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Live blog of regular-season dress rehearsal here

The Dolphins will be on national television tonight so I don't want any excuses out of you. You should be watching -- barring family commitments or illness. Or you should be on this blog -- barring family commitments or illness.

Come to think of it, you should be on the blog and watching on TV at the same time. It's the optimal experience and that way, we can all share opinion and analysis of what we're seeing during the live blog rather than regurgitating play-by-play. So the live blog begins at 8 p.m. and probably a little earlier and it would be great if you can be here.

All the other blogs and stories (bless their hearts) are talking about the three key things you should be looking for or the seven major points of interest tonight. Most of those have already been covered here earlier this week and so I'm not going to nitpick them now.

This, on the other hand, is big picture we should see tonight:

The Dolphins offense should get the better of Tampa Bay's defense while the starters are in the game. The Dolphins defense should get the better of Tampa Bay's offense while the starters are in the game. And Miami's special teams should have its act together and that doesn't mean punts hitting players in the facemask.


Asking a lot? Sure. But the truth is we're asking a lot of this Miami team this year. We don't want a step-back year. We don't want a team that buckles under the weight of the NFL's most difficult schedule.

We want a team that is more talented than last year's team and plays like it. And seeing as that this is the closest thing to regular-season football you'll see from the Dolphins in the preseason, seeing as that Tampa Bay wasn't a playoff team last season and is in full-fledged rebuilding mode this season, the Dolphins should show their dominance tonight.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins should be unveiling any secrets. Don't misunderstand. But they should be correcting the problems we've seen the previous two preseason games.

I don't want to see Chad Pennington underthrowing Patrick Cobbs and turning what should be a TD into a FG. I don't want to see poor tackling turning 4-yard runs into 24-yard TD runs by the opponent. I don't want to see inconsistent receiver play and inconsistent play-calling. I don't want to see turnovers on special teams. I don't want to see a deep secondary that struggles to cover TEs.

I want to see a solid, fundamentally sound performance. I want to see a team that continues to improve as the regular-season draws near.

Let's check it out together starting at 8 p.m.


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And for those who are still at work on the west coast or work nights, you can go to atdhe.net to watch online

i'm thinking if you are still at work it is a perfect opportunity to go ahead and leave. This is the dress rehersal people! Be a real fan and neglect everything else in your life. Isn't that what being a true DOLFAN is all about?!

Two things I'd like to see tonight. Ted Ginn on a deep hoop up with each Chad for long gains or touchdowns. And I'd like to see Roth in uniform.

hoop= hook

Ginn will most likely be out of the game when chad #2 comes in wont he??

I don't like Mando very much, but if this work of his doesnt get you hyped for this game, albeit it pre-season game #3, then you have no pulse!

are the jets playing tonight ?

Thanks for the post Mando...had no idea it was nationally televised...finally, a game I don't have to wait a day to watch on the NFL network. Was nice to fast forward through the commercials though...

The Jests are playing on Saturday night at the Giants. Will be nice to see Sanchez on his A$$ all night!!

The Jests are playing on Saturday night at the Giants - 8pm. Let's all watch as Sanchez gets knocked around all night!!!!
Go Phins!

i hate sanchez...any GB that decides in his first few weeks on a pro team that he should pose in GQ...that screams pansy QB to me...

Ok I done everything I can do to kill time and game still not on!

Come one Dolphins!!!!!!

Patrick Cobbs for return kick! Maybe Lex Hilliard?

No muff on the face this game! (jajaja)


sanchito sucio el baywatchero

Cuban Menace,

If you out there, can maybe you give your take on toilet paper shortage in cuba?

would you use?

a. one sock (don't flush or you have problems)
b. newspaper
c. some leaf

D. 3 seashells




go dolphins!

T.D. for Teddy Ginn tonight!

The elevation of Mark Sanchez to starting NYJ QB has drained all the joy out of the Dolphins' upcoming season......The Fins are in the process of becoming mere spectators to the beginning of the Sanchez era.

Fins should have drafted Matt Ryan!

Good Lord you are a doucher arrmando. Just handle your business instead of trashing the other blogs. Jeez, most of the true phans read all of them anyway.

NJ Truth Squad

Elevation of dirty sanchez make dolphin fan happy! How you get so stupid? Sanchez playing mean we get 2 win this year easy.

Anybody know where I can watch the NFL yearbook Miami dolphins episode online???

