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Fri. practice update (with '97 Marino moment)

David J. standing in for Armando, who is resting on the fifth and seventh day this week, but working on the sixth.

Friday saw a fairly uneventful afternoon practice with a lot of special teams work. It tells you how bad the Dolphins staff and personnel people feel their coverage and return units were last year that they're spending more time on special teams, but the only guys on the roster running unopposed are kicker Dan Carpenter, punter Brandon Fields and long snapper John Denney.

Carpenter went two for three on field goals, missing from 39 yards off the left hash. I think he's already missed more practice field goals than he did throughout the 2008 preseason in practice or games.

-- Everyone was at practice, save tight end David Martin and safety Ethan Kilmer.

Kilmer, a third-year man out of Penn State, has left the team. No official word yet on what's the matter with the oft-injured Martin. Anthony Fasano's superior dependability helped him topple Martin from the top of the depth chart last year and, today, Fasano dumped Joey Porter during pass blocking drills. Porter gave him an "attaboy" pat on the helmet.

-- Donald Thomas, who said he was just happy to be taking part in drills, worked with the first team at right guard for several snaps during team drills. Shawn Murphy took the rest of the snaps.

-- Defensive end Tony McDaniel was with the first team defense while Phillip Merling was with the second team. McDaniel seemed to have a good practice.

-- Poor Pat White. He finally threw a beautiful pass in a tough situation, bootlegging to his throwing side but under pressure at an angle that made the throw a precision act. Unfortunately, tight end John Nalbone let the pass skid off of his hands.

-- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was at practice. In the shotgun seat of Bill Parcells golf cart today was former Cleveland coach and Patriots defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

In keeping with the guest blogger theme of the day, the Classic Training Camp Moment traces back to training camp 1997. That year, The Herald's Dave Barry came to training camp and spent nearly a week with the Dolphins.

What follows is what Barry wrote for Tropic Magazine in September of '97:

As I'm leaving the practice field one afternoon, I stop and watch Dan Marino and guard Keith Sims hang out with some kids who have been brought to Dolphins training camp by the Make-A-Wish Foundation of South Florida, which grants wishes to terminally ill children. Sims is talking to a 13-year-old boy named Dylan, who has cancer. Dylan is showing Sims his trading cards.

``What,'' Sims is saying, in mock indignation, ``you don't have a Keith Sims card?'' A few feet away, Marino is talking to a wide-eyed 8-year-old named Brian, who has had major surgery lately and is clearly not doing well. Brian looks at the scars on Marino's much-repaired knee; he then raises his T-shirt and shows his own scars, which are far too big for his tiny body.

Marino, who looks so uncomfortable when he's surrounded by the media, appears totally relaxed here, in no hurry to leave. He chats with Brian's family and patiently signs his name on every article of clothing being worn by Brian and Brian's brother and sister. He also signs a football, then stands up to grant one of Brian's wishes, which is to catch a pass thrown by Dan Marino, the quarterback who has thrown for more yards, and more touchdowns, than anybody else in NFL history. Brian goes out for the pass, maybe five yards. Marino gently tosses the ball, and Brian, who is not going to miss this ball for anything in the world, grabs it and hugs it to himself, smiling radiantly, and I'm telling you that this was the greatest catch I've ever seen.

Then Dylan, who would also like to catch a Dan Marino pass, comes over, and Marino grabs a ball.

``Where should I run?'' asks Dylan.

Marino surveys the practice field. It is vast. It is the size of Connecticut. It is empty. There is not a single person on it, other than Dylan.

``Just get open,'' says Marino.

Dylan starts running; Marino throws the ball right to him; Dylan drops it.

``Bad throw,'' says Marino, as Dylan trots back. ``You're gonna catch this one. Just don't go so far.''

Dylan starts running again. Marino throws the ball; it's a tight spiral, but it's thrown so softly that it hardly seems to be moving. A statue could catch this ball. It floats to Dylan and drops securely into his hands. I'm telling you that this was the greatest throw I've ever seen.

As Marino is leaving, he promises the two boys he'll see them the next night in the Dolphins locker room at Pro Player Stadium, after the final preseason game against the Redskins. Dylan, joking, says, ``Don't be mean to me if you lose!''

``We're not gonna lose,'' says Marino.

The Dolphins won that preseason game, 28-7.

Hopefully, the Twitter-mobile unit problems some of us had today will be solved tomorrow and I'll be tweeting at http://twitter.com/DavidJNeal from practice, the 2 p.m. scrimmage and the Sparano news conference. Armando will be back tomorrow.


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Donald Thomas should be ready to roll in a month. Great news.

I don't know how many Times and how long i have to keep saying this , SIGN FASANO TO AN EXTENSION RIGHT NOW ! My homeboy is going to have a big year and then miami will have to pay alot more later.

