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Live blog of regular-season dress rehearsal here

The Dolphins will be on national television tonight so I don't want any excuses out of you. You should be watching -- barring family commitments or illness. Or you should be on this blog -- barring family commitments or illness.

Come to think of it, you should be on the blog and watching on TV at the same time. It's the optimal experience and that way, we can all share opinion and analysis of what we're seeing during the live blog rather than regurgitating play-by-play. So the live blog begins at 8 p.m. and probably a little earlier and it would be great if you can be here.

All the other blogs and stories (bless their hearts) are talking about the three key things you should be looking for or the seven major points of interest tonight. Most of those have already been covered here earlier this week and so I'm not going to nitpick them now.

This, on the other hand, is big picture we should see tonight:

The Dolphins offense should get the better of Tampa Bay's defense while the starters are in the game. The Dolphins defense should get the better of Tampa Bay's offense while the starters are in the game. And Miami's special teams should have its act together and that doesn't mean punts hitting players in the facemask.


Asking a lot? Sure. But the truth is we're asking a lot of this Miami team this year. We don't want a step-back year. We don't want a team that buckles under the weight of the NFL's most difficult schedule.

We want a team that is more talented than last year's team and plays like it. And seeing as that this is the closest thing to regular-season football you'll see from the Dolphins in the preseason, seeing as that Tampa Bay wasn't a playoff team last season and is in full-fledged rebuilding mode this season, the Dolphins should show their dominance tonight.

That doesn't mean the Dolphins should be unveiling any secrets. Don't misunderstand. But they should be correcting the problems we've seen the previous two preseason games.

I don't want to see Chad Pennington underthrowing Patrick Cobbs and turning what should be a TD into a FG. I don't want to see poor tackling turning 4-yard runs into 24-yard TD runs by the opponent. I don't want to see inconsistent receiver play and inconsistent play-calling. I don't want to see turnovers on special teams. I don't want to see a deep secondary that struggles to cover TEs.

I want to see a solid, fundamentally sound performance. I want to see a team that continues to improve as the regular-season draws near.

Let's check it out together starting at 8 p.m.


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Ken. No ! I don't have my own blog. LOL ! Join me on here after the game around 11. Mando doesn't , some posters join me on " my own live blog "( LOL ! ) Right here and we discuss the game.

Every once in a while, I pop over here to read another perspective, and then I get reminded why I rarely read this blog.

A confident writer would leave it to other people tell everyone that his blog is better than the competition. A tacky writer with an inferiority complex would tell everyone himself.

I predict two ints and three sacks for us. That sounds good to me. We will stuff the Cadillac. Hey NJ Odinseye I will catch up with you at 11pm

Let's go dolphins. Test


Ted Gin should be the kick off return man. Having a short field to work with is better than his 3 catches for 32 yards he normally contributes. I hope I am wrong and he bust out this year as a WR.

DC is kicking it deeper this season

They're going after W. Allen, not S. Smith. Oh my Special Teams, P. Cobbs!!!!!!!

Here we go!!!! Gotta get some pressure

Not impressed wth D


Thank god Leftwich sucks

We need to take advantage of the mistakes we force on D.

okay so apparently blocking a punt is a bad thing...i didnt like all the open receivers all drive long..and cadillac looked pretty good..nice pressure on the forced fumble..more later...

nice throw by pennington on the push off by hartline..he's a rookie that doesnt work in the NFL...nice play to bess..all be it on 3rd and 18 for about 10 yards..bad punt coverage..unimpressed..

The receiver coverage is HORRIBLE!!!! Lucky for u most of the bucs passes are to high.

our corners opposite Allen are young. They will get better. Not every player progresss the way Jason Allen does...

Very True

Ted Ginn still plays for the Miami Dolphins right????? THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL!


lightning suspends the game Tony needs to lynch his players during the break...

it's only pre season and if you didnt notice it only resulted in 6 points. The bucs are making mistakes (mis throws mostly) too. It is insane to make comments about losing every game of the year during a preseason game. adjustments will be made. Did you see our first few games last year??? not pretty. We finished 11-5. I'm just saying..and its fitting..sometimes you gotta weather the storm and look for the light. Things will improve.

wow the dolphins offense sucks. I'm depressed. I take back my prediction. 7-9 for this year sounds about right

you are all a little crazy. You are seriously judging and making strong opinions on the season based on 2 pre-season drives? Peyton Mannings Colts punt the ball on offense too...
If it wasnt for a strange blocked punt situation the score would be 3-0. CALM DOWN

I'm with you, we can't make season predictions off 2 drives. Where is the loyalty? The faith?

Exactly. Loyalty is my specialty. My Dad is a Bills fan and my best friend that I met in 3rd grade is a Jets fan. I'm originally from New York. Yet I stay loyal every week and through players like A.J Feeley and coaches like Cam Cameron. I have been a Dolphins fan my entire life. We are on the right track. I have seen the wrong track. Just like the rest of you have. People need to appreciate what we are doing right now.

The assumptions about the offense is not made after these 2 games or this first half, what got better from last year. If the Bucs are moving the ball with a broken down QB and 3 scrub recievers what are Brady and Co. going to do

like Sparano himself said during the rain delay...you can't start at where we finished last year. You have to start again. Our pass defense wasn't spectacular last year. We won games by not turning the ball over, staying in games, and making plays when the opportunities presented themselves. It isn't always the most comforting type of game to watch..but last year it gave us results...11 times. I could see this type of talk even after 3 poor weeks in the regular season or so...but right now? Really? During a game that doesnt count towards our actual record..that by the way we are only trailing by 6 points. Like I have said..CALM DOWN.

Good thing we had 30 min to come up with that play

U have got to be kidding me

We will be fine. This is pre-season

That had to be the worst half of football I have seen in a long time.. I mean everything I wanted to see them not do they did, and everything they werent supposed to do they didnt..abysmal

Where are all the naysayers now?

they went to purchase superbowl tickets cause we scored a preseason touchdown! So damn influencial..
oh and Henne missed a pass...i say we trade him..

Dolphins SUKD tonight! period

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