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Swine flu hits Dolphins [with update on Smith]

As you can read here, The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting at least two players are suspected of testing positive for swine flu and will not be allowed to attend tonight's preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

The Dolphins are confirming two players are sick. The teams says the players have undergone tests. Results of the tests are not back but team personnel have already told players two are believed to have the flu, according to a source. 

When the team does get the results, it will not release the personal health information publicly.

The two players expected to miss the game with an illness are cornerbacks Jason Allen and Sean Smith.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are saying they have been aggressive in trying to keep swine flu from breaking out in the locker room.

"Upon reporting to taining camp all members of the team and staff were educated regarding the presence of swine flu [in the community] and the steps available to reduce it's spread," said Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene upon receiving a memo from the team's medical staff. "Disinfectant wipes were placed in all team meetings rooms. Signs to remind players to wash their hands frequently were placed in all bathroom facilities, and the Miaimi Dolphins medical staff in conjunction with the league enacted a plan to asses and treat the illness."

An NFL spokesman has not answered an e-mail requesting comment. But the story says players were told of the positive test.

Although Smith is suspected of being one of the players tested for the flu, and he is not expected to play tonight, a source tells Darlington it has nothing to do with swine flu. He's just got some other sickness, the source says.

Sounds dubious.

The fact Smith is missing this game and could miss practice time next week is not good news even if he doesn't have swine flu. He needs the work. He needs to continue to get better as the regular-season opener draws closer.

I would expect Vontae Davis would start for Smith but that is a guess. I would doubt the team would start Nathan Jones or Joey Thomas.

So here are the questions:

Is it safe to attend the game? Have you been among the throngs of fans that after each open practice interact with the Dolphins while they sign autographs, shake hands and generally show appreciation for the fan support?

Is it possible the time has come for ending those sessions given the possibility the players not only might have spread the flu to those fans, but also might have contracted the flu from one of those fans?


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better now than in december.

No i dont think interaction should change...just another flu strain.

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swine flu is not that big of a deal. There will be a vaccine out sometime in the fall of this year.

Armando Sure - let's all never leave our homes, because of the one in a million things that might be happening...

How do you make a living writing like this?


If we had passed universal health care in a timely of manners, this epidemic upon us would cease to function! No more swine, instead all we hear is the whine...

who cares about the swine flu. to me it shouldn't even be a story! the swine flu is a completely media hyped story designed to sell newspapers, and get people to read your blog! I sure those two Dolphin players have nothing more than cold like symptoms! Real scary armando!

Guilty50IQ, So what you are saying is some red neck programmed the robot. I got it.

Let us give you healthcare. Let us take over everything. Really, it's good for you. Trust us. We hardly ever lie.

Stop being an idiot, toughy. You didn't pay anything to read the story online and this blog has never mentioned the words swine flu before today.

Swine flu not a big story. Have I told you I love to break down special teams instaed of breaking a storie?

First thing I thought was "Oh, my God" the second was that this would explain a lot about Matt Roth.

To all the health is guaranteed and promised for to not is the greater concern of the swined flu! Let us help one another to be the prosperous!

I think they caught the flu from the reporters - not the fans.

Keep the Fins away from the media guys!

swine flue is a normal kind of flue, it started at gyms .as long as you keep clean hand all times you will be fine .football players are normal people too .

PS.make sure your kids wash hands very good with soap many times a day and more so in hot days as in florida .

The bigger question is why isn't Sean Smith playing?

Guilty . Great joke ! The sad part is people with high I.Q's fell for this glorified used car saleman's pitch. I bet they're kicking themselves for falling for the left wing lonney liberal media's propaganda about this left wing , radical , socialist so called prez. Always be careful what you wish for.

Menzalb. spoken like a true left wing nut.


The stupid people are the ones who vote republican. Republicans are unAmerican too, fool!

Oh no !!! Lock up the woman and the children, call off all public events !!! Someone please build a bubble for Armando.

For many to work is the norm, now we may reap the prosperity for which was above reach! The field is to be equal and all shall rejoice with health, homes and education, making us even that more great! There is plenty of weakth to share and not be hoarded!

No more swine flu to make the players sick!

I guess those guys should sign up for the Obami death panel. I want to also since I've had to see his wife wear short shorts on the news everyday for a week.

Joel . who said sean smith isn't playing ? I know steve smith from carolina isn't playing.

Sean Smith not expected to play, although source says it's not swine flu.

Menzalb. i stand corrected. spoken like a true socialist nut . Do us a favor , go get a job, contribute like a true american and stop waiting for government handouts. " ask what not your countray can do for you , but what you can do for you country " JFK.

armando . you did state none of the starters had the swine flu. what's his problem ?

this swine flu crap is the biggest government hoax since 9/11, and the uneducated fear driven american public will continue to allow the constitution to be rip to shreds, so we can move any closer to a fascist one world government. what a bunch of clowns, the people in this country is.

Word up Dino and Champ. I'm a former Jet fan, who became a dol-fan after they traded Chad. Unbelievable to me the crap CP takes. I mean WTF!!! Joins a team w/ one win the year before, late in the pre-season mind you, takes the division and beats the Jets to do it. That's a wet dream right there. You guys are complaining about a QB who was 2nd in MVP votes? How many pro bowlers does he have on offense to support him (and Brown getting in was a joke), and he wins anyway. He got the Jets within a kick of the super bowl, with a torn rotator cuff, a sub par o line, average receivers and a D that couldn't get off the field. Give him a domintant run game, a dynamic YAC receiver and a solid D and he's super bowl MVP.

Thoughts on that Mando???

