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Live blog starts here at 7:30 p.m.

This is where it's going to happen.

The live blog will begin here from Land Shark Stadium at 7:30 p.m. as the Dolphins meet the Carolina Panthers.

As you know, Jason Allen and Sean Smith have the sniffles so they are not playing.

Brian Hartline will start tonight for Davone Bess. Bess is not among the sick players as he is dressed. Vontae Davis will start for Sean Smith and Dolphins Thomas is starting at right guard for Shawn Murphy, who started last week and lost his starting job.


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wow ! i forgot how big , bokamper is . he dwarfs hilliard.

I am with NY and Super Scout. No question on the NT.

Also, I am not convinced of the O-Line's depth.

night guard duty?lol

count your blessings......locked up, maybe?

Ampd we get it, you don't like Henne and think he sucks eventhough you've only seen him play a few meaningless preseason games. You have to give people a chance before you right them off ya know? Last year as a rookie he was poised and calm in the face of adversity. He drove the team to a TD against the Cards on his first series I believe and also had a few scoring drives in preseason when it was his turn. Give the kid a chance to mature a little before you declare him a bust is all I'm saying.

Good game guys.

Being a fan from Canada, I have to say I enjoy watching these pre-season games with you.. it is really getting me pumped for this season.

Go Phins!

Lex Hilliard is a beast!

i think we keep 6 lineman on the team and put whoever on prac squad that can go and sign better back-ups. keep starting 5 plus berger and find 3 more maulers

Yeah Hayden o-line depth is definitely a concern. I like the upside of Gardner and Murphy but the rest of them could be upgraded.

Peace Phin fans, sleep well all.

If we keep doing this we'll be very hard to beat in the regular season. There are a few things we need to work on such as special teams and tackling.
Turner and Hartline looked good. I would have liked to see a little more of Pat White.
Vontae looked aggressive and tackled well.
Henne has good command of the huddle and looks very confident; I want to see him go over the top a little more to open it up.

I think we need to continue to upgrade the offensive line. We need more depth. I am not crazy about Shawn Murphy, and it remains to be seen whether Donald Thomas (who looked great tonight) can stay healthy.

NYscott i won't write off henne. Big tuna is making these decisions so I won't argue with that, but there are people on this board Jo want henne to start over pennington and I just don't see what they are seeing

I agree Dolfandad. There is absolutely no doubt that Chad Pennington is the best quarterback on this roster. Is he a perfect quarterback? No. His arm strength has always been a question mark. With that being said, he finds a way to get the job done and is a great leader. Henne is improving but he needs to continue to learn the ropes behind the veteran leadership of Pennington.

That's funny. The nightly news here in Charlotte just reported that Sean and Jason HAVE the swine flu "and will miss a couple days of practice." Armando, is that true or are they assuming crap?

drsamii ...

Check out the Palm Beach Post blog ...

According to the blog article, both smith and allen had testing done to see if they have swine flu but the results are not expected to come back tonight.

Based on the article, it seems unlikely that anyone can tell one way or the other at this point. The news you received is probably based on assumption and loose/sloppy reporting.


You on for your blog tonight?

love what im hearing from vonte davis on wqam560

finishing up my grilled chicken. check in at 11:O5. ALSO GETTING READY for juan diaz vs paulie malignaggi on HBO !

Does lex hilliard look so good cuz he is playing against scrubs or is he actually good?

Jgoal55, I believe Hilliard is pretty good. He was hauling azzz when he took it to the house.

I am hating the fins song from jimmy buffet... Want the original back fast

OK , Boys ( ace ) and girls ( justin ) i'm live on the blog. i do have a freaking headache from watching the game and blogging at the same time. LOL !


I only watched the game, can't do both at the same time. Here is what I like about tonight.

Wake looks like he is only getting warmed up. He will be a force and I also like the play of Q Moses.
Hilliard had a very good night. He is fast for a big dude you know. Vontae Davis held his own and will only get better with more playing time under his belt. Henne had a few passes dropped that should have been caught.

Some great plays, bad game for PW and Williams again. Fin's 12-4 this year. Go dolphins.

Ace , who was talking up wake in the past and moses all this week ? Huh ! who's the man ? The OL run blocking was much better The defense was real good again. Vontae davis was terrific, but just like last week it's 1 game . Lets give him more Time. D.Thomas was a freaking bulldozer , sorry mando . I hope the hype on chris williams calm down a little. Awful Play.

Ken from conn. If you're out there. 3 words for you. VONTAE DAVIS BABY !

NJ you the man...we are not worthy.

Oh yeah I almost forgot about D. Thomas, man is he something. Was it Wake that almost had the sack? I thought the QBs azzz was on the ground when he threw the pass.

Marcus. The same for you. VONTAE DAVISSSSS !

Ace, Yeah wake ! should've been intentionally grounding at least.

Ampd, dolphindad and Damone

My last three attempts to post about your guys assessment of Henne got removed.
So just let me try this one.
You guys should start swinging from Henne's nuts now!
All three of you were wrong. In the past two games all Henne did was lead us on scoring drives.

espn reporting swine flu but dolphins tell chris mortenson results haven't come in yet. truth somewhere in the middle huh

Odinseye is that you?
Only because you are not blue

Good game. Anthony Armstrong isn't making the team.


After last weeks game I asked if anyone noticed Davis's run support. I think last week was an important learning experience for him.
Smith's illness turned out to be Vontae's blessing. One man's loss is another man's gain.

And I hope we can keep Hilliard at least on the practice squad. He is running pretty good.

I'm still pissed that they only played the dolphins song once


It's me. I can't sign in for some reason.
Anyway, what do you you're not worthy? All three of us have been harping on Wake since we signed him.

Go Phins

Odinseye, just because you live in Henne's nuts doens't mean I want to swing from them

And I hope we can keep Hilliard at least on the practice squad. He is running pretty good.

Posted by: Notlonuf | August 22, 2009 at 11:38 PM

I agree. Hilliard will play somewhere this year. Right now I think Miami has the best quartet of RB's in the NFL.

game comes on agains sunday at 1 pm on nfl network or you can go to channel surfing.net to see the game again


I was joking to NJ because he asked me "who is the man". I agree, I always liked Wake, he is only getting warmed up. I cannot wait til he gets a hold of Brady.

odinseye. One of vontae davis's strengths was his run support. He was the best run support CB coming out of the draft. No Suprise. Also were you harping on Moses like i was. NOOO ! That what ace meant, LOL !


Come on dude. We can all scroll back the last two weeks. Say what you want. That FACT is Henne's proven you wrong.

I have a pet squirrel who likes nuts. I am naming him Ampd.

Lex "Luther" Hilliard is too visible to hide on the practice squad; another team will snatch him pronto. I say let's find a way to keep him!


You got me on Moses. I admit it. I guess I was too busy swinging from Wakes...er.....never mind!!!!

What got me thinking about Moses was how he has a knack for batting downs balls. It means he is getting penetration. That is a good thing. Good things come from penetration.
Man I just said "come" and "penetration".


I'm originally from Chicago. Though I'm not really an Illinois fan, I do watch them when I can. The point is, your right about Davis. He was the best against the run in college.


Using "come" and "penetration" in the same sentence is definitely a double word score in my book!!!!

Well I can honestly say I feel good about where were at right now. Sporano's philosophy about competition is paying off.

PS: Armando, I feel a little less afraid of Tommy Boy already. How bout YOU?

PSS: This of course is the victory liquor talking.

Sexy Lex's highlight reel from Montana



Guys new blog up!

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