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Stephen Ross: 'We are a better team'

One day after the Dolphins had their first dry run of their 2009 fan experience at Land Shark Stadium, owner Stephen Ross spent over an hour with The Miami Herald to discuss his vision for the future of the team on and off the field.

Ross, who bought the team for $1.1 billion earlier this year, said he will announce three more minority owners Aug. 25. In keeping with his desire to have the Dolphins represent the ethnic and racial makeup of their community, at least one of those new minority owners is black, said Ross who declined to divulge names.

The Dolphins have minority Hispanic owners in Emilio and Gloria Estefan, as well as Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Ross shared his vision for the experience that awaits fans when they attend games at Land Shark -- including a celebrity orange carpet arrival by stars and VIP guests and tailgate concerts throughout the season. One of those concerts is expected to include Dolphins fan Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

More on that in a bit. Most importantly, however, Ross recognizes that regardless of the upgrades to the fan experience and the stadium in which the team plays (Land Shark has undergone concession improvements and will soon be painted), the most important aspect of his ownership is winning.

Winning, winning, winning.

"It's the most important thing," Ross said. "That's what fans want to hear. I bought the team because I'm a fan and I want a winner and anything less than that is unacceptable. And I'm going to do everything in my power to make that happen."

And what are Ross's expectations for his Dolphins in a season that culminates with Super Bowl 44 and the Pro Bowl being played in Miami?

"The fact the Super Bowl is here and the Pro Bowl is here has nothing to do with the expectations for the football team," Ross said. "Bill Parcells, I think, is the finest football mind in America. He is making those decisions. You don't micro-manage somebody who knows something a lot better than you do. I've rested my faith in what he's doing in running that football team and not interfering with him.

"When you don't micro-manage people who are the best, you're going to have better results ... I know we're going to be competitive. We're going to enter every game believing we can win it. We're going to win our share of games. Miami is going to be happy with the results.

"This is a better team than last year's team. Will it have a better record? I don't know. Because there's a lot of luck involved in that. The ball is shaped the way it is because you don't know how it's going to bounce. But I got news for you: We are a better team. And hopefully, we'll have a better record."

Obviously, Dolphins management hopes local fans will be drawn to that better team. That hasn't necessarily happened yet, as season ticket sales are not where the Dolphins want.

Club Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee said season ticket sales are at the 49,000 level currently. Dee said the team wants to have between 62,000 to 65,000 season ticket holders, "to have the stability we aspire to have."

And that is why the Dolphins a making the push to make game day the Sunday must-attend event throughout South Florida. Certainly it goes to making money. But it also has a lot to do with that primary focus.

Winning, winning, winning.

"I asked Jeff Ireland last night about the things we're doing," Ross said. "They want to play to a stadium that's filled up. It brings excitement. It keeps the interest going. it's good for the team. It's good for the community. We recognize the most important thing is winning. Everything else is always on the margin. But it all creates it. And the players want to see those fans and those seats filled and they will play better when they are. And coaches want it."


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Testing, testing...123

I know the obvious knocks on Davis. The mental breakdowns.
Does anyone have an opinion on his run support efforts last night?

Selective amnesia must be a requirement for all Jets fans. Here they are talking smack on a Dolphins blog when 8 months ago we went to the Meadowlands and beat them with their QB that they castoff. They went for the Corvette (Favre) instead of keeping the dependable truck (Pennington) and their hot rod was last seen throwing to aqua and orange jersey's to clinch our division title. Their starting backfield is unhappy and threatening holdouts. Their best 2 defenders are suspended for for the start of the season -Pace for 4 games and they spent to the hilt on aging, average veteran players. Wonder what smack they're going to talk after going 4-12 this year and losing twice to their most bitter rivals, the Dolphins and the Pats?

Poor , poor , cuban menace . The big baby got all upset that i said something about and exposed him , so now he's calling me names pretending to be chorizo and get dolphins by actually talking to himself. LMFAO !

Odinseye . Yes , did it . Good job , welcome aboard.

I don't like this celebrity thing at all and hate the idea of an orange carpet. If I see any of that foolishness on television, my beloved team of 30+ years won't be that any more.


Don't let the greed motivated cheeziness deter you. I don't care if Ronald McDonald gooses Marc Anthony on the orange carpet while J-Lo watches.
If you've been a phin fan for 30+ years I'm sure you realize this is the best ON-FIELD product we've had since Shula.
Keep looking forward to Jason and Joey knocking the snot out of Tom Boy.

LMAFO at nj phin . i thought you smart dude. not any more

based on last night's game the dolphins will go 6-10 at best

Not to hard to pass plumber school.

all you need is a con brain and good lifting for the pipes and over pilling .

odinseye is has promising future if he joins w.nj


Sorry to hear about your friends terrible loss. Is she the woman from work that you've been persuing?

PS: I wasn't stealing BRAKES from work. I was taking an extra BREAK from my work.


What is this, the Gangland Blog?
You got me banging with the Jersy Crew?
What are our colors?
What do we represent?

Hey....will i have to get tatted up?

Odinseye, you lost some thing since you started posting in blue .still sweet though

I want to state, that I for one no longer attend the home games. I grew tired of being out numbered by the opposing teams fans. That in and of itself makes it a horrible gameday experience. Sell seats to real Dolphin fans, and provide a competitive team, then whatever you want to call the stadium previously known as Joe Robbie stadium will become the place to be. It really is simple and it is how it "used" to be.

