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Special teams the emphasis on Thurs. evening

The Dolphins worked a ton of special teams this afternoon. Field goals. Kickoffs. Kick returns.

You should know that Chris Williams will be handling all the kicks versus Carolina Saturday evening. "For me, right now, I would say there's a pretty good chance of that," coach Tony Sparano said. "I'm not 100 percent, but there's a pretty good chance of that."

The intriguing thing about Williams, so fast, so necessary if the team is to give Ted Ginn Jr. and Davone Bess some rest from special teams, is that he doesn't necessarily have to make the team as a receiver.

"It would be a nice luxury down the road if you are making that choice," Sparano said. "In other words, if we make that choice that down the road Chris would be on the tea for special teams purposes, we would hope that he would also be able to play receiver in ball games and help that way.

"That would be a good luxury to have, but not a necessity to whether or not he makes the team."

The kicking duel between incumbent Dan Carpenter and challenger Connor Barth was heated today.

Carpenter connected from 32 yards. Barth connected from 34 yards.

Capenter from 41 yards. Bang. It's good. Barth from 41 yards. Bang. Good.

Carpenter from 34 yards. Goot! Barth from 36 yards. Goot!

Carpenter from 42 yards. Good. Barth from 42 yards. Good.

Moving to the right hash, Carpenter from 42 yards. It's good.

Moving to the right hash, Barth from 42 yards. Yup, it is good.

Joey Porter, who missed the moring practice with a sore toe, was back for the afternoon work. Honestly, though, players were in shells for this practice so there wasn't a lot of physical work. Jason Taylor, still excused attending to an illness in his family, was replaced in the starting base look by Charlie Anderson. In the nickel and dime package, Quentin Moses got a lot of snaps with the starters where Taylor typically plays.

I noticed running back Ronnie Brown favoring his left leg at times during the practice, but he did all his work. It is likely nothing, but I'm just reporting what I'm seeing.

Today was the final day of open training camp practices. Training camp is over, as far as I'm am concerned. Yes, the team has only one more two-a-day practice -- that on Tuesday -- but it will not be open to anyone, including the media.

As a result, there is but one more Classic Training Camp moment left. I will add that to this post later this evening. Come back for that, if you would.


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Well isn't that special???

Is the game with Carolina going to be on the computer this week?

Squid, i live in a 1 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apt in brooklyn,dont need anything else bro, saving money for retirement in 7 years(if i make it that long)(being a mall(lmao)cop is dangerous)

Hope to see good things from Williams on kick/punt returns. Would love to see him take one back.

Carpenter was money last year, I don't think you want him doubting too much. Barth got cut from the crappy chiefs. be careful what you wish for.

Perspective, I believe the game will be at the the stadium formally know as "Joe Robbie stadium"

Menace you live in Brooklyn and you dont like the Yankees?

Cuban menace, thanks for that info. I can't get down there though. I'm in Orlando and am currently unable to travel.
That is intriguing to hear that Williams can make the team as a return man, without having to be a capable receiver. He must be better than what we saw, which was pretty good.
I think the kicking competition is to try and get Carpenter to kick deeper on kickoffs.

Assassin, Hate the Yankees, over paid over exposed in the New york area, cant even root for the Mets there also over paid, i still root for the sea breathing fish, the MARLINS..

Williams looks to be a soon to be great returner, very fast and can change directions faster then a Porsche..

Menace, sorry to hear that. I am a big Yankees fan, always had been as long as I am a fin fan. I cant say I hate the Marlins, now the Red Sox.....I HATE THE SOX

bleeping bleeper

Peyton Mannning throwing laser beams tonight. Chad Henne should be take notes.

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Nice to see the kickers doing work

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to the last 4 or 5 people posting,

why can't you write something football to let other people in plus armando spent some time to write and some effort .

now you can be funny but without offending people ,we are human not dogs .

PS , all these last few comments are just bad.search your souls dogs.

Chorizo/cm SHUT THE F UP, you mama not fat just right

Nj is the worst state to live in usa .known fact worst than florida .

Good to hear Carpenter playing with some fire. I like the sound of competition so he won't get to comfortable.

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I try to talk, football, but tio like to insult and I just defend myself.

Who you think throw more T.D. on sat? Henne? or White?

Pleez, pleez, pleez put up the final Training Camp moment. We look foeward to it. And it will close this chapter of your butt-kicking of us on great stuff.

Mando, tell us if you got any info on how the workout went that OL Peter Fields had for Miami today?
Inquiring minds would like to know since they have an open roster spot as of today.

Cuban menace , Unlike you , i actually have a life. I've been busy all day and then just got in from having dinner with friends ( something you don't obviously have ) to see you talking about me pretending to be chorizo , tio , colli. I haven't been on the blog that much today , so that wasn't me talking about you. I would post my name right to your face. So just continue to talk to yourself, you're doing a good job.

ok tio/nj I seen you post under different names before. I not cubes I promise it. How the weaether on top your high horse?

i am watching NE VS CIN who drafted caldwell who catches every thing in sight , brady is great .this guy Matullga hits like a truck.

Cant say that I have enjoyed your reporting this preseason Armando. A little lazy and bias. Dont care much for the company here either. Thanks

what's up guys? i think henne will toss 2 touchdowns and pat white 1 passing and 1 rushing. henne will get extended time with the starters and we get to see him and ginn hook up deep! ronnie still won't get many carries. hilliard and cobbs will get the majority. i think coaches keep ricky and ronnie fresh for 3rd preseason game. williams (wr) is the next dante hall.

VONTE DAVIS CAN WATCH THIS GUY MATULLGA who was drafted by CIN .he's causing a havoc in pats DL.

OCHCHINCO is the star in that CIN


OMG, I love Jason Taylor...

Those muscles.. mmmm.

Love you too, Mando!!

I really hope we find someone at corner other than Jason Allen, and I can't believe we even brought in another kicker after we kicked jay feely out after a season of missing only one kick (and that was in the London mud pit). Matt Roth, I'll never understand this story, or why he's out. Lastly, I was looking at 'top paid apps' and this dolphins one for the iPhone was 6th, higher than any other sports app as far as downloads...can that be right??

Quentin Moses will shine this year....SEC in the buildingg

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