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Live blog plus is Chad P's arm good enough?

Seems I've started something of a controversy on the other side of The Herald website by writing that I want to see more points, more production out of the Dolphins offense this season.

I didn't think anyone would not want that.

And yet there are foofs readers commenting below the column saying really stupid illogical things like, "all I want is no-mistake offense and great defense," or "The Dolphins didn't win the Super Bowl with a great offense," which is patently false because the offense that won back-to-back Super Bowls for Miami included five Hall of Famers.

I think there's also somebody below the column saying, "It's no sin to punt." The guy's name is Dave W., I think. Anyway ...

The fact is the Dolphins do have a tougher schedule this year and must be better on offense to meet that schedule's challenges. How can you not agree with me on that?

I spoke privately with Coach Tony Sparano as part of my legwork for this column. (Yeah, some columnists actually talk to people before they write.) And yes, the subject of the quarterback came up. And yes, the subject of the quarterback's arm strength came up.

And no, I wasn't able to fit the Sparano's thoughts on the subject into the column for space limitations reasons as the column also went in the newspaper. But here on my blog, there is no space crunch, haven't you heard? So let me share with you what Sparano said when I asked if the complaints about Chad Pennington's limited arm strength are legitimate? 

"It don't think it's legitimate. I really don't," Sparano replied. "The throws we need our quarterback to make, Chad Pennington can make every one of them. I mean, he can throw the deep ball. He's done that in ballgames for us. He's done it out here on the practice field. The intermediate stuff, the 18- to 22-yard stuff, he can throw. And he throws the ball up and down the seam as well as any quarterback in this league. And that's where you're finding yards in those areas of the field. I feel like that guy that can throw it the length of the field sometimes, that might be kind of overrated."

So what do you have to say about that? What is your opinion? Post it here.

One more thing: The Dolphins play tonight. The game begins at 7:30 p.m. That means the live game blog also begins at 7:30 p.m. Please come back for the fun.


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Dude, get off of Ginn. He's fine. And he's taken several hits you just choose not to acknowledge them with your selective memory.

cutler can throw it the length of the field and let's see how that works out for the bears

While I understand the job of a sports writer in todays world is to create conversation and or controversy, I think this topic has been beat to death. Marino and Favre have about 37 or so years on the field between them and one superbowl win. Maybe 2 or 3 other appearances. So I ask you Armando, does a quarterback with a rocket arm guarantee you a superbowl? I honestly feel bad for Pennington. All he did last year was win the division, comeback player of the year and was runner up for M.V.P. And with all that, the poor guy can't seem to gain the respect he has more than earned.

Anyone know if there will be an online streaming feed? It would be a great help for this California-based Dol-Fan.

Let's be real about all matters people. Another tom brady is what chad pennington would be if he could throw deep; but he cannot and it is going to cost us this year because the ravens exposed pennington's deficiency on the deep pass last year in the playoffs. His deep passes violently wobble, which also contribute to the distance reduction and accuracy. So, our only hope of repeating as afc east champions this season is to air it out early and often.(ala chad henne) I have noticed about chad henne, that he always start out a little rough but gets better as the game progresses. I think that he has the ability to put every game out of reach by half time because we have a pretty good defense! I also see great potential in pat white. I believe that both quarterbacks could continue the success they had in college if they could play regularly.

Pennington cannot hit Ginn in stride, Ted has to come back to make the catch on a "deep" pass. Chad's awesome, but thus is a serious weakness, one we may not be able to overcome this season.

WHen are you guys going to make the Dolphins Ap for the Google phones?

You guys crack me up. I am reading people dissing Vontae, both Chads, the O-Line and Pat White. It was only one preseason game people and they are doing better at this point this year than they were doing last year. Relax and enjoy the game. I wish I could but I live all the way in Hawaii.

you know we all know chad is really reaching to throw the ball 40-50 yrds....so give him a couple series and get henne in there with ginn and see how fast ginn plays... lets stretch that fields and put em on thier heels first...and the matt roth deal going on.... i say they trade him for a 3rd rounder people are stretching thier hopes for a second rounder for him with that statement does miami jus throw vontae to the wolves tonite and see how comes out or jus bring him in slowly ..i think he has the mentality for the wolves treatment

Where can I watch the game live on-line?

Any difficult throw Penny makes has virtually no velocity on it. There areas of the field that he himself knows he can't throw to before a defender can close on the ball. And it's been more than obvious that our deep threats too easily out run his arm. This costs us TD's every time a WR has to wait or comeback for a ball.

He is what it is.....serviceable.

Last year's playoff loss showed us just how far we can expect him to take us.

The sooner Henne gets in there, the sooner this team actually starts moving forward. Until then, we're playing for a first round loss and the 25th pick int he draft.

I think Sparano is just trying to protect his QB. Obviously Pennington doesn' have the arm and proved it last week on the long pass to Gynn. That said....I would take him over strong arm Favre at this point in theor careers. Penninton can manage the game and not make mistakes. It remains to be seen if Penne can manage the game.

I know it sounds crazy but that's the first priority. Making the long throws is important but only if you can minimize the mistakes.

Where on the internet can we watch the DOLPHINS PANTHERS game?

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