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The Saturday scrimmage before 3,340 diehards

It's cool to watch NFL football again, even when it comes under three-quarter, no takedown situations. The Dolphins had a 92-play scrimmage before an estimated crowd of 3,340 at their Davie. FL training facility Saturday.

The players that stood out where Brain Hartline, John Nalbone, Jason Taylor, Patrick Cobbs, Sean Smith, Joey Porter, Cameron Wake, and Jake Grove.

The players that need work are Vontae Davis, Joey Thomas, Shawn Murphy and Jason Allen, among others.

Hartline had the offensive highlight of the day when he caught a 65-yard touchdown over fellow rookie Vontae Davis. Quarterback Chad Henne threw the ball 35-yards in the air and Hartline, behind Davis by nearly 5 yards, did the rest.

Davis blamed getting beat on having his eyes in the backfield. "I knew it was coming, but I fell for it anyway," Davis said.

Despite Henne's long throw, none of the quarterbacks had a particularly eye-popping afternoon, which should worry absolutely no one. It's early, people. Anyway Henne completed 6 of 12 attempts with 2 TD and no interceptions. Henne's other TD pass came on a short screen that Cobbs turned into a 55-yard score across the field and through heart of the Miami defense.

Pennington was 10 of 20 without a touchdown or interception. By the way, I wrote a column about Pennington's uncertain situation for Sunday's Herald and how the cool veteran is handling that situation with grace.

Pat White was 10 of 19 with an 8-yard TD pass to Chris Williams over Joey Thomas from 8 yards out. White did not throw an interception. White did have one fumbled snap but he recovered his own fumble.

Ted Ginn Jr. failed to complete his only pass on the flea flicker from the 34 yard line. Henne tossed to Ginn coming around, who scrambled and threw to Ronnie Brown down the right sideline in the end zone. It was a funny scene because that was 340-pound nose tackle Paul Soliai chasing Brown on the pattern down the field. It was surreal because Soliai was actually close enough that he was in the vicinity when the underthrown lobbed pass arrived. The two players went up for the ball and...

Smith, who reminds me of Sean Taylor at times, came over, leaped over both players and came down with the interception. Great ball skills by the rookie.

Nalbone, a rookie fifth-round pick who has been quiet much of camp, showed up and showed out. I saw three catches from him, including a 15-yarder that was intended for Brandon London, who bobbled the pass, which was grabbed by Chris Clemons, who bobbled the would-be interception, which then settled in Nalbone's grasp for the catch.

The Dolphins had nine total penalties, according to coach Tony Sparano. That was an obvious lowlight and adding to the problem is that three of them came in the red zone. Anthony Fasasno, so dependable a season ago, had a tough day as he dropped two easy passes in the flat and got run over by Taylor on a pass protection.

Taylor had two sacks (it seemed like, despite the fact no officials stats were kept) and had another hurry. He also induced Shawn Murphy to false start on a play. "I haven't made a play yet," Taylor said. "this is practice. I don't want to sould like Allen Iverson or anything, but this is practice. We all know it is a whole lot different ball game when the turn on the lights at Land Shark Stadium. It is a whole different ball game come game day."

Cameron Wake had a sack and Joey Porter had what would have been two tackles for losses, one on a swing pass to Lousaka Polite.

It seemed like a good afternoon for the outside linebackers overall. Quentin Moses had a batted pass and a hurry. Erik Walden also had a sack and a tackle of Cobbs for a 2-yard loss. And Charlie Anderson batted a pass.

So what about some names I'm not mentioning?

Patrick Turner, impressive at times the first week of practice, was shut out. He only had one pass thrown his direction and that was overthrow. Ernest Wilford didn't catch a pass because he had only one thrown his way, that on the final play of the scrimmage, and it was out the back of the end zone.

Anthony Armstrong, so explosive in the offseason, has been quiet with the exception of a 37-yard catch he made over Jason Allen. That completion from White came in one-on-one coverage and while it was nice to see Armstrong make the catch, I couldn't help but think a more accomplished cornerback would have played the ball better and broken up the pass.

Allen mostly had good coverage and had good position, but he never played the ball, instead allowing Armstrong the reception and then making the tackle. It was as if Allen was a spectator on the play until the catch was made. Armstrong's only other highlight moment was running deep down the middle of the field and lunging at a ball White threw in at the end line, but both Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver had good coverage. 

The Dolphins did run the ball, but as there was no tackling, it's hard to gauge the effectiveness of the running game because RBs do typically break some arm tackles.

