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Tony Sparano's take on game, practices

The Dolphins have two games in the next six practice days (not counting walk-thru and off days) so days such as today's double sessions are vital.

This is what the current schedule means:

Players have very little time to correct mistakes they make in preseason games. The preseason games become vital in the evaluation of players. And, conversely, players that have a certain status on the team now, are likely to keep that status barring significant change in the way they are peforming.

In other words, if a player is on first-team now, he's likely to stay there unless he totally melts down. If a player is not on first-team now, it's going to be increasingly difficult for him to make the climb unless he delivers an incredible performance in a preseason game.

"Time is not on our side," Sparano told the media and the players on separate occasions after practice. "You have to make the most of your opportunity."

Having said that, let me serve as your humble translator to what this all means. Donald Thomas, who seems to have a grasp on the starting right guard spot following a solid effort Monday night and today's practice, is not likely to lose that job. Barring injury or a total performance meltdown, he will be the starting right guard.

At the cornerback position, it is becoming clear that Eric Green not only will not win the starting job he had when training camp began, he's struggling to earn a roster spot. Sean Smith, meanwhile, working with the first team, would have to struggle mightily to squander his opportunity to start.

During his press conference moments ago, Sparano defended first-round draft pick Vontae Davis. The coach said Davis made "poor decisions in a few areas" and had "three minus plays on defense," with one of those being the pass interference penalty he drew.

But Sparano then added, "I don't, for one minute, want Vontae judged on those three plays," Sparano said, adding that the cornerback played a lot on defense.

Here's the problem: Sparano was unhappy that his team yielded between 125 and 130 yards of hidden yardage in the game. And Davis accounted for 55 yards of hidden yardage on his three penalties. Sooo, on the one hand Sparano is upset with his team about hidden yardage but doesn't want Davis judged on three minus plays plus the 55 yards of hidden yardage Davis accounted for?

Look, Davis will likely become a good player. But he did have a rough night against Jacksonville.

Just saying ...

On the positive side, the Dolphins have been emphasizing third down efficiency and in that department, the starting offense was at 50 percent while the starting defense held Jacksonville to only 29 percent.

The coach was not happy the Jags completed, according to him, 63 percent of their passes on the starting defense and the Dolphins yielded 123 passing yards in the first half.

On the other hand, the offense did put together drives of 10 and 14 plays so that speaks to ball control.


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Armando, great job you deserve a prhomotion.

Good article Armando

I agree with you on Sean Smith, he would really have to work hard to lose his chance. Eric Green is probably doomed. Vontae will come around by the 3rd preseason game. Donald Thomas, cross your fingers, needs to stay healthy. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!

Mando , sure the mistakes were bad , but all sparano is saying is not to judge him on 1 game , his 1st game ever in the nfl. He said he played alot in the game. Did you see any long td's against him . He getting experience.

i Here's the problem: Sparano was unhappy that his team yielded between 125 and 130 yards of hidden yardage in the game. And Davis accounted for 55 yards of hidden yardage on his three penalties. Sooo, on the one hand Sparano is upset with his team about hidden yardage but doesn't want Davis judged on three minus plays plus the 55 yards of hidden yardage Davis accounted for?

Sooo, this is pretty easy to understand, Mondo. The rookie went out and made some rookie mistakes in his FIRST EVER PRESEASON GAME IN THE NFL and his coach wants to remind the fans and the media that the 1st round pick did some good things as well? How is that a "problem", unless you're a diva wannabe journalist who believes it necessary to word things in a negative light to try and seem interesting? No wonder ESPN asked you to leave.

nj a mind reader, now he can read what sparano is thinking, you are a god nj, only god can do what you do,

it's common sense, col.

Dr. Love, you stated

"How is that a "problem", unless you're a diva wannabe journalist who believes it necessary to word things in a negative light to try and seem interesting? No wonder ESPN asked you to leave."

Dr. Love Becareful, FINHEAVENBLOWS! will tear you down if you dont agree with Armnado. He gets his panties in a bunch when say stuff against Armando. Cat got your tongue finheavenblows!!

Armando needs to be cast in one of those spanish tele-novella shows, where they are all uber dramatic and gay.

Armando Salguero has covered South Florida sports for 25 years, starting as a 19-year-old in 1982. He's covered the Dolphins since 1990 and hosts a Dolphins hour show every weeknight 7-8 on 790 TheTicket (790theticket.com). He has worked nationally for ESPN and also writes sports columns for The Miami Herald.

"HAS WORKED". Got his shot and blew it, and now we are all paying for it. Maybe the Herald will wise up, unless he has some sort of "arrangement" with one or all of the editors.....

FINHEAVENBLOWS do you have your eyes open!!! Fool

Please ask Mr. Ross to give us our fight song back

The Davis situation reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Peter comes home with that retarded horse. The horse proceeds to piss on the floor and Peter exclaims to the rest of the family; "Oh God, I don't want the horse to feel self conscious, everybody pee on the floor...NOW!"

