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Dolphins: Trades, trades, come our way

Around this time last year the Dolphins shipped cornerback Travis Daniels to Cleveland and quarterback Josh McCown to Carolina. Earlier this week the team successfully shopped and shipped Andy Alleman and Ikechuku Ndukwe to Kansas City.

An NFL source has told me the team also tried to trade Ernest Wilford before terminating his contract but no one was interested. And the Dolphins are not averse to conducting further business both on the giving and receiving end of a trade if the player and the price is right.

In fact, GM Jeff Ireland has been working the phones with over a dozen teams in the past 10 days, I'm told.

What does this mean? The Dolphins are trying to dump players they have no plans of keeping and perhaps get a draft pick for that player. And they're trying to pick up the right player at whatever position the braintrust has identified as needing help.

And where do the Dolphins need help?

A dynamic kick returner would be nice. Now that the Chris Williams experiment is over, the Dolphins are back to last year's plan. They're looking at Davone Bess as the likely punt returner and Ted Ginn or Patrick Cobbs or perhaps Lex Hilliard as the kickoff returner.

That is not optimal anywhere you turn.

Bess is quick but by no means fast. He lacks the elite speed to turn a 7-yard punt return into a 70-yard punt return. That's the reason Williams was attractive until punts starting hitting him in the facemask.

On kickoffs, the Dolphins aren't thrilled about using Ginn as the returner knowing he's going to be working in most receiver packages. Cobbs is OK and Hilliard is both unproven and not exactly fast. So Miami covets someone who can tilt the field in its favor either on punts, or kicks, and preferably on both.

Where else could the Dolphins use an upgrade?

The team still would like a sold run-stopping strongside linebacker. I know, I know, Jason Taylor is starting there. And yes, Jason, you've made the team, dude so now it's time to find something else to drive you a bit.

But remember the plan was originally to let Taylor be Taylor on passing downs so he wouldn't risk injury, so he wouldn't fade late in the season, so the Dolphins could assure themselves of getting every available ounce of what Taylor has done best -- chase quarterbacks.

Of course, Matt Roth's mysterious groin issue changed that plan. But what if the Dolphins can find someone else to play strong at the point of attack and hold the edge and give Taylor the luxury of bringing it on with his pass rushes? If Roth were to return to his expected role, we might find ourselves looking at the original plan again. But Roth now seems as likely to be somehow off the roster as on so it would be wrong to count on him.

I don't know if the Dolphins feel a need to trade for help on offense. Not that they don't need it. If you've read this blog, you know the receiver corps lacks a playmaker. But those aren't likely to be available now unless they are named Brandon Marshall and that deal seems unlikely for Miami.

The Dolphins might add backup OL help or maybe try to upgrade the TE corps by picking up a player cut from other teams. But I don't see them giving away draft picks for those players at this point. I still think it would have been nice to add Brian Waters of KC but that doesn't seem likely, either.

So what about the other side of the proverbial coin?

Where are the Dolphins seemingly strong enough to deal away a player another team might want?

Look no further than DE. The Dolphins have Kendall Langford, Randy Starks, Phillip Merling, Tony McDaniel, Lionel Dotson, Rodrique Wright and Ryan Baker on the squad right now. All seven of those guys are not going to make the roster.

Maybe Rodrique Wright has value somewhere. Maybe somebody gives up a seventh-round pick for Ryan Baker. Maybe some needy 3-4 team gets a crazy notion that Dotson can be a starter and offers a fifth-round pick for the guy. Who knows? The point is anything can happen.

And this is the time in the preseason when something often does.


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What this says to me is that the Fins finally have good depth at most positions, a luxury we haven't had in years. More power to Ireland if he can trade to fill holes or rack up more draft picks for border-line players.

I think one of the Dolphins' best trade chips right now is Rex Hilliard. I hope they find a way to keep him on the roster (although that means you have to keep 4 RBs, which teams very rarely do). But if they decide not to keep him, he may bring the most value. I am pretty convinced that he is better than many teams' 3rd options at RB.

Sanchez will kick your ass and send your lousy fish back to 3-13

Is Ricky Williams a trade chip right now given the depth we have at that position?

I hate the Jets,

Dirty Sanchito el baywatchero is a scared little boy who will be throwing interception all year when he not picking himself out of grass. Don't worry he have Ryan Leaf and Heath Shuler and Alex Smith to keep him company where he going.

i hear he could love women and men also like odinseye

Dirty Sanchez doesn't look too good. He almost threw back to back pick 6s. Everyone cheered in Dolphinland when he was announced starter.

It is nice to see the Dolphins on the other side of the trade game. Its been a long time.

I wonder if Rex Ryan going to punch Sanchito when he find out he no good?

He going to be in real trouble in regular season when teams through complicate schemes at him and he have whole game to make mistake and db's have more chance to read him.

How funny when a jet fan spends money on a dolphin app! Just shows u how pathetic they are. They are so worried about the dolphins that they follow the news.

your boy henne is more of a bust than our next year super bowl MVP SANCHEZ the man .

ps, at least he has no neck fat and he look more cute than your big round head henne.