Mad Mardigan the Everliving

new england station said that SEAN SMITH is one of the two players who has the flue

Armando, what is the scoop on Smith?? Who else is being held out?

Guilty, great joke... too all those that just can't read a joke and laugh...DEE DE DEE

Gopats. your mama IS the swine flu .

"True America" has changed due to sweeping reforms to be brought about by electorial glory... America is now welcoming and helping to all who may trek upon her. Changes to be made are permanent and not of the undoable... Change we call all believe upon!

No more swiney flue!

clipboard, i just heard it and it's not a big deal .we wish all well and you clipboard and you nice family .

uncle sam
Pay Your taxes and be happy about it. You live in a great country that should be better. Dont be a coward, whiner or a tax cheat. Just pony up your taxes to make this a better country. A country where grandma and children do not go hungry and all people can have access to health care.

You 'death panel' fox viewing idiots are the biggest ingrates I have ever seen.

Menzalb....blah blah blah blah...


John... thnks you are funny the way you get all worked up on a SPORTS blog,,ha ha ha ha

stop it...ha ha ha ha

I bet the Patriots have something to do with this!

John / menace. do yourself a favor and read up about socialized health care and the nightmares ( just ask europe and canada )before you open your ignorant mouth. Thanks.

Carlos Mencia
If the right wing clueless nut jobs dont want to get slapped down then they should just keep their mouth shut about their jaded ignorant political views while on the Dolphins board.
on a Dolphins note. I am looking for 23 sacks this year between JT and JP.
Plus after watching the first preseason game it appears that the team still needs more talent on the O-line if they plan to play the power rushing game. It could be that this team needs to pass to set up the run again this season. It will be interesting to see if the coaches are able to make that philosophical transition.

menzalb, Yup ! the change that is about to bankrupt this country and put america in catastrophe ! A giant Disaster . Menzalb , i heard cuba , n.korea , venezuela , etc are great places to live. You should check it out. You might like it.

John, I believe the O line will be the key to this years success. We need a power running attack to have any real hope of getting good yardage in the passing game. But the CB spot is also a LARGE question mark. It's one thing for Sean Smith to have a good pre season but the regular season is where then men come out and play and strategy and matchups are seen.

Yeah what a nightmare non for profit health care for 60 million people who dont have access to what is a basic human right; health care. Yeah that would be terrible.
Your a fool and a traitor to your society parroting fox news like you do.


CB is critical. Miami likes to place their corners on the island. With his range and apparent elite athleticism Sean Smith could be the man. We as fans have to be patient and realize he will have some learning curve.
The O-line and power running game is what every team wants to have. Only most cant pull it off. When that happens you still have to move the ball and put points on the board. it is easier to pass protect than to overpower pro defensive fronts. i just think our team needs to be flexible in their approach about attacking defenses and not just predictable pounding the ball.
Believe me if the O-line can just line up and power run for 3-4 or more yards at a time I'm happy.

Just to egg you on

Bush; steals 2 elections, outs a CIA agent, lies the country into war, spies on Americans, kills half a million innocent people, despoils everything good America has ever stood for and you want to impeach the guy trying to bring you health care.
I hope at some future point you can become more enlightened.

Menace / john. once again your ignorance shines through. Where in the constitution does it state health care is a right. It doesn't. It's more like 40 million without healhcare however 10 million are illegal aliens , another 10-15 million are young americans who can afford healh care but choose not to . and another 10 million are in the process of changing health insurance's either to job changes or just choosing to. so you want to change/socialize the best health care in the world for what 10-15 million. give me a break !

John, there is good and bad to both ...I;m at least truthful in that I measure things how they affect me and my family now and future.. short sided prhaps.. A 9 Trillion defeceit(forcasted) , a Congress that spent the majority of the "stimulus pack." on their favorite projects, talking crap about wanting to help people when all i see is them trying to make everyone one class...poor. Take the Rose color glasses off. Be realistic. Bush is over concentrate on the bull that is now.

Bush was retarded.

Obama's black....blah blah blah!

There's a time and place for everything fella's. Not here, Not now.

More importantly....anybody got a link for the game? Help out us neanderthals in the Nor country!

all these donkeys talking about politics should go and cook some eggplant mosaka for me .


Not illegal, simply undocumented... and everyone appreciates them, or they could be found most easily as they are in plain site...

It is to be most good the next eight years... Prosperty for all upon us!

No more flue!

odinseye...havnt found a link yet but NFL network is showing the game tomorrow at 1pm.

you can listen to the game online by goint to Dolphin Radio Netwrok.

John / cuban menace, I'm disappointed in you. you call yourself a real cuban. Many cuban's that i know friends included, despise the left wing including obama and their socialist agenda. i'm sure your parents came to escape socialism / communism in cuba. they and most cuban's in america are about god . family , freedom and hardwork. they came here to prosper from capitalism not go back to socialism. Cubans have more republican values.

the donkeys who talk politics should go buy some hot dogs and stuff their faces .

why when i read the fans politics posts i feel i am in a third world place with ignorance on both sides

Cubano, cuban native.

THANKS, I didn't know for sure but I got

thanks odinseye... see you online

Just to egg you on. right on !. ask john about the new jet planes we bought for them.

Menzalb. Just like that other left wing disater jimmy carter , obama is 4 and out. I'm also out . later until the dolphin game.

ODINSEYE , there's another very good site i can't remember it now but if you keep your eyes here , some one will come w/ it ....just keep asking .

Praise to Allah John. You are so right. I work for Acorn and we will win this fight again the infedels who dare question the great on Obama. Health Care, food, child care, transportation, classes to help the people understand how to live and raise their children and when to die with dignity. Praise be the one, it will all happen soon. We also must get rid of the term limits on Presidents.

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