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Live blog of regular-season dress rehearsal here

The Dolphins will be on national television tonight so I don't want any excuses out of you. You should be watching -- barring family commitments or illness. Or you should be on this blog -- barring family commitments or illness.

Come to think of it, you should be on the blog and watching on TV at the same time. It's the optimal experience and that way, we can all share opinion and analysis of what we're seeing during the live blog rather than regurgitating play-by-play. So the live blog begins at 8 p.m. and probably a little earlier and it would be great if you can be here.

All the other blogs and stories (bless their hearts) are talking about the three key things you should be looking for or the seven major points of interest tonight. Most of those have already been covered here earlier this week and so I'm not going to nitpick them now.

This, on the other hand, is big picture we should see tonight:

The Dolphins offense should get the better of Tampa Bay's defense while the starters are in the game. The Dolphins defense should get the better of Tampa Bay's offense while the starters are in the game. And Miami's special teams should have its act together and that doesn't mean punts hitting players in the facemask.


Asking a lot? Sure. But the truth is we're asking a lot of this Miami team this year. We don't want a step-back year. We don't want a team that buckles under the weight of the NFL's most difficult schedule.

We want a team that is more talented than last year's team and plays like it. And seeing as that this is the closest thing to regular-season football you'll see from the Dolphins in the preseason, seeing as that Tampa Bay wasn't a playoff team last season and is in full-fledged rebuilding mode this season, the Dolphins should show their dominance tonight.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins should be unveiling any secrets. Don't misunderstand. But they should be correcting the problems we've seen the previous two preseason games.

I don't want to see Chad Pennington underthrowing Patrick Cobbs and turning what should be a TD into a FG. I don't want to see poor tackling turning 4-yard runs into 24-yard TD runs by the opponent. I don't want to see inconsistent receiver play and inconsistent play-calling. I don't want to see turnovers on special teams. I don't want to see a deep secondary that struggles to cover TEs.

I want to see a solid, fundamentally sound performance. I want to see a team that continues to improve as the regular-season draws near.

Let's check it out together starting at 8 p.m.


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will do

I can not blog during game, must give Miami Dolphins my full attention. Sorry Mando, but I will be here before and after.

I don't quite understand how one can fully watch & follow the game while, at the same time, participate in a live blog. I don't want to reading comments and typing while the Fins are playing. But that's just me. And I do appreciate you doing the live blog 'Mando. I guess people can type during commercials & halftime, but that's when I go get more beer.

won't be blogging during the game. I'll definitely be at the bar watching the game while drinking a cold one though.

oh man, I have the finns game on my local channel 2 here in Frisco. what a treat being all the way over here in CA.



For once I agree Mando :) We should dominate this game tonight hands down anything less would be disappointing. I will check into blog at non-action intervals or wig big plays. Go Phins!!

I love how Mando says right at the end "I don't want to see a deep secondary that struggles to cover TEs". The dolphins are gonna get crushed by the TE's if they don't do anything to stop it.

I'll be at the game!! Go Fins!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

If I show up for this live blog do I get an appearence fee like the guests on talk shows ?

Soiled :)

I can watch the game on tv too living in NYC I usually have to rely on a 15" screen from. Sunday Ticket

I want to see how the Dolphins do against Tampa Bay's strength which is the O-line particularly the guards. And how the Dolphins do in the passing game which is another strength of the Bucs.

For the Dolphin wide outs and C Penne, this should be a good challenge going against a fast secondary in Talib and Barber.

Aaron Sears is a monster and will be interesting to see how the Bucs O-line does against the Dolphins D-line and LB's.

I think we will get sacks but I want to see how the Dolphins stop the run. Other than that the Bucs team is average to bad, save for O-line and defensive back field.

Lets see how the Dolphins (Ginn and Bess) do against these good CB's.

Catch you guys later, and GoDolphins!

Just say, "i want to see the Dolphins play like men".
That covers it all.

Well hello again Armando. Haven't commented since the end of last season but after seeing what it is you are expecting to see here in tonights game, I just have to comment. You don't want to see much, do you? I'd like to see some steady improvement too over the previous two preseason games, but my ideals are not as lofty as yours. I'd be happy to have a mostly, "mistake free" game, myself. But you have hit upon all the areas that they need to improve on. I'll give you that. I know Sparano has worked wonders with this team so far, but I don't anticipating them walking on water just yet. (Though Dolphins do appear to do a moon walk across the water with their tail fins, quite well). Anyway, you keep up the great commentary and lets hope they do address some of these areas at least. Go Dolphins. And I mean forward too, Not Moon Waling backwards!

Armando is right. No excuses tonight. Tampa Bay will be the easiest team on the schedule by far. They have major issues on both sides of the ball. Dolphins should handle them tonight.

Turner......fading; bust
Henne.....bust; should have got Ryan or Flacco
Long.....can't handle elite speed; RT prospect
Merling.........disappointment at best
Grove..........bust; shoulda got raven's cntr
punt return.........non-existent
special teams............bleh
Ginn.............'nuff said
& etc.

Depressing, ain't it?

Ok Kids the menace has arrived, Just a few Qs frome the cuban # 1, Odinseye, you never did tell us what beer you drink, #2, mando, unable to be on the live blog tonite(Cant chew gim and walk at the same time)#3 can the fish actually dominate a game???? OK guys other then that "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??"

I would expect to see some sacks tonight we were so close quite a few times with Carolina but somehow they managed to get the ball off.

THat should have said "cant chew GUM and walk at the same time"..

venus williams on cnbc live now

Huzzah Armando!

