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Plan for preseason opener starts coming to light

As I told you in a previous blog, the Dolphins coaching staff has still not met to determine playing time in Monday night's preseason opener against Jacksonville. Coach Tony Sparano confirmed that this morning.

But ..

He is definitely giving strong hints about his intentions for what kind of playing time certain players or units will get. It is pretty clear that Chad Pennington will play against the Jags and probably be in there maybe a quarter. Chad Henne will follow and he very likely will play much of the second quarter and parts, if not all, of the third quarter.

Pat White should get work sometime in the fourth quarter.

"Chad Henne will get a good chunk of time in the deal, which is what I've said before," Sparano said moments ago.

It is a fair assumption that Pennington and Henne will get a chance to play behind the starting offensive line. The line, in Sparano's opinion, needs to play together and play a good bit. And his opinion is the only one that counts.

"I have no interest in my line going out there and playing only one quarter," Sparano said. "They need to go out there and play."

While the offensive linemen are going to get a good looksee, there are other players who will be on a short pitch count. Jason Ferguson is not going to play beyond a quarter and perhaps less -- a series or two.

I have to draw the comparison between Sparano to Cam Cameron here. Cameron was of the belief that you save certain players, mostly his veterans. I remember he had some vets, such as Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor and even Joey Porter not play at all during some games in the preseason.

Taylor, for example, played six plays in the 2007 preseason. Cameron didn't want to get his proven players injured.

Sparano wants his stars and grunts to mesh as a tough team. He believes games are meant to be played not watched. "My feeling is you need to get ready to play together and come out of that tunnel together and all that good stuff," Sparano said.

But even if some of Miami's starters -- particularly the offensive linemen -- will get work, Sparano will try to strike a balance in that he must see the bottom of the roster guys perform.

"You want to walk off the field Monday night and have a pretty fair evaluation on how these people participated in the game," Sparano said. "At least as many of them as we can get."

On another matter, you guys have asked a lot lately about the possibility the Dolphins trade or cut Jason Allen. I don't see that right now and I get the feeling the Dolphins are not leaning in that direction unless someone blows them away with an offer -- which is not likely to happen.

Fact is Allen is a core special teams player. Fact is he's a big cornerback on a team that covets big corners. Fact is he's actually doing things that are making coaches think he's getting better.

"I've started to see things slow down for him and you're starting to see his athleticism," Sparano said. "He's reacting faster to the ball in the air, particularly in the last two or three practices I've seen him flash that way."


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I am a Dolphins fan living in AZ, is there a way to watch Mondays game - will the local Miami station have it on thier site.

woah, J allen coming around, how do u like them apples!

AZ - NFL Network will be airing the game at 8pm your time...

Henne and our recievers should get in some good work Monday. I think it's better to play tougher competition, not the case in Jacksonville. Their secondary is a mess.
The offensive line isn't doing any better. This should be a good chance to see our pass rushers as well.
At this point of the year, I think Jacksonville is the perfect team for us to beat the snot out of.

We need to pick up a 3rd string QB,patty white is an embarrassment.He will make us look like fools Monday. This guy is worse than ray lucas. The media says don't judge patty at QB, he's just for the wildcat, but the Tuna,Red Headed Step child, and the Penguin all say he is a QB. They pissed away a 2nd round pick, the wildcat is crap and so is patty white.

Justin idiot. Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. LMAO ! . " Chad pennington threw the ball 50yds , see i told you " . Are you f'n kidding me ? WOW ! My 89 year old Grandma can throw the ball 50 yds if she threw high enough and with a arch. LMFAO ! What about the 20 yd outs that need zip ? He's been struggling with that in camp throwing int's. BRO ! You're embarrassing yourself with your lack of football knowledge. Now fly away you gnat !


Have no fear. Last year in dire straights Dan Henning pulled a rabbit out of the hat. More popularly known as the Wildcat.
Legends like Shula and Parcell's know how important it is to have something in the playbook for any/ and all situations.
I'm almost positive that as we speak, Henning is working out a hybrid spread option offensive for just such an emergency.

Miami Dolphins are the best, will win many game, be champion. No room to argue. This proven fact.

"I am a Dolphins fan living in AZ, is there a way to watch Mondays game - will the local Miami station have it on thier site.

Posted by: AZPhinFan"

Az, you can try the link below, it usually works for me when I'm out of the city during game-day.

www.justin.tv, just sit the search bar to search for the game on before kickoff.


granny drops back to pass stiff arms crable with her walker see's ginn open downfield fires the pass and CAUGHT! touchdown miami! this sportscenter update brought to you by metamucil and depends!

YO HATER,you knoe who,

you cant even spell, gnat you mean nat. You stupid.

