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Monday practice report from the Bubble

The Dolphins are back at work today, this time inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble (NSMB), and here is what's going on:

The Dolphins have confirmed the trade of offensive linemen Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe to the Kansas City Chiefs for an "undisclosed" 2010 draft choice. As I said earlier, it's absolutely a second-day pick.It is also higher than a seventh-round selection as the Chiefs already traded their 2010 seventh-rounder to Miami last April.

This trade, regardless of the compensation, is good business for Miami. Neither Alleman nor Ndukwe were going to make the Dolphins'  53-man roster. Both players were running with the second unit, Alleman at left guard and Ndukwe at right tackle. So the Dolphins get something for players they were going to cut.

The trade also speaks to the team's commitment to Shawn Murphy and his improvement in the past year. Remember that last year, even as Murphy's rookie season advanced, both Ndukwe and Alleman played ahead of the fourth-round pick. But Murphy got in the weight room, changed his body, as Tony Sparano likes to say, and moved ahead of both rivals.

Murphy has assured himself of a roster spot on the team. His role as a backup at either guard spot is solid. Brandon Frye's chances of making the team also increase today.

Sean Smith and Jason Allen, both of whom missed the Carolina preseason game after being tested for swin flu, are back at practice. Smith will be working with the first-team defense at right cornerback, according to a source.

That means Smith didn't lose his starting job while being away and Vontae Davis played well against the Panthers in his place.

Finally, Matt Roth, who missed all of training camp with a mysterious groin injury, is still not practicing.

I remind you that today is the first day practices are closed to the media with the exception of the first 30 minutes. That means there will be no play-by-play of what's happening. But here's a clue: The Dolphins will be installing their newer version of Wildcat in the coming weeks, behind closed gates.

[BLOG NOTE: Players and coach Tony Sparano will be available to the media after practice. Check back here later for their words of wisdom. Also, follow me on twitter for the real-time updates.] 


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Yea! No Swine Flu for Smith!

Swine flu...ha ha ha, nice reporting Herald.

How could Darlington write they had the Swine Flu? Terrible reporting. There will not be a worse mistake we see this year on or off the field than that mistake by Darlington.

Hmmm good to see Sean Smith back on the field. Will Allen better be careful that Vontae and Smith don't sneak up on him! Hah That would be great two rookie CB's tearing it up in the NFL.

Carlito and JRod thanl's for the tip I am going with the girlfriend soo the bar is outta the question unless a fight erupts and i need to blow off some steam...LoL. Will also be hitting up the Rain Forest and I plan to go white-water rafting. Wrote down the name of the Mall and the Bar thank you both very very much!

You call this a practice report? What, did you just put that title on it so someone would actually read this recycled crap? We knew about the trades, we knew S Smith would be back today. How about some actual reporting of the practice?
Do you think anyone cares about our backup right guards body?? Terrible.

It can't be a 7th rounder from the Chiefs. They already gave that to us during the draft-day trade.

Trade Roth - more draft picks.

Monday afternoon practice report: According to a source, the Miami Dolphins practiced. The end.

come on guys, fans and media aren't allowed in the practices any more and this administration isn't exactly forthcoming with the info... what do you expect???

I see some of you are upset practice reports don't include play-by-play anymore. Well, then take your complaints elsewhere.

Practices are now officially closed to the media.

Practices are now officially closed to the media....Yipeee !!! No more Roths baseball cap, bashing Pat White, examing every players minor boo boo and blowing it out of proportion.

It would be nice to put Rothgate behind us. We may never know what is really going on. Hopefully he is on the field soon, or they trade him for more picks.

Maybe Armando can just make stuff up so your happy.
Oh sorry. this isnt the Sun Sentinal. lol

In an alternate reality, Scoop and Hayden learned to read what was actually written:

That players were told Smith and Allen would miss the game because they were sick (players confirmed on the record that was true) and that the players were told Smith and Allen were going to be tested for swine flu (which players confirmed on the record). Darlington never wrote that Smith and Allen had the swine flu.

Sooooo, how is that bad reporting?

This Fin Fan 13 guy must be one of them there guys that don't read and write so well.

Mando..I WISH you would call the practice bubble "that name" in front of Bill P. or Sparano...do you miss the guy?


Perhaps the biggest mistake of all was your mom actually giving birth to you. Oh, check that, you were hatched from an egg. Never mind.

QUESTION for the dolphin fans. tell us the of a fin player who's the most admired for winning a super bowl and has integrity to give the bubble a new name .

please no marino, no jason

posted by


This q guy is one of them there guys that don't read and write so well.

The Mercury Morris Memorial Bubble... I like the alliteration

for people like me, who's he soluj ?

The decision to trade Alleman & Ndukwe will haunt this franchise for decades!

Westhoff will pick-up Chris Williams & he will burn Fins badly!!

So it is Written, and so it Shall Be.

Larry Csonka practice bubble.

Matt Roth, is on the trade BLOCK, should be traded this week!!! See yeah Matt....JT, is back Dolphan FANS!!!