Who are are the likely punt and kick returners so far? It would be nice if one of the rooks can step up. It seems like Miami hasn't had 'special' teams since the Shula or at least the Westoff years. Also, do you see any neanderthal cave men who look like they have a few screws loose blowing up people on kick returns? Seems like good teams always have one of those characters...

cave man you look for is the cuban menace

Wasn't Vontae's "hidden yadage" issue's mostly on special teams ? He has one PI on "D". I doubt Vontae played much sp tm in college. The media just wants to rip him and make him the new Ginn, sorry Sparano isn't Cam. Go back to drinking beer and hoping for Miami losses Armandooooo.

That Guy

Chris Williams looks lik a natural for KR/PR.

Was anybody impressed with Lex Hilliard? I'm hoping he gets a few more reps next game.

I too think VD will be ok. He just seems to have some small lapses in focusing that need to be tweaked.
All the physical tools are there, now he will be coached up by one of the best in the biz with Todd Bowles fine tuning his concentration and mental grasp of a NFL CB.

I think Green needs a big nite Saturday or else he won't be long for this team.
Maybe we can get a late rd pick for him from a CB starved team, but doubt it with all the cut downs coming.

I like Courtney Byran's potential that he showed glimpses of on Monday.
I also think we need to keep Nate Jones as he picked right up where he left off last year as the sneaky madman corner blitzer.

I see Chris Williams as one of our game changers. I have been saying for awhile that I thought this kid could make this team if used as a return man, and damn if he didn't show that's where he belongs.
Was surprising to see that Sparano stayed with him for the entire game, he must see something brilliant too.

Williams looks better than Ginn did at this point returning kicks. Just wait till he really learns the nuances of returning and Bono learns to draw up the right blocking schemes for him on ST's.

Lil Chris Williams will give other teams fits in our return game, and give us big advantages in field position which usually equals wins folks.
This kid better work on his end zone dance cause I see some coming his way.
He reminds me of lil 5'7" Dave Meggett whom Parcells drafted in 89 in the 5th rd.

I also look forward to seeing more of JD Folsom in these next couple exhibition games. Word is that he is very smart and non stop.
He looked good on a couple plays on Monday including reading the QB's eyes and being in position for a pick.
Can he be our next Zach Thomas in a couple years?

I really look forward to the Panthers game on Saturday as one of the last few times some of these guys will get to show their stuff for an extended amount of plays.

This team is getting deep and there will be some painful decisions coming soon.

it seems like davis is of the Jason Allen mold. Why did they pick that guy with the first round pick. ouch!!

Davis was "playing around" against the Jags, He survived it(barely) with his speed and skills. I hope he learned a lesson, and gets his head in the game.
He got by like that at Illinois, but this is the NFL.

PS: I nominate Armando for Comeback writer of the year.

it seems like davis is of the Jason Allen mold. Why did they pick that guy with the first round pick. ouch!!

Posted by: boulderfinfan | August 19, 2009 at 02:44 PM


Which guy? Allen or Davis?

Getterdone, the Panthers are the local HOCKEY team... I think you mean Dolphins. (Sorry, just trying to maintain the current level of understanding.)

Vontae Davis made some mistakes but he wasn't getting badly beaten playing his position. That's what Sparano meant.

Albert is really Cinderella.

I am with Armando about Vontae Davis. I know it was only 1 game but what concerned me is that Davis seems to lack mental discipline. That is generally something you don't coach and player doesn't learn over time. It was not just the negative plays, it was the fact that he made no impact plays at all on the field. There was a deflected ball that he gave up on and resulted in a catch by the Jaguars. There was the Jags TD that got called back where Davis was unable to fight off a block near the endzone. He just did not look good at all, it wasn't just those 3 plays. Quite frankly Jason Allen looked much better than Vontae Davis.

Odinseye, Whats your take on brett farve signing with the vikes ,seeing how your a Norse warrior??just wondering??

Hey cheese breath, why do you keep talking about me I have enough with your sister, let it go

Go Dolphins!!! Henne Sucks.

Yo cheese steak, What game were your watching, the only reason why the "Jags" didnt score on Vonte was that it was the 3rd team out there in the 2nd half, Be fearful if this guy ends up in the secondary anytime during the season, He's the Ted(Opps) Ginn of the defence...maybe worse..(He may over take ted(lack of testicular fortitude)ginns top spot for whipping boy on the menaces list of uselessness) though it would take a truly terribly player to over take teddys spot(and a clip board holding family member on the side line.)

Dear Albert,

I don't have a sister. That's your aunt.


Now go find your slippers.

Ken is another one who doesn't know what he's talking about.

After watching the game many times, I believe Sparano means don't evaluate Davis on those 3 playes, evaluate him on all playes he was on the field. I didn't see to many uncovered receivers on his side since Green was giving up all the yards. The biggest issue with Davis' performance was when he was being blocked by a receiver in the end zone and was unable to shed the block to make a play. (the play was called back due to a penalty) He did what I saw him do in college, get blocked until the runner was next to him and then make the tackle. That will not work in the NFL and especially in the end zone. He better change that. The stupid mistakes can be fixed.

and yes i realize playes is plays

Ken , Who are kidding ? The only reason you wrote that post and agree with mandi is because you wanted darius butler , who's plaed at uconn your home state . This is your obvious biased rant.

sorry : mando


You remember the Darius Butler thing. You psycho piece of garbage shut up

Ken is in love with Darius Butler and wants to marry him.