I agree give Fasano an extension already.

Its a pretty safe bet that it has occurred to the front office that its to our advantage to get him signed to a long term deal now.I would be surprised if we got very far into the regular season without him under a new contract.

mangement better wait until what FASANO can do this coming season.

Saw an interview with Donald Thomas on MiamiDolphins.com and i came away pretty impressed. You would think that as an NFL guard he would just be some goon, but he was very articulate and even witty. He had a good one-liner in there that had all the reporters laughing. Cant wait to see him back in the fold. I think him and Jake Grove would do some serious damage.

Why would bill(the tuna)parcells have Crannel with him in the golf cart, Thats like having Bin Laden in air force one with Obama touring the sky line of New York... As stewie Griffin would say " WHAT THE DUECE"...

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No Chili, I don't grow tomatoes but i do know how to cut sugar cane, and also, why would you picture me in my underwear, that's,,,, that's well that's just gay..(not that there's anything wrong with that)

Today I was sworn in as an American citizen in a very moving ceremony. I am humbled and grateful to be recognized as a citizen by this wonderful land.

God bless America.

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Congratulations Nathan, Now you to can be taxed.....PS, hope you have health insurance, its not free like up there in the great white north...It least not yet...

Haven't you ever heard: there's no such thing as a free lunch? No? Have some free Koolaid.

Agree with the Fasano extension. Pay him now or pay him later. He will have a good year.


Does any one else but me see that Romeo Crennel(New eng. New def coordinator) setting next to the TUNA and THE JOKER(j.Ross) is weird???did any one else read all of Mr Neils article or did you guys just skim through it because of short attention span??

Just wondering..

congards nathanial for becoming an American,Im in the army and in Iraq for the 3rd time.Go Dolphins..Sign Fasano for an extension!Pat White is gonna have to be groomed.

If you have a son that you want to make an NFL team, teach him to be a long snapper. Its a niche that will guarantee work & $$$.

Dan is a class act.

White will be great.

I don't know if you will get this but Crennel worked for NE when BILL PARCELLS was the head coach. I believe he even worked for Bill with the Giants too! Most coaches hire those they feel comfortable around like Friends. Crennel is out of football, but He and Parcell are still friends. These practices are open to the public so Crennel could watch if he wanted anyways. You are the one person more parinoid than Parcells. Is your real name Fidel?

Just another reminder of why Dan Marino will always be my hero. Thanks for the "throwback" training camp story - keep them coming.


Tim sounds like a liberal. Don't listen to him.


Just kidding......kinda!


This team is so much more depth at just about every position, the tuna plan is working out nicely!

Thanks for the Marino story. This guy did so many things like this that no one even knows about. He was a great player...but he IS an even better person.

Dude! That was a great Marino story. You forget that he may have been 'Hawk-Eye' on the field, but he has a really big heart off it. Great QB. Great person.

Danny boy IS and will FOREVER be the man! all the time he spends with kids and all the money he puts forth and raises makes him a champ in my eyes! fasano will get extended . not the fastest TE out there but he has great hands and is a great run blocker.

Agree danny is the man ,he didn't win a thing but i heard once he paid always for his girl's lunch .big heart no doubt

fasano should be extended immediately. i think he will quite easily be a top 5 TE this season. he had a pretty great 1st season last year. he was a steal, thank you jerry jones. last time i'll ever thank the joan rivers of owners!

just like some one else said, crennel is not coaching. if he were he would get the pats in a lot of trouble for being at a fins practice. they are open to the public, not to other teams!!

"Today I was sworn in as an American citizen in a very moving ceremony. I am humbled and grateful to be recognized as a citizen by this wonderful land."

God bless America.

NATHANIEL: welcome to the privledge! its funny how so many "new" ones can get it about what a blessing it is to be an AMERICAN!

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they act seditiously and treasonist during times of war while the real americans do there duty, risking [and sometimes giving] there lives and limbs and health to keep our freedoms intact and our abilitiy to persue happiness and create our own success and livelyhood.

its not that confusing on what america IS, what its about, and HOW TO BE ONE! just look at the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDANCE, THE BILL OF RIGHTS and above all, THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!

the constitution is the owners manual for becoming a REAL american. the way it was designed and the way it SHOULD be! it is written in easy terms, by laymen, easy to understand.

read it, and live by it TO THE LETTER and you will then be a TRUE AMERICAN! and no one can take it from you, and all debates will be fruitless.

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and yes NATHANIEL, God bless america!

"If ye love wealth better than Liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animated contest of Freedom, go from us in Peace. We ask not your counsel or Arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

Samuel Adams

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real americans from all over the u.s.

