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Live blog starts here at 7:30 p.m.

This is where it's going to happen.

The live blog will begin here from Land Shark Stadium at 7:30 p.m. as the Dolphins meet the Carolina Panthers.

As you know, Jason Allen and Sean Smith have the sniffles so they are not playing.

Brian Hartline will start tonight for Davone Bess. Bess is not among the sick players as he is dressed. Vontae Davis will start for Sean Smith and Dolphins Thomas is starting at right guard for Shawn Murphy, who started last week and lost his starting job.


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Too much arm strength on that one.

Come on man! Wilford wide open and henne can't get him the ball!

Guys you do realize that Henne is throwing to and throwin behind guys that won't be on the team in two weeks right? C,mon now. Put him in there with Long,smiley,grove,thomas,carey,ginn,bess,fasano,brown,williams, and martin and see what he can do

I know Pennington doesn't have that rocket arm but I feel much better with him under center than any of the other QB's.

armtrong and williams pack your bags and leave the playbook

I think Anthony Armstrong will be joining Chris Williams on the waiver wire.

Bye - Bye armstrong.

GO brandon!! he has looked great tonight.

Let's punch it in!

fumble recovered by miami. maybe williams switched uniforms?

lex and wilford make team. wilford is getting open on second and third teamers

I want to buy a #26 jersey

Henne may not be throwing picks but he's not moving the ball either

Can't remember the last time Armstrong made a play.

On air praise for Kowalewski--i feel justified

polite might not make the team

Andrew Gardner is a mountain of a man.



henne td!

Damoen, TD ! HENNE !

He's making me look almost as smart as gopats

I guess the kicker competition is over..

MIAinBFLO there is some justification for your praise TD MIAMI

And they go back to the Jimmy Buffet song...is nothing sacred?

mando whats up with cohen abd ellis on the d-line they haven't flashed at all

go polock

Not only that but Henne has led our team to 17 points in the second half with the 2nd and 3rd team guys.

So if the Williams sisters compose a fight song, will it be played too after TD's?

thanx MacDaddy--and payu? It's 27-17 Phins

The Dolphins have one fine and one good NT on the team -- Ferguson and Soliai.

cohen and Ellis?

Not so good.

"Henne may not be throwing picks but he's not moving the ball either". Dude I think you're watching the wrong game.

Henne 10/16 75yds. Not impressive to me, maybe I'm just cynical but for a 2nd string qb getting lost of the playing time, I would expect more. Unless the coaches aren't letting him air it out, bit play calls with henne have been very conservative. Why is that?


Now if only Henne can get the ball at the 7yrd line each time he gets the ball.

What does everyone think of the Sean smith vs. Vonte Davis battle now?

i will be having a live blog at 11. Get your questions ready , but right now , i'm starving. getting something to eat.

Yeah that has to be a priority in next years draft. We need a strong young NT if they're sticking with the 3-4. Fergie is getting long in the tooth and Solai has picked up his play but doesn't look to be the answer for a replacement.

Henne is playing behind 2's and 3's on the O-line folks and the playing calling has been conservative. He's led the offense to 17 points and the win. What else do you want?

mando how much do you think we showed tonite meaning our playbook. saw 3 rb in backfield for the first time and the one wrinkle in the wildcat that ronnie had but other than that seemed pretty basic

I like Hilliard tonight!!!'nn

Have extra sheperds pie,NJ

Nyscott. also some Ilb's . We have depth besides torbor

i love davis even more played 3 strong qrts and gave super support in the run defense

Guys it's preseason and the coaching staff has to look at ALOT more than how Hennes going to do. They throw plays in there that are bound to fail to see how the young guys including Henne deal with the situation. There's a lot that goes into evaluating a team in preseaon and sometimes that affects the play calling.

meant: no depth.

nate jones show up today big now we need smith and jason allen to comeback strong

Henne is also been playing against 2s and 3s on the Defensive line

pay, no carbs , it's late.

Right on with the LB call. I'm hoping that we can spend a little more (or something!)in free agency next year so maybe one of the two positional needs will come from another team.

Can't we keep 5 rbs? 4 hbs and 1 fb?

I'm just happy that Soliai has taken the coaches instructions to heart, and has improved to the point where we can feel safe we JF takes a breather or ....

When we did not/ could not draft an nt, I was very concerned...I'm not now, tho I agree, NJ, that the NT spot will be addressed next yrs draft.

See this is my point, they just showed a henne highlight package and all 5 plays shown were the same throw, a dump to the flat for a gain of 5yds. That can be dine by a ton of qb's.

Davis definitely looks better in a game than in practice... he looked pretty good out there

Will lex hilliard get signed?


I read you guy's all the time.Y'all alright

nobody got hurt. it was a good game. good to see we responded from last week

All and all i'm happy so far with starting off and def. going out ta celebrate. everyone be safe and enjoy your weekend.

Where was C.M?

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