Hey NJ Phin Fan:

I just want the Dolphins to win and after watching Davis out there bias or not he was terrible and hurts those chances. For the sake of the Phins I hope he improves and I will be rooting for him to do so but it was not an inspiring 1st game.

Cuban Menace, stop pretending to be ken from conn. I know ken and he would never talk like that. So go back to your idiot drawing board. Nice try ! 1 more thing moron , when you try to impersonate , Try using Ken with a capitol k . LOl !

Ken , what's up Buddy ? Got Ya . Davis had 2 bonehead penalties on special teams ( 1 questionable ) that in which he hardly played college. That can be cleaned up .sparano said and i saw davis playing alot in the game. just how many big plays or td's did he give Up . NONE ! He had some good coverage. It's davis's 1st game for crying out loud. There's a little bias . LOL

Smith is a lock to start it's way too early to reach a conclusion on Davis and Green may well get a visit from the Turk if he doesn't improve soon.Pat White looked much better than advertised contrary to some media reports.His passes had good velocity and accuracy though his numbers didn't reflect that due to several dropped passes.Armstrong didn't help his cause with the one pass thrown his way bouncing off his hands.Hartline looked smooth running his patterns and he has great hands.Turner was spotty and Ginn looked much improved.First string defense was very good,Taylor and Starks got good pressure and our starting DBs played very well.I like where we are at right now and I'm looking forward to even better things from this team when we kick off the regular season.Go Fins!

Cuban Menace is a boy who dresses like a girl.

Darius Butler = Jamar Fletcher

Hey NJ Phin Fan:

I did not post the "psycho piece of garbage" comment. I never posted any thing that rude or obnoxious.

Dolphins nation...Vontae Davis is going to be all right. Its just one game and pre season at that.

Look Davis is a play maker IM' sure of it. He just needs to refine his technique. Most of his mistakes are from over aggresion and that can be harnessed. On one play he was called for pass interference. Davis was making a play on the ball and he ran through the WR to get the ball. He got called for the PI on the p[lay but he showed me his eyes lit up when the ball was in the air.

So its just one game and the Dolphins are not gonna cut him, give him some time to get better. He'll show it...

Ken, i know it wasn't you , read my earlier post at 4:00 pm. i got your back.

Lump Green, Armstrong, London and Jason Allen for a 4th round pick!

Hey NJ Phin Fan:

Thanks saw the 4 p.m. post. I am not giving up on Davis yet, just disappointed after the 1st game. However, I will give you props on Sean Smith, you were posting about him before any one else was and he looked really good. Also I do have to give props the the UCONN player on the phins roster, Donald Thomas, he looks a beast on the OL.

Sparano was just defending their draft pic. I'm sure he was a little disappointed in Davis. I say a little disappointed because Davis has not exactly stood out in camp.....Smith was clearly better.

And so, we have a game playing real football and Davis is playing like he did in camp except more penalties. Not good.

Ken , Thanks for the props about sean smith .Donald thomas is a BEAST/bulldozer and a future pro - bowler . i have to give you that on your uconn boy.

1- vonte davis is bust already unless he show us 360 turn around from that picnic he had the other while smith was going strong .

2-why NJ PHIN always thinks every one is the cuban if there's such a person.

3-TS the coach did the right thing to stand by V.D .

4- bloggers here should act like humans as the case w/ dolphind4 life and KEN .

5-any one brings up armando's espn thing , i would to have his resume to look at.in this biz you win some and lose few but he'll come back strong as ever .


Hal. Davis is learning both the LCB spot ( to take over for allen ) and the RCB Spot , along with the nickel. Sean Smith only had to learn the RCB spot. So Obviousley it's taking davis longer with all the spots he's learning and playing at. geez !

NJ, HOW you know all that and no one else ?

in your comment about davis,why it's taking him more time than every one ?

I read Armando's articles everyday. I read every bit and scrap of information I can find on the Dolphins because I love them. I grew up in Miami and actually went to a game the year they went undefeated. I also read on here every day about how terrible Armando is. If he sucks so bad why do you read his articles???
Don't go away mad, just go!!!

N.J, again I only post as the menace...By the way, while patrolling the mall(lol) i noticed that the latrine at the sausage hut was clogged, can you come over and unclog it???

QAM sez (5:15pm) Eric Green cut!!!!

never mind...I cleared the clog with my tongue, then serviced a few sausages that came in when i was already on my knees.

Now N.J, don't be upset because you are a plumber, please refrain from blogging as the menace in the future, by the way, how do you clear a hair clog in the shower???And whats your take on sat. game against the panthers??

Cuban , Sorry ! i know nothing about plumbing other then flushing the toilent , using the sink and taking a shower, I wish i did because i would save a whole lot of money when anything goes wrong at my business or in my homes. I sure am glad your protecting the mall though .

Menace don't cry. That wasn't me impersonating you at 5:14. I promise you that. It was somebody else. Maybe the cheese steak Guy.

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