Guys Iam selling my boat its name is "THe cuban menace memorial inner tube"


If you're on a Dolphins blog and don't know who Mercury Morris is, do yourself a favor ad google him so you can read about the dolphins famous outspoken running back.

Good one Tom...I have no idea what it means,but I like hearing I was hatched from an egg. That always kills me.


The Seer Sees All sees all but his balls because they're too small.

or his belly too big.

BTW, the Herald DID report that they tested positive for the H1N1, but the other news outlets did not go there as strong

Look at Mando's blog "swine flu hits Dolphins"

You are absolutely wrong if you don't think that Herald were trying to say these two people had swind flu.

Just like they call out players for messing up on the field, the public needs to call out media outlets for poor journalism.

My homepage on my computer is the Herald. It is good paper with awesome info. But if it as it seems, they did not have H1N1, that is sloppy writing.

We should trade Jon for Hayden Fox's g-string.

Not enough value...you have to use the Jimmy Johnson draft value chart for that.

Guys the Menace will be in south Fla. for the Indy game, Where are you guys going to watch the game????

Mando...I agree with the other people on here, I don't ever want to hear about Saban again if possible. Let's just call it the bubble. Good news on the trade front. I agree they were not going to be on the team anyway. Probably a 6rd pick, but I will take that since KC is not going to be that good this year anyway, and this will be a high pick in the round. I would take Bowe off their hands if they want to trade him, he is a big WR and still young. What is the deal with him anyway...any news on him.

Maybe a Roth trade for Bowe straight up would be nice. Mando, we have been hearing a lot of chatter in regards to Matt Roth. How about some truth here. Did he really have an injury? Is he upset about his contract? Or is he upset they signed Jason Taylor and after OTAs he just decided not to work out anymore, and wants to be traded? Since he did not pass the conditional tests make me wonder.

thanks, soulj...it's sad that a former player like him trying to get help while all these players making millions and no way to help him or ex players like him

cuban, I'll be at the game watching the game.

Cuban Menace, during his visit to SoFla, will find himself in precisely the situation described by the Kinks in "Lola." But he will enjoy it.

So it is Written, So it Shall Be Done.

I see said the blind man.

Odinseye, I know that it was you on that last post..

I still want Matt Roth back. I would feel a lot better with him on the strong side against Michael Turner and Atlanta's big O-line than Jason Taylor. I would also feel a lot better about that game if Taylor just focused on being a pass rusher on the obvious passing downs.

Not that theres anything wrong with that," It's a mixed up world"

How about this trade: Rex Hilliard and a 6th round pick to the Cleveland Browns for their 5th round pick next year. Good trade for both teams... But only a fantasy

I agree last year Matt Roth came on big in the run Defense, but what is going on this year with him. I guess I will wait until the truth comes out.

Glad to see your reaction, CM. It is indeed a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world, except for.........Tuna!

So it is Written.

BTW--if you're in West Broward, Bokamper's Sports Bar is really good. Other spots in Broward are the several Bru's Rooms (owned by former Fin LB stalwart Bob Brudzinski),scattered throughout north & central Broward.


Thanks Seer, be down in the westchester area though..

Lets just call it the The Boozaka Joe's Memorial Sports Bubble. Anything's better than being reminded of "little Nicky". On 2nd thoughts lets not offend Eric Green because he says Sparano doesnt allow gum chewing. LOL

CubaN Menace

I'm serously considering buying your memorial innertube.
However I have no idea as to renaming it.
Would there be any licensing agreement litigations required should I choose to keep the original name?

PS: That wasn't me earlier(LOL)!!!!

All joking aside!

It should be named the Don Shula Practice Bubble. Plain and simple.

I never did understand the memorial crap. What an egomaniac. Who in Miami wants to remeber Saban?

Odinseye, Sounded like you but then again there are several funny posters, and no the name is not licensed...lmao

Fake Gm . what the heck is wrong with you ? You want to trade hilliard and the 6th for cleveland ' s 5th round pick, you can trade hilliard alone at least for that without giving up a draft pick.


I agree. I guarantee that there are many teams right now hoping we waive the guy.
Do you think there's ANY way we can make room for Hilliard.

So does the coaching staff hide the new Wildcat from prospective cut-ees? Do they take measures to ensure the 'cat is kept from unlikely to make the team rosters? Please help Mando. Does Chris Williams and Wilford know Wildcat 2.0? I would hate for this info to get to the Patsies or the stinky Jets.

CM---I used to date a gringa & she referred to Westchester as "Occupied Westchester." Too narrow-minded, on that and many other levels, as my blue b**** proved at the time.

Does anyone else here ever think about what it would take to get the job of Bikini Waxer for the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders?

Just wondering?

I will say that going anywhere in westchester you do need to speak spanish or have someone that does...And yes the menace sees Hilliard making the team..the phins are looking to the future with out Ronnie i believe...

The Buoniconti Bubble, The Shula Shelter, or The Perfect Season Memorial Sports Bubble, are my name offerings.

It's a good time to be a Dolphins fan. I can remeber having guys like Sammie Smith, Cecil Collins, John Avery and some guy named Lawrence.
All four of our RB's are better than all of those guys put together.

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