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Swine flu hits Dolphins [with update on Smith]

As you can read here, The Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting at least two players are suspected of testing positive for swine flu and will not be allowed to attend tonight's preseason game against the Carolina Panthers.

The Dolphins are confirming two players are sick. The teams says the players have undergone tests. Results of the tests are not back but team personnel have already told players two are believed to have the flu, according to a source. 

When the team does get the results, it will not release the personal health information publicly.

The two players expected to miss the game with an illness are cornerbacks Jason Allen and Sean Smith.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, are saying they have been aggressive in trying to keep swine flu from breaking out in the locker room.

"Upon reporting to taining camp all members of the team and staff were educated regarding the presence of swine flu [in the community] and the steps available to reduce it's spread," said Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene upon receiving a memo from the team's medical staff. "Disinfectant wipes were placed in all team meetings rooms. Signs to remind players to wash their hands frequently were placed in all bathroom facilities, and the Miaimi Dolphins medical staff in conjunction with the league enacted a plan to asses and treat the illness."

An NFL spokesman has not answered an e-mail requesting comment. But the story says players were told of the positive test.

Although Smith is suspected of being one of the players tested for the flu, and he is not expected to play tonight, a source tells Darlington it has nothing to do with swine flu. He's just got some other sickness, the source says.

Sounds dubious.

The fact Smith is missing this game and could miss practice time next week is not good news even if he doesn't have swine flu. He needs the work. He needs to continue to get better as the regular-season opener draws closer.

I would expect Vontae Davis would start for Smith but that is a guess. I would doubt the team would start Nathan Jones or Joey Thomas.

So here are the questions:

Is it safe to attend the game? Have you been among the throngs of fans that after each open practice interact with the Dolphins while they sign autographs, shake hands and generally show appreciation for the fan support?

Is it possible the time has come for ending those sessions given the possibility the players not only might have spread the flu to those fans, but also might have contracted the flu from one of those fans?


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F the politics you bozos
It's Football Saturday!!!!

The revolution can wait until after the game.

PS: Bush reminds me of Cam Ca-Moron. Ha Ha!!!!

En mi Cuba we have govt healthcare...not too good but if we really sick we go blackmarket DR that gets medicine from US...except for the govt leaders...oops same thing there in America with the new proposal...soon i won't need that boat anymore to go there...

PSS: Obama reminds me of Cleo Lemon.

He didn't have a chance trying to clean up Bus...er...I mean Cam's mess. Ha Ha!!!!

odinseye remind me of Cartman and the espisode where the aliens put in a an*l probe, this is the place odinseye also has his brain.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I will be keeping myself out of tonights Live blog.
I'm a big fan of pig farming and was talking to my favorite farmer about the farms new additions.(7 new piglets were born)

After talking I got to take a picture with him kissing the one of the little piglets on the snout.

We shook hands and I left for home feeling happy about meeting my favorite pig farmer.

The next day I started to feel really Ill and went to my doctor "Dr. Yo Gee"

Well it was bad news, I was diagnosed with "Mononucleosis-swine flu".

So I will be bed ridden for the next couple of days.

I hope the Live blog goes well.

Soiled :)

P.S. Dont judge me

Soiled, sure it wasn't the "pig man" you were with.

If Sean Smith is out and Green gone who will start at RCB?
I hope Davis remembers to bring his brain!

jason allen could be the other player w/ the flue.new engld station the source .well wishes


I love sisters who wear short shorts.

At the risk of sounding racist, Black girls have banging A#$ thighs.

God I love em!!!!

Dear Mr. Sienfeld

"sure it wasn't the "pig man" you were with"

Is pig man in the NFL ? (National Farmers League)

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Soiled

When I kiss pigs(and I've kissed quite a few) I ALWAYS wear a drywall dust mask.

Protection my brother, it's all in the protection!

Get well soon:(

Odinseye, You Norse warrior, you to like the backsides of our african american sisters???You rock bro...

