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Stephen Ross: 'We are a better team'

One day after the Dolphins had their first dry run of their 2009 fan experience at Land Shark Stadium, owner Stephen Ross spent over an hour with The Miami Herald to discuss his vision for the future of the team on and off the field.

Ross, who bought the team for $1.1 billion earlier this year, said he will announce three more minority owners Aug. 25. In keeping with his desire to have the Dolphins represent the ethnic and racial makeup of their community, at least one of those new minority owners is black, said Ross who declined to divulge names.

The Dolphins have minority Hispanic owners in Emilio and Gloria Estefan, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Ross shared his vision for the experience that awaits fans when they attend games at Land Shark -- including a celebrity orange carpet arrival by stars and VIP guests and tailgate concerts throughout the season. One of those concerts is expected to include Dolphins fan Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

More on that in a bit. Most importantly, however, Ross recognizes that regardless of the upgrades to the fan experience and the stadium in which the team plays (Land Shark has undergone concession improvements and will soon be painted), the most important aspect of his ownership is winning.

Winning, winning, winning.

"It's the most important thing," Ross said. "That's what fans want to hear. I bought the team because I'm a fan and I want a winner and anything less than that is unacceptable. And I'm going to do everything in my power to make that happen."

And what are Ross's expectations for his Dolphins in a season that culminates with Super Bowl 44 and the Pro Bowl being played in Miami?

"The fact the Super Bowl is here and the Pro Bowl is here has nothing to do with the expectations for the football team," Ross said. "Bill Parcells, I think, is the finest football mind in America. He is making those decisions. You don't micro-manage somebody who knows something a lot better than you do. I've rested my faith in what he's doing in running that football team and not interfering with him.

"When you don't micro-manage people who are the best, you're going to have better results ... I know we're going to be competitive. We're going to enter every game believing we can win it. We're going to win our share of games. Miami is going to be happy with the results.

"This is a better team than last year's team. Will it have a better record? I don't know. Because there's a lot of luck involved in that. The ball is shaped the way it is because you don't know how it's going to bounce. But I got news for you: We are a better team. And hopefully, we'll have a better record."

Obviously, Dolphins management hopes local fans will be drawn to that better team. That hasn't necessarily happened yet, as season ticket sales are not where the Dolphins want.

Club Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee said season ticket sales are at the 49,000 level currently. Dee said the team wants to have between 62,000 to 65,000 season ticket holders, "to have the stability we aspire to have."

And that is why the Dolphins a making the push to make game day the Sunday must-attend event throughout South Florida. Certainly it goes to making money. But it also has a lot to do with that primary focus.

Winning, winning, winning.

"I asked Jeff Ireland last night about the things we're doing," Ross said. "They want to play to a stadium that's filled up. It brings excitement. It keeps the interest going. it's good for the team. It's good for the community. We recognize the most important thing is winning. Everything else is always on the margin. But it all creates it. And the players want to see those fans and those seats filled and they will play better when they are. And coaches want it."


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" and the players want to see those fans and those seats filled and they will play better when they are " . Yeah ! the players want to see them filled with REAL ! football / dolphin fans , not fake "celebrity " fans who are there just to be seen. How's that workng out so far ? LOL ! . Win and the real football fan will be more than happy to dish out the dough for season tickets. Everything else is just Bullsh*t.

I don't think the Doofins will play better because there's more people in the stands, It's like more money in thier pocket!
This teams on training wheels rookies are expected to start and the schedule is reverse of the one last year. The FA pickups are mediocre while the JETS,PATS and Bufallo picked up proven talent.
The expectations are unreasonable 6-10 is reasonable.


Did Ross comment on the fact that the T-Pain fight song was booed and hissed during last night's game?

"Bill Parcells, I think, is the finest football mind in America. He is making those decisions. You don't micro-manage somebody who knows something a lot better than you do. I've rested my faith in what he's doing in running that football team and not interfering with him."

Thank you Mr. Ross for confirming that you aren't related to little Danny Snyder.

Jest Fan, its really funny how you guys think you are going to win it all with your baywatch rookie qb. I mean the guy has thrown a couple pre season passes and you are ready to crown him as greatest of all time... sound familiar??? Favre???

I think Crowder hit the nail on the head... congratulations, "you guys are the ota champs"

I was at the game and no one was booing the t-pain song... in the stadium it sounds pretty much like the old one... the song they were booing was Jimmy Buffet's.

jet fan you maybe right, but this team that's in development willing be running the division for years to come thanks to the guidance bill parcell.

Really get rid of that song , it sounds like teen night at the roller skating rink. Dump that tpain crap

They were booing the T-pain song. My whole sections was booing the T-pain song. It actually sounds NOTHING like the REAL fight song. It needs to be switched back immediately. T-pain is good for crappy hip hop songs, not for dolphins football.

