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The Jacksonville roundup before film study

Tony Sparano talked about looking at the game film at least four times during his post-game press conference but that's not happening until Tuesday morning. Tonight, this is how it looks without the benefit of film study:

*The Dolphins threw three passes to Ted Ginn in the span of one quarter. He caught two of those passes for 26 yards. But the attempts are more important because it showed a desire to find him that I didn't see last year. If Ginn is to have the breakout year everyone wants, he needs opportunities. It was good to see the Dolphins, particularly Chad Pennington who seemed to be looking for him, are willing to give him those opportunities. Ginn also had an end-around for 14 yards.

And yes, he noticed the ball came his way more than usual. "They took some chances, they threw some balls at me," Ginn said. "I just tried to come down with every ball that came my way."

*Eric Green struggled. He gave up three completions, including a 25-yard pass from Todd Bouman to former first-round bust Troy Williamson.

*Sean Smith was pretty good. Yes, he gave up a couple of short gains on slants. But he also had an interception in the end zone that showed when the football is in the air and it's him or the WR, pick him. The Dolphins have an open job at right cornerback. And Smith might not have won the job Monday night. But as I wrote in my column, he made the most impressive reach of all the contenders to snatch that job.

"As a cornerback, whenever that ball is in the air, you definitely want to come down with it, and to come down with my first NFL pick in the my first preseason game was pretty good," Smith said.

Smith has an infectious personality. I joked with him after the game, saying, "Well you have one game and one interception. That the way you see things going for you in your career?"

"Yeah," Smith said without missing a beat, "I figure I'll have an interception in every game I play ... except some games I'll have two interceptions because I have to make up for the bye weeks."

*The Red Zone offense was atrocious. "We have Red Zone rules," coach Tony Sparano said. "No sacks, no turnovers, no penalties. Those are our rules."

The Dolphins broke several of those rules. Jake Grove was called for a false start on third-and-goal from the Jacksonville 3 yard line. Ricky Williams was called for holding on first-and-10 from the Jacksonville 17.

*The Dolphins want to see more from Chad Henne. They want him to push Chad Pennington. Well, he had a better game although he had many more opportunities. Henne's 83.1 QB rating was the best of any QB in the game. He connected on a 33-yard TD to Ernest Wilford. He threw an interception also. "That one's on me," Henne said. "Just a poor decision by myself. You know, I kind of threw it blind. I was trying to throw it in the hole. I didn't really see the throw after I got hit."

And overall?

"I thought I did pretty good. I mean, like I said before, there's mistakes out there and I'll fix them and just keep getting better. But I think overall, I did pretty well. Managed the team, got some points on the board and that's what we need." 

*Miami's third-string quarterback Pat White was not terrible in his NFL preseason debut. But he wasn't good and that is being kind. Never mind the interception on his statistics line because that happened when a good pass hit a RB in the hands and bounded into a defender's arms. But he skipped two passes that should have been completed. And the most troubling thing is he continues to struggle getting out from under center.

I've written on this blog how White is clearly more comfortable out of the shotgun than under center. But I didn't realize how uncomfortable he really is under center until I watched him at game speed. He takes forever to get out from under center. For a player who relies on quickness, it's terrible to be slow on his dropbacks and setups because he's taking too long pulling out from the center. This must be addressed.

*Ernest Wilford did have that one catch for 33 yards and a touchdown. He made a defender miss along the home sideline to spring himself for the score. And then he capped it with an emphatic spike.

"There was a lot of frustration behind that spike," Wilford said.

*Finally, I was not pleased with the first-team offensive line. The fact is the Dolphins averaged only 2.6 yards per carry when the first line was in the game. The Jacksonville front won at the point of attack to the point where coach Jack Del Rio declared his team "extremely physical."

"Not well enough, point blank," guard Justin Smiley said. "We want to be known as an offense that can run between the tackles. You have to tip your hat to their defense. They did a really good job."

Please realize all this is said and done off the surface view of the game. I will bury myself in film study part of Tuesday and report back to you more in depth analysis when I'm done. That's why the blog is called, in part, in depth.