DukeOfDway stop abshinh mando he is good to us. go away you jerk. Only those who love him come here, goobye

I agree with Carlito!! Let's get it on!! Go Phins!! I think Hillard would make a great return guy. He has good bursts of speed and he did a great job last week of lowering his shoulder and making DB's know he is coming!! I hate living so far away!! Arrrggghhh!!!

finheavenblows is the Smithers to Armando's Mr. Burns

I predict, Vontae Davis has a pick 6 tonight, followed by a touchdown celebration that includes a bastardized version of the funky chicken!

NJ - Wrong!!!
The "elevation" (as YOU call it) of Sanchez (I would call it a death wish) has Dolphin fans more excited than ever!!! It will be a great season watching that boy go down - most sacked QB this year - next to Favre. A QB ain't good without a good OL. LOL!!!
Sanchez is a true bust!!!!!

Go Dolphins!!

Hey NJ Phin Fan:

Is your blog here on the Herald or do you have you on your own blog site? Sorry for sounding like such a novice but I am still kind of new to blogging.

thats exactly what i do, i have the game open in one window and the chat in a smaller one and i wait for commercials to post. i live in philly, it's like a circus here-Vick's first game. I hate the eagles.

NJ Truth Squad, I meant - not NJ Phin Fan

So the lineup remains the same as last week. Brian Hartline starts opposite Ted Ginn Jr.

Donald Thomas starts at RG.

Only difference is that Sean Smith returns to starting lineup at RCB.

nationally televised? im in philly, who's covering it? nbc, cbs, abc etc.?

M.Vick is playing finely .now we can watch a good QB not all these wannbe " henne the bust " hint hint

Mr. Brown it's on Fox tonight.

Jeff darlington was on ESPN just now

thanx sammo

The Dolphins secondary will once again not be tested tonight.

Neither starting WR Antonio Bryant nor Michael Clayton will play tonight.

Last week in the Carolina game, neither Steve Smith nor Mushin Mohammed, that team's two starters, played vs. Miami.

Countdown mode!

Tonight is just a sneak preview to how dominating the Dolphin's defense will be this year.
Jets fans: don't watch the game tonight. You have enough to be bummed about, since Sanchez was named your starter!!!! Ha!!!!

patrick cobbs should kick return. he is faster and has more moves than hilliard.

I'm looking forward in seeing:

1) Our Red Zone Offense... We always seem to stall inside the 20 yrd line.

2) Our DB's not giving up anything more than a 5 yard completion. Its a reach but was tired of teams getting chunks on us through the air.

3) Offensive line. Is the continuity there.

4) Will the real Ted Ginn please stand up...

Leaving 1/2 hour early to get home and watch the game. Go Dolphins!!

Eagles use the wildcat w/ Vick and McNabb at WR, Jags were all over it. Everybody wants to run the wildcat now, they called it a gimmick and tried to knock us for using it, and now everybody wants it! lol

does anyone know the url for Justin.tv eagles game?

Maybe if Armando would actually answer peoples questions then more fans would visit here.

odinseye jets fans just hyped over rex ryan and his imported defense. sorry guys but he didn't bring reed ngata suggs lewis or kelly with him. you have an aging d-line that got tired toward the end of last season. ghoulston couldn't even catch flacco from behind.

Maybe if steve not so needy he could find a womens.


see Vick before the real game!

vick looks hesitant w/ ball in his hands, 3 wildcat plays
1. run for 1 yd loss or so
2. decoy, run up middle w/ McCoy
3. almost got a delay of game had to call timeout.

(just keeping u guys up with the eagles if u can't get them, im in philly, waiting for MY Dolphins!)

**More Meaningless Predictions**

1. Patrick Turner catches his first NFL touchdown.
2. Henne continues playing smart heads up football.
3. Pennington continues being Pennington.

I just shed a tear thinking about how GREAT it is that this game will be on FOX 5 NY.

It's nothing but LOVE tonite.

To all jets fans:::::::

You lost to the rams nough said.

Turner will be fine. he just isn't to pssses being thrown accurately to him.

Martin - Your user name is way too close to mine... but props for a cool name

used to passes

vick shotgun, McNabb on sidelines 15 yd throw to baskett 1st down.

Ronnie Brown MVP

Good looking out.


Jets fan should be hyped now. Once their season starts........it's all over but the crying!


I know, i can't believe i get to watch the Dolphins in HD baby! instead of my laptop w/ lagging and choppy sound lol...

Vick seems slow...


Dolphin fans everywhere can watch Dolphins on their computer from this site. once there use common sense to navigate to "american football" about 10 mins before kickoff. Watched Jax and Car games in Texas for first time in decades without needing a nationally televised game. I know people say Texas is like heaven, but getting to watch the Fins play has made my decade! Fan since '70 when I was 6 and I am as excited as ever with the direction of this team.

Hey Ken, NJ will blog tonight right here, same place. GO PHins

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