Ronnie Brown got all of two carries. He gained 6 yards. Ricky Williams had five carries for approximately 18 yards. Patrick Cobbs had six carries for approximately 19 yards. And Lex Hilliard, working mostly against third-string defenders, had seven carries for approximately 45 yards. Anthony Kimble also got carries but none resulted in a highlight.

Remember, I stopped counting yardage once he runner was touched. But Miami runners continue running even as defenders lay off. And it is impossible to determine which, if any, arm tackles they might break.

I was impressed with the new safety tandem of Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson. At least against the running game they seem equally eager to blow up plays and support the run. Bell, Miami's tackle leader a season ago, had a tackle in which filled what was an opening at the scrimmage line. Bell showed up and filled.

Wilson, supposedly better suited for the deep secondary, had a tackle for loss at the line of scrimmage that showed how the Dolphins interchange responsibilities at safety.

Sparano said he couldn't grade the offensive line play until he watches the tape. I have no tape and won't act like I know something I do not. So I cannot tell you how the Olinemen graded out.

I will say I watched Grove on a couple of plays early on and later on. He more than held his own against Jason Ferguson and he moved Soliai around, which is no easy task. He felt like an upgrade over Samson Satele in this one scrimmage on this one afternoon. We'll see.

Rookie adopted son left tackle Andrew Gardner, a player I've been intently following since the first day of camp, had a generally routine scrimmage with one exception. Gardner, usually a third-teamer, was used at least on one occasion when he moved to the outside right tackle in an unbalanced line. And he got a good block! That's my boy!

Murphy, competing for the job at RG, didn't impress me the couple of plays I watched him through my field glasses. He didn't get much movement off the line of scrimmage. Of course, that doesn't mean he didn't play well the other snaps he got, but the two plays I watched plus the false start were disappointing.

One last thing: Donald Thomas got some work with both the first and second team but it felt like a grand total of no more than five snaps. Sparano said afternoon the coaching staff had a series of plays they wanted to see Thomas working in. The second-year player, being brought along slowly from that pectoral injury, got that work.

My prediction: Thomas will win back the RG job before the regular season begins, assuming he remains healthy.


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numero uno

Very pleased to see Hartline doing well.
Some "attaboys" for Jason Taylor, Joey Porter, and Cameron Wake.

in....duced. "in"

I'm very excited to see Cameron wake continue to improve and make big plays on the field. His play will be key this season. I'm also happy to seem by fellow jersey boy Nalbone Finally have a good day and flash on some plays. Gardner is a good athlete with good feet. Miami , This year will break down his baby fat and build his body back with more muscle and strength for next year. Nice to see sean smith finally showing up , but i was confident he would.

Nice to hear... Wish I could of made this practice will be going to a couple next week... I want to see more out of Finn and pennington


And the preseason is not the time to "see more" out of Pennington.....rather see more of Henne & White; let Chad P stay tan, rested & ready.





NOT CHAD, RONNIE, damn even GINN,PORTER, WILL, no you pick a third string OLB.


I'm glad the season is here.
1 int is not bad for the QBs.
I wish I could have watched some of the plays.

justin, ace send his love and respect

Well I don't care about love but respect is good. I respect all and hope to be respected in return.

it will be interesting to see what the coaches say. Like JT said this is only practice and so players play better while so players play worse in these situations compared to games. I look forward to the first preseason game and see what each of these players do

AGREE with MARK.With the famous quotes"PRACTICE we're talking about PRACTICE".

ace, justin send his respect if you respect him back and quit the dirty game of yours .




How's it hanging?

JUSTIN what is it that you agree with me on?

Nice to hear JT sound like the great team player that he is. I should not worry about his motivation this year.

ace is beautiful inside and out side i doubt it .

screw you chili smoke?, you mean I am evil inside and out, get it right!

ace, you sound like willi

Justin Fool . Do me a favor and suck down another Cigarette or maybe whole pie . this way you can get even fatter and maybe induce astma attack . LOL, And them learn about the game of football. Ginn ? LOL. We all know what chad , brown and porter can do Idiot, . We had very little pass rush outside of joey porter who is no spring chicken and has some physical problems( his back). Now add jason taylor who is 35 year old and coming of some physical problems of his own last year and you can have some serious problems if 1 or both go down, who the " F " is going to rush the passer then ? smart guy, Ted Ginn ? Get a clue before you open your big mouth.

Ace, What's up my mam. can believe this bufoon justin. I tried to be nice . You know what screw it , it's just a argument with a guy that even armando practically called a idiot.


Hey man I thought you were going to blow a gasket in the previous blog. I guess the politics are your hot buttons. You know everyone here has got theit hot buttons. Justin's hot buttons are...anything with the word white.LOL

Ace. sorry for the typos. I meant MY MAN. Can YOU believe. It's just a blog.