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goat ,that is nj phin

i'm interested in seeing ronnie and how he is adapting to his improved line. also what our d-line does. pat white will be just fine once he adjusts to the speed of the nfl game.

NJ PHIN FAN I LMAO on that one two LOL!!!

Allen has never lived up to the hype or his potential. Maybe this year will be the one, who knows. But if it's not they need to get what they can get for him or make sure they aren't payin him too much.

I can't wait to Monday night. Never I have been so excite for preseason! Go Dolphins!

"I am a Dolphins fan living in AZ, is there a way to watch Mondays game - will the local Miami station have it on thier site.

Posted by: AZPhinFan"


I get a lot of games here too.




Fan in AZ, the NFL network will be showing the game at 11pm EST,which is about a half hour after it ends so you can catch it there in almost prime time. GO PHINS.

wow justin is a retard lmao!! btw i doubt pennington threw it 50 yards
they can run after the catch lol

Armando: Has Tyrone Culver passed Nate Jones on the depth chart?

I'm no Pete Prisco, but I would like to go on record with a prediction for Monday night.
I'll put it out there and if I'm wrong you guys can make me eat my words.

I predict Henne leads us to three TD drives. Two on the ground, one in the air.

I'm no Odinseye, but I predict many more meaningless predictions.


Don't be hating. Do you know how much time I've spent in a catatonic trance like state?

**More meaningless predictions**

Two sacks, two Int's. Jacksonville scores 10.

i am not pete ,still i have 2 predications.
1- Clemons is a hit
2-Nalbone is a bust .
go fins

J. Allen waking up?...... maybe. Wilford?....not. Henne is gonna come out firing.
Where's Andrew? He's had a hear attack most likely by now.
Chill on White, Ramsterone... you don't want to sound like justin.
Mando, you are following the Dolphins closer than ever before. Thank you for that.



i know how to spell know. BUT guys the insect is spelled nat as in nat king cole..you fool

gnat (insect) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
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mmm, you right justin annoys humans

you saying nome is spelled gnome? How about to naw on wood. Like when someone ask you sometingh and you say naw. NJ stand up.

DOLPHINS 13-4 this year...haters

This post is for Ramsterone
YOU ARE AN IDIOT! You are going to judge this man (Pat White) based on two weeks of training camp. Elway first two seasons sucked and this is probably the best coaching staff in the NFL. They know how to evaluate talent and he will come around,

Patience Please.


Do not call me an idiot. I will re-arrange your face.

Hey Sal & any freeking body else, too,
Later for the Dolphins and the horse they rode in on! With all this new pomp and circumstance, they can go straight to Hades. I have a new team now. I am going to become an Eagles fan, simply because they had the gall to give Michael Vick a change. Horray for them! They are the Greatest!

You're right about J Allen Armando, he is a good special teams player and that is a weakness on this team. The Fins cannot afford to let any good special teamer go, rather, they need to collect more of those guys.


Nice season prediction (13-4). Hey we even win our bye week.....Nice.

but ramsterone, you are an idiot, but if that word is offensive perhaps moron? is that better??

pat white is a shotgun QB who has been asked to take snaps from under center and stay in the pocket with a clock on him. that is an adjustment that will take time. he is an amazing athlete and a winner. everyone calls the big east a weak conference but he managed to be the winningest QB in D1, he's the only QB to win 4 BCS bowl games, and he holds the record for most rushing yards by a QB in a career. he's the 3rd QB, i guess when we had to sign pennington because beck and henne couldn't cut it you ere calling henne a waste of a pick too? white is the 3rd QB, if we end up having to use him in games our season would already be over. unless pennington blows it or gets hurt i can tell you one thing for certain. white will throw more passes and handle the ball a lot more than henne. is you listened to sporano he said white was a bit behind henne. he didn't say miles behind!! you will need to wait till the regular season to see why they drafted him so high. they aren't going to give anything away till then. then you can take you very stupid made up name, you idiotic opinions, and your moronic insight and stick them up your poop-shute!!

Ramsterone, i would hate for you to be my dad. a little too harsh.

pat white will not embarrass us one bit. he is a proven winner. his practice today was not too shabby. he hooked up on some great throws to all of the receivers. he is rookie for petesake!! lay off of him and give him a chance. he didnt win 4 bowls in row for nothing. 2 of them were bcs ones. this guy is like a darkhorse. never underestimate him. he loves the game and knows the game. he will learn it and excel at it.

if you are not familiar with struggle before success, maybe you should review a few of these guys....peyton manning, john elway, troy aikman??? they all stunk their first years too.

need i say more.

go fins...everyone one of ya.

Hello everybody, I live in virginia and I'm wondering if there is any way that I can watch tonight's live on line. I appreciate your help. Thank you

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