I totally agree with NJ PHIN FAN, I hate having J-LO as owner and all those so call celebrities, could u imagine J-LO being the boss of Chad P, J Porter, etc. get that trash out of Miami, Ross should think how he can go back to the old Orange Bowl days, when fans really care, I highly doubt "celebrities" and a bunch of old rich drunk people dancing makarena on margarita ville is the answer!
Still, I love my Miami Dolphins FOOTBALL TEAM no matter what!


I didn't say it was good. I just said no one was booing it. T-pain is garbage, Jimmy Buffet is corny, but the old fight song isn't winning any awards either...

AIVAN , exactly !. It's a little embarrassing taking some of the ribbing i'm getting from friends and family. But it's nothing a super bowl win can't cure.


Two poster's "C" and Getdone were talking about You me and Ace being on the blog at the same time for the last two weeks. Something about us all being one and the same.
They must be rookies because us three have been kicking it here STRONG since before the draft.
Anyway I would like to know how to get my name to appear in blue like yours. I mostly ignore the imposters, but it does aggrevate the sh&t out of me at times.
Can you help me out?

Both songs were horrible. Not to mention the club-like display on the big screen. It's football, not the Grammy's.

Odinseye . wake up ! C and getdone are the cuban menace just being his usual idiotic moron self. He CRAVES attention. Just let it fly over your head. Have fun with him , it will make his day.

great article. I guess Darlington reports the real 'Fin news now??

Odinseye, You just set up a typepad/typekey account. It's free. You to the bottom of the page and click where it says sign in . It will ask you to set up an account. It's easy and free.

"players want to see seats filled"
YEAH - with DOLPHIN FANS - NOT New Jersey Jerks fans.
It sucks being up north here in Pa. watching a Dolphin-Jerks game & hear cheering for the Jerks.
Fill that stadium down there with fans & get that 12th member thing going.
Im 1 hour from philly & i get the Beagles crammed down my throat. They suck, thier Fans suck but i must admit, they do fill the stadium and its much more comfortable sitting down there in 70 degree weather than it is here in anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees.


Is possible you can become next minority owner for represent all people from New York and New Jersey in South Florida populations? Maybe J-lo already does this. She covers lots of groups with one minority owner Puerto Ricans, New Yorkers in Florida, Sluts, People with big culos, People who cannot sing, People who used to be famous, etc

There are lots of these types of peoples in South Florida, maybe that was no so bad idea

Yeah, I hope Ross, Dee, and all of the happy entertainment partners manage to fill up the stadium on Sundays. The players really need it.
About the new song, just hope for winning football. As long as we win, that song will sound beautiful...


I even suspected it might be them/him. I don't care if he calls himself tinkerbell, IT"S FOOTBALL SEASON.

PS: No one hardly mentioning JT. Probably a good thing. I recorded the game on DVR. He looked good all the way around. Applied pressure. Sealed the edge. Dropped into coverage. I think he's BACK!!!!

Even though I disagree/could care less about what Ross is trying to do with the B-list celebrities and fake hollywood glitz... Its pretty depressing when you go to a Dolphins game and the stadium is only half full and the visiting fans are louder than the dolphins fans. This was even a problem last year in the 11-5 season... I feel like this is the wrong way to get people in the seats, but they gotta do something...


JT is back... In fact Wake, Porter, and Taylor all looked good last night... ready to do some damage...


I believe NJ is right it is the Cuban Menace. He will respond to this by saying " I always post as the menace" He is probably saying it with a straight face the f'n liar. Sick freak if you ask me. Wait and see all the attacks on ace now. LOL

Mr. Ross:

The T-Pain song has to go - you don't win over the fan base by replacing an integral part of the club's history. And please spare us the theatrics in general - stop changing the stadium's name (Joe Robbie deserves the honor) and stop holding press conferences to announce that another D-list celebrity has purchased a .005% stake in the club.

I love the Fins, and I pay thousands of dollars for season tickets so I can watch them PLAY FOOTBALL- if I wanted a "fun atmosphere" I'd go to TGI Fridays every Sunday.

Bringing things back to the positive, we give you a lot of credit for doing whatever it took to keep Bill Parcells on, and for your commitment to winning!

You're doing a great job on the football side and SoFla is lucky to have you - but please tone down the circus stuff!

Well I was booing the T-pain version. I love the original fight song. Its tradition.

Why didn't Ross talk to us? Oh, cause we suck.

I don't give a rat's butt what song Ross has his minions play. But every time I look down on that field and see a baseball dirt infield, I want to puke.

If he wants to improve MY fan experience, get rid of that infield immediately.

Odinseye . have you tried the typepad/typekey account yet ? click where it says sign in.

JET FAN: Jog my memory please - what "proven talent" did you pick up in FA this year?

The Fins got a very good Center and a HOF Defensive End, and Cam Wake is twice the player that Gholston will ever be. Where did you guys draft him again?

As for your comment about rookies starting, who exactly are you talking about? The phenom CB Sean Smith?

Good luck with Sanchez - overhyped USC QBs have done great in the NFL. He must be really good- the last USC QB to leave school early was Todd Marinovich, and you see how well he turned out.