ACE . Yeah . I just hate to see this beautiful country of ours trying to be hijacked by a bunch of left wing ,looney , nut job liberals and borderline socialists. It's pathetic! , but i'm glad to see this country fighting back. Enough of that, That's a whole different subject not suitable for this blog.

Ok NJ, just don't let "uncle sam" hear you going off like that or he will have to put you in your place. LOL

Ace. Oh god no ! Not uncle sam. He'll have a field day with this subject. He'll go nuts. Like letting a lion out of his cage. SHHHHH! Keep it Quiet.

Okay, just want to say I'm officially sick of Matt Roths mysterious "illness". Here we are a week into training camp and the guy isn't practicing, no one knows what's actually wrong with him, and Taylor is getting better every day. Do we seriously have to keep hearing reports that coach isn't sure who will be starting because he hasn't seen Roth yet?! Can we just concede that JT should start for so many reasons I don't have the time to write them out? WTF? At least tell us what Roths problem is so we can sympathize. The way they've gone about it makes me think he was not only lazy in the offseason but is also a liar. If that's true I don't want him anywhere near the starting defensive unit and I'm not sure if I even want him on the team. Tell us the truth about what's going on with him or I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to write him off.

Lastly, guys there has to be a way that we can have differences of opinion without the childish name calling right? Seriously, if someone has an opinion thats differs from your opinion, calling them names in your response doesn't make you look smart, it just makes you look childish and insecure. If you feel strongly about something you should make your point without feeling the need to insult someone in your post.

NY Scott , Who the " F " asked you azzzzwipe ? . You're the same azzzwipe that comes on here and talks crap about everybody including armando. Now Shut The " F " up , get lost and go to bed, Oh , did i forget to mention that you're a azzzwipe.


The nice guy noe are we.

Your being nice because you said WAKE is going to be the difference maker.

How is that being nice?

You thought of a STUPID idea and thought to write it.



No for real.


You're better of saying LONDON.


I hope WAKE have a what 5 sack year but what's your thoughts.

A 10 Sacks, 150 tackels, 5 picks, 5 force fumbles 5 fumble recoveries with 4 DEFENCESIVE TDs. Maybe a DEFENCESIVE MVP.

That will make him "THE KEY" to the season".

Not Sitting and watching POTER,TAYLOR and ROTH.

But they're not "KEYS" are they.

JUSTIN FOOL. your stupitidy never ceases to amaze me. Did you read my comment about what would happen in case 2 pretty Old olb's break down and then who would be your big pass rusher ? either you did and chose to ignore or your to stupid to read. By judging the way you write ( can't spell DEFENCE ? Are you F'n kidding Me or By using CAPS ) i would say you're to stupid. What i meant about being nice is when i offered to show up at Mcbride's , have a drink and dolphins on the other blog, but once again your stupitidy got in the way . Dude , get a clue about the dolphins and football.

ACE not even you can ride with him on this.



You try to bring ARMANDO in with you.You're calling for UNCLE SAM. Why are trying to look for help.Be a MAN stand on you're own two.

STAND on what you said (WAKE) will be the key.


Every dolphin site has now posted an articile about how well wake is improving and how vital wake is to the team and the pass rush ( most posted after my comment , but i have justin fool trying to tell that matt roth is a great pass rusher. LMFAO !. Can this guy get in shape and get on the field before we talk about him. JUSTIN FOOL . don't be jealous that i know more about football and the fins than you'll ever know. Don't cry.

Defence ? LMFAO !I'm rolling on the floor and crying in laughter. How can anybody back you up or take you serious talking about the dolphin DEFENSE! , when you can't even spell it .LOL


I might can't spell to well I only been typing for a YEAR. But I'm not seking another man's approval.

PLUS you know so much about the FINS that you called their third string OLB the key to the FINS winning.

LIKE BORAT would say "NICE".

Justin, One more thing. Do you know anybody else on the dolphins besides brown ,penny , porter and taylor ? LOL. Who else do you know on DEFENCE ? DEFENCE !LMFAO ! This is to much.

Justin fool, You just asked for ace's approvel Idiot LOL. I know you can't read but go back to my earlier post. i said " He will be key this season " , not he will the key " TO THE SEASON " . I know that's difficult for you to comprehend but there's a big difference . What a bufoon.


CALLING NAMES CAUSE your point of views are weak. LIKE YOU.And your argument is weaker. I don't go back and spell check or do i ever reread what I wrote. NOR is a word rewriting if it's wrong oh well.

