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Live blog starts here at 7:30 p.m.

This is where it's going to happen.

The live blog will begin here from Land Shark Stadium at 7:30 p.m. as the Dolphins meet the Carolina Panthers.

As you know, Jason Allen and Sean Smith have the sniffles so they are not playing.

Brian Hartline will start tonight for Davone Bess. Bess is not among the sick players as he is dressed. Vontae Davis will start for Sean Smith and Dolphins Thomas is starting at right guard for Shawn Murphy, who started last week and lost his starting job.


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Nice play by VD

Well, the run defense continues to succeed but the pass defense is sucking right now.

Another nice one by Davis

Vontae DAvis with the nice tackle for 4 yard loss.

i mean don't get me wrong chad pennington is ok but he is way to safe of a QB. now safe QB don't win superbowls! also not to speak of his arm!

Vontae looks great down in the box blowing up run plays and screens, he has a nose for the football like a safety

Now he may b kicking off the dirt

With a run game and a good defense, a smart QB does win a superbowl.


Pat White time??

Trent dilfer?


yo yankee fan how can u be a dolphins fan if your a yankee fan! lol i'm from ny to i'm 27 born and raised but now i live in south florida! i hate all new york teams i like the dolphins and baseball i like the braves so i'm kinda screwed up right with you! lol

Yeah there is nothing wrong with a smart QB, I think you need to find something else to complain about.

Called it folks!

brad johnson?

Aborted FG try. Obviously not a fake field goal. Score remains tied.

Rob and Armando
Noodle mentality has gotten the best of both of you and I'm out of here.
Then again you stroked Brady's ego the other day soo take that into context. If you can have allstars at every position instead of a superbowl you huys would probably would.

nice abs

Sorry but I'm convinced Vontae poisoned Sean Smith and Jason Allen. What are the odds that the guy in front of him and the guy behind him both go down with some kind of sickness?

He just gets "lucky", starts, and gets to play a lot longer because the guy behind him is sick too. C'mon.

I am listening to this game on the radio and I have no idea what just transpired based on Cefalo's awful call. He is terrible at describing what is happening.

They need to replace him and put him on the sideline.

Bring in Fiedler Ray!

Chris williams has not got much of a chance to shine yet today. I have a feeling he will show up in this game

Cefalo is ripping John Fox for not calling a TO at the end of the quarter in a preseason game.

hey kenny i'm not saying there is anything wrong with a safe QB i'm saying there is something wrong with a QB that don't take chances to make things happen! now penne is not the man for that! marino farve young brady elway. they are all qb's that make things happen pennington is not he is way to safe! not to mention the playoffs which i was at last year when he threw 4 int's and fumbles i had great view of that on the 30 yard line lower level row 1!

Armando. They are only playing buffets song after the score. What's the status with tpains version? Are they going to play tonight if we score?

receivers are not getting open.

I don't know what the debate is about at QB. Pennington is the QB for now. Period. Not changing.

thats the wildcat play that always works in madden too. lol

Pancake block by Thomas out of wildcat.

Like what I see from the Dolphin offense so far. Especially Ronnie.

hey armando what do u think the dolphins will do next year when ronnie and ricky are free agents! i hope they don't hand the ball over to henne with out ronnie! i hope they resign him atleast franchise him what u think they will do?

Why why why. This is preaseason!!!!

i love cobbs, was that the texans play from last yr?

hey i love that play last year cobbs made it a touchdown! to bad almost had it again!

Rob, I think Pennington takes enough chances. The deep ball to Ginn against Seattle is a great example. It's not like when the game is on the line that he checks down to runningbacks all the time. Pennington isn't perfect but IMO he's very capable of being a Super Bowl quarterback on the right team.

the Dolphins just run the same Wildcat flea flicker toss to Pat Cobbs they ran vs. Houston last year.

Problem: Cobbs open and he has to stop for the ball to get to him. Cost a TD.

go cobbs! he is gonna make all kinda plays for us!

Griese makes a great point on TV (can't believe I typed that). We gotta work on these wildcat plays, plus there is nothing we've done that we didn't do last year, so calm down folks.

that sucked.

anyone have a link?

The Dolphins are sending the NFL a message with the wildcat. The message is, spend time preparing for it. Use practice time for it.

But ...

Notice they are not calling anything they have not shown before. They will have plenty of new stuff they have not shown before. Trust me. These guys are not stupid.

another grind it out game. lol

They Need to work on base offense connecting with their wideouts. Throw to ginn and bess.

This iPhone app is pretty cool

Can't wait to c the wild-PAT what do u think of that Armando

right on mando, this is wildcat 1.0
wait til the new version!

It is good to work on the standard wildcat plays that everyone has on film. That way, when they pull out some unexpected variation, it is a twist to a play they have experience with..

good practice with nothing lost.

As for the red zone offense - sucked. As Mando said.. Cobbs should have scored.. but the red zone offense should have made it closer than that!


How many of you guys are on the iPhone?

Don't you think with pat white they could really elaborate in the wildcat? I mean the possibilities are endless.

Do you guys think for a second that they are showing their entire Wildcat Package? I think they are showing stuff from last year and letting all that get on film again. Then, come regular season, new dimensions will come out and give the opponent more to look at. ie. Pat White, Ginn in the shot gun etc.

A little more arm strength on Chad's throw would have been a TD for sure.

As you see the infield dirt, just keep repeating to yourself: "Three more years, three more years, three more years..."

Being up here in panthers country sucks!!! Their fans and the team. At least I get to watch tonights game live.

Good point Armando. show everyone we still can be successful running the wildcat and let them guess what new stuff miami has installed.

Like the iPhone app Mando.


iPhone app and at the game

Ace - absolutely.. is was a poor throw that stopped the TD.. not on Cobbs who was as wide open as the legs at the local brothel.

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