How a Jets fan can say the word bust about some other team when the Jets are paying Vernon Gholston, player who help define the word bust and Mark Sanchito who will be eat for breakfast every day and redefine word bust?

I dont want to see the 'refs' working against us either!!!

NC, dont worry bout the refs, this is a nfc team , not a certain team that hails just north of NYC, and just so happens to be the commishes favorite team (AKA THE CHEATRIOTS)

I will be here adding my commentary which is usually this when things don't go Miami's way:


I'm so ready for this game!!!!!!!! Two more weeks until the games count!! GO PHINS

I would really like to see some BIG plays for TD's on both sides of the ball. We need to show we can score with defense, and special teams!! TOO!

Calm down there Tally, dont lose your stuff this early,its a Long season bro, Think about baseball before you blow your L@ad....

Um Mr . Suckaz.

Dude Um the glass is half full..
The Dolphins have improved dramatically..
Don't be such a wet noodle..


ALL YOU SO CALLED PRO DOLPHIN FANS did nothing but laugh at my recommendations that the Fins SHOULD HAVE TRADED UP AND DRAFTED FLACCO!!!!!

Henne IS A BUST AND A WASTE. OK, now you all can castrate me for THAT prediction on Henne.

Write it down boys... Henne is a bust.

Flacco could have been, I say... COULD HAVE BEEN the next best thing since Danny Boy.

PS... I watched the perfect season so I'm not the new kid on the block like some of you are.

No more beer Martin, youll be passed out before kick-off....

Martin, I was a linguists in the army and figured out 3 quarters of your message as " I cant Believe you thought that the patriots... GPT i cant figure the last 3 though , help a cuban out...

I was just trying to get into this abbreviating thing, like LOL. Since you couldn't follow, my comment was: I Can't Believe You Think That The Patriots Get Preferential Treatment! Geez, Do I have to spell everything out? Really, I was just hoping to make to think for a second and become confused. LOL

That was pretty da*n good to get that much - you are now my hero... for the next 15 minutes.

Thanks Martin, What are your thoughts on tonites game???

dolphins4life and fake gm. No excuses. I want to see the dolphins dominate , running the ball and stoping the run. also quentin moses continuing his great pass rushing and a nice vontae davis interception

Mando that was great insight you provided on Ronnie Brown's contract situation the other day. Thanks.

Wonder if we will ever know "the truth" behind the Matt Roth situation... I am GUESSING

1) He wants a new contract and/or
2) He didn't like the idea of sharing time with JT.

I will be having a live blog at 11:00 after the game. come me and join in on comments about the game or all things dolpins. trolls not welcomed.

Cuban - my thoughts are we should kick Tampa's a$$. We should get pressure on their wannabe QB's & we should run the ball effectively. I want to see Haynos or Nalbone do something... anything (NJ Phin Fan can educate me on this). I want G Wilson to do something positive, like not eff up all the time. And I want to see if any backup players perform well (like Hilliard, Folsom, Moses, Walden & J Allen).

Fake gm. You're wrong about the bucs being the easiest team on the schedule. That award goes to the JETS !

typo : come and join me,

Cuban - My thoughts are we should kick Tampa's butt. I think we'll pound the ball down their throat and get constant pressure on their QB's. I want to see G Wilson do something positive, like not screw everthing up and I want to see Haynos or Nalbone do something... anything (NJ Phin Fan, your prediction?).

NJ Phin Fan:

Your man crush on Vontae Davis continues. LOL

Ronnie contract is good to the team , because if the owners dont reach an agreegment Ronnie can not become a free agent because he will have less than 6 six years . If they do reach an agreement he can be franchised.


I seriously doubt Dolphins would franchise anyone. Ronnie will have a new contract by end of season.

Please Franchise Lex Hillard, he is great against 2 or 3rd string D-lines.
Stop hyping this scrub!!!!!11

Ken, by good buddy fron Conn. What's up ! You got that right about vontae. LOL ! Join me after the game , we'll what he does.

Mando you can't say that you're not a fan anymore because you have to be a journalist and then come to the blogs with so many "We's". We need to do this and that....

LOL, just messin' w/ ya

I would like to see Lex Hilliard running back kick offs.

Somebody knows a link to watch the game on internet?

Everyone! Sperano decided on running the wildcat to see how teams are preping for it, which brings up a question.. With many teams runnin their own wildcat, How prepared R We to stop the wildcat???

I will be at the game!! Go Phins, I am looking forward to checking these guys out!

I have see the future. Starks has a sack, JP gets one because of great coverage (smith and W Allen) and JT shares one with Ferg. TB runs on us a little more then Carolina but 14 yards is the longest run. Our CBs shut down their WRs the whole game. They have 1 good kickoff return. 28 to 10 miami. Sadly, the future genie only allowed me to watch the offense or defense. I chose D.

It's a little sad to be mocking other reporters' blogs

Should be a good game tonight. Agree with almost everything you said Armando except for when you said that you don't want to see Chad P underthrowing Cobbs and turning what should be a TD into a FG. I will take the underthrow, goota work with what you have. I just think we will see more of this though. GO PHINS.

fin fanatic -
You can see the game at www.justin.tv.com. That is usually how I have to watch it in New Mexico - or go to the bar (my preference!)

i think the game is nationally covered tonite

miami1354 -
Don't give me any reason to NOT go to the bar for drinking, er, I mean watching the game. But you are right, it is nationally televised - don't tell my wife, pleeeeeeezzzeeee!
I will buy you one - or three!


yes it is televised on FOX

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