BUT don't try to change the conversation.







HERE's the rope hang yourself.

Or climb out.

Justin . Don't cry. Just go read barry jacksons Story on the florida buzz . then go on sun-sentinel and palm beach post and TRY TO READ the story"s on wake. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself about the dolphins. You're embarrassing the rest of us dolphin fans.

Justin. You're the same FOOL who was called out by armando and other dolphin posters when you said that Matt Roth was a dual threat at DE and olb. LMFAO ! Matt roth can't play DE in the 3-4. He'll get eating up alive. And we 're supposed listen you your Knowlegde about football. LOL ! GOOD GOD !

Trade for Michael Crabtree. Send next year's #1 pick along with Bess, Camarillo, or Wilford, along with a commitment to 7-9 pick salary from Crabtree's agent, and the Dolphins will be set for the future with Henne, Crabtree, Ginn, and eiher Bess, or Camarillo as your 4 top WR's, and Hartline, Turner, or London as your 5-6 WR's.

What an interesting blog. I have been reading it for months without posting. Today, I was able to read some of the hostility over different opinions about the same team we all cheer for.

NJ, I understand your point about Wake. You are not saying he alone is the critical factor for the Phins, just that he is important considering last year’s limitations and this year’s potential shortfalls.

Not taking sides because I have read interesting posts from Justin in the past too.

I really wanted to remark on the Gern2000 comment about Crabtree. Gern2000, while Crabtree may become a superior talent, he is already showing glaring signs of being self-absorbed and capricious with his possible year long holdout. I am not sure the Dolphins need that during a remarkable rebuilding process. I'm just 'sayin'.

The cuban will be live and taking post today at 4pm, so every one be on hand..............

Damn NJ, It looks like you went to "work" after I went to bed. But I am back no that I am a "WAKE". WAKE Oh no now I am getting Justin going....

no-- now


YOU STILL can't argue your point.
STOP beating around the bush and prove your point.

I ALWAYS argue my points and you ARMANDO and whoever still never proved me wrong.

YOU bring up my old post. That I can still argue that point.ROTH played D- END.I can also ARGUE MY POINT BY saying that PORTER is a LINEBACKER who played with his hand in the dirt as a END. MANY times the FINS played a 4 man front.

LOOK at the games. YOUR MAKING us LOOK BAD.

STOP FOLLOWING the ARMANDO and THINK for yourself.


YOU NEVER SAID ANYTHING to makes your point.

YOUR POINT. NOT READING another mans article. PROVE your point than back it up.say something smart. YOU have spell check to check your words but your not saying anything that some else didn't put that thought in your head.

But I guess WE SHOULD all just listen to you because you read so many articles even if you can't back up what you say.

WAKE will be the key.

MAYBE your right. I don't know but a MAN would stand behind his words and not act like a kid that can't get his way and start calling names.

I can get on you if I wanted but whats the point.You think that WAKE will be the KEY this SEASON so you said ENOUGH HOMER SIMPSON.







HE loves to twist people words so I wanted to see how he liked it.BUT all I wanted him to do was stand behind his words. But after everything he said he didn't say anything.

If ARMANDO told this guy that he was able. TO walk on water NJ would believe him.

justin, you talking to fake nj phin

Dear Mr. Salguero

It has come to my recent attention that are able to walk on water.

" ARMANDO told this guy that he was able. TO walk on water"

Also with the large following you now have on twitter will you be starting some new religion ?

If so be warned, I saw one of your other posters named Judas talking to some roman soldiers and they mentioned your name.

Soiled :)

P.S. Since I live in NC I catch the Dolphin games on internet TV, anybody else do the same ?(sports talk)

Did justin just mention the words "beating around" and "Bush" in his post at 9:14am?
Politics again...tsk....tsk

Justin, why do you to mess with fire?

"with can full gas and hand full of matches standing next to burnt down house" Justin name the song this lyric was in. Don't know if the lyric is entirely correct though.

Soiled what is going on here?

NJ PHIN FAN, You talk to much about nothing. Go to a Jet forum, stupid people understand stupid people!!

justin if your going to quote borat get it right! it's “very nice verrry nice” now go open a dictionary and learn to spell the words you speak . leave this blog learn to spell and go “have sexy time with your mother in law” you wanna be “ vanilla face”. sorry fellow fin fans i tried cleaning up my posts but every time justin opens his illiterate mouth it makes me want to burn a cross for some reason. Ace NY phin fan and “uncle sam” (no relation) understand .

hey you spelled jet and forum right finally some progress

What is with this burn a cross crap, trying to scare us brothers off??

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