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Live blog starts here at 7:30 p.m.

This is where it's going to happen.

The live blog will begin here from Land Shark Stadium at 7:30 p.m. as the Dolphins meet the Carolina Panthers.

As you know, Jason Allen and Sean Smith have the sniffles so they are not playing.

Brian Hartline will start tonight for Davone Bess. Bess is not among the sick players as he is dressed. Vontae Davis will start for Sean Smith and Dolphins Thomas is starting at right guard for Shawn Murphy, who started last week and lost his starting job.


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Miami Herald might have some explaining to do IF these guys do not have the Swine Flu. IF they do have it, they are the best reporters because everyone else is backing off this story.

Hayden---I don't know if your local but I am, and have been lisyening to QAM & 790 the past few hours----IMHO the whole backlash of "they don't have swine flu" is premature at best---the way I'm hearing Smith's agent & others, the test results are not yet back---thus, they contend, the don't "have" swine flu--but it seems to me this is a bit illogical---I think the honest truth at this moment is 2 guys are out w/ flu-like symptoms, have been tested, and are awaiting the results. It's the fcat that no test results are in that is fueling the "no swine flu" claims of the past hour or so.

Anyone have link to watch the game online?

Too bad we're not playing New England so we can breathe on them. We could be involved in Swinegate and bring down the Belicheats before the season even starts!

On Sean Smith: Per our source, Smith suddenly became ill Friday after feeling fine Thursday night. He's expected to make a full recovery.

According to his twiiter page he ate at Bova Prime Thursday night... might be a Panther fan... or Vontae Davis family member working there!!!

"AT Bova Prime in Fort Lauderdale with @davidcanter and my bro @hottsauce and family . #whyhate"

Well, way I see it this is a happy accident, Vontae gets thrust onto the stage where he must put up or shut up, he was the number 1 pick after all, not Smith. Will be good to see him go in a starting role in a ge that has no consequences.

Hey guy game on http://www.justin.tv/wilmer41

watch game online here:

Anyone know where to listen on line? Is the NFL fieldpass for $5 my only option?

Online football:


I just hope the players and people in the organization are okay and that the Herald did not move too fast on the story- that is all.

By the end of the year, they are not going to be the only ones in sports that are sick, unfortunately.

Hey...I love you guys...especially Armando. Always vilified and hardly revered, but great none the less.

Live feed needed...TY Justin.

I'm here folks. Just came up from downstairs TV hit.

Picked up a couple of nuggets for you ...

I'm told the Dolphins like Cameron Wake but they are not pleased with his run defense. They want more run D from him, which is not good enough right now.

Another nugget:

yes, Chris Williams is only 5-8. But I'm told he high jumps 7-1.

That's flying.

Sucks to hear about Sean Smith, but this is a great opportunity for Vontae Davis to step up and show his ability.

I think Jacksonville's special teams stunk and that is what made Williams look so good. I say he does not stick. I bet he is pedestrian tonite.

Honoarary capts tonight: Jim Jensen, John Kidd, Ed Perry.

Carolina wins toss and will receive.

armando how many watching in the stands?

justin tv not working. where can i watch it?

Anyone that has NFL Network, the Skins and Steelers are on and the weather is AWFUL...at least there is no infield dirt.

good lord. john kidd?

People in the stands are sparse...

Kickoff by Carpenter goes six yards deep in the end zone. NO return.

Hey Mando,

Why is Hartline in the starting line up over Bess? Is this just an experiment or is Hartline really coming on as of late?


Great pressure by Crowder on the second-down blitz and the ball his Barnidge in the chest and he drops it.

Dolphins blitzing like crazy. Third down they bring Bell and Crowder. Incomplete pass.

I hope Cefalo has a better night on the call.

Thanks with the updates Mando and everybody else. Live in Cali so can't really follow the team live right now.

Coaches want to give Hartline a chance. Does not mean he's passed Bess -- yet.

I am excited for the potential of the defense when it comes to blitzing this year.

Gaping hole between Carey and Smiley on the pull. Rush by Brown good for 10 yards.

Smiley is playing like a beast. He just pushed somebody 12 yards back. Another big run.

I'm surprised that Bess hasn't locked a starting job up yet, he finished strong last year and it sounded like he was having a good TC.

Run Ronnie Run

Now, let me tell you something you need to understand. The Panthers have no DTs. They are awful.

EVERYBODY runs on them.

League sources have told me Carolina is actively shopping for a DT.

Blown coverage, broken tackle and a 28 yard pass from Pennington to Brown equals 6.

Ricky dropped a pass just like that last week.

That's what I'm talking about

justin tv working again

put pennington away for now. let's see henne gun a few, is my suggestion.

Love Ronnie

Mando, any inside word if you here Brandon Marshall is getting traded in coming weeks? He'd look good with Miami, but has so much baggage. I get concerned that he would go to the Jets. He is a good fit there and that team is desperate.

I know it is only pre-season, but that drive got me going.

Love seeing our boys produce!

Regarding the run - seems every time the dolphins play a team that is supposed to be bad against the run they stop us anyway. Refreshing to actually run on someone.

Awesome start. Go Fins!

BIG A == WAS that an Illegal block by HARTLINE, awesome job.........

It sounds like we're looking good running the ball. How'd Grove look on that drive??

I totally agree with Lips and Dolphan42. Amen.

white's scheduled to follow Pennington, so they see him w/ no/1s & 2s; then Henne

Agree with Dolphan42.

It is nice to see some run yardage when we SHOULD be able to get it. It has not been that straight forward the last few years.. (since Ricky had his season and before Ronnie got hurt)

rhino, it looked like a pick, but it was legal ... because it didn't get called.

Lets get a turnover.

Raining now.

What an awesome pick by Hartline!!

ezpctv.com is carrying a feed too

The Dolphins defense really does seem to be solid vs. run. Very impressed.

It will sure be nice to have a baseball stadium so we can have an all green football field.

any other link? besides Justin? It froze up

great block by hartline and nice juke by ronnie!

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