Just think, in college Mark Sanchez was almost as good as John David Booty, who is now Minnesota's fourth-best QB!

We may go 8-8 this year, but I guarantee that the Jets will finish FIRST in next year's draft.

anyone think it's possible JT porter and wake get at least 10 sacks apiece?


Haven't yet. I been stealing breaks while working on a Mini Van(i hate them-lol).

I'm going to do it after work. Thanks again!


Very possible. It would be nice.

yes sammo, each 10 sacks . not 9 not but 10 like the circus .

Dont worry Oddy,

we can still post in blue as you ha ha hah ha


It's definitely possible. Probable is another story. Either way, I'll bet on 30 plus between the three.

where is the best guy on the blog, justin at?

Or that dimwitted egomaniac in Dallas.

"Bill Parcells, I think, is the finest football mind in America. He is making those decisions. You don't micro-manage somebody who knows something a lot better than you do. I've rested my faith in what he's doing in running that football team and not interfering with him."

Thank you Mr. Ross for confirming that you aren't related to little Danny Snyder.

Posted by: jon | August 18, 2009 at 01:26 PM


Your right again.

Let the attacks begin.

okay getdolphins i was just putting a question out there. what's up with the like the circus? what is your opinion as to what type of sack numbers they each will have?

cucumber he is at home waiting for you so you two can practice hide the pickle. guess which one of you will be doing the “hiding”?

Relax folks Ross is doing a good job. Change is good. If you stay put you get left behind. Minority ownership of the team means NOTHING!!! As long as the controlling partner allows the football people to control the football things, everything else is meaningless. If Ross can create a buzz around the game experience, he makes more money. Ross makes more money, he can spend more money. If Ross spends money and lets the football guys do their thing, we will win consistently. You do these things and ESPN (Everyone Sucks Patsie Nub) starts talking up the team and we get vets coming to the team on the cheap.

lol at ram and his ESPN moniker. that was great!

The fan experience as far as I'm concerned is not better, for one they took out the TV screens in the food court and in the mens room, we used to be able to follow the events on the field while we returned our rented beers, not any more. And the PA system had more glitches than the wiring in a Yugo, bring back Wayne Huizenga, with him everything worked to perfection even in preseason. With all the work they've been doing on that place over the last few months you'd expect improvements, forget it.

Remember how the referees mic never worked in the Orange Bowl? Welcome to Landshark err OB-2. The announcers mic faltered, the announcements on the jumbo-tron faltered, no TV's when standing in line for food or drinks to watch the game. What a total load of crap!!!

Since J-LO is part owner, thank god she didn't sing the fight song! Then everyone would be laughing at us. A good hype song I think is Get your shoes on by tech n9ne should look on YouTube.

Wow...fight song...really like it matters Tpain/Lee Offman it's all in fun...You guys need to get perspective.

Jets fan..who cares what you think...I have only one name that should matter to you...Joe Willie Namath...its been all dowhill since then.

Ross is doing what he thinks he needs to do, last time I checked his pocketbook had a few more zeros in it than any of us ...except maybe for Mando (lol).

Overall dolphins are better, schedule is tougher so is division it's going to be a dogfight but baring any major catastrophic injury should be a fun ride and we will be in most games.


Enough with the T-pain fight song nonsense! I have been a Dolphin fan for a very long time and there was no "fight" in the original song. Even my wife said the original song sounded like it was being played for a bunch of pussycats, without the cat part. It definitely needed to be updated!

sammo, to have 30 sacks in one season that would translate to a super bowl ring even 20 sacks will get you a ring and a field like the one you have they better make look like an nfl teams playing there, it looks they were in the desert .

i am not any one but getdolphins and i know the cuban sign only with his name the cuban menace.
JASON-3 sacks
porter -7

So is Stephen Ross trying to make the Miami Dolphins into the NFL version of the L.A Lakers????

As soon as Ross and the NFL realize that the state of our economy is a major reason people can't afford the inflated ticket prices to games maybe he'll realize that we don't care about gizmos, gadgets and celebrity owners. Give us a winning team, keep the traditional fight song and lower prices and all will be well.

Hey jetfan. How's it feel to hear your team's fat head coach cry about not getting the Ravens job last year and how he still cares about the team? Sounds like a team headed for success, right? WRONG! You guys are going to suck, AGAIN, this year with your crappy head coach and GQ wanna-be QB. I smell 3-13 this year for the jets.

Nj Phin to be next minority owner to represent plumbers in population and dolphin fan.

Jet Fan:

Would you please tell your coach that I would like my physique back. Thank you.

Jet Fan:

I would also appreciate it if your coach would return my face to me as well. Be well dirt ball.

Chorizo.....................................................................................................Why NJ PHIN FAN would be a good choice to represent the PLUMBERS ?

Yes he is very good with pipes

DOES he need a pipe boy or he already has one ?

Do you practise in front of a mirror?

Your really good.......at talking to yourself.

Hardee har HARRRR!!!!

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