How about packaging Dmart and B London to the Chiefs for an upgrade on the Alleman/Nudkwe pick?

Rod Wright...Giants, Canty has a bum hammmy and Alvord has a ACL...

More cute? Damn i've heard of u jet fans being flamers but u just proved it by coming out of the closet live here on dolphins app

I still wonder what's going on with our KC deals... I don't ever remember us getting a confirmed '10 draft pick for trading KC our '09 7th rounder. The last time KC added a player (Vrabel) for an unspecified draft pick, they ended up getting Cassel as well. So, I'm saying that I could see us trading a DE (Dotson) or WR (Camarillo) to KC and picking up multiple picks (a 3rd and 6th).

Martink, you just gave a pain in my head w/ your last pot.

strong arm is none other than cuban menace, he can no hide his true jet fan feelings.

carlito, do you think cuban wears pants from the 1970's ? wide in the bottom

Bess on PR's and Ginn on KR's... I don't care if they're in the receivng packages. None of them are elite WR's yet, so they can risk injury.

Does anyone think the season is over if we lose Ginn or Bess for the year?


He gives us the most value.

PR you want the quick guy, not necessarily the fast guy. You need him to shake someone after he catches it. That's why Ted is better suited for KR, because he's a top end guy.

I think the players that can be traded if the price is met are:
Ricky 4th or 5th rounder
Hilliard 5th rounder
Roth 2nd rounder
London 7th rounder
Wright 7th rounder
Dotson 6th rounder
Anderson 6th rounder
Martin 6th rounder

Did anybody has any idea what we get for Nduke and Alleman (maybe a 6th rounder for both)?

i see us giving money to whom will take Nduke nd Alleman of our hands .

patrick cobbs should return kickoff, lets see how hilliard do tomorrow return kick

To see the Dolphins in this situation so soon after what seemed a forever downward spiral is heartwarming. I wouldn't trade Hilliard. While running backs are always available, the ones here know the system and coaches. In event of injury, you just move one into the line up and keep going. Why trade a defensive end when one of them may be the next Roth? Roths pain in the groin is fast becoming the teams pain in the posterior. There is an underlying story here. I wondered why Parcells picked Ireland for his G.M. This guy is fast becoming the reason for this teams future. Out of last years draft, one player is gone. Parmalee who was a practice squad player got snapped up by the Ravens. This years draft is looking good too. As much as I admire Parcells, he's never had drafts this good. The future looks very bright.

I think you could get 3rd round for Ricky. He still in real good shape and he real cheap too.

I don't think we should trade Ricky though. I really think he is good player and he said himself he would not really want for play if he didn't have Ronnie Brown to split carry. He also say he only have 2 years left before he stop playing. I think he will finish his career as dolphins.

Hold yer horses...Lex the "Rex" Hilliard has only shown promise of being a good running back. Probably not trade worthy yet.
I think the only way that Ginn ever is traded is if there is a hell of a deal on the table. BECAUSE he really can do it all on the offensive side of the ball, enough to be more than patient with him because, even if he has a similar year this year, the Fins might draft wide receiver next year (or linebacker, honestly though, they're a little easier to find).
The only trades the Fins are looking at are for reasons of depth for the roster. Obviously, these trades would need to improve the Special team units.

Make no mistake, the Jets' decision to make Sanchez the starter is a mistake of epic proportions and their season is officially over because of it. He may or may not be good in a few years, but to make a rookie QB with 16 college starts your starter is laughable. He was beyond horrific against the Ravens and completely unprepared on many levels. That was big news for the Dolphins b/c it is one less team to worry about this year.

Fake GM, is it true Sanchez had only 16 college starts? WTF

Jason Taylor, Joey Porter, and Cameron Wake going to eat Sanchito for breakfast.

Carlito it is the new Mc Donalds breakfast sandwich called the Sanchito.

i guess thurs. is the dress rehearsal for Hilliard and or Cobbs returning kicks/punts, i would love to keep Hilliard but most teams do not carry 4 RB's into the season. I doubt anyone will just release a return guy who is fast and reliable. it will be a bunch of Chris Williams' types that will be available.

I see the Dolphins sweeping the Jets, sweeping the Bills, and splitting with the Patsies. Is it just me or are the JETS fans illiterate and delusional. c'mon, you pick up the come and go Brett, let go of Pennington for NOTHING, and now struggle to find a starter @ QB. Sanchez may just set a record for pick for 6 in a season. He is going to spend more time on his back then Pam Anderson and will suck just as much. I can't wait. Get the vaseline ready JETS nation, you are !#!$$!%$R. What does JETS stand for? Just End the Season!!!!!! That will be the call by the 4th game. Enjoy watching the Phins in the playoffs, albeit as a wildcard.

Mando , as far as strengths go , in which you can make a deal , how about OLB. You have porter , roth , taylor , moses , wake and anderson. what about a deal for anderson ? weakness and obtaining a player ? what about if a corner better than J.Allen or nate jones pops up ?

