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Live blog starts here at 7:30 p.m.

This is where it's going to happen.

The live blog will begin here from Land Shark Stadium at 7:30 p.m. as the Dolphins meet the Carolina Panthers.

As you know, Jason Allen and Sean Smith have the sniffles so they are not playing.

Brian Hartline will start tonight for Davone Bess. Bess is not among the sick players as he is dressed. Vontae Davis will start for Sean Smith and Dolphins Thomas is starting at right guard for Shawn Murphy, who started last week and lost his starting job.


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Well, I can see Quentin Moses leapfrogging Matt Roth if Roth ever gets healthy.

bess on punt returns and ginn on kick returns

vontae davis baby 1

I am very encouraged about our young cornerbacks.

Mando ! Quentin moses baby. Who was talking him up . Who's the man .

guy's I can't see.score?

J-E-T-S jets jets jets

nice catch by turner. i really hope he becomes a good wr for us.

smith in trouble for starting job vonte has given up nothing and supporting the run very well go davis go

14-13 carolina

I dunno. Henne looks like he plays a little slow

I know Patrick Turner just made a very nice catch a few moments ago, but he worries me. He is a big target but he seems to have trouble separating from the corners and he is not facing first-tier competition right now. Even without blazing speed, he still needs to find a way to break free. Back in the day, Oronde Gadsden didn't have blazing speed but always seemed to create space.

Has anyone seen Henne & Will Ferrell together?

J-E-T-S ummmmmmm, way to choke last year!

d thomas a beast

I am telling you this guy is a keeper.

I think Lex Hilliard ust showed you guys what I meant during the live chat when I said he runs HARD and is hard to bring down.


Armando what was that about hilliards speed?

All he is doing is producing. I love big backs.

pretty pretty pretty run, and great blocking in front of Hilliard

cut Ricky.

i hope madden upgrade d. thomas

Whats the matter Jets fan, not only do you not have your own stadium but there's no Jets blog either? :)

sammo, Hilliard didn't run away from the DBs. He ran through the arm tackles.

Yes, he DID step out...pity

Whoa. Awesome run.

TRADE Ronnie for BOLDIN, now

what the heck we have RICKY, COBBS, and now HILLIARD

Well, we definitely have some depth at running back.

guess it wasn't indisputable...yay

That was an awesome run by Hilliard!

Hillard TD run too close to call. TOUCHDOWN MIAMI!

Lex can run the ball, that's for sure...

And fer the guy who can't see the score: 20-14 Miami

How about Hilliard. Did he just help his cause to make the team?,

hey he took it to house that's all that matters to me.

I wanted to see more pat white

lol thanks just followin the chat

man stop sayin stupid stuff like trade ronnie, lex show a lil promise now some wanna trade. we dont need boldin

Remember punt/kickoff returner Chris William? I wonder what he's doing now.

What's up guys, just checking in... Have there been any Dolphin injuries yet to report? Thanks

If Lex gets put on the practice squad can another team claim him? I can't remember how that works but I think that's the case and I can't see him flying under the radar again this year.

Can we get a play on special teams

c williams cleaning out his ;ocker! bess on punts ginn on kick returns

Just looked at the play by play from the first half. We are looking good so far.

Hey, look, Josh McClown is in.

paul s looks go too

cam wake got robbed that was sack

highlight reel sack by Cameron Wake!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Cameron Wake.

WAKE! man that guy is a beast!

Cameron Wake has awaken.

wake's TIME

Cameron Wake looking like a beast!

BTW, time to say it again--WAAAAKE!!

in the dirt, cameron wake showed strenght too. could have been holding

you are watching the future at OLB with moses and wake . BABY !

only dolphins injury is chris williams pride. and feelings.

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