Where's NJ FIN FAN??????

Dear Mr. Odinseye

I can honestly say in all my years of hard drugs and cheep liquour I have never and I mean never gone to to bed with and ugly pig.

But for some strange reason I always wake up with one, go figure

Soiled :)

Cuban Menace

Thanks for the sentiment.
However, I didn't say I like em. I said I LOVE em!!!!...LOL!


Dear Mr. Soiled,

I can honestly say in all my years of hard drugs and cheep liquour I have never and I mean never gone to to bed with and ugly pig.

But for some strange reason I always wake up with one, go figure

I've heard there's a cure for that.
However, I've yet to find it.

Whats the over/under on brett farve joining another team(after a brief 20 day retirement)next season??? any Vegas peeps out there???


If everything goes as planned I'll be in Atlantic City by the end of the month.
I'm gonna bet on the Dolphins going over the under.

PS: Years ago I spent an entire summer pushing carts up and down the boardwalk. Money, bikini's and sunshine, I loved it.

Dear Mr. Menace

"Whats the over/under on brett farve joining another team(after a brief 20 day retirement)next season??? any Vegas peeps out there???"

Look for Brett Farve to finally really retire from the NFL.

He will then tell Wranglar jeans he is no longer selling Jeans. He's calling it quits. And then he will go work for Levi's.

Soiled :)

its the "FLU' not flue, idiots. a flue is what smoke goes out of the house with.

as for CP and his arm strength, he worked the off season with his trainer to increase it. on display all season, tune in............

Hope to see something good from Vontae tonight

justin.tv if not in miami tv area.

Soiled, i agree Favre will tell wrangler that he's calling it quits just to go over to Levis(Again, after a 20 day retirement).. Its just sad though, i guess the Vikes dint carry any AFC east games last year or didn't pay any attention to the packers the last 2 years this guy played,Id feel bad for those people if they didn't live so close to Canada, But they do so i don't...(no offence odinseye)

Harricane, Its spelled "Flume" and by the way Hurricane is spelled Hurricane, not harricane...

Dear Mr. Menace

You cant trust them folks, If I order eggs and bacon and they give me eggs and ham they say ohh thats Canadian bacon.

Who's the moron here ?

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Menace

"Its spelled "Flume"

I'm sorry my friend.

"A flue is a duct, pipe, or chimney for conveying exhaust gases from a fireplace, furnace, water heater, boiler, or generator to the outdoors"

"A flume is an open artificial water channel, in the form of a gravity chute, that leads water from a diversion dam or weir completely aside a natural flow."

Soiled :)

Agree, there crafty swine, with there beady eyes and floppy heads...I wonder if the Swine flu came from "THAT" country??


None taken!
Tell it like it is bro!

I stand corrected soiled, thanks for the correction....

Dear Mr. Menace

No, thank you wiki

I looked it up after Harricanes post.
I was gona bust his chops but he was correct.

Soiled :)

Soiled, you sure your not a relative of Nathanael Doddsworth???

Dear Mr. Menace

I'm quite sure :)

I also like and welcome his posts.

Soiled :)

Soiled, What's your take on the game tonite(football talk)

Can't live in fear. Life must go on. If u r susceptible to these things then avoid contact

Dear Mr. Menace

I live in Charlotte N.C. about 15 mins from the Panthers Stadium.

I became a fan of there's in year 1 of there existence.

But the Dolphins are number 1 in my heart.

I'd like to see the Dolphins win but I'd also like to see Peppers and steve smith perform well.


P.S. The only Time I got to see Marino play was during a game here in charlotte quite a few years back, hell its the only I've ever got to see the Dolphins.

Uncle Sam,

What's up? Long time no hear. Keep on going! Go Dolphins

Did you like the earlier talks on arm strength?

