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Saturday by the sub

I'm just a Neal, yes, I'm only a Neal, and I'm sitting in for A. Salguero...

Armando should be back tomorrow. He'll definitely be back Monday. Whatever, you're stuck with David J. Neal today.

In the afternoon practice, during red zone team drills, Chad Pennington got the first team into the end zone in two plays. A diving Davone Bess collected the TD pass on a seam route. Chad Henne found Brian Hartline on a post ahead of Jason Allen, then hit his next three passes. Pat White went six for 11 in the earlier team drills, but later threw two interceptions to Courtney Bryan and a few near interceptions while running the scout team. White and Henne took most of the reps today in preparation for doing the same Monday.

Both Akin Ayodele and Channing Crowder had sacks in the morning practice. For those obsessed with Ted Ginn Jr., one way or the other, today was another tribute to Ralph Ellison -- he was The Invisible Man.

In both practices, Shawn Murphy and Donald Thomas rotated at right guard with the first team. Both will play Monday as Sparano wants to see the offensive line together and wants to settle the right guard position "yesterday," as he put it Saturday. Thomas said he's behind where he thought he would be right now. Be that as it may, it's clear the coaches love Thomas' strength and superior athleticism (compared to Murphy) and want him in that spot if it's at all a close call.

Earlier, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano's daily press conference was called by rain, a first that I've seen in over 20 years in this business. Sparano does his daily media thing during training camp in a big covered porch-like area north of the practice field. As we started, the rain came down slanted toward the west. Then ,the wind shifted so the rain began shooting over the media's shoulder and into the face of Sparano. Sparano didn't seem to care about facing the media in the wet and the wind. Even as we crowded in around the lectern to yell our questions above the wind, Sparano was trying to listen to the Palm Beach Post's Edgar Thompson holler a Pat White question when The Herald's Jeff Darlington stepped in like Richard Steele to deliver an RSC -- Rain Stops Contest.

Before that, Sparano said he thought Ernest Wilford's improvement the last few days could be credited to getting more opportunities. Not with practice snaps, but with balls thrown to him on those practice snaps. Saturday, Wilford had a nice fingertip catch, a one-hander on ball thrown behind him, a nice high grab. He called his blocking "a work in progress" and "fundamentally, there's some things that certainly he doesn't know as well as some of those other tight ends that he's catching up on."

Wilford got behind rookie safety Chris Clemons on one downfield pattern in the morning practice. That's Clemons, who has some giddyap, with Wilford, The Six Million Dollar Man who moves like the slow motion shots of Steve Austin at bionic speed. Anthony Armstrong got well behind Vontae Davis on another team drills deep pattern, and Will Allen on still another. I asked if both sides were going full speed.

"Why, because the offense looked decent today?" Sparano replied with a bit o' bile. "Every player's being evaluated out there, so I would say, yes, they were going full speed."

If that's so, it's a little disconcerting when third team and practice squad level wide receivers are dusting the Dolphins top defensive backs.

White's been more accurate both in seven-on-seven drills and team drills, but it would be nice if Mark Lewis would give him a shotgun snap that didn't dribble back to White or threaten to missile over his head.

Sparano confirmed that, yes, if Connor Barth outkicks Dan Carpenter -- and he hopes both will kick Monday against Jacksonville -- Carpenter's out of a job. And, like last year's Carpenter-Jay Feely competition, it could be decided early in camp. For a team that doesn't get cheap points, plays close games and has trouble in the red zone, partially because they don't yet have a dependable big receiver, a kicker's dependability takes on greater importance than with most teams.

"Missed a couple of kicks," Sparano said of Carpenter. "He's missed a few, the other guy's made 'em. I've seen the asme thing you guys have seen. So, that's it. Eventually, those have to go through. I told them both, the entire team, time is not on our side right now. This is not one of those deals where you say, "We'll get it tomorrow, we'll get it tomorrow, we'll get it tomorrow." These things have to start happening, soon."

By the way, Barth's demeanor and look resemble Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Wonder if there's a Scooby Snack bonus in his contract.

Everybody was there in both pads-and-shorts practices. Matt Roth was still in the baseball hat. The morning practice, originally scheduled to be outside and open to the public, was moved inside the Nick Saban Memorial Bubble when lightning was spotted somewhere in the area. Dolphins football czar Bill Parcells spent most of that practice happily talking with Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla. Also in the bubble house was the Dolphins first Hall of Fame quarterback, Bob Griese, and former Dolphins fullback Rob Konrad.

Special teams worked on downing punts inside the 10, especially the speed guys getting downfield to just catch the ball instead of playing the often-capricious bounce.

The Dolphins are off tomorrow, aside from a walk-through. Monday, 7:30, vs. Jacksonville at the largest structure in Miami Gardens.

I'm headed home for caffeine, dinner, Powerball, Lotto and jazz. Good night, folks.


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School House Rock!

Jayson Foster is reunited with John Beck with the Ravens !

I wish them great success !

GO Jayson !

Welcome back Mr. Neal...your 'prime time' contributions have been missed!

Who ?


just tell armando to just stay away real dolphin fans only ican see it now another story telling us how bad our team is

The Ravens also just signed Cleo Lemon... Together again... Cameron, Beck, and Lemon....

how is the diesel doing in camp?

This report told me nothing. I hope you didn't go to school for journalism as your writing style is dull and incredibly uninteresting. Thanks anyways though.

How about giving us updates from this morning practice on how vontae davis had a nice INT that he would have taken to the house or sean smith had a nice pass break up on a chad pennington pass or how patrick turner dropped another pass over the middle hearing footsteps, which has been a habit i don't like.

carpenter's on thin ice??? what??? dude was awesome last year. how can this be.