Merling and Langford have to produce this year. Period. Secondary we are strong. Linebackers I hope so. Line is the key. If we're strong we can keep games close. If we're just average on the D-line and linebackers than we'll be 2-4 after 6 weeks and Henne will become the starter. I can roll with that.

Cuban you out there?

" And yes, Jason, you've made the team, dude so now it's time to find something else to drive you a bit"

Armando is the liberace of sportswriters.

A couple of points:
1) "Snatchez" of the Jets will be crying for momma before the season ends.
2) Its "LEX Hilliard" not Rex Hilliard...what kind of dolphin fan are you when you don't even know the names of the players...

rubbin's racing.


Trades, trades, come our way?
This sounds like something Cam Ca-Moron would say standing around the wishing well.

Thank God my favorite green eyed blonde stopped over for a "BON-FIRE" tonight.

PS: Armando? WTF?

I never cared for a woman longer than it takes her to get out the door.
This green eyed blonde really f*cks me up. I miss her when she goes to the bathroom!
I think I lo, I think I lov......I think I lov......LIKE her a lot!!!!

Nice blog mando. very insightful and on point.

Ody fav green eyed blond is a green eyed blond dude. Or he takes his right habd and draws a mouth on it with green eyes and yellow hair. It is his hand puppet. Clown talks about his private life so much, fabricator.

habd should be hand

WR. However, Mando is correct that it is too hard to get one now.

Flip OT. No depth whatsoever behind Long and Carey

Vet CB, which could be had on the free agent scrap heap.

I know that it's tough trading with a division rival but the Fins should try to acquire Leon Washington from the Jets for Ricky and Camarillo. That adds the dynamic return guy we need while the Jets get rid of the guy demanding a new contract.

Excellent insight.

And if a frog had wings he would not bump his butt.

Turner......fading; bust
Henne.....bust; should have got Ryan or Flacco
Long.....can't handle elite speed; RT prospect
Merling.........disappointment at best
Grove..........bust; shoulda got raven's cntr
punt return.........non-existent
special teams............bleh
Ginn.............'nuff said
& etc.

Depressing, ain't it?

Joisey, you are so wrong. Henne a bust? You are wrong on every player you analysed. Every player you commented about is solid so far, with the possible exception of Merling.

Remember the good ol' days when you could reliably count on the Dolphins to hand out draft picks like they were sweet, sweet candy in the middle of a fat camp.

Give up a 2nd for Daunte Culpepper and his one and a half knees? Sure

A 2nd for A.J. Feely? Even better.

Two 1s and a a 4 -- for Ricky and a 4. Perfect!

A 3rd for Lamar Gordon -- YES SIR!

Thowing away a 4th rounder to move up ONE SPOT in the back half of the first round, all becuase the Patriots psyched you out that they would take Vernon Carye -- MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

Truly Dave Wannstedt, Rick Spielman, and Nick Saban were masters of their craft.

Sanchez is good in Madden 10, I still beat the Jets 28-17. Can't wait till he comes to Miami so we stomp his face in the dirt.

Sanchez will kick your ass and send your lousy fish back to 3-13

Posted by: i love the name jets | August 26, 2009 at 09:10 PM

Typical jets fan. Go kiss Suzy Kolber .....

Jets fan are most stupid and trashy fan in all of sport.

Every morning Pennington wakes up wishing he were Mark "Stud" Sanchez----NYC's newest & bestest heartthrob.

Attention everyone! Achtung, achtung! I have decided that I am going to become honorary king of this blog's comments section. You will bow to me and you will praise everything I say. Also, if I don't agree with you, you will be banished.

To all jets fans sanchez looked lost. the only reason he threw a touchdown against the ravens was because of a rare defensive breakdown. Jake long can't handle speed rusher's? really. did you not see him manhandle peppers who is one of the fastest DE's in the game.

Right on sammo.I think Sanchez go a little lucky on the TD throw. The little bazzztard that caught it, made a good catch. Big deal. How are you doing sammo?

Let's see what little Armandito said here. "Maybe." "I don't know." "Perhaps." What a great column! Great work if you can get it.

I'm good Ace. waiting out the rain so jumped on the blog before work. looking forward to the game tonight. want to see how our starting offense looks and if miami gets the TE's involved.


Do you think there's a possibility the Fins trade for Cribbs in Cleveland? He wants more money and asked to be traded. He would make a big difference on special teams as a return for the Fins!!!


sammo i hope Ginn makes a few good plays to put everyone's concern to rest you know. Like to see how our special teams will do.

With pennington in for 3 quarter's Ginn will get some action. special teams wise miami needs to determine who returns kicks and punts. bess is ideal at punts. cobbs at kick returner. fast and has moves. tackling needs to improve also.

You keep forgetting the dolphins are still in rebuilding mode. I really think there is more expectation that this team can handle. If they win 9 games this year I think its good. And I do beleive roth will be back at some point in the season.

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