Swine flu + vaccinations = Martial law. The swine flu is hyped up to get people across the world to take the venomous vaccine. Reports about the vaccine is that it contains the live virus itself, and just think, it will be administered on everyone without being tested or approved scientifically. Reports also indicate that the vaccine contains mercury and squalene. Research the swine flu by listening to Leonard Horowitz, A. True Ott, Richard Blaylock, Jane Burgermeister (has a lawsuit on it), and others.

Dear Mr. Billy Maynor

I also saw that episode of The X files and it scared the poop out of me.

Soiled :)

Im the stripper they tag teamed and caught an std from...

Go Dolphins! Sorry to hear about the sick players- they could use the work to progress. With the swine flu, people have better research it along with the vaccination before it's too late. The vaccines will become mandatory. Please go to youtube and other sites to see what is in store for us. Go to youtube, and type in FEMA (CDC is under FEMA) camps, FEMA coffins, FEMA trains, and FEMA mass graves, and ask yourself what are they preparing for? Don't diss me without researching for yourself. Prove me wrong. Also, visit http://www.libertyforlife.com/jail-police/us_concentration_camps.htm

Is there a link online for tonight's game?

Good job cutting Eric Green after one week.. Terrible

Billy Manor,

You are dead on about the vaccines. All vaccines contain some form of the virus whether it be dead or alive. People really need to educate themselves before they go off and take them. Part of the swine flu is in the vaccine. You could end up getting the flu or passing it around this way. Read up people.


You are a dead on dumb ass fascist wingnut....even Glenn Beck has discredited the FEMA camps story, and btw, youtubes created by your fellow wingnutz are proof of one thing only---idiot paranoia. Why don't you go back to RedState or FoxNation or whatever right wing blog you crawled out from under and let us enjoy football here. Or else the Death Panels may track you down.

Vic Damoan,
You are a horses azzzzzz. Bozo wake up fool I will beat you to a pulp to make you hear the "truth"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


FEMA assassinated JFK! I don't trust them. Look what happened in New Orleans!


What's up? Hows it hanging?

I hope Williams returns one all the way back. Go Phins.

Ace, what's up bro ! I did read about chad' s new found arm strength on a earlier post . do they mean the new arm strength on chad' s grossly underthrown pass to ginn in the 1st game of pre-season that should have been a TD ! LMFAO !


I'm ready. Nachos on the menu. Ice cold beer in the fridge, and the Boneyard on Serius Radio!

PS: Wang Dang Sweet Poontang's playing right now!

AHHHHH Yes MISTER Anderson, Will you take the blue pill or the white pill??

Uncle Sam

Pennington's noodle arm took a 1-15 team to 11-5. What's your point.


Drop Dead Legs Van Halen....I'm JAMMING!!!!

Got bud in the fridge(the beer not the weed) itliain sausage on the grill(with green peppers and onions) and a hot bartender by the name of Heather coming over after her shift(About 11 pm)and the phins playing.... lIFE COULD'NT BE BETTER......(COULD IT??)

That is a good album Odinseye.

Odinseye. I 'm sorry but i can't let your post about comparing obama to cleo lemon where lemon had to try and clean up the mess for others. are you f'n kidding me ? he obama is like trent green , he's quadrupeld the dept ( in 6 months) and is trying to bankrupt this country all on his own. He's made things even worse and like green being hurt , he's also hurting. now on to football

Odinseye and Uncle sam,

You know what we are missing? JUSTIN....dude kinda makes me laugh you know.....GO DOLPHINS


I thought we had a deal.

Just kidding.

I was just giving the "politicians" a hard time. It's football Saturday. Like Hank Williams Jr used to say: Are you ready for some football?

Gotta love hysteria! Live life.

On another note. Pick up Stephen King's The Stand so you are better prepared to face the post-Swine Flu world this winter... Some great survavlist tips!



I think the Stand was one of his best works.

Odinseye . the point is chad arm strength didn't improve like SOME on here suggest and he is , what he is , a very good game manager.


I still got about 200 pages left. It is an excellent book so far.

Hey Soiled Bottom,

Not an x-files episode. Research what I'm talking about first.

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