Oh, and forget that stupid idea about replacing the "fightsong" with a horrible copy. If you must replace it, at least come up with something better and a bit more original.

Ex season ticket holder 1974-2004.


Sorry about your friend's loss. How are you doing?


LOL about CM posting as getdolphins. I really think he gets off on it. I bet he gives IT a good pull or two chanting GOPATS GOPATS aaaaahhh what a relief it is....

lol at ace the secret agent 007 for stupid people


CM is mad at you for exposing him. I have been saying he uses multiples names for months. That is why I am attacked all the time. I tell the truth even whne I lie.LOL


godol I am glad I made laugh...cuban menace/cuban menace supporter

All I need is to hear from FINHEAVENBLOWS! and Justin and my night will be complete!

Even though he is bringing in a lot minority owners for stars and carpet treatment is not the point here. True Fin Fans will always be in the seats winning or losing. The good thing here is Ross is allowing Bill and his staff to run things. Everyone that was crying about will Ross and Bill get along, now they are crying about how Ross is trying to market and lower fans into the stadium. People will never be happy, you can give everyone in the stadium a 100 dollar bill and a bunch of idiots are going to complain on how wrinkled theirs were. Stop crying and support what they are trying to do and be positive. If we suck then fine or if we do well then fine at least thats what true fans do. Go Fins!!!

TDF good point.

"you can give everyone in the stadium a 100 dollar bill and a bunch of idiots are going to complain on how wrinkled theirs were."

This statement reminds me of JUSTIN and FINHEAVENBLOWS!

Jajaja...lol Ace with good chiste at 7:44! A little gross, but still funny.

I feel dirty after your story. You can tell us a clean story of the first time you knew you were Dolphin fan?

Why is it that the more I read blogs and online news the writing is getting worse? Not the stories. Just the quality of the article? It takes two seconds for Word to check the document for errors.


I was a very small boy in the Bronx when I saw the Dolphins going through their undefeated season. I liked the Dolphin as the mascot I guess, it is what my dad told me. I have followed them ever since and my name is not Benny Blanco.


Have you heard from the Cuban Menace lately?

I can't imagine him being absent during and after the first pre-season game of the year.

Should we be worried?

Ace I never knew you from North. So sorry, every thing here tropical.


Where exactly is golfito?

Costa Rica near the border of Panama. I have lived in Florida for many years now.


Are the women from Golfito beautiful?

Yes my friend, but like anywhere there are good ones and bad ones.

Odinseye, when you first know you were Dolphin fan?


I have been in Florida since 1974.

Not worried about cuban menace. He posted earlier as chorizo and getdolphins, and godol


If you google Golfito, the first listing (WIKI) starts out:
Golfito is located in Costa Rica, near the border of Panama.

Things that make you go.....Hmmmm......

I think the Dolphins have good chance to win 10 games this year, maybe more. Defense is going to be very good, nice to see JT in dolphin uniform again in the stadium.

Guys... a new blog is up

I liked the idea of the Dolphins because I was a big fan of the old TV show Flipper. When Joe Robbie shystered Shula away from the Colts, I was sold.
The day Shula became the coach, I became a true hardcore Dolphin fan for life.

Hmmm.... why you like to google my hometown? Of course the location is the first thing it says. Not much happen there. It is port town that used to ship out for chiquita banana, they left town and everybody was poor. That why I leave. Now the tourists come for rainforest, surfing, and esportfishing. Very good sailfish in Golfito.

Odinseye no it's not the girl from work. Ace i'm good just last night i was pretty shocked. 14 is just so young to do that. let's talk dolphin's . taylor will have more than 3 sacks . when superbowl rolls around i would hope the diamond isn't there. that mud really slows people down. even when it's just dry dirt. i think thomas will improve as he gets more reps and he gets used to being in a game.

how come the ownership isn't addressing this third rate field that looks like they were playing in the desert. it looks bad. this the florida where green should cover every ugly spot. also fans will get it ready for the season like ace and the rest are ready to work for free better than sitting blogging all day .

OK Sammo Football you bet.

What do you think of the OTHER Williams?
He made the major blunder of fielding a punt inside the ten. That's easily fixed. Probably already is. Other than that, I thought he was "DA SH&T".

why do sorry jet fans come to this blog? Don't they have something better to do. Can't wait to play the sucky jets and the cheater pats

Seems like Metallica would be more appro for a fight song...

I just heard the new Tpain version..took me back to Kindergarten. Oh well, I guess it is who you know.. it is all good if you like K-garden though.. who really gives a sht about a fight song anyway? What matters is trouncing other teams, like the Pats in game 3 of last year.. that was a slice of heaven!!

The only way to fill the stadium is to black out games that are not truly sold out. That would include every game for the past 30 years. That also includes the Orange Bowl. Even playoff games are not truly sold out. Until the top stands are busting at the seems, it is not sold out. Black out these games and watch the stadium fill up in a hurry. Game ticket sales would go through the roof if the locals knew they would not see it on TV. I know because I used to live in Miami and have many friends still living there. BLACK OUT! Is the answer.

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