how good they actually were. run defense will be key this year at dt. i think with our depth we will be just fine. big paul steps up bigtime i think.

GinnandJuice: yes i hate Mike Vick. And maybe you too.

carlito from golfito: i will pray that you will learn the English language and maybe buy a dictionary or lean how to use the internet. Dolt!

odinseye: i suppose you fancy yourself a real fan. or someone who likes to get excited over nothing. you must have a lot of time on your hands. well i hope you and your boyfriend enjoy the game tonight.

Dolphins will dominate tonight... For jtv u are going to have to go to the sports page and look for someone that is streaming it they usually ban the streamer so it most likely will be on the dl so they don't get cought... Look for pple on the video chat so post links to where the secret videos or highquality games are shown

I want to know why we are playing a Monday night game that isn't on tv!

Lmao@oliver rubber . Funny stuff. Now get ready for odinseyes wrath. Carlito , well he don't give a sh*t what you say to him.

I wonder if Tony will pull a Cam and let the assistants coach while he can just observe on the sideline.

Rubber,what's your real name ? nancy or butch ?

Why can't the NFL and cablevision agree on terms so I can see the preseason game on NFL network?living in ny sucks as a phins fan. Hopefully it is pirated on the web somewhere.

Pritchett54 , Buy direct tv . It's cheaper and you'll be able buy the nfl sunday ticket if you want .

Looking forward to watching Wake - can he play at this level?

I also want to see how good Thomas is. Lots of hype over a guy who has never played through a full regular season game in the NFL.

Hope to see good things from the CBs and that we will not be missing Goodman.

Looking forward to NOT seeing Cam, Saban, or Dave on the sidelines.

Life is good as a Dolphan once again!

any one can add nfl channel for 4.95 a month and cut the worry .

miami dolphins needs to win explosively tonight to show the fans that the team that we had last year is going to be even better this year so go dolphins.

Go to www.justin.tv/wilmer41 for a live feed

Live in California and will miss game!!!! Hate that we only get mostly west coast teams. From Miami and a dolphin fan through and through. Keep us posted while you are there !!!!

Jason Taylor interview was awesome... I really hope that he becomes the starter and plays as much as he can... He is the Miami dolphins the only old school player we have left I love number 99

At crazy u can watch online at Justin.tv also u can get up the date s ores and such from a great free app on the iPhone sportstacular

Dear Mr. Irv

"Go to www.justin.tv/wilmer41 for a live feed"

Thanks for the link, watchin pre game now.

They will write songs about you when you are gone :)

Soiled :)

If you live in miami can you watch the game????

Olivoyle's Rubber

If getting down with men is your thing more power to you.
Your a poser anyway. Your acting like the pre-season aint nuthin, but here you are whinning on the blog pre-game.
Do you straddle your man like you try to straddle the fence.
While your pitching and/or catching tonight I'll be with my 5-10' green eyed blonde female. She's 20 years my senior, and I just can't resist her.

BIG A..............why why why????????? did the FINS draft WHITE with the #2 pick, I still hate the pick even know, tell me I'm wrong, but we don't even know if HENNE will be a bust, then another 2nd on a "PROJECT"

should we have taken RYAN or what, also now we hear MERLING is slacking

I have teamed up with my good friend Rex Ryan..tonight he will be in the stands with a hidden camera in a fake cheeseburger (he loves them)..we will tape the signals..then the play..then the clock just as i once did in my prime.

Hey Brandon - fellow Fan of Phins/Couldn't Care less about the Colts, here in Indiana! 11p on NFL is as good as we'll get tonight. Going to try that self imposed blackout thing myself and watch the game at 11, but I've never had much discipline when it comes to the Dolphins. DVR for the kids who can't stay up late!

whats up everyone....love your blog armando...

15 minutes yeaaa boiiiiii

Let the games begin time to rock and roll Dolphins!
I will be watching the game on the NFL net work at 8pm pst, here in hot, sunny, Sacramento...Go Dolphins!

NJ Phin Fan,
I agree I too want to see the game fresh.
but I might check out the blog later and see what going on.


I cant believe im stuck at work until 8
FM!!! keep me up to date everyone

i live in philly and have to hear about Vick and McNabb all night, hopefully i'll find the game online somewhere.

I want to see Pat White and how he handles his first time out there. and patrick turner in the red zone, and sean smith or Vontae take one back to the house!

Awesome, live feed!!! Yes!!!

please learn the English language also. you are bordering on illiterate.
"Your a poser anyway." wrong! it is spelled you're.
"Your acting like the pre-season aint nuthin" wrong! again it's you're. and so one. it's funny how i assumed you were with a man and then you used my joke. you are not very original either. so anyway have fun with "your" grandma amazon tonight. she sounds like she's built like a real man! and yes the pre-season is meaningless. you'll be doing your 5'-10" she-male by the second half.

go to justin tv.com.....you will see the game live or go to....atdhe.net and work it from there

go to justin.tv. I am watching the game there

Dear Mr. Ronnie Brown MVP

Mr. Irv posted a great feed at "Go to www.justin.tv/wilmer41 for a live feed"

Soiled :)

Used Rubber

It's almost game time. Screw the spelling, you and your boyfriend too.

Gotta GOooooooooo!!!!!

I'm most interested in the trenches.
I want to see the difference between Samson Satele and Jake Grove. I want to see Donald Thomas and how he holds up and Murphy. See the differences' in the O lines from last year. I'm looking for a mean streak that Glover is brining with him.

The O line looks better than last year at least on paper but with Long in his 2nd year and Carrey a new $contract I want to see dominate play at the line of scrimage!

Sure I too want to see the new playmakers on both sides of the ball, for sure, but there are few replays or highlights for the big uglys. Lets see that line of scrimage go forward on runs and a form a iron-wall like pocket for the QB to pass.

With out any improvement from the O and D line of the Dolphins we won't get very far...but I see it on paper and hear it in practices (Grove gets better push than Satele)now lets see the Dolphins dominate the line and show those improvements.;)

See ya later Dolphins fans!

decent kickoff coverage

D looks good!!! Garrard hit as he throws!

i am watching the game live on NFL CHANNEL.....MAMA

bess should have had that first down conversion


Dear Mr. Salguero

Can't talk now the games on, can you call me back ?

Just kidding :)

Soiled :)

where can we watch the game on the internet

Dear Mr. Bill the Thrill


Soiled :)

thanks guys!!! in nyc and didn't think i'd be watching the game tonight. justintv came thru in the clutch!!!

justin.tv rocks!! thanks guys. i'm in nyc and thought i wouldn't see the game. go fins!!

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