Miami Herald is not the place to read if you want practice updates or who is doing what on a daily basis. If you want to find out things about Tom Brady's jock strap, who got tied to a tree, what kind of beer coaches/players drink, how scared the phins are/ should be of the pats, or how good of a sports writer armando is, this is the place to go....

The Nick Saban Memorial Bubble? Does the bubble lie to?
When is someone going to comment on which kicker is kicking better on kickoffs? It's nice they are competing on field goals, but if one can kick 10 yds. or so deeper on kickoffs, it may play into who stays considering the special teams issues last year.

how's Ted (opps)Ginn doing in pratice??

LOL@souljabeats.You got that right. Last couple of days have been ridiculous.

John Beck broke his collarbone and is out for the year.

oh noes

Anybody else read these reports of how Derek Hagan is making all these great catches for the Giants at their practices? Not that it means anything at this point but it is DEREK HAGAN making great Catches not drops like normally. Kinda disheartening cuz if he could catch for us he'd of been good.

Thank God Camoron's personel "moves" are hurting the Raven's and not the Dolphins.

Ceed, Hagan also had great catches and good camps with miami , it just when it came to game time ( real game time ) , he dropped everything. He can't perform when it counts under the lights. Same thing will happen with the giants. He'll be cut.

Ms. Cleo won't last long in Ravens camp. Besides Flacco and Beck, they also have Troy Smith at QB.
So unless Ms. Cleo emerges as a bigtime wildcat or ST player, he is just their for camp bodies...IMO.

But then again, I just saw a post that said Beck is out for the year with a collar bone break.
I hope the post isn't true, I was pulling for him.

NJ, I was just about to write the same thing... Last year, all you read about on these blogs was how good Hagan was doing and that he was a lock as a starter... we all know how that worked out...

wow, I'm watching the falcons lions game and they just showed the starting defense... mike peterson and peria jerry are the only names that ring a bell... I think the phins can take them week 1

oh yeah.. john abraham...

I think you did a great job filling in and appreciate your getting wet to get me this info. Some Dolfans are too picky.

if neal can do it,
any one can even carlito

I'll cut your ass? Well it is do or die isn't it? I would like to think that Carpenter will be back but if he is missing 35 yarders, bye bye. Don't need to lose 5 games by three points or less.

Agree with you on your post at 2:22pm. I was thinking the same thing. I got mad when I read the thing about Shula and all those beers. I think Shula should have taken his head off. I'm just saying.

Mando's head

It's preseason so I guess the second-team gets some repetitions. When does Salguero get back?

If souljahbeats (omar lackey) and Ace (Edgar Thompson hand job king) don't like it here, why do not like the Herald, why do they post here more than just about anyone?

I'm sure Salguero's blog won't go out of business without you stooges.

It's true, I give other men hand jobs. And I spend my sad life on this blog. Look, it's Saturday nite and here I am. By myself.

Anybody see Atlanta loose to Detroit?

Anybody see anything from Atlanta?

Armando, does Matt Ryan scare you like Brady does?

Are you for real, odinsesy? You ripping Matt Ryan based on one preseason game in which he played two series?

Mando, you really have the most stupid readers on Earth.

It amazes me ignorant you are Pete. I didn't rip on Matt Ryan at all. On the contrary, I made a "fear factor" comparison between Ryan and Brady.

I'm stupid because you can't read 3 sentences correctly? Yeah Buddy!!!!

when armando away the following must be done ;

1/nj phin takes over the football take and decide the topic

2/ dolfin4 life and soulj will take orders from nj and follow on them

3/nathaniel will be take what nj phin gives him and put all together in wonderful english.

4/ ace will be the lunch boy and coffe maker.

5/ odinseye will be the eyes and ears on tv and nfl news to bring fast to nj phin.

6/cuban will be the enforcer .

Prissy Pete

Real football fans know Ryan proved/established himself last year. I will try to use simple words so you can keep up.
The point is, other than Ryan and Turner, what do they have? Should we be afraid Peter?
Maybe you and Armando can get Tony to just forfeit our games against Atlanta and the Panzies?


I think that's the best post you've ever made. I'm impressed, your on point my brother!

PS: Thanks for leaving Pete of the list. I think he had had his linch money taken one to many times.

Got my own list.

1 souljabeats butt wipe
2 ace the azzzzzz
3 NJ jerk
4 anyone else who disagrees with me

thanks odinseye ,

i am trying to be loved by you guys since i am starting to feel i am part of the family


Thank you for the kind words. You are from Norway you say. Are you blond? What size are your biceps/triceps? Chest size? I'm curious.

I wish I could be part of your family Odin


why you are upset ,i always loved your posts .how can you speak like that follow fins like that ?


Dont listen to the other one he is fake I am true Gopats. Do you work out alot?

fake gopats at 10;31...thank you

fake gopats at 10;33

Odin you say you are a ladies man. You ever curious?

Fake gopats 10:32,10:33, 10:34

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lol...some devil at work when i am nice to people

You people are sad I am so nice to you and you want to hurt me

this my last post with gopats name tonight due to the devil

fake gopats at 10:37pm

Odin Im going to take a clod shower cannot talk about you anymore

gopats what is your problem I did not put you on the list

i have no problem w/ you Finheavnblows, i am just trying to point out that it was a shock to me to hear you taking a shot at these guys, i am sure you have your reason .it's all good , i agree w/ you that we forget some times how great this blog is .
go fins

I just lost my head int he heat of the moment. Dont want to be like JUSTIN. Im cool


What does Finheavenblows! mean?

Any significance to it?

What does Odinseye mean? WTF


Your probably just getting hyped because Football season has finally begun.

It's a common trait among real fans. We understand(lol).

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