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1. I have a feeling Pat White will be in the shotgun during the regular season, i just think they wanted him to work from under the center and get more exp. since he never did it,but he will be upright in the gun come week one. im lovin the bootlegs with white too, cant wait to see the new wrinkles and pkg. for him! its gonna be fun.

2. we will only be as good as our redzone offense, we wont take the next step as a team until we score TD's, the settling for field goals kills me and only keeps the opponent in the game longer. the penalties down there cant happen.

3. I have a feeling we were saving our REAL redzone plays for the reg. season and were calling very vanilla plays, im sure we will be a lot more creative than that. Please throw the ball up to Patrick Turner, he's the same height as P. Burress.

4. D front seven looks like one of the best in the nfl. Joey and Jason will be meeting at the Qb alot this year.

5. sit back and watch all the Ginn Haters Convert this year. Brady who?

6. How can u not love Sean Smith? Def. R.O.Y

7. Concerned about the O-line, but we'll see still early.

8. i think we're loaded at WR. i would like to see more spread, no huddle and get all those recievers on the field at the same time.

9. Hilliard ran like he wanted it, plz don't cut him.

10. how 'bout JD folsom getting the pick! he looks like a typical parcells guy and good Spec. teams guy.

11. usain bolt, i mean williams looked great retuning kicks!

12. first team offense looked rusty and out of sync.

13. im liking Gibril and bell back there and their leadership.
vontae needs to get of those blocks better and fly around the football more but no stupid penalties.

hope theyalso put in a spread pkg. for White, they will have to leave a spy on him which he will be faster than 9/10 anyway if he runs. and yeah, thats a LOT for a defense to have to gameplan for, not only the orig. wildcat and the reg. offense, but also the wildpat, and spread gun/no huddle with white. im getting a chubby already!

If you are really being this critical of Pat White then I do not believe that you watched the game. Pat White did an excellent job, his recievers couldn't catch a cold last night. White won 4 bowl games (2 bcs) in college and is a flat out winner. I don't care how he looks in practice, he has the "it" factor and with last night not being an excepetion, always performs well in games.

I think Chris Williams was a nice free agent pickup but a lot of times during the game he seemed to hurry and run before securing the ball which could result in turnovers,,, did anyone noticed that?

Not a bad showing at all. First team def looked like top 3 in NFL. Loved Smith and really like Wake. He was getting triple teamed with 3rd teamers. Cant do that with Jason,Joey and the rest of the big boys.Could be Teddie Gins break out year,looked like he was a little better than the rest. 4 big banging runningbacks. Donald Thomas looked a little more athletic than Shawn Murphy. NO QUESTION Dolphins starters better than jags.

Armando already changed his comments from earlier today which was even more scathing of Pat White (he more or less said he missed on several passes - in addition he now tries to justify his dislike of White by moaning about his drop back from centre). Maybe as was suggested by another poster Salguero was snubbed by White because his bias against him is quite obvious (not the first time he's picked on a Dolphin player like this). What an idiot.

anybody who thouht pat white looked bad are idiots period

thany you Dan

lol thank you dan

Thanks for the warning ACE!!! That was my first post too........Seriously, after all the "accurate" reports about P.White's struggles in the passing game it was nice to see some improvement with my own eyes.

No, Dan you're the idiot. I just heard Salguero on 790 The Ticket and he said White will be a good package quarterback but he is not ready to be a fulltime NFL quarterback.

You know what? He's right. Pat White ain't ready for the show right now.

So Salguero hasn't changed anything. And you are the real idiot not knowing squat about football. Go to your room.

Can someone please tell me what the fact that Pat White was good in college has anything to do with now?

Joey Harrington was a stud in college and won bowl games. That doesn't mean I want him as my QB. Daunte Culpepper once threw 39 TD passes inthe NFL. I don't want him as my QB.

Pat White did great things at WVU. I don't want him as my QB based on what I've seen and read.

I MISSED IT. After a 14 hour day I fell asleep.

Whatever Dans Dad. Nice to hear from a real football expert. By the way Salguero DID change his earlier post - you obviously didnt see it or you wouldnt be spouting crap. Check out your facts before you post.

dans dad go f yourself u fat bastard

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