Fasano will be a Dolphin for years. He'll get an extension. He's the prototypical Parcell's TE. Alot like Bavaro was for the Giants.
Sporano's trying to work Wilford into the wildcat as a TE. Wilford's speed/size over the middle should create mismatches when opposing defenses add a LB and try to blitz the wildcat.

True American

You talk the talk, but your "short list" has a rather rosy tint to it.
You fail to mention three families that have have done more to subvert and pervert the constitution more than any other power foreign or domestic. The Rockefeller's, Dulles and Bush's. Including all of their "sudsidiaries". They hid behind the GOP banner all the while sacking and looting this great nation. Freedom and liberty? Not when it stood in the way of these treasonous ba&t&rds making a profit.
I could go on, but these people sicken me. When you start pointing fingers make sure your pointing in the right direction.

Odinseye. Please ! Put the kool-aid down. Nothing and i mean nothing is worse than the left wing liberal/sociaists that are destroying this country . It's sad and pathetic. These nut jobs apologize for the country that has done more good for humanity than the rest of the world combined. They think we are stupid and know what's best for us by having the government run are lives, Say what you will about bush , but he is a true american who loves his country and did everything to protect. Wake up and smell the coffee before it's to late.

True american, Amen and may god bless you. You forgot some more left wing liberal kooks like That scum of the earth Bill Maher, bruce springteen and every university proffesor brainwashing our youth. Let them leave america and kiss hugo Chavez's AZZZZ.

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It was Dave Bowman, not 'Tom Bowmen', and the accurate quote is: "Open the pod bay doors please, HAL".

Get your stuff together people.

Taylor and Porter will co-lead the league in sacks this year. Say fourteen each, or so.

NJ Phinfan

The entire Bush family has repeatedly shown they care nothing about the American people. They care about money period.
How about Hurricane Katrina? New Orleans are Americans. Bush didn't even respond for nearly a week! This is what led to most of the horror stories. Bush said what? A hurricane? No money to be made there. The city was devastated. People were desperately trying to survive. Nobody even in his cabinet thought to do anything. Not only are they idiots, they surrounded themselves with idiots. INEXCUSABLE!
I detest the liberal/socialists. But they in no way shape or form can be blamed for what George Sr. and Jr did to this country.

Why politcs guys? Nathaniel SHUT UP, be proud but STFU

True American,

You stupid Samuel Adams is a beer, you stupid

NJ = true amercian

Nathaniel- Congratulations.

Stop- I agree. Politics? STFU

NJ Phin Fan- Bush Jr. and Sr. repectively, will go down in history as the absolute worst Presidents EVER.


Know any hot Puerto Rican girlz that want to get married for a Green Card?


Are you having a problem with your tweeter?


Been gone for awhile and now you return with the subject of politics? Pssst....Don't get JUSTIN/AFC EAST CHAMPS started, you know how he is.

Marino is the man.


Why in the world would you ask aloco for dating advice? God only knows what the women/men he dates look like. I don't think he is Puerto Rican. Test him.


What's up?

I played at a Blues festival in Lansing Mi last Thursday. Then I jammed at our family reunion in Chicago on Saturday. I pick up two of my sons in Detroit and take them fishing. Only to return home and find NJ Phin Fan trying to blow smoke about the Bush's on the Dolphin blog? WTF?


I am feeling good. Especially after the Yanks beat the Sox in 15 innings last night 2-0.
Sounds like you had fun at your reunion. Easy on NJ he is cool. The politics thing gets everybody worked about. All of us have one thing in common and that is we love the phins. I still dont know why gopats is here though.

Odinseye. are you f'n kidding me ? The absolute worst president ever was jimmy carter and barack Hussien obama isn't far away. Case closed . conversation over. Anybody who wants to change the constitution and the fundamentals of How this country was built the way obama and this left wing congress is . It's F'n despiciple , sad and pathetic. Our founding fathers and even JFK are turning in their Graves, I didn't say bush was the best , but at least he wasn't a socialist who wants the government to run our lives, when it's all said and done, obama will go down at the worst f'n president EVER !, CASE CLOSED !

George bush did more for africa and aids then all the presidents combined . George bush. had his faults sure, but he loved this country and did everything in his power to protect it for seven years . I had a freind that was killed on 9/11 and i along with my family and yours should thank god for bush . You should be terrorfied with the left wing liberal president and congress we have in there right now. Russia Iran . N.Korea and every terrorist in the world are licking their chops at the first crack at us. PRAY TO GOD !

Odinseye. In all due respect you're a liar. YOU and only YOU were the one who started this when you responded to true american by bashing Bush and others. I then responded to you sir. You didn't come on here all innocent and not saying anything. Everybody can go back on this thread and see your comment was before mine. Now i agree